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esq. 19.


demy in that town, which he had conducted Died.] At Wollaston House, Frances for many years, with much credit co himself, Diana, youngest daughter of Francis Dickens, and benefit to others. In justice to the

memory of this worthy man, and to the ho. At Gretton, Mrs. Satchell.

nour of this academy, we mention, that those At Middleton Cheney, Mrs. Gardiner. two highly-distinguished characters, the Rev. At Duston, Mr. Robert Blewitt; 36. Professor Vince, of the University of CamAt Stoke Bruerne, Mr. John Skears. bridge, and the Rev. Dr. Brinkley, AstroL.At Daventry, Mrs. Wadsworth, 74. nomer Royal at the University of Dublin, At Wilby, Mrs. Knight, 45.

received the rudiments of their mathematical s At Cransleysa Cashadide, wife of Jóhe knowledge at this well known seminary. Capel Rose, esq. and eldest daughter of the Mr. Tilney's great watchfulness over the con laté Wm. Syaiðnda, esqof Bury, 28., 1 duct of his numerous pupils, and scrupulous

At Peterborough, Mr. Francis Moncy. attention to their improvement, will occasion . Ai Northampton Mr. Juhh Macher, 45. his memory to be long remembered by them

Mrs. Tibbjtes, relict of Richárd T. es with gratitude, and his death to be lamented banker, of London, 77.

with much sorrow.-Harriett, daughter of CAMBRIDGESHIRE.

Captain Hicks, of the second eastern regi-Died.] At Walting Park, aged 85, Ge- ment of Norfolk local milltia. neral Hall, colonel of the old buffs, a brother

At Wymondbam, Mrs. Wigg; relict of Ro. of the late John Hall Stevenson, esqa of bert W. esq. many years captain and adjutant Skelton Castle, Workshire, and grand nephew of the Ease Norfolk militia

. of the first Lord Lowther, Viscouat Lons. At Saxlingham, Mr. Robert Dawson, dale. He was one of the oldest officers in . At Long Stretton, Mrs. D'Urban, mother bis Majesty's service, and aid-de-camp to the of Lieutenant-colonel D'U.-Mr. William Marquis of Granby, at the battle of Minden. Modre, 98.

Ac Cambridge, Miss Lyoh.--Mr. Matthew At Lynn, Mr, Watson. -Mr. James HowUnderwood.-M. Ha Hack, jun. 172 letr.-Mt. Grestenthwaite, drúggist.

At March, Ms. Nathaniel Goodman, 56. * At Wiggenhall St. Mary Magdalen, Me, - At Horningsea, Mrs Moore.

John Whistler, 46. At Willingham, Ms. B. D. Cabread, 29. At Downham Market, Mr. William Mag.

At Chesterford, near. Cambridge, Mrs. by.. Eynes, wife of Henty M.P. -aud At Geldestone, in his 62d year, Thomas eldest daughter of the Rev. Dr. Wylde, rectos Kerrich, esg. He was an acting magistrate of St. Nicholas, Ndringham.

and deputy lieutenant for this county, and At Ely, Mr. Paul Gotsbetl, 82.

served the office of high sheriff during the rs At Whittiesca, Mr. James Aveling, 54. memorable years of 1788 and 1789.

NOR$OU. A petition is about to be presented to par- Married.] The Rev. C. Brooke, of Uffurd, fiament, for leave to erect * new bridge at to Miss C. Capper, daughter of the Rey. Mo the Foundery, Norwich. This measure, wheh C. rector of Earl Soham. cffected will bring into the centre of the

At Nayland, Mr. Norton, to Miss Sarah towil, all passengers to and from Yarmouth, Porrer. Mr. W. Thurston, of Westhorp, and other parts of the county. 99 to Miss Sarab Simpson, of Married.] At Norwich, John Brown, esg. lows:-Mrs A. Pars, jun. of Newniarket, ca of Mattishall, to Mrs. Sarah Hudson. At Yarmouth, the Rev. Mr. Benyon, mis Dowty, of High Wycomb, to Miss R.

Miss Rigby, of Islington, Suffolk - Mr. Thodissenting minister, to Miss Mary Steward. Golding, of Hadleigh.-Mr. Richard Haynes,

Robert Emerson, eso. of Titebwell, to of Gazely, to Miss Norman, of Kentford. Elizabeth, daughter of Matthew Nelson, esy. Mr. Jotin Langham, to Miss Wendley, both of ef Holme by the Sea.

Cockfield.--Mr. William Eairweather, to At Erpingbam, Capt. Cubitt, to Miss Miss Stocking, both of Walsham-le-WilChurchill.

lows. At Norwich, Starling Day, esq. alderman, At Bradfield Combust, Lieutenant Erraght, to Mrs. Rodwell. --The Rev. Dr. Turner of the 43d regiment of foot, to Anuabella dean of Norwich, to Miss Taylos, niece of Raymond, widow of the late Rev. Philip the Rey. Mr. Peele.

Horsey wood R. and daughter of J. B. Edwards, At Lynn, Mr. Baly, to Miss F. Goodwin, esq. of Bradfield Lodge. daughter of Mr. G. architect. SA

Died.) At Sudbury, Charles Hurrell, esq. hofias Wythe, esq. of Eye, Suffolk, to late of Branden Hall, Essex, and one of the Miss Case, of Middleton.

justices of the peace for that county, 69. Henry Harvey, esg. of Catton, to Miss At Cheveley, Mrs. Folkes, eldest daughDalton, eldest daughter of the late Francis D. der of the late M. F. esq. esq. of Swattham.

At Ipswich, Lieutenant J. Bucke, late. Died.]. At Harleston, aged 72, Mr. Hen- commander of the Acute gun-brig.-Mrs. sy Tilney, mastes of the Mathematical Acs- Abbott, wife of S. A. es4.-- John Lloyd; esz.


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collector of the customs. Mr. Robert Bate tain Fraser, of the same regiment.--The Rer, ley, 58.

Richard Osborn Tylden, vicar of Chilham At Bungay, Mr. James Chapman, impra. to Miss Frances Fairman, of Millars Lynsted. priator of the rectory of Ilketshall St. Law. At Loddiswell, John George Children, esq, rence

of Tunbridge, to Caroline, eldest daughter of At Ousden, Mr. Bumstead Moore. George Furlong Wise, esq. of Woolstone, At Mildenhall, Mr Pettit,

near King's Bridge, Devon. at Lecheringham, Miss Cooper,

At Chatham, Mr. Bagster, deputy cotoAt Denston, she Rev. Berish Brook, per missary to the forces in Portugal, to Miss petual curate of that place.

Shirley. At Shadbreok, Mr. James Peterson, 61: At Stroud, Mr. Edwards, surgeon, to Ming

Ac Newmarket, Mr. Bradley.--Me. Al. Farthing. chin,

Died.] At Ashford, Mr. Holliday. Mr. "At Bildeşton-hall, Miss Chaplik, 32.

Oliver. Aç Bury, Mrs Jaques.

At Deal, Mrs. Brooksby..Mrs. Larkins, At Melton, while on a . yisit to Sir Jacob At Lea, Mr. C. Brown, of Muscovy-court, Astley, George Wyndham, esg. of Cramer, London, 26. Norfolk, 46.

At Sheerness, Mrs. Copeney.
At Woodbridge, Mr. Rohest Baldwin, of Al Mount Ephraim, in Boughton Blean,

Thomas Dawes, osq. 91.

At Rochester, in consequence of wounds Died.) Aé Faulkbourne-ball, in the 78th which he received from three unknown rufyear of his age, John Bullock, esg. one of the fans, on the New Road, near Chatham, Mr. representatives in parliament for that county, Boucher, sen. and colonel of the eastern regiment of ics Ar Chatham, Mr. Peter Paddon. He was militia. He was first elected to serve in par. 'a map of uncommon stature, his coffin mea. liament in 1754, and continued to represent suring seven feet long.--Mr. Baker, late miMaldon and Stęyning (with a very short in- nister of the General Baptist Meeting-house. terruption) until the general election, in At Tenterden, Mr. G. Pearce, 71. 1784, when, notwithstanding the peculiar At Houghton-house, Jaac, wife of Wile pircurpstances of the times, he was elected liam Henry Douce, esq. without opposition one of the members for the At Dartford, Mr. Thomas Budgen. county of Essex, and to which situation he At Sandwich, Mr. William Trelignan, the was five times re-elected. He was an officer, oldest freeman of that town, 95. in the militia for this county from its first At Whitstable, Mr. John Baker, 25, institution, is: 1759, and commanded the At Bromley, Thomas Soane, esq; entern regiment as colonel for nçarly thirty At Romney, in his 41st year, Thomas years. He lived and died universally es. Trevillon, esq. first lieutenant in Captain geçmed and respected by all who knew him. Honeywood's troop of yeoman' cavalry. His

Ar Purleigh, Mary, daughter of Mr. merits as an officer were justly appreciated by Jonathan Powell.

the truly respectable corps to which he he At Great Dunmow, Mr. Edward Harridge. longed. In the domestic circle of private At Springfield, Mr. Thoinas Clarke, of the life, his many amiable qualities ranked high Duke's Head inn.

in the esteem of his numerous friends, and At Horndon on the Hill, Mr. Thomas his loss will long be deplored with the keenest Badley, 73.

regret. At Danbury, Mr. Thomas Turner, who At Canterbury, Mrs. Maxwell. - Mrs. has for twenty.iwo years been supported by Mead. -Mrs. Lodge.--Mr. Thomas Parnell, the Union Benefit Society of that town, 91. 51.-Mrs. Fry.-Mrs. Apne Igglesden. At Coggeshaft, Mr. John Harrison. Mrs. Anne Burbridge, 58. KENT

At Feversham, John Shepherd, esq.80.In the progress of excavating the basin for Mr. Thomas Banner, 25.-Mrs. Mann. che canal, which is to connect the Thames At Margate, Mrs. Gooden, wife of Mr. G. and Medway, a stratum of pcat has been dis. schoolmaster, covered, in which large trees are found, apo At Ash, Mr. John Price, 21. parently gak and yew, some standing, others A¢ Brompton, Mr. John Tracy. İying horizontally, and some in all directions. At Maidstone, Mr. Haçao. Mist Alles, The work gous on rapidly at the end towards $7. the Thames, ami it will not be long before At Hythe, Mrs. Broadbridge. the foundation-stone is laid down.

At Whitstable, Mr. Ward, 80.Mr. Married.) At Leybourne, Sir Brook W. Thomas Gregory, 70. Bridges, Bart of Goolnescone, to Dorothy At Faversham, Miss Pratt. Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Şir H. Hawley, At Lydd, Mr. T. Gilbert, 8%. Bart. of Leybourne Grange.

Ät Buckland, Mr. William Fox, 43. At Ospringe, Lieutenant Innis, of the 49d At Chatham, Mrs. Lewis, wife of Colonci Fegiment, fo Miss Fraser, daughter of Cap. t. of the Royal Marines.




de Danny, aged seven years, Henry Died.) At Croydun, Edmund Ferrers, esq. Francis Campion eldest son of William John of Peltdown, Sussex, 87.

Campion, esg. of Danny, in this county. He Ac Waverby Abbey, Mrs. White, sister of was a child of the greatest promise, and the the Rev. Mr. Jacob, of shillingstone, Dorset. circumstances of bis death were particularly

Ac Streatham, Henry Thomas, esq. of melancholy. A spark from the fire, which Liwynmadock, Breconshire, 77.

had just been lighted, cominunicating to his Ac Guilford, Mrs. Smallpiece, wife of Mr. night-dress, it instantly buret into flames, by John S. esq. solicicor.

which the child was so much burnt, chal ho

only survived the accident two days. A fight of sea cagles have lately visited At Stoke, near Arundel, after a few hours the coast near Hastings. The very uncom. illness, the Rev. William Wilton, rector of Bon appearance of these birds on the south- that place, in the 40th year of his age. He ern coast has excited very great curiosity. was a man of truly evangelical principles, and Many of the gentlemen in the neighbour. of exemplary purity of life and conduct. By hood have endeavoured to shoot them, from the above awtul event, he has left to the an apprehension of danger to their lambs in kindness of his friends, and the care of Provispring, if they should remain there'; but his dence, a destituta widow, seven months adtherto without success. They have already vanced in pregnancy, and seven fatherless made great destruction among the rabbits on children, wholly unprovided for. To the the warren, near the signal station.

honour of the neighbourhood, a subscription The Charity Schools lately established at is already commenced, which it is to be Lewes, upon the Lancaster plan, go on very devoutly wished, inay attord some relief. Guccessfully, and promise to be of great adFancage to the poor, as they are, also, an Married.] At Jersey, Captain Irwin, of honour to the town. The number of poor the 74th regimcot of foot, 'to Niss Smith, boys and girls taught in them, approach niece of General Leighton, commanding offices Acar to two hundred and fity; and what is in that island. calculated to have an abiding effect on them, At St. Hilier's, in Jersey, Dr. Carnegie, to is the strict observance of the sabbath, and Miss Mary Hemery, the extreme order and regularity which is Iu Guernsey, R. Mounsill, esq. of the royal observed with them.

African corps, lo Miss Sophia, daughter of Married.) At Brighton, the Rev. John the late Rev. Peter Paul Secretan, of the Pollard, of Hurstperpoint, Sussex, to Lucy island of Sark. Sophia, only surviving daughter of General At Southampton, John Mills Jackson, esco Margan, late of the Coldstream guards, and to Miss Little. grand-daughter of Bennet, third earl of Har. Died.] At Highfield Park, General Sir" borough.-Charles Tottill, esq. of Exeter, to William Augustus Pitt, K. B. a general in Miss Elisa Perkins.

the army, colonel of the 1st regiment of dra. Mr. Charles Phillips, of the Stegne hotel, goon guards, and governor of Portsmouth, 8:. Worthing, to Miss Hemsley.

Ac Winchester, John Littlehale, M.D. At East Grinstead, Mr. James Campbell, Ac Hursley, Mr. Blundell, surgeon and of Leigh, Kent, to Miss Susannah Terry. apothecary.

Died.j At Brighton, Mrs. Rennel, wife At Norman Court, Ann Elizabeth, daughof Major James R. 71, William Halstone, ter of Captain Sober.

esg. of Bermondsey, Surry, 63.-Mrs. Mary At Portsmouth, Miss Payne.--Mr. Andrew Christmas, of Falmer, 78.

White. At Wiachelsea, Miss Dyne, daughter of Ac Overton, Eliza Frances, youngest daugh. the late William D. esq. of Milton, Kent. ter of Dr. Ludlow, late of Ringwood. At Newhaven, Miss Smith.

At Kingston, near Ringwood, Mr. George At Wesmeston, Mr. W. A, Hudson. Early. At Lewes, Mrs. Naish 80.—Mrs. Figs, Ai Lymington, Miss Butcher. 69.-Mr. John Curteis, 70.--Mrs. Lambert, At Amport Farm, near Andover, Mr. JeMr. Richard Neeve.

shua Webb. At Hollingly, Mr. Thomas Akehurst,

Married] At Malmesbury, Mr. Mayer, of At Wivelsfield, Mr. William Tanner, Gloucester, to Miss H. Walbank, second At Folmer, Miss Pierce, youngest daughter daughter of the late S. W. esq. of the late Mr. P. of the Swan inn.

At Corsham, Mr. Bradley, surgeon, of At Chilgrove, the eldest son of John Nailsworth, Glocestershire, to Miss Collett, Woods, a promising young man, 20.

of Jaggard's House. At Wiston, Miss Rook, 19; and on the At Poulton, Mr. Barton, to Miss Lediard.. day on which she was buried, her brother, At Chippenham, Ms. Poole, to Miss MaMr. William R.

ria Smith. At Allriston, Mr. Springate Brooker, 85. At Broadchalke, Mr. Joel Douty, mastes At Chiddingly, Mr. Edward Carpenter of the academy there, to Miss Hazell, of Bow





Died.) At Chippenham, Me. Richard Un.

SOMERSETSHIRE. cles, 32. At Salisbury, Mr. Lewis.-Mrs. Crad.

The intended Commercial Coffee-room, is dock. William French, esq. an eminent Bristol, is to be erected in Corn-street, opapothecary, and an alderman and justice of posite the Bank of Messrs. Harford, Davies, peace for this city, 58.-Mrs E. Lenton, 70 and Winpenny, under the direction of Mr.

At Fisherton Angers Mrs. Ann Smith, 92. C. A. Busby, architect, of London, as early

At Cricklade, Mrs. Randall, wife of Ri.. as possible in the present year. The front shard R. e5G.

will be of free-stone, in the centre of which At Wishford, Mrs. Eve.

will be a beautiful portico, of the lonic order; At Stoke park,

Mrs Smith, wife of Joshua the pediment will be surmounted by a Statue S. esq. M. P. for Devizes.

representing the city of Bristol, on whose At Hollwell, Mr. Christopher Graham.

right ard leit will be Navigation and ComAt Reals, Mr. W. Porward.

i merce; and over the entrance-doors will be

placed, a basso-relievo, in which Neptuse In digging for peat, near Newbury, great will be seen introducing the four quarters of bumbers of trees are frequently found at

the world to Britannia. various depths. The nearer they lie to tlie

The intentions of the Benevolenc Society farface, the less sootd is the wood. These established in Bath, for the relief of all the erees are generaliy osks, alders, willows, and descsving debtors which were confined in the fits, besides come others not easily ascer

gaols of this city and county, on the Jubilee cained. No acorns are found in the peat, but day, have been crowned with success. The many canes of the fir-tree and nec shells,.. ezprives have been set free ; and it is the ferare dug out. A great number of horns, heat's,

ther intention of the cummittee, sinctioned and bones, of several kinds of deer, the Forbs by the respective subscribers, to appropriate of the antelope, the heads and the tusks of the surplus in hand, into a furd for the relief boars, the heads of beavers, and other ani- of persons confined for smail debis, in the mals, are also occasionally discovered. An before mentioned gaols, on a plan similar to urn of a light brown colour, and large enough those in London and Gloucestersture. Such to contain above a gallon; was found at fout an establishment, growing as it will, if feet from the surface. It was unfortunately effected, out of the Jubilee subecriptions injured by the spade, and was brought up in may fairly be called "The Bath and Somerset small pieces. No coins have ever been disa Jubilee Fund," and will reflect eternal credit covered. The ground in which the peat is, and praise on the committee who firse soga found, is meadow-land, and consists chiefly of gested the happiness that would be occasioned z whitish kind of earth. The top of the by an institution so disinterested and noble. truc peat is met with at various depths, from

A general meeting of the proprietors of the one foot to eight feet below the surfaces; and Kennet and Avon canal, and of gentlemen ins the depth of the peat also varions, from one terested in the trade of South Wales, was lately font to eight, of nine feet. The ground below. held at Bath, when, in addition to 206,0001. it is very uneven, and generally gravel.

reported at a former meeting, 160,000/ were Married.) At Wallingford, Charles Bràd- subscribed for effecting a junction between ley, A. M. 'master of the grammar-schoul of the Kennet and Avon and Basingstoke canals, that town, to Miss Catharine Shepherd, of and other purposes connected there with ; ilso, Yattenden,

100,000!. towards extending the Kennet and A: Horst, Richard Westbrook, coq. of Avon capal to Bristol; and 36,2001

, fer Reading, to Mrs. Wheeler, or Sinsom.

making ducks at Newport, in Monmouthshire; Died.] At Ray Mill Cortaye, near Mai- which latier subscription now exceeds 50,0001. denhead, Mrs. Gowland, wife of Thomas G.

At the late meeting of the Bath and West esq. and daughter of the late Honoutable of England Agricultural Society, the shew Thomas Beach, esq. formerly Attorney-gene of cattle was large and excellent; many

in ral and chief justice of the Island of Jamaica. genious and improved instruments of husband

At Windsor, Captain Vallancey, adjutant !y were exhibited, as well as several pieces 20 the King's own regiment of militia, 62. of superfine cloth made from improved British He was the son of General Vallancey, of the wool, which were judged superior to those Irish engineers, who is president of the Royal made from either spanish or Sexon. Pero known in the literary circles of that kingdom: noble animal is the property of Mr. Reynokis, Society of Antiquaries, at Dublin, and well haps one of the finest bulls of the

von breed, ever seen, was exhibited. This At Reading, Mrs. Willsoon. --Miss Trapp, daughter of the late Dr. T.-M. Boult of Shobrouk, Devon, who likewise cxhibited, Mis. Eliz. Iremonger.

a fille cow and call, with two yearling heifers At Shaibourn; Mr. Joba Bures-Mt. Bur. Of the sathe stock. A pen of Dr. Parry's ford, 82.

Anglo-merido sheep, highly improved since At Wokingham, Sir George Ernest fate's the last exhibition, obtaine the premium. Wright, Bart. Ai Duasden Greep, Ms. Charles Simmondt, of Scock wellConmon, Surrey, to Miss George,

only daughter of George Giesg.

R. B. esq.

Ç. Esq.


At Bath, Euclid Shaw, esq. banker, to eminent member of the society of Quakers, Miss Saunders, niece of James Rondeau, çeq. and a most valuable one of society in geneof Lambeth.

sal. His life was devoted to the cause of At Clifcon, Hugh Hughes, esq. of Hod-, virtuer actively and universally'; though a desdon, Herts, to Elizabeth, daughter of che conscientious believer in the doctrine of Chris' late J. T, Kempe, esq.-William Hale $ym- tianity, as set forth by the great predeces :67 mons, esq. of Chuddie wocu House, Devon, to. of his conimunity, Barclay ; aod, though his Milly, youngest daughter of the late William conduct was strictly in unison with its preMiles, esą.

cepts and principles, there was nothing of At Bristol, the Rev. J. Sangat, A.M. Fel. that in him which we sometimes meet in bia low of Oriel Cottage, Oxiørd, and Chaplain brethren, acting as \ a rock of offence, and to Earl Grey, to Miss Symes, eldest daughter stumbling block,” creating a suspicion, tha of Richard S. esq. of Braddon-hilt Hlouse. the religion of this people were mere fori.

Died.] At Bath, Mrs. Parish, wife of John He was polite beyond ail forms of breeding, P. esq. mercliant, late of Hamburgh.-The and oflicious on all occasions to go gound; Rev. John Amyatt, vicar of South Brene, De. shewing, in his general de meanor, that visa son, and domestic chaplain to the Prince of twe, under any habit or appearance, demanda Wales.


His last illness was accompanied At Clifton, Captain Henry Haire, late of with great bodily pain, wbich he supported the 66th foot.

with fortitude and manly resignation; and Ac Radford, Mrs. Eliz. Biggs, relict of he died with the praises of God upon his

lips, bappy in the assurance of á blessed ime At Earnshill, Mrs. Combe, relict of Richard mortality. Ai Stanton Drew, Thomas Coates, esq. Married.] At talmouth, Mr. J. Macdowell, Ac Corston, Mrs. Deborah Perriman, 9,4. jun. merchant, to Miss Perryman, daughter of

At Taunton, the Rev. T. Ceokes, of Bar. Mr. P. of the Custom house, London.-ME bourn House, Worcestershire, and rector of James Lake, to Miss Hallett. Sulgrove, Glocestershire. In her 88th year, Ac Truro, Richard Smith, esq. of Chaddock Mrs. Jones, relict of the Rev. John Jones, Hall, near Manchester, to Miss Betsey Tur formerly rector of St. Peter's, Bristol. This ner, daughter of Mr. Edward T. banker, segerable lady possessed 2 still more venes the former place. abie companion, a cockatno, whose age was Died.} At Scorrier, Mrs. Roberts. ascertained to be one hundred and two Ac Trefula, near Redruth, aged 68.-M. years. The poor bird was taken in strong John Bawden. convulsions, and expired within a few hours At Penzance, Mr. Malachi Bice, 81.--of his mistress.

Mrs. Dates.

At Camelford, Catharine, the wife of Diedo] At Ibberton, John Mullet,whowas born Charles Carpenter, esq. She was a person the same day thul George' I. ascended the of uncommon calents, spoke Italian and throne, 93.

French with ease, sung with taste, and made At Frome cSt. Quinton, the son of Thomas everything het own which she badunce read. Cowdry, esq.

John Crispin, the oldest man in Camelford, At Netherbury, the Rev. Mr. Langfield. 90. Af Ryme, Mr. Giles Hayward.

Ac St. Ives, Mr. Richard, Cogar. -Mr. At Thornford, the Rev. Jona Sampson, Malachi Hingston, 19. many years rector of that place. DEVONSHIRE

A subscription is forming in Wales for the Married.] At Tiverton, Mr. William Bick. purpose of erecting a column on Moelv.m. ford, of Penryn, Cornwall, to Miss Ana mas, the highest of the Clydean ridge, to Gloyns, daughter of F. G. esq.

commemorate the late Jubilee. At Cullompton, Richard Salter, esq. of A considerable addition to the navigation Verbeer House, Willand, to Miss Frances of the kingdom is in contemplation, by a Bilbie.

canal, to be called the Merionethshire canal. At Southmolton, Mr. John Dunn, to Miss It is intended to begin at the end of the waM. A. Tapp, eldest daughter of fer line belonging to the Ellesmere Canal

At North Huish, Thomas Elliott, jun. esq. at Llaridysilio, and to pass by Corwen to the of Bigbury, lo Miss S. King will, of Butter lake at Bala, and from thence to lock ford, near Totness.

down to Dolgelly and Barmouth, by whicle Died.] At Tiverton, George Sweet, esq. means a water commuoiçation will be opened 87.

between Liverpool and Barmouth, by Ches. At Alphington House, near Exeter, Ms. ter, Whitchurch, Ellesmere, Chirk, and Ballki, wife of James B. esq.

Lui L'angolen: and the intercourse with Montgo. Ar Kinterbury House, near Plymouth, A. meryxbire froin Barmouth will be attained. Hilley, ess.

Some of the principal farmers in North At Pilton, Mr. E. Hancozk.

Wales preferred mowing their wheat lass At Exeter, Joseph S. Dymond, aged 45, aa harvoin to cutting it with the sickle, and



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