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But which (by absence taught) he now That, stemming thy relentless tide, doch idolize.

Sought the near shore where safety beckoning While the strain'd canvas courts the breeze, stood ?

His bosom labours with delight,
And pleasures dacce before his sight,

Ah, what a change is here!

Fill'd with rerror and amaze,
As thus, with frantic joy, the purt he seesi.
Tto' sailing o'er the ocean green,

The scene grows darker as I gaze,
Wth many a rolling wave hetween,

The fury of the deep is near.

Whilst clouds the firmament o'ercast,
Disdaining spice, he speaks! he hears!
Reality's long train appears!

The sun hath left the western sky;

And, sailing on the stormy blast,
He presses to his heart the maid
Who, to salute her lover, flies;

The vent'rous sea-birds burrying home

ward Ay. Or rushes : 'rough the green wood shade, Where his low cot of comfort lies;

The waves, that late in frolic play'd, The taithiul wife, with triumph proud,

Are now with tentold wrath array'd, The hearty welcome pours aloud,

Darting quick flashes from their thousand Whilst his young children clasp his knee,


With anger heighten'd by the wind,
And weep and smile, and smile and weep,
That from the dangers of the deep

That fain their giant limbs would bind,

When to fierce strife the heavens and ocean Their long-lost sire they see.

rise. Orb of glory, to the west

Lo! sounding their defiance far, Thou spreadest fast chy stately form,

The ancient rivals rush to war: In robes of dazzling amber drest,

No common vengeance round is hurl'd; Whilst starting from their bed of rest Sphere with sphere, and world with world, Th' imperious night-winds rouse the slum. Dreadful in unavailing ire. bering storm :

Th'indignant winds awhile retire ; Yet, as the clouds erect their throne

Whilst the proud victor gazes round In one dark corner of the sky,

For some new foe, on whom to pour his And deep portentous voices moan

ragc. Upon the gale that whistles by;

That other foe he now hath found : D'er the vext and boundless tide

See, the combatants engage! Sun-beams still delight to play;

Ocean, collecting all his might, And the fair departing day

With earth proclaims a baneful fight, In silent grandeur sends its lustre wide. And with inebriate reel assaults the shore ; Earthly pageants, veil your head;

Earth, that many a shock hath stood Here heduld, mid floods of light,

From wrathful sky, and stormy food, Heaven his gorgeous pinions spread;

Smiles in her craggy strength, and braves his Streaming fire, and liquid gold;

deafʼning roar. That, as they change beneath the sight,

No friendly moon, no stars appear: New and nobler forms unfold.

From dreams of death, roused by the stormy Thou watry world, tho' grateful to our eyes

tide, Whilst the rich clouds of eve illume thy The demons of the tempest ride breast,

Triumphant through the dark and troubled Say, art thou not a monster in disguise

That know'st no mercy, and that feel'st no Or, hand in hand,

A ghastly band,
Do not the smiles opon thy brow presiding, Whilst the sinking wretch they spy,

Destruction's syren toils unceasing form? With their songs of ecstasy
Is not that wrath which now appears subsi- Pace the ocean-beaten strand.

To swell the horrors of the night, Th'illusive prelude to some fiercer storm? Lightnings flash their forked light, With thirst insatiate evermore,

Quenching their fervour in the boisterous Dost thou nor feast on human gore,

main. Laughing exultant o'er thy savage meal? Again ! again! Amid the winds that from thee fly,

And what a sound I hear the drowning seaman's cry,

Burst in lengthen'd peals around! In plaintive sounds, which lion hearts might Tho' fears, that spring from nature, move my feel.

soul, Abhorrent fiend, to thee are dear

Terrific pleasures on that voice await. The orphan and the widow's tear!

Ye unseen powers, prolong the strains When didst thou stay thy foaming wave,

sublime, The shipwreck'd mariner to save,

Allied to neither earth nor time, Who, pendent from some jutting crag, espied Which raise within me, as through heaven Beneath, the terrors of thy food?

they roll, When didst thou listen to the cry

The thought in shadows dress'd, unutterOt hclpless, sinking misery,

ably great.

When the elements conspire

Already hails them to their native land,) To sweep their deep and awful lyre,

They mark th' unruly sails disdain The rattling thunders, as they fly,

The weak controul of mortal rein, Complete the dreadful harmony.

Disseverd, on the blast they see them ride,

Then sink in the conflicting tide. Pity, whither art thou flown ?

Whilst languid hope points to one giimm'ring Hast thou left this stormy scene,

beam, For rivers smooth, and meadows green,

Forebodings stern disclose their wretched Where Peace delights to rear her halcyon

state ; throne ?

They view the sails plunged in the raging Hither haste, thou being dear;

stream, A sight, a moving sight is here:

And read their own inevitable fate. The bark that long hath borne the beating The lightnings, as they fash, display wave,

The fatal shore to which they onward And now beholds her haven near,

drive; Trembles o'er the yawning grave:

In vain with destiny they onward strive, Fly to succour, fly to save!

Whilst Ocean fierce invokes his coming prey. Amid the ravings of the gale,

Now swifter borne before the hurrying blast, Fitful calls, upon thee, sail ;

(Their last brave anchor vainly cast) The warning gun, that doleful sound,

They view, dismay'd, the white waves glare Speaks, till with the tempest drown'd.

at hand, The storm increases. By the light

Roaring o'er the rocky strand.
Of heaven's fierce radiance, I behold To the near cliffs their course they urge,
The mariner, once brave and bold,

In dark funereal terrors drest; Chain'd steadfast to the deck, in strange Ere long, and in the wrathful surge, afiright.

(Tho' Mercy's cry Through distraction's starting'tear,

Rend earth and sky,)
They view their wives and children dear, Each palpitating heart must rest.
Whom they had fondly hoped ere long to Still nearer now the vessel draws;

Fear suspends their labouring breath ;
With all a husband's, all a father's joy ; A horrid pause!
And taste domestic comforts sweet,

One moment more,
That end of all their toil, without alloy. The strife is o'er.
But now, (whilst those they love, rejoice Heard you that shriek ? It was the shriek of
In the blessid interview at hand,

death. And every heart, and every voice,


As the List of New Publications, contained in the Monthly Magazine, is the ONLY COMPLETE LIST PUBLISHED, and consequently the only one that cun be useful to the Public for Purposes of general Reference, it is requested that Authors and Publishers will continue to communicate Notices of their Works (Post paid,) and they will always be faithfully inserted, FREE of EXPENSE. ARTS, FINE.

The Life of Admiral Lord Nelson, K B. TWENTY Picturesque Views of the Pa- from his Lordship's M.SS. abridged from the

rochial Churches of London, by W. Pear- quarto edition. By the Rev. J. S. Clarke, and son. Elephant 410. 11. 1s. royal folio, 11. 35. John M'Arthur, esq. 8vo. 16s.

Twelve Views for the Illustration of Lun- Memoirs of the Life of Peter Daniel Huet, don, drawn and etched by F Nash, 4to. 7s. Bishop of Avranches, written by himself.

A View of Cariax Conduits, Oxford, drawn Translated from the original Latin, with and engraved by Blake. 18 6d.

notes, biographical and critical, by John Ai. The Italian Schol of Design. Selected kin, M.D. 2 vols. 8vo. 11 1s. from the collection of William Young Ottley, F.S.A. No. 3. 11. 15.

Riches, or the Wife and Brother. In five Architectural Decoration. By Gaetano acts : founded on Massinger's comedy of the Landi. No: 1. 11. 115. 6d. coloured, 15s. plain. City Madam. By Sir James Bland Burges, BIOGRAPHY.

barı. 2s. 6d. An Historical and Critical Essay on the Hit or Miss, a musical farce. By J. Powell, Life of Petrarch, with a Translation of a


2s. tew of his Sonnets. By Alexander Fraser Tyto Jer, Lord Woodhuuseice. Post 8vo. 108, 6d.' Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb; or a






Theoretical and Practical View of the Means

MILITARY. by which they are taught to speak and un- A short Narrative of the late Campaign of derstand a Language ; containing Hints for the British Army under the orders of the the Correction of Impediments in Speech. By Earl of Chatham; with preliminary Remarks Joseph Waison, LL.D. 2 vols. 8vo. 15s. on the Topography and Channels of Zealand.

'The Youth's Preceptor. By David Mor. 55. rice, 8vo. 6s.

An Account of the Origin,' Progress, and The Scholar's Instructor; an Hebrew Gram- Consequences of the Discontents in the Army mar, with Points

By Israel Lyons, formerly on the Madras Establishment. 8s. teacher of the Hebrew Language in the Uni

MISCELLANEOUS. versity of Cambridge ; revised and corrected A Reply to the Calumnies of the Edinburgh by Henry Jacob, 4s. boards.

Review against Oxford, containing an ac.

count of the studies pursued at that Univer. The History of Spain, from the earliest sity 5s. period to the close of 109. By John Dig. The State Kalendar: being memoranda land, 2 vols. 8vo. 11 1s.

and narratives, civil, military, naval, parlia. Historical Sketches of the South of India, mentary, and ecclesiastical. 4to. 11. 1s. in an attempt to trace the h story of the My- Lord Somers's Tracts. By Walter Scott, soor, from the origin of the Hindoo Govern. esq. Vol. S roval 4to. SI. Ss. ment, to the exti csion of the liohammecan Adultery Analyzed; including Strictures Dynasty in 1799. By Lieutenant Colonel on Modern Dramas, particularly on Pizarru Mark Wilks, vol. 1. 4to, 21. 2s.

and the Stranger. 8vo. 6s.

A Time and Wages Book, or a plan for A Treatise on the Origin and Nature of keeping an Account of the Time and Waxes Dignities or Titles of Honour; containing paid of all descriptions of Work-people emall the cases of Peerage, to,ether with the ployed. ss. and 78. 60. mode of proceeding in claims of this kind. The System of Land Surveying, as at preBy William Cruise, esq. 8vo. 10s. 6d. sent adopted by Surveyors and Commissioners

Observations on the Criminal Law of Eng- in New and Old Inclosures. By William Jand, as it relates to Capital Punishments, Stephenson. 4to. 16s. and the mode in which it is administered. A Letter to the Right Hon. Spencer PerBy Sir Samuel Romilly. 2s.

ceval, in consequence of the notice given by The Judgment of ihe Right Honourable him in the House of Commons, of his intend. Sir John Nicholl, in a cause promoted by ed Bill for the Prevention and Punishment Kemp against Wickes, clerk, tor refusing to of Adultery. 2s. 6d. bury an infant child of two of his parishion. A Vindication or the Peer's Right to advise ers, who had been baptized by a dissenting the Crown. 15. 60. minister. Taken in short hand by Mr. Gur. Domestic Management, or Healthful Cook. Dey, Is. 6d.

ery Book. 53. MEDICINE, SURGERY, ANATOMY. Substance of a Speech delivered by Joseph Observations on the present State of Medi. Marryat, esq. in the House of Commons, Fecine in Great Britain ; as conducted by Phy, bruary 26, 1810, on Mr. Manning's motion sicians, Surgeons, Apothecaries, Chemists, for the appointment of a Select Committee to Druggists, Licentiates in Quackery, and Ven. consider of the act of 6th George I. and the ders of Nostrums 4s.

present mode of effecting Marine Insurances. A Selection of the mos interesting Cases 1s. 6d. in Medicine, Surgery, and Midwifery, that An Account of the Introduction of Merino have occurred in the practice of the most emi. Sheep into the different States of Furope, and nent men, with practical remarks.. 103. 64. the Cape of Good Hope. Translated from the

Translation of the London Pharmacopæia. French of C. P. Lasteyrie, by Benjamin By Dr. Hector Campbell. 45.

Thompson, esq. 8vo. 75. 6d. An Inquiry into the Nature, Causes, and The Ecclesiastical and University Annual Cure of Hydrot houx ; illustrated by inter. Register for 1809. 8vo. 15s. esting cases, and many examples of the success Desultory Reflections on Banks in general. of the mode of treatment recommended. By By Danmoniensis. C. Maclean, M.D. 8vo. 125.

Lieutenant-Colonel Tarleton's Reply to Observations on the Walcheren Diseases Colonel de Charmilly. 1s. which affected the British Soldiers in the Ex- The Third Book of the Chronicles, address pedition to che Scheldt. By G. P. Dawson, sed to the Merchants of the United Kingdom. Member of the Royal College of Surgeons. 1s. 8vo. 7s.

The Fortunate Departure: an historical A practical Treatise on Tinea Capitis Con. account dramatised, as best suited to convey tagiosa, and its Cure. By W. Cooke, surgeon. an idea of the excesses committed by the French Royal 8vo. 10s. Od.

army on their irruption into Portugal, and A scientific and popular View of the Fe. the fortunate departure of the Prince Regent ver of Walcheren, and its Consequences, as and Family 28. 64, they appeared in the British Troops returned A Letter from the Right Hon. Lord Mel. from that country, By J. B. Davis, M.D. 6s. ville, to the Right Hon. Spencer Perceval,





relative to the establishment of a Naval Ar- Pursuits of Agriculture, Canto 3. 3s. 6d. senal at Northfleet. 2s. 6.

Musæ Cantabrigienses ; seu carmina qus. Reflections on the foot of the Horse, and dam numismate aurco Cantabrigiæ ornata, et on the Nature and Effects of Shoeing on the procancellarii permissu edita. 10s. 6d. boards. Fooś. By Bracy Clark, F. L. S 10s 6d.

POLITICS. Brief Remarks on the Public Letter of Sir The Diplomatic Policy of Mr. Madison ua. Richard Strachan, and the Narrative of the veiled, in Strictures upon the late Corresponde Earl of Chatham. 23.

lence between Mr. Smith and Mr. Jackson. The Philosophy of Human Society, in its By a Bostonian. 2s. 6d. Origin, Progress, Improvability, and present The Papis:ical Crisis, shewing that the awful Crisis. gs. 6d.

Catholic claims cannot be acceded to without The Public Charities of London, being an endangering both the monarchy and constituaccount of their Origin, Design, and present tion. 2s. 6d. State, classed alphabetically under the denomi- The Prince. Translated from the Italian nations of Hospitals, Dispensaries, Colleges, of Niccolo Machiavelli, with an introduction Alms-houses, Schools, and miscellaneous shewing the close analogy between the prinCharities. Dedicated by permission to the ciples of Machiavelli and the actions of BuoKing. By Ant. Highmore, esq. author of the naparte. By J. Scoct Byerley. 8vo, Gs.” Law of Mortmain and Charitable Uses, &c. Observations on the Documents laid before 203. boards.

Parliament, with the Evidence heard at the NATURAL HISTORY.

Bar, relative to the late Expedition to the The History and Delineation of the Horse Scheldt. 5s. in all his Varieties. By John Lawrence.

A Review of the Conduct of the Allies, Royal 4to. with fifteen engravings by Scott. with Observations on Peace with France. 31. 155. proofs 61. 10s.


The Wife, or a Model for Women. By The Consequences of Unjust War: a Dise
Mrs. Edgeworth. 3 vols 158.

course delivered at Newbury, February 28, The Wife. By Miss Benson. 3 vols. 12mo. 1810. By J. Bicheno, A.M. 25. 16s. 60

Remarks on the Present State of the Es. Family Pride and humble Merit. By E. tablished Church, and the Increase of ProSenate, M. D. S vols. 18s.

testant Dissenters. By an attentive Obser. Ethelia, a novel. By Miss Harvey. 3 vols. 1 2mo. 125.

A few Words on the Increase of Method. Ferdinand and Ordella, a Russian Story. ism, occasioned by the Hints of a Barrister, By Priscilla Parlante. 2 vols. royal 12mo. and the Observations in the Edinburgh Rea 128.

view. 15. The Scottish Chiefs, a Romance. By Miss Scripture Characters, in a series of practiJane Porter. 5 vols. 12mo. 11. 58.

cal Sermons preached at St. James's Church, Madness the Rage, or Memoirs of a Man Bach. By the Rev. R. Warner. 5s. without a Name. 2 vols. 12mo. 9s.

A Sermon preached at the Chapel Royal, Splendid Follies. 'S vols. 15s.

Whitehall, January 21, 1810, at the conseThe Chevalier de Versenai. 2 vols. 10s. cration of the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of

The Spanish Lady and the Norman Knight. Chester. By Francis Haggerty, D.D. Pres By Kate Moncalbon. 2 vols. 10s.

bendary of Durham. 1s. 6d. Biondetta, or the Enamored Spirit, a ro


A Tour through the Atlantic, or RecolThe Benevolent Recluse. By Lady Dunn. lections from Madeira, the Azores, and New2 sols. rogal 12mo. 11s.

foundland. By Robert Steele, esą. 8vo. George and Eliza, or a Journal of the Heart. 63. 5s.

A Collection of Voyages and Travels ia

Europe, being the first portion of a general The Hospital. Book I. 2s.

collection of voyages and travels. By Joha English Minstrelsy, being a selection of Pinkerton. 6 vols. Ito. 131. 13s. boards. fugitive Poetry from the best English authors, An Englisbman's Descriptive Account of with some original pieces hitherto unpub- Dublin, and the Road trom Bangor Ferry to lished. 2 vols, small 8vo. 145.

Holyhead; also of the Road from Dablin' by The History of the Rise, Progress, and Belfast to Donagliadee; and from Portpatrick Termination, of the O. P. War. 12mo. 5s. to Newcastle-upon-Tyne, by way of Dum

A new and uniform edition of the Works fries, Carlisle, and Gillsland. By Nathaniel of the English Poets from Chaucer to Cowper, Jefferys. tis. including the series edited by Dr. Samuel Narrative of a Voyage to Surinam ; of a Johnson, and the most approved Translations. residence there during 1805, 6, and 7, and 21 vols. royal 8vo. 251.

the author's return to Europe by way of North Sir Edgar, a Tale in cwo Cantos. By Fran America. Fy Baron Albert von Sack, Cham. cis Hodgson, A. M. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

berlain to his Prussian Majesty. 410. 11. 78.




Including Notices of Works in Hand, Domestic and Foreign. Authentic Communications for this Article will always be thankfully received. R. WILLIAM MULLER, Lieutenant about sixty illuininated figures. The

, and late First Public Teacher of the MHXANHMATNN, which is followed Military Sciences at the University of, by several treatises on similar snbjects, Gottingen, and author of several works by other writers. Concerning the first on Military and Mathematical Sciences, author, Lempriere, in his Classical Dicpublished in Germany and France, has tionary says, “Athenæus was a Roman in the press a work entitled, the general, in the age of Gallienus, who is Elements of the Art of War; containing supposed to bave written a book on the established and approved modern military engines." In Fabricii Bibli. principles of the theory and practice of otheca Græca, vol. v. the title of this the military sciences, relating to the ar- book stands No. 143 in the catalogue of rangement, organization, maintenance, Greek manuscripts belonging to the and expences of an army; theoretical royal Neapolitan library. This manuand practical field, and permanent for- script is written in three different bands, tifications, and theoretical and practical but all fair, and thus dated at the end : tactics; together with logistics and cas-“ Finished on 7 May, 1545.” But the trametation, the strategie, or the dialec- characters at the beginning evidently tics of war, and the conduct and manage- denote an antiquity of at least a century ment of armies, and military politics : il. anterior to that date; and it will doubilustrated by notices of the most famous less occur to the recollection of the battles, the most remarkable sieges, learned, that the late Porson pronounced and other celebrated and memorable ope- Greek manuscripts of that age to be rations; and about One Hundred Maps equal to Latin works of the ninth cenand Plans. In three volumes. Dedicated tury. On the first page is written, in by special permission to bis Majesty. more modern Greek, “This present This work will be particularly distin- book belongs to the God-trodden mounguished, by being a complete Cyclopedia tain Sinai.” The sum for which it was of the Art of War, and all sciences relating sold was sixty-one guineas. to it; as well as by numerous abstracts The Rev. WILLIAN Bownwen profrom foreign and English works on poses publishing by subscription, in ten these sciences, by the Plans of about volumes quarto, a literal translation of Seventy of the most famous Battles fought the whole of Domesday Book, with the since the year 1672, and by short but modern names of places adapted as far correct notices and criticisms on those as possible to those in the record. An battles, and all other celebrated opera. index will be given to each county, and tions since that year.

a glossary with the last volume. Any Previous to the appearance of this one volume may be subscribed for sea large work, there will be published a parately, Grammar of the Art of War, on the same Mr. JESSE Foot is preparing for pubplan as the Grammars of Geography, lication, the Lives of the late Andrew Commerce, History, Law, Geometry, and Robinson Bowes, esq. and his wife the Philosophy, which have already met with countess of STRATHMORE. so favourable a reception.

A new edition of Dr. RUSSELL'S IlisOn the 24th of February, at an auc. tory of Modern Europe, continued to the tion in the capital, there was sold a Treaty of Amiens, by Dr. Cuote, will Greek manuscript, collected by one of be published in a few days. his majesty's foreign ministers, at the Mr. B. STOCKER, apothecary to Guy's island of Patmos, in the Archipelago. Hospital, has in the press, the New LonIt is a folio volume, in appropriate clas- don Pharmacopeia, enlarged from the sical binding, vellum, with rich gold last Edinburgh and Dublin PharmacoIonic border, and gilt edges, and contains pæia, and reduced to one common noupwards of seven hundred and eighty menclature, with an appendix of the pages, on cotton paper ; with, generally, genera and species of the different artii wenty-nine lines of text, in a two-inch cles of their materia medica, nargin on each page; illustrated by Dr. Maclean will shortly publish an


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