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252, Febr.2
Bier Gout, 4159 rond, coach maker, February 26
Buy, broad itreet, mercbant. Mich 20
Bittenhee Bar 229) Lyang Nortuik, haberdasher, fe.

Benne's Trepouy, Cornwall linen draper, March 12
Binas Thomas wibat car ow itreti, mary le bone, water

chufer naker, 690 Charles street, LONE Acre, canule

natufastre, Marih 3 Blanu j. and í Saarenthwaite, Fen court, insurance

breto, February ze E16-* Matthew Gractchurch ftreet, banker, Elma Sir Matthew, Thomas Wilkinson, and william

Boxar, Orac church ihreet, bankers, February 17 Bowers Nathnic "id. and willin, Cadcon treet

camb macs, Fahruary 26
Boss 1998. Mangifer, innkeeper, March 1o
kruney Willian Gernham, and Ride Smith, Bithopsgate

L'Erei, a 10.01. cs Fehry 7
Brunes john Har head, York. Iterchant, March 5
Cafake fames Grecu. Stepay, ta'low chandler, March 10

chals 2. Pruty, Den uraper, February
Cars 3 H. livrol, potter rearr, Fở rìary 16,
CLER T. Brady, York, Cutter February 19
Cute itaas arril, felfrapler, Marchis
CL. Fechurch irect, nie-chan, Febriary 13
Ci Won Lunnard et est tank-r. Marih 6
Þavies rude, overtordverecer, Marchi
De la Tour beit, new Life srcet, le cetter Square,

joseller, Manis
Dirigt: lis. exeter, flour merchat, Marchio
Du.2. 3. tul's Church yard. trukmaker, april :1
Eaton Wilgan. 2nd Robert, jan. Bucklerbury, ware.

housemet, Marchi donda flias, Monument

yard, wine merchant,
March 1
Edwards Cilen, Louih, fpirit merchant, March 16
Eelt Stepaes, Canion treet road, . George's, Middlesex,

builder, Marchi
Ind bran Gompert, Portfiouth, mop keeper

March 3
Pau keser Thomas Mascherer, Wilan F. and John

Gibson, Queret. utca, Gde,,rch 16
Fowler Winiani, Duitsfflane, wine inC)., Feb 27
Gitty Jefon, UXtra Areet, irunmonter, March 10
Goudt Wilian, Cranboarn ailey, leicester fields, linen

Graper, March. 7
Gofs Thas, ridekre road, aptiecary, February 17
Grouck 1: Drayton Hiles salop, meicer. Marcas
Hancock J. Shteid, inerchent February 23
Haitu sehrge, Bristol grocer, pebruary 0
Hacocks Zachas ali, Briol, draper. Marcin
Heage: Thomas, Warehorn, Kent, dealer. February
Hope W. Brampton, Cumbe land, cottoo manufacturer,

rebruary 3
Horn Nicbaas, Martin's lane, merchant March 6
Hoskin wiliam, Cawrand, Cornwall, brewer, March 10,
Houghton W. Liverpool, merchaut. Maichi
Hunist James, Whitchaven, Cumberland, mercer,

Furry Iver. Richard Powles, and James Hurry, Nag's

Head couit, Gracechurch freet merchante, April 3
Jaklon juan, Farahaid, sis y, fingeon, February 17
Jacken Peter, Mancheiter, finall-ware-manufacturer,


Jacob Michael, Berner inercial read, dealer Feb. 16 junes joseph Wou&reet, Cheapidr, degtore at ware

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Jo es John JoloOu en and hery Abbott, Bucklersbury,

merchants February 27
Layton Michiel, Kensington, lune maroy, March }
Lee Jofophififron, t ber merchant, March
Lewis lewis and Frances Rudt, Ne Acastle upon Tyne,

millimets, February
Lifter P. Slatering. York, cott fpiriner, March 2
Lot Richard, Lonk acre, ironnonpur, February 26
Looritz Benjami., and Wolff Rilun. Fenchurch trest,

mchants, arcu 3
Lowes Davit. and Hinry John RIBB. Covent Gardea,

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Lux'on Exter, linen d. aper, March
Macaling Alexander, Lordon, merchant March,
Mack zie Roderick, King's Arms yard, Icchant,

Mar 13
Nake bain Jaines, Upper Thimes street, cheefemonger,

fbruary 26
Mavi Gricechurch freer, habardarher. Feb.z.
Modu. Wai's End, Northumberia, fhip owner,

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More water, Halcfw pih, Suffolk, lidler, February an
Morely eary, '!aws ne Puney Hill, 2nd Ifaac While

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Nirin John Pir lico carpenter Marthy
Uakty retacis,ford, wollapiir, May 12
Pul e Rit, Linde Hempitou, D vn. cual merchant,

Pilmer Ebenezer, old Jewry, paper hanger March 10
Terrin 1. Portwood, Cheier, Custun manufacturer,

March: B
Potis James, White Bear yard, Back hill, Middlesex.

cabinet maker, March 17
Rhodes E. Leeds currier, February 23
Riley Henry, Halifax. cotton Iper. February 21
Robinfa Thynas, Middie Temple, money fcrivener,

Fibrary 37
Roughfotze W. Wotton, under Edge, Gloceter, vintner,

March 7
Ruitell! Althin Mils. Blackbura, bancahire, miller,

Salier jon, Reimondsey New road, carpetes March 3

inich jalep staples. Liverpoo, hoc maker, March 10
Siita Williain. Portiea, linen draper, April?
Suuthall Samuel, and Jaan rakeford, Birmingham,

factors, January 0 February 12
South.coinbe Gede, Britol, checte factor February 23
Sowley Richa d knowle, Warwick, corn fattor, March 3
Sicele W. and J. and c. Jahn tone, Lancaster, linen aud

woollen drapere, February 14
Stone Thomas, Wilton. Hereford, corn flor, March
Taylor John, Brown's lar, Srir alheits. Baket. March 3
Tha'me sarnpfon, spone, ttford, corn den er. Marco ;
Tind e Thomas, Wurtley, Northumberland, farmers

March 27
Tominton John, Barlafton, Statford, bo't builder, March 6
Whactly john, Surry, colour manufacturer,

Mach 17
Williams David, Shoredisch, 19-1 draper, March 17
will fon Richard Hoden Wakereld, fa-tor, Wary 26
Wilton Edward, St. James's Ittert, hatter, Marchio
Withail c. Panchurch incet, W? eho fan, ich 6
Young Wiliain Weion, Gi morkanmiller, February 21 i
Young James, Queen Street, merchant, March 10


Wilh Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Characters recently deceased. A PLIN has been projected and maturel

MARRIED. for the erection and establishment of a At Surat, in the East Indies, William Dew Stock Exchange, in opposition to that in Thing, esq. surgeon to the seventeenth Regia Capel Court. The ground alloeted for the ment of Light Dragouns, 10 Miss Mary purpose is said to be already purchased behind Theith, second daughter of Colonel Alexander the Bank, near to the corner of Coleman.street. T. commanding the Southern Division of

A dreadful fire broke out, at two o'clock Guzerat. on Monday morning, January 15ch, at the At Camberwell, Edward Baker, esq. of house of Messrs. Holtzapfiel and Deyerlein's Southampton, tó Anna Maria Frances, eldest enzine-manufactory in Long Acre, which con- daughter of Stephen Catiley, esq. sumed the whole of the premises, and com- At St. George's, Hanover-square, James municated to the adjoining house, belonging Mats! Wildon, esq. of Kentish Town, to to Messrs. Kempsten and Fairburn, leather- Miss Oliphant, only daughter of Lancelvé . sellers, which was also burnt to the ground. esq. late of Itonfield Lodge, Cumberland, The Crown public-house is also very much William Gordon, esq. M. P. for Worcester, damaged. The engines arrived as suon as the to Caroline, youngest daughter of Sir George alarm was givea, but no water could be pro- Cornewall, bart.- Mr. S. Smith, of Sandwich, cured for near an hour on account of the to Miss L Ellis, daughter of the Rev. Wila frust. The inmates of the house escaped liain E. Iate of Caversfield, Pucks. with great difficulty. No lives were lost. A: Mary-le-bone, Captain Spicer, of the MONTHLY MAG. No. 196.




2nd regiment of Life Guards, to Miss Prescot, finement, and therein was guilty of contempt sister of Sir George P. Bart.- John Blen. of Court. Her ladyship made all advantage of carne, esq. of Cheshunt, Herts, to Miss Col. this intemperate conduct: he was required clough, of Beaconfield, Norts. niece to Ge. to give security for keeping the peace in so neral Wynyard.—The Rev. Bryant Burgess, large a sum, that he never would ask any of Salisbury place, to Margaret, eldest daugh- friend to be bail for him, and has ever since, ter of the Rev. Matthias Rutton, of Selling, for the long space of 25 years, been a priKent.

soner in the King's Bench prison. Lady At Brunswick Chapel, Sir W. Geary, Strathmore had afterwards interest to get a Bart. of Oxenheath, Kent, to Mrs. Dering, Court of Delegates appointed, which high widow of Edward D. esq.

Court pronounced a sentence of divorce beo At St. George the Martyr, Queen-square, tween her and Mr. Bowes. During Mr. Alexander Glennie, esq. to Caroline, young. Bowes's confinement, bis demeanour obtained est daughter of the late Archibald Edgar, the confidence of the different Marshals of esq.

the prison, who rendered it as light as possiJohn S. Wright, esq. of Wilford, Notts, to ble. By application to the Court of King's Miss Gray, daughter of E. Gray, esq. Harrin. Bench, the demand of heavy bail was withsay House, Middlesex.

drawn; but during his long imprisonment I. Capel, esq. of Feltham-hill, Middlesex, his attairs were become too for deranged ever to Amelia, second daughter of R, Hunt, esq. to be settled; he therefore rer.ained a prisoof Basing-house, Hammersmith.

ner for debt, but in that situation obtained The Rev. J. James, of Oundle, Northamp. the privilege of residing any where within tonshire, to Miss Bell, of Blackheach. the Rules. In all his misfortunes, the Duhe

Francis Ed. Gray, esq. of Brunswick- of Norfolk, who had been his intimate assosquare, to Marit Emma, youngest daughter, ciate in prosperity, remained his firm friend, of the late H. Smith, esq. of Greenwich' and frequently visited him, when a single Hospital,

room, on what is called the State Side of the At St. George's, Hanover-square, the Rev. King's Bench Prison, was Mr. Bowes's bed William Warrington, to Miss Mainwaring, chamber, parlour, drawing-room, and in only daughter of William M. esq. of Hano- short, the only apartment he could have for ver-square.- Major J. Twigs, to Miss Mackay, the accommodation of his family, and to reonly daughter of Hector M. esq. of Hans- ceive his illustrious guest. place.-W. Long, esq. of Breshaw, Hants, In Dovez-street, Mr. Mcbel, florist to the LO Lady Mary Carnegie, eldest daughter of queen and princesses. the Earl of Northesk,

At T wickenham, Viscountess Docvaga The 'Rev. R. Wright, vicar of Wrangle, Dudley and Ward. Lincolnshire, co Miss Pennington, of Lamb's In Tenterden-street, Hanover iSquare, the Conduit-street.

Hen. C. L. Durdas, second son of Lord D. At Hampton, W. Moreton, esq. of the and M. P. for Richmond, Yorkshire. 13th light Dragcons, to Miss Griffin boote, Mr. Gilbert Pideeck, aged 67, of the Me. eldest daughter of William G, esą.

nagerie, Exeter Change. DiLD.

In Bedford Place, c. 7. Maling, esq. father In Sloane.street, Mrs. Parr, relict of Dr. of Lady Mulgrave, and one of the commisParr, late of the Royal Hospital, Plymouth. sioners of excise, 69. To brilliant talents she addei exalted virtues In Oxford-street, Miss Kirder, of Nettlebed, and earnest piety.

Oxfordshire, 18. She was on a visit to her In the London Road, St. George's-fields, uncle, and on her return from the theatre, Andrew Robinson Bores, esq. whose marriage ore night, warming her teet by placing them to the Countess of Strathmore, 33 years a: on the fender, set fire to her muslin dress, (when Captain Stoney), occasioned much which blaz:d up in an instant, and though bustle in the fashionable world. Pursuant to two other persons were in the room, they the will of her ladyship's father, he then were too much alarmed to render her any took the name of Bowes (as Lord Strathmore, assistance: her clothes were burnt off; slie her first husband, had also done), and for a , survived in great agonies about four hours, few years the splendor of his establishments, and then expired. böch' in Grosvenor-square and at the mansio.3 At Charing Cross, Jeremiah Waskin, esg. of Gibside, in the county of Durham, eclip: one of the justices of the peace for Mic. sed those of all his competitors. His political dlesex. connections were also among the higher class; Mrs. Mary Stepbens, widow of Lieut. not only a seat in the Lower House, but the General S. dignity of the Irish Peerage was destined for Sr Jerome Fitxpatrick, late inspector-gegee him, under the Ruckingham Administration : ral of health to the army. but this bright aspect of his affairs was soon In Ely Place, J. C. Saunders, esq.late demonclouded. His friends went out of office; dlo.' strator of anatomy at St. Thomas's Hospital, mestic broils between him and his noble con- and surgeon to the London Infirmary for sort arose so high, t. at the law wis appealed curing diseases of the eye. 80, he carried ner eft, placed her in con- In York Place, Portman Square, Pbilip


Redwood, esq. late chief justice of Jamaica, At Somers. Town, Mr. Wilde, of the and Speaker of the House of Assembly. Theatre Ruyal, Covent Garden. He was

Mrs. Mockworeb Praed, wife of Serjeant P. reading, and complained of a sudden pain in In St. Paul's Church Yard, Mr. Benjamin the back part of his left hand, which instantly Cbandler, 60.

ran up his arm, and only allowed him the In Cleveland Court, 'St. James's, the Rev. opporcunity of requesting to be put to bed, W. Davis, late of Trinity College, Cambridge; which was scarcely done when he expired. a gentleman eminently distinguished by his In the Adelpli, John Fiamank, esg of moral character and profound learning. Wallingford.

At Clapton, The Rev. Jelinger Symons, rec- In Kensington-square, Mrs. Colegrave, tor of Whitburn, Durham, and many years relict of the late Williain C. esq. of Cannon minister of Upper Clapton Chupel, 62. Hall, Wansted, Essex, and only surviving

At Brompton, Capt. J. Pryce, of the East sister of the late Thomas Manty, esq. of India Company's service, 76.

Downsell Hall, near Brentwood. Ac Hackney, Wm. Hockaday, esq. late of In Lower Grosvenor-street, Lady Carbarine the 1st foot guards, in which he had served Stanhope, 85. 50 years.

In Bedford-square, Thomas Everett, esq. In Basinghall-street, in consequence of her partner with the late Nathaniel Newman, clothes taking fire, Miss Elizabeth Tate, 14. esq. banker, in Mansion-house street, and

In Little Queen-street, Westminster, Mr. M. P. for Luggershall, in Wiles. P. F. M-Callum; author of Travels in Trini- In Ormond street, Queen-square, Mrs. dad, and various political publications. Weskert, wife of Robert W. esq. late of the

In Berkeley-square, in his 18th year, Wm. Custom House, Reynolds, eldest son of Dr. Bankhead,

In Albion street, Blackfriars, Thomas Nasb, In Lime-street, T. Gibson, esg.

esq. formerly of Camberwell, Surry. Mr. Ricbardsor, late bookseller of İn Thatched house-court, St. James's, Corohill, 7.6.

Colin Dallas, esq. of the Island of St. Vincent. In Baker-etreet, jane Harriet, youngest In Great Coram.street, Mrs. Duncomb, daughter of Wm. Gore, esq.

wife of Benjamin D. esq.,, In Little Marybone-street, Mrs. Jane Rid- At Woolwich, Dr. Röllo, surgeon.geaeral ley, 68. She died almost for want of the to the artillery. common necessaries of life, although in the In Charlotte-row, New road, Henry Greene midst of plenty; her property was left to two way, esq. sisters, one of whom, on hearing of her death, in Bury's-buildings, New-road, Mrs. died in a few hours.

Tomlinson. She was turnt to death in her In Charles-street, St. James's Square, John apartments, while indulging in the very reHopprer, esq. R. A. one of the most eminent prehensible practice of reading in bed wich portrait painters since the time of Reynolds. candle close to the bed curtains. He might indeed have merited the praise At Milloank, Fobn Midler, esq; of being the first, if he had not been so close In Harley-sireel, Cha oner Arcedeckne, esq. an imitator of the style of that great master, Paul Sandøy, esq (whose di ach is recorded as as it related to the spirit and elegance of p. 535 of cur last volume,) was descended his touch, forcible effect of light and shade, from a branch of the family of Sandby, of picturesque back-grounds, graceful simplicity Bab worth, Nottinghamshire, and was born at of attitude, and especially the richness and Nottingham, 1732. In 1746 he came to

harmony of colouring, in which he certainly London, and having an early bias towards the excelled all his cotemporaries. . In sonje arts, got introduced into the drawing-room of of his best coloured works, such as the the tower. Thence, after two years, he was Nympb, in the possession of Sir J. Lei- appointed draughtsman under the inspection of cester, the vivaeity, truth, and delicacy Mr. David Watson, who was employed by the of the various fleshy tints, have scarcely been late Duke of Cumberland to take a survey of surpassed by any master. But if he could the Highlands. During this excnrsion be boast of displaying much of the merit, he made several sketches from the scenery possessed the faults of nis prototyne, especie of that romantic country, from which he ally that of incorrect drawing of che human afterwards made a number of small etchings, figure, a defect for which not even the colour.. which were published in a folio volume. ing or Rebens, or Titian himself, can ever From this circumstance, perhaps, we may ac

count for the bold and striking style by which At his seat, near Romford, Jackson the paintings of this excellent artist are so Barwis, esq. of Walbrook House, London, peculiarly distinguished. In 1752 he quitted well known in the mercantile world for his this employment, and resided with his brother extensive dealings, honour, and integrity; and at Windsor. Several of the most beautiiul in the literary world, for his dialogues on ti- views in the neighbourhood of Windsor and berty, and other publications,

Eton now became the soojects of his pencil; In John-street, Bedford Row, fobn Roberts, here also he attained that sk ll in depicting esg. piany years one of the directors of the Gothic architecture, which gave so beautiful East India Company, 71.

an effect to these landscapes, that Sir ).





Banks purchased them all at a very liberal the Duke of Gordon engaged himn to be tutor price. Mr. Sandby soon after attended that to his son, the Marquis of Huntley, whose great naturalist in a tour through North and studies be superintended at Eton and CamSouth Wales, where he took several sketches, bridge; and atcerwards he accompanied that which he transferred to copper-plates, and young nobirman on the tour of the Conti, made several sets of prints in imitation of Suun after his return, Mr. Kelly gradrawings in India a ink. In 1753, he was one duated at Cambridge ; and again visited the of the members of an academy which met in Contin it, with cuo other of his pupjis. St. Martin's lane, and was, with several others, the course of a few months after his recurn, desirous ot establishing a society on a broader he was presented with the restriy of Arnbasis ; this was strenuously opposed by the leigh, in Essex; and afterwardi, ta that of celebrated Hogarth, which drew on hiin the Copford, in the same county: the rermer of attacks of his brother artists. Among others, which he resigned some yinys since. From Mr. Sandby (then a very young man) pub- the time that he en cred into the ministry, Jished several prints in ridicule of his Analy. it might buly be saill, that ti- made the vosis of Besuty, which, he s terwards declared, calion of holiness honourable. He has left bad he known Hogarth's neric as 'e did since, beint him a monument of his erudition in he would on no account have dune. On the ine Cestic, in Grammar vi tre ancient institution of the Royal Academy, Mr. Sundby - Gaelic, or language of the Isle of Mann,whicle was e.ected a royal acadeirician. By the was expeciej to'be followed by a much larger recommendation of the Duke of Gralton, the work, a Manks Diciany, which was unMarquis of Gran'y appointed him in 1768, fortunately consumed in the fire at Messrs. chief drawing master of the Royal Academy Nichois's, some months ago announced as beat Woolwich, wlich office he held till the day ing nearly reasy for the press. · A large of his death It is needless to descant on lis, the fourth, of the Book of Common merits; who have seen his drawings, Prayer, printed under the patronage, and can alone form an adequate judgment of the by the niunificence of, the Bible Societji, superiority of his taste, and ihe brilliancy or from the corrected copy of Dr. Kelly, was his exerut.on

finished at Whitehaven, and sent to the At Copford Essex, Dr. Kelly, L.L.D. a na. Isle of Mann, only about weeks tive of the Isle of Mann,upon which he reflect- ago. Of twenty-sever clergymen, concerned ed no ordinary degree of honour, by his abili. in the translation of the Manks Scriptures ties, his acquirement, and his truly exemplary since the year 1760, three only are now conduct, as a diving and a scholar pro- living. These are the translators of the book secuted his classical studies under the late of Judges and Ruth; Ecclesiastes; and the Rev. Philip Mootu, of Douglas ; whose inde. Minor Propbets, from Joel w the end. fatigable coadjutor he afterwards became, in At Greatness, near Sevenoaks, aged 86, the important work of revising, correcting, Peter Nouaille, esq. the oldest member of bis transcribing, and preparing for the press, the Majesty's court of lieutenancy in the city of manuscript translation of the huiy scriptures London. . This gentleman's grandfather was into the Manks language; the in.pression of descended from an ancient family in France, which, comprising all the books of the Old ad canie over to this country from Nasmes, and New Testaments, with two of the Apo- in Langueuoc, at the revocation of the edict cryphal books, he also superintended at of Nantes, having sacrificed a considerable Whitehaven, in the capacity of corrector; property in that country, in common with to which, on the recommendation of the last- many others, who, upon that occasion, vomentioned gentleman, he was appointed by luntarily lett France for the sake of their the society for promoting christian know., religious principles. Mr. N.'s father resided jedge; the patrons of that impression, as of at Hiackney, and was a merchant of consideevery subsequent religious work connectel rable eminence in the Levant and Italian with it. Dr. Kelly also superintended the trade. 'At the age of twenty.cne, Mr. N. printirg olan edition of the Book of Common having previously been taken into partnerPrayer, and Bishop W iison's Treatise on the ship with bis facher, set out upun a tour Sacrament, all in the Manks language; and, through Europe, with a view to establisht in the course of his labours in this vineyard, currespondences, and to acquire 'general he had transcribed all the Books of the Old knowledge ; at the end of two years, having Testament, three several times, before he travelled through France, Italy, and Sicily, had aitaired his twenty-second year! On he was obliged to return home without visithe completion of this charitable work, ting Germany, on account of the continental begun by Bishop Wilson, who, like Bedr, by war, in which England was at that time enhis piety and virtue, acquired the appellatiin gaged. Whilst abroad he gained a perfect of venerable ; and promoted by the active kuuwledge of the French and Italian lan. zeal of his successor, Bishop Hillesley, Mr. guages, which he apoke and wrote with the Kelly was ordained, upon a title from the fiuency and correctness of a native, acquired episcopal congregation at Air, where he re. a great taste for the tine arts, and brought sived, respected by all who knew him, until home with him a valuable collection of pic.



tores and prints, &c. which he continued to derably increased by the death of a near auginent for many years ajter his return to relation, he withdrew from business, giving this country. In the year 1761, he married up the manufactory and property connected Ei iz iveth, the only daughter and heiress of with it to his son, and retired to Sevenoaks, Peter Delamare, esq. o: Greatness, whose where he, resided till the death of his wife, ancestors were likewise refugees from France, which took place in 180.5. He then returnin 1686. In right or his wife he brcame ed to pass the remainder of his days with his possessed of the vik mills at Greatness; they $on at Greatness. About this tiue his ineba! been erected upon a very confine: scale, mory began to fail bim ; it was the only ani at that period tliey did not produce above symptom he exhibited of old age, and was 3001. per annum. He however, soon per- probably occasioned by his intense applicaceived that great advantages were so be o.. tion to studies of an abstruse nature, at an tained by them, and possessing a profound earlier period of life. In the year 1792, kaowi-dge of mechanics and mathematics, when the mapia of the French' revolution after expending at least 20,0001. in enlarg had nearly obtained a footing in this country, ing and improving the machinery, he very and it becanie necessary for every one to considerably increased their produce. Some testify their attachment to the constitution, parts of the machinery which he invented bis nanie appeared almost the first upon the are so ingenious in their construction and list of those public-spirited men,' who at movements as to render the silk, prepared that critical juncture established the associa. by then for different branches of nanufac- tion at the Crown and Anchor. He was ture, far superior to that worked by any blessed with a good, though rather delicate others in this country. He first introduced constitution, which had never been impaired the manufacture of crapes into England, by intemperance, or enfeebled by disease; whichi, be ore bis time, were imported-froni and he had the enviable felicity of attaining Bolugna; by his own ingenuity he discovered to an advanced age without suffering from the process of their manufacture, and soon any of the infirmities which usually accomiivalled them in his manner of preparing pany that period of life, being able to read them. In the year 1778, partly through the smallest print without the assistance of the impruderit speculations of a near relation, glasses. He possessed a highly-cultivated in whom he place implicit considerce, and understanding, and a considerable portion of partly by heavy losses, occasioned by the general knowledge, refined by an exquisite jailure of a hquse with which he transacted taste; the upright independence of his chabusiness, he became a tankrupt. The un- racter and his high sense of honour, were kindness and oppression which he experien- manifested in every occurrence of his life. ced from some of his relatives upon this oc- He had a strong sense of religion and piety, cision considerably aggravated, and certainly and a sensibility and tenderness of feeling tended to confirm this misfortune, which that rendered him ever alive to the misfor. might have been averted, had proper time

tunes of others. In addition to the many been given him to settle his affairs. He Christian virtues which he exercised, the was, however, amply compensated by the most prominent feature of his character was countenance and friendly offers of assistance an mbounded liberality and benevolence towhich he received from many of the most wards those who needed his support; his purse eminent merchants in the city, amongst the was- ever open to encourage and assist young foremost of whom was his ever valued friend artists in their professional pursuits.

To Peter Gaussen, esg, then Governor of the rescue merit from distress, and to bring into Bank. After the sale of his effects and active and useful exertion, talents, which collections; he prosecuted his business with would otherwise have been lost, he was ever unceasing energy. The silk mills now be- foremost to contribute his kindness to all

came his chief ovject; he more than doubled those employed in his service, uniformly their number, and brought them to so high a' shone forth upon every occasion, amply prodegree of perfection that they produced many viding for the comforts of those who had thousands per annun, and in a few years he grown old in his employ. To the pour he was enabled, as he had hoped to do from the was a kind friend and benefactor, and no one hour of his misfortune, most honourably to dis was more deservedly esteemed in the neighcharge the residue of this debts, which would bourhood where he resided: the respect which have been due to she creditors had not the attended him through lite was equailed only bankruptcy taken place, and which after it by the sorrow which accompanied him to the had, he could be under no legal obligation grave. He was buried at Christ Church, to pay. It was a measure, diceared alone by Spital-fields, and has left a son, who suc

hat high sense of honour and integrity, ceeds him in the business, and one daughter, which uniformly directed ail bis dealings who was married in 1791 to Edward Rudges, with others. In 1800, having realised an esq. independent fortune, which was then consi


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