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WITH ALL THE MARRIAGES AND DEATHS; Arranged geographicully, or in the Order of the Counties, from North to South.

Communications for this Depærtment of the Monthly Magazine, properly uzthenticated, and sent free of Postage, are always thunkfully received. Those are more particularly acceptable which describe the Progress of Local Improvements of any Kind, or which contain Biographical Anecdotes or Fucts relative to eminent or remurkable Characters recently deceased.

NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. son. -Mt. Samuel Price, ship-owner.-Ms. ON excavating the earth to obtain a firm John Coulter, 85.- Mrs. Manisty, 76.-Mr.

foundation for the newCourt houses for the John Eden, 95.--Mrs. Elizabeth Benney, 31. county of Northumberland, where the half- Mrs. Saunderson. Mrs. Proctor.-Mr. moon battery in Newcastle formerly stood, William Hind, master of the Shaftoe, Greena variety of curious discoveries have been landman.-Mr. John Temperly, 69.--Miss made. After the excavation of about thirty Ogilvic, daughter of the Rev. Mr. O.-Mr. feet of solid earth, the entrance to an ancient John Carr, 38,--Mary, widow of Joha Walwell has been found, which will probably, ker, 102.--Mr. James Parkinson, methodist when dug, develope same remains of antiqui- preacher. ty. Within a few yards of this well, two At Hexham, Mrs. Mason, 80.-Mrs. Bell, puir of horns, resembling those of a stag, but 73. much larger, along with the jaw-bones of the At Alemouth, Mr. John Bell. animal, were dug out. In the opinion of an At Wooler, Miss Stephenson, 19. nainent natural historian, these bones and At Forest Burn, near Rothbury, Matthew horns must have belonged to an animal simi- Hall, 107. lar in size and species to the American elk. At Ponteland, the Rev. John Blyth, of In several other parts which have been dug, Hartley about forty-six feet from the top of the mount, At Ingoe, Willians Dixon, esq. 64. a number of large beams of solid oak, perfect- At Berwick, Mrs. Wilson, 72.- Mrs. Grely sound, lying in a variety of directions, as sham, 65.—Mr. William Lauder, schoolmas. is to support the superincumbent baok, have ter, 53.-Mrs. Hogarth.-Mr. Thomas Wcbeen also discovered, all which afford suffi- 'therston, 61.-M15. M'Dougal, 50. cient grounds to believe, that the whole At Durham, Mrs. Peal, 35.-Mrs. Eliza, Drount was a work of the Romans, for the beth Harrison, 70.-Mrs. Revely, 28.-Wila purpose of forming a commanding station, liam Benjamin Shute.-The infant son of Wile *then in this country.

liani Thomson, esg.-Mr. George Bone, 58. Married.) At Heworth, the Rev. John CUMRERLAND AND WESTMOR LI. AND. Blodgson, to Miss Kell. Warren Lamb, esq. At Workington, in the year 1809, there of Newcastle, to Miss Hunter, daughter of were-Baptisms, 220.Burials, 212.-Mar. the late Robert H. esq. of Medomesly, riages, 47. Durham.

At Harrington, in the year 1309-BapAt the Holystone, James Armstrong, tisms, 58.-Burials, 34, -Marriages, 2. 8, to Margaret Craggs, aged 19.

Married.] At Maryport, Captain ButterAt Arlecdon, Mr. Robert Gordon, of Skel meré, of the Lavinia, to Miss Jane Dempsey. cow, to Miss Howard, of the same place. At Corney, Mr. John Jackson, of Park Their united ages amount to 34 years. The Nook, to Miss Mary Benn, of Middleton. father of the bridegoom is 35, and the mother place, daughter of the late Jos. B. crg. about the same age.

Died.] Ac Bank house, in Kindyside, Mrs. At Wooler, the Rev. William Gilmour, to Elizabeth Boadie, 92. Miss Bolton, sister to Ms. Thomas B. of Li. At Douglas, Isle of Mann, Lient. Clerk, verpool, merchant.

of the royal navy, 49. At Sunderland, Marmaduke Featherstuile, At Burton in Kendal, Mrs. Stow. esq. to Miss Hill, sister of C. S. Hill, esq. At Walby, Mr. Robert Hewett, 79. comptroller of the customs of that port. At Brampton, Mr. Jolin Halliburton, 87.

Died.] At Newcascle, Nicholas Walton, At Holm Rook, ucar Whitehaven. - Alrs. esq. one of the receivers of the revenues of Lutwidge, wife of admiral L.. Greenwich Hospital, in this district, 76.- At Paston, Mrs. Williamson, 66. Mr. Henry Galloway, 82.-Mrs. Mary Shel. At Sansfield, near Carlisle, Mrs. Elizabetb bery, 80. Mrs. Elizabeth Read. Mrs. Ann Mulcaster, 36. Grey, 71.Mrs. Isabella Rovell, 80.--Mrs. At Kendal, Mr. Francis Docker, 77. Young ; she went to bed at night in good At Gatebouse of Fleet, Alexander Birk. health, and in the morning was found a corpse. whistle, esq. 60. -Mr. William Bell, 53.-Mr. Oliver.-Mr. At Carlisle, Mrs. Braumont, 52.- Mrs. Juha Weatherston. Ms. Thomas Richard. Ann Satterthwaite, 69.-Ms. James Robin.



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son, 72.-Dinah, daughter of the late Mr. Mr. John C. printes. He was the author of John Mullia, 19.

an ingenious system of short-hand. YORKSHIRE.

At Thribergh, Mrs. Hedges, sister to the At the annual meeting of the Dock Com. Rev. Mr. H. 87. pany of Hall, at the Guildhall, the ac. counts for the year ending the 31st of Dec. A dreadful accident occurred on Sunday 180), were audited ; and the dividend de- Feb. 12, at the parish-church of Saint Nie clared to be 431. 145. 9. per share, (in all cholas, in Liverpool. A few minutes before 180); being an increase upon the dividend of divine service usually begins, and just as the Jast year, of 161. 5s. 8d. each. The amount, officiating clergyman was entering the church, by renewed resblution of the company, (after the key-stone of the tower gave way, and the deduction of the tax under the property the north-east corner, comprising the north act) will be appropriated to the completion of and east walls, with the whole of the che works of the Huruber Dock.

spire, came down, and with a tremendous Married.) At Whitby, Euseby Cleaver, crash broke through the roof, falling along esq. of Nunnington, to Miss Ingram Chap- the centre aisle, till it reached near to the man, daughter of Jobn C. esg.

communion rails, and in its fall carrying with ai Thornton Watlass, Jolin Clerveaux it the whole peal of six bells, the west galChaytor, esq. third son of William C. esq. oflery, the organ, and clergyman's reading desk, Spennithorne, to Miss Carter, of Richmond. totally demolishing them, and such seats as

At Great Driffieid, Captain William Rip- it came in contact with. Not more than from poch, of Bridlington Quay, to Miss Ann fifteen to twenty adu't persons were in the Scott.

church at the time, and of these the greater At Hull, Captain William Hessletine, of part escaped; but the children of a charity the Success, of ihat port, to Mrs. Wray, wi- school, who are marched in procession some dow of the late Captain W.-Mr. W. A. what earlier than the time of service, had Brigham, master of his majesty's ship Ran. partly entered. The boys following last, al! ger, to Miss Jane Thompson, daughter of escaped; but a number of the girls, who were Captain Thomas T.-Captain Arnold tu Miss either entering the porch, or proceeding up Banks,

the aisle, were 'overwhelmed in a moment Benjamin Clarkson, esq. of Alverthorpe beneath the falling pile. The crasda of the Hall, to Miss Wood, of Flanshaw, both near. steeple, and the piercing slricks of terror Wakefield.

which inetantly issued from those who had Harry Spencer Waddington, esq. of Caven- escaped in the church, or were speitators in bam, Suffolk, to Mary Ann, fourth daugh- the church-yard, immediately brought a ter of the late Richard Slater Milnes, esq. of large concourse of people to the spot, who did Fryston Hall.

not cease to make unabated efforts to rescue The Rev. Joseph Wilson, head-master of the unfortunate victims from the falling mathe grammar school at Sheffield, to Miss Eli- sonry, till all the bodies were extricated, notzabeth Antey, second daughter of the late withstanding the tottering appearance of the Mr. A. of Leeds, solicitor.

remaining part of the tower and roof of the At Leeds, James Armitage Rhodes, church, which momentarily menaced a seMary, only daughter of Alexander Turner, cond fall. Many instances of hairbreauth esq. one of the aldermen of that borough. deliverance occurred. All the ringers es

Died.] At Carleton Hall, near Richmond, caped except one, who was caught in the H. L. Fulleine, esq. youngest son of the late ruins, and yet was extricated alice by his breHenry P. esq. 37.

thren. The alarm it is said was first giren At Newbywisk, near Thirsk, Mr. Moor, to the ringers, by a stone falling upon the 90.

fifth bell, which prevented its swing; the At Kilton, near Gainsborough, Mrs. Mary men ran out; and a moment did not elapse Farndale, 98.

before the bells, beams, &c. fell to the boca At Wakefield, the Rev. Richard Munk- tom of the lower, and their escape would have house, D.D. vicar of that place.--Mrs. Catha- been impossible had not che beltry been upon rine Sampson.--Mr. Shillito, 66.

the ground-four. The Rev. R. Roughedge, At York, the Rev. Andrew Plunkett, a the rector, owes his safety to the circumman equally distinguished by his extraordinary stance of his entering the church at an unvirtues and extensive learning.-Mrs. Glover, accustomed door. The Rev. L. Pughe, the 80.-Mrs. Sturdy, wife of Mr. William S. officiating minister, was prevented from entersen-Mr. E. Yeoman, keeper of the house of ing by the children of the school who were correction, 21.

pressing furward.

The teacher, who was At Hull, Mr. James Hopwood, 58. killed, had just separated the children to afAt Haxby, Mr, Jobn Beverley, 88. furd him a passage, when a person esclaimed, At Bridlington Quay, Mrs. Dales, 90. " For God's sake come back!”-He stepped At Ruswarp, near Whitby, Thomas Holt, back, and beheld the spise sinking, and the

whole fell in. We shall relate another in. At Horbury, Mrs. Taylor, wife of the Rev. stance almost miraculous. A persun nám John T. 71.

Marlin was seated in his pew: the surrour. Al Shelljeid, Mr. Alexander Ciome, son of seats were dashed in pieces, and hered with 3



Edward P. esq.

ruins, but he came out unhurt. Twenty

NOTTINGNAMSHIRE. seven bodies have been taken from the ruins, Married | At Lenton, Quarter-master and twenty two were either killed or have Maples, ot the 23 battalion 15th. regiment; siacee xpired; this number, if we consider the to Aliss Millicent Lacey. peril, may be called comparatively small, but Died.] At Newark, Mrs. Lacy, 96.--Mrs. in the eye of humanity, awfully great.

Peart. Married.] At Preston, James Pedder, esq. At Long Eaton, Thomas Hopkins, esq forof Greenbank, to Miss Pedder, daughter of meriy a surgeon in the army,,78. He was

celebrated for his breed of game cocks, which At Manchester, Mr. Richard Dilworth, of on most occasions proved the first in the the Post office, to Miss Muncaster, of Salford. kingdom. --Mr. S. Lapage, jen. of Leeds, to Eliza, el Ac Gamston, the Rev. Edward Masori, dest daughter of Thomas Caister, esq. of Cat. Rector of Heapham and Beesby, in Lincolnterick House,

soire. At Liverpool, Captain Hinkley, of the At Bledworth, Wm. Collinson, gent. 66. schooner Providence, to Miss Probert-Cap At Mansfield, Mr. George Simes, 76. tain Charles Swan, of the ship Roe, of this At Workson, Mrs Gell. part, to Mrs. Lonsdale, Cumberland Tavern, At Wilturd, Mr. George Dickinson, 86. Old Dock.

Mr. Wm. Hazard, 6). At Warrington, Robert Pennington, esq. At Ruddington, Mr. Breedon, deservedly to Miss Fawcet, both of Kendal.

celebrated aniong the first agricsItarists of Died.] At Old Hall, near Manchester, the kingdom for his knowledge and judgmeat William Douglas, esq. 61

in breeding sheep, 63. At Lancaster, Mrs Bowes, wife of Thomas At Nottingham, Mrs. Curtis, 63.-Mrs. R. esq: 24.-Mrs. Holt, wife of Mr. James James, 38; and a few days before, her daughe H. bookseller.—Mrs. Taylor, 81.

ter Mary, 6. At Poulton Hall, near Lancaster, Mrs. At Cransley Hall, Mrs. Rose, wife of John Eidsforth, wife of A. E. esq. 31.

Capel R. esq. At Newton, near Warrington, Edward Ai At Wallingwells, Sarahi, Frances, and kers, esq. a gentleman long known on the Lydia, three of the daughsers of Sir Thomas curf.

Woollaston White, bart. At Hale, Alice Barnes, 101.

At Farnsfield, Mr. W. Smith, 86; and a At Blackbrook, the Rev. John Orrell, ca. few days previous, his wife, Peggy, 76. tholic p:iest. At Warrington, Mrs. Newton.

The Tolls on the Witham road, between '. At Manchester, Mr. James Hand.-Mrs. Lincoln and Boston, which 20 years ago "Wogden.-Mrs. Kearsley, relict of Mr. K. were taken for 3001. have lately been let tor solicitor.-Mrs. Randle.

30001. At Liverpool, William Potts, esq. of Pe. About five years ago a henevolent institutersburgh, Virginia. --Caleb Fletcher, esq. tion was established at Lincoln, for the two54.Viss Thompson, 19.-Mr. Richard Par. fold purpose of assisting poor married lying. kinson.-Mrs Catharine Santley, 24.- Mr. in women, and of educating poor girls ia G. Clough, who for many years engaged per- such a way as may be the means of their formers for, and took care of, the Music Hall becoming useful meinbers of the community. in this town, 59.-Mrs. Dawson, 60.--Mr. From an account lately published, it appears John Hornby.

chat, by lending for the month twelve sets At Prescot, Mr. James Scarisbrick, post. or bundles of necessary linen (which cost master, 56.

about thirty pounds) aided by about 18l, 4

year given in money, above sixty poor woMarried ] At Prestbury, Thomas Tipping, men annually are very considerably relieved. esq.of Fulshaw Hall, to Anna, eldest daugh- The other and more important object of ter of Robert Hibbert, esg. of Birtles. this charity, the education of poor girls,

At Chester, William Jones, esq. of Lon- is so conducted as to produce more good don, to Miss Maria Wynne, of Waverton. effect chan charity schools generally do;

Died.] At Chester, Gabriel Smith, esq. and at a very moderate expense: eighty alderman of that city, 83. ----Mrs. Roberts. children are taught to scw, knit, and read,

At Congleton, the Rev. J. Wilson, vicar and also receive moral and religious in of Biddulph, and head-master of the free-struction, for about forty guineas a year. grammar school, Congleton.

The ladies, managers of this charity, proAt Nant wich, Mr. Spencer, 100.




vide cloth, Soc. which they cut out for the At Stockport, Samuel Lees, esq.

instruction and employment of the children i

and at the Repository Shop the various gar. Died] At Dalbury, Joseph Green, esq. ments they make are sold,, for the benefit of

At Buxton, Mr. Goodwin, of St. Ann's the institution. Hotel, 54.

Married.] At Bostin, Mr. John Lisey, At Ednaston, Mr. Robert Morley. schoolmaster, to Mrs. Meadows.


Died.) At Sudbrook Holme, Rear Lincoln, At Market Bosworth, Mr. Søbo Swinfed, Hangah, wife of Lieut. Col. Ellisun, M.P. 79. for that city.

At Gumley, the infanć daughter of the At Little Ponton, neat Grantham, aged Rev. Mr. Apthorpe, rector of that place. 80, Mss. Dorothy Pennyman, telict of Wil. At Nuneaton, Mrs. Win. Taylor, second liam P. esq. of that place; wlio left cwo sons, daughter of the late Jobs T. esq. or Castlo doch of whom being dead, the estate now Donington. descends co General Dowdswell.

Ac Countessthorpė, Mrs. Glllati. At Horosea, Mi. Thomas Allan, 84. Ac Mountsorrel, Mrs. Doughty; wife of

At Lincoln, Miss Hayward, only daughter D. genr. 78. of Mr. Aldet mán H. 26.-Chales Whitë,


Married.] Ac Weston, William W. Wbit. Ac Louth, Mt. Samuel May, 85.Mt. mote, esq. of Dudmaston, Shropsbire, to the Trout, 85.--Mr. Robert Pearson, 78; and the Hon. Miss Bridgdian, only daughter of Lord same day, his sister, Mrs. Westerbý, 77.

Bradford. Mrs. C. Tuxford, 86.

At Woolstanton, Richard Rawson, esg. of At Boston, Mrs. Mompesson; 80. ---Mr. Rose Hill, neaf Liverpool, to Aline, eldest Won. Blaydwin. Mr. W. Robinson, 24. daughter of Dr. Bent; of Basford, neai

At Ashby Puerurum, Mrs. Craik, 87. Newcastle. At Saltfeet, Mrs. Sarah Blenkarn, wife of At Barlaston, Wm. Orange, esq. of Wente Mr. Wo. B, surgeon, 30.

worth House, Suffolk; to Mrs. Yates, of At Alford, Mr. Wm. Brown.

Barlaston House. Ac West Deeping, Mrs. Green, 76. Died.] At Spring Hill, John, eldest sua

Ar Spalding, Fullwood Sanderson, esq. of Mt. Startin, banker, Birmingham, 17. formerly an eminent acturney of that plate, At West Bromwich, Mr. B. Hunt, 23. 70.-M. Abraham Phillips, 83.

At Walsall, Mis. Madlembre, in conseAl Troston, Mr. Richard Walkden, 93. quence of her clothes taking fire. At Langton, Mrs. Bartholomew, wife of At Rickerscote, Mis, Perkins, sistet of Thomas B. esq.

T.B. Perkins, esq. de Morton, Mr. Joseph Mills, 68.-Mt. At Branscot, Mrs. Bentley, 95. Abraham Simpson, 92.

Ar Haywood, Mts. Suttolk, 97. At Gainsbro', Mr. John Clixly, 71.-Mrs. At Hanley, Mt. George Cromptori, 61, Froggett, 75.- Mrs. Thompson, 83.

Ac Armitage, near Lichfield, Mrs. Smith. At Spitsby, Mrs. Jane Atkinson, wife of At Wolverhampton, Mr. Joseph Wain. Mr. Edward A. sen. Mts. Anne Martin. wright:-Mt. Samuel Craddock, of the Little

Ac Stamford, Mrs. Thompson, widow of Swan Inn.
Kerchever T. esq. 76.

At I.ane End, Mt. Wm: Johnson.

At Tamworth, 'Mrs. Harper, relict of A meeting lately took place at Leicester Alderman H. -Mr. Harding. of great nun,ber of respectable persons, deo Ac Uttoxeter, Mrs. Eliz. Grove, relict of sirous of promoting a society in that town, Henry Jermyn G. esq. Jate of Pool Hally auxiliary to the Bible Society of London Wurcestershire, 17. established for extending the circulation of At Stafford, Mrs. Wilkinson. the holy scriptures. A number of resolutions At Newcastle, Mr. Joseph Hatrison. were entered into in tertherance of the


Married.] At Birmingham, Mr. J. Fartoti Merried.) At Ashby de la Zouch, John to Miss Brewer, eldest daughter of the Ret. Simpson, esq. to Mts. Lamb.

Jehoiada B. Ac South Kilworth, J. H. Holmes, esq. Dird.) At Wróxhall House, Mits. Vaughenly son of the Res. Wm. H. rector of ton, wife of Thomas Hali V. esq 21. Normanton on Soar, to Maria, eldest daugh- At Warwick, the lady of S Edkins, esq. ter of the Rev. Charles Chambers, rector of During a painful illness of four years and a Soath Kilworth.

half she discovered truly Chfistián patience ; Ac Medbourn, Wm. Sitakin, gent. of and is most sincetely lamented by those who Hallaton, ce Miss Meadows.

were best acquainted with her. As Leicester, Mr. Oldershaw, to Miss At Birmingham, Mrs. Vickers, of the Springthorp.

Cascle Inc.-Mr. Winfield - Mr. John Sum. Died.) At Orton, Mrs: Phillimore; wife of ntr.-Mt. J. Hay woud, 28.--Mrs. Palmet the Rer. J.P.

wife of Mr. Charles P. 24; and che came days At Melton Mowbray, Mr. John Clement their infant son. son, stationer, 41.

At Ratcliff, nëat Atherstone, Mr. Thomas John Edwards, esq. maternal uncle to the Slater, of Ashby de la Zouch. Rev. J. Pigott; Vicar of Wigston.

At Coleshill, Mrs. Warnford, relict of At Leicester, Mrs. Brewin, wife of John the Rer. Charles W. vicar of Shustock. B. gent.-Mre. Tomlin, 45.

At Little Kineton, Mr. Juhin llett, 98.
At Ashby de la Zolch Mill, Mts. Eliz. At Cotentty, Mr. Henry Lester.-M.
Timms, 61

At Ullesthorpe, Mrs. Maty Atkins, 90. Ac Park House, Hand, Mrs Jee.







Died.). Af North Cerney, Mrs. Holders Married.] At Fitz, the Rev. Wm. Hope wife of T. 1 kins, jun. to Jemima, youngest daughter of At Dursley, Mrs. Tippetés, wife of Thothe late Bold Oliver, esq.

mas T. esq.-Mr. Isaac Jones, one of the Died.] At Berrington, Mr. Wigley, 80. aldermen of that town. • At Wellington. MF. Wm. Harper.

At Cheltenham, Louisa, youngest daughFt Edgmond, Mr. Moses Sillitoe.

ter of the lare John Lewis, esg. of Harpion, At Shrewsbury, Mrs. Martha Moore.- Court, Radnorshire. -Mr. William Buçking. Mrs. Sarah Thomas, relict of Wm. Thomas, ham, an eminent musician. esq. a captain in his majesty's navy, 89. At Tewkesbury, Mrs, Cole, 101.-W. Mr. John Bather.- John Barber, esq. 83.- Martin, esq. of the firm of Vernone and Mr. Ford. He was surveying some premiscs Martins', distillers.-Mrs. Anne Clarke, 66. near Kingsland, where he was building a, At Glocester, James Sadler, esą one of house, to which he intended to retire, when the aldermen of the corporation. He had his foot slipped and he was precipitated into twice served the office of mayor, a well, and instaotly killed. Mr. Owen At St. Briavell's, Thomas Ball, esq. son Mr. Davies. Mr. Harries, of the White of the late Peregrine B. many years vicar of Horse Inn.-The youngest daughter of the Newlat. Rev, C. Powlett.

At Overbury, James Martin, 454, many At Cross Brook, near Dorrington, Mrs. years the upright and truly independent Priscilla Bromley, 97.

Representative in Parliament for the borough At Ellesmere, Mr. Wm. Briscoe,

of Tewkesbury. He was born on the same WORCESTERSRIRL.

day as our venerable and revered SuveDied.) At Bevere Green, near Worcester,, reign. Colonel Passingham. While sitting at At Stroud, Mrs. Grazebrook, 95; and table, he fell from his chair, and died without a few days afterwards, her husband, B, Ge a groan.

esq. banker, 80. At Worcester, Mrs. Wigley, relict of the in her 18th year, Eliza, only child of Rev. Henry W. 73.

the Rev. T. Thomas, minister of Colford At Kidderminster, Mr. Wn. Cooke, 71. Chapel.

AC Berkeley, Mr. Edward Jenner, eldest A new school is established in Hereford, son of Dr. J. 21. for the excellent purpose of affording gratuitous education to fifty children or relationis of A new carriage-suad is in contemplation şuch freemen as may be unable to pay for from Botley, near Oxford, to che town of their instruction. It is under the immediate Ensham, avoiding the present hill, and patronage of the Duke of Norfolk.

going through a country not only level, but Died.] At Whitechurch, near Ross, Colonel picturesque and delightful. The Earl of Anderson.

Abingdon, to whort the ground to be used At Hereford, Mrs. Smith.-The Rev. W. belongs, has liberally given the trustees per H. Barry, vicar of All Saints.

mission to go in whatever direction is most At Ruckhall Milí, near Hereford, Mr. beneficial to the public, John Davis, of Upton on Severn,

Married.] Ai Witney, Mr. A. A. Gilline At Leominster, Mrs. Mary Waring, 73. ship, of London, to Miss Sheppard, daughter GLOUCESTERSHIRE

of Joseph S. osa. The foundations for the eight houses At Banbury, Robert Calcolt, gent. oš required to compleat the Crescent, at Chel, Neithrop, to Miss Eliz. Baker. terham,' are now laying, and the New Road At Chipping Norton, Thomas Matthews from thence to the Colonnade is also bepun. esq. to Miss Ann Brooks, of Churchill. The proprietors of the Crescent have pur: Died.) At Chadlington, Mr. Joseph Parr, chased the meadow ground in front, which is to be inclosed with iron palisades and At Oxford, Mr. John Fausbury, 25.planted. These embellishments and addi. Mrs. Tollett.--Mr. "Butler. --Mrs. Clarke. tions will render that elegant pile of build Mc. Ani hony Gilkes-Mrs. Wood, relict ing, one of the first ornaments of the town. of the Rev. Mr. W. chaplain of Magdalen

collections same place, are in a state of great forwardbes. Some adjoining houses in the street Berkes, com cebendary of the Cathedrals of

his rerurn home from London, the are levelled with the ground, to make room the additions in the garden are rapidly rising. of Berks and

Asayh, and a Magistrate

dies. The new proprietors are proceeding with At Bicester, Mrs. Mary Fletcher, wife of great spirit; the expense will be enornious; the Rev. Mr. E dissenting minister. But it is supposed that the whole plan, when At Banbury, Mrs. Clarke, reluct of Mr. C. completed, will be unrivalled in-splendur, many years master of the White Horse Inn, clegance, convenience, comfort, and extent. &:] to



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