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MR. JOHN MURRAY's and MR. ADAMI AA- which comes through the plate about

DERSON'S (EDINBURGH), for a Portuble three-eighths of an wch. On the inside Stoce or Furnace.

of the liammer-spring there is a projecTHE object of this invention is to dis. tion one-fourth of an inch long, which

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can be done by stoves now in common into a hole in the shank of the hammer,

The store may be manufactured and forces it to return to its jomting witir, from forged, or cast, or plate iron, and the pan, when the lock is brought to ballit is so contrived as to avoid the unplea- cock. The cock is flat on the inside, and sant smells which are often produced by is barely one-eighth of an inch thick. It common stoves. It is moreover so con

passes between the plate and the hanistructed, that the air, if necessary, may iner when it comes down. The jaws be brought from the external atmosphere, project outwards to answer the hammer. so as to produce ventilation as well as A bulge is left on the breast of the cock warmth. It consists of an upright circu. to render the filling of the squares of the lar stove, such as may be seen in many tumbler more strong and periect. When churches and other public buildings, to the lock is struck down, the flint comes which is attached a funnel, or chimney, in contact with the hammer-face, near for carrying off the smoke; there are the end, and forces it down sufficiently to also registers, ash-pit, grate, &c. as are admit the sparks into the pan. The inusual in such cases. But this is covered side of the pan is round, and the same with a case similar in shape to the origi- size from end to end. About one-third nal stove, only much larger, to leave a is cut out to receive part of the hammer. considerable space for the generation of The main-spring has a stud like others. hot air, which hot air may, by means of The end of the stud side is bevelled to pipes, be carried in any direction, so as fit under the end of the nib, by which it to give an equable warmth to the apart- is prevented from rising. The crane of ments into which they are conducted. A the tumbler has a roller in the end, on stove of this construction is said to be which the main-spring acts. The bridle well adapted to the war mmg and ventila- has a strong leg on the inside, with a tion of churches, public rooms, balls, round stud, which fits into the plate stair-cases, and, by means of lubes con. near the searnose, to prevent it frona nected with it, any apartments of houses; twisting when the tumbler comes in conand it will also be useral in ventilating tact with the eye to stop the cock. The and heating ships and manufactories, sear acts on the tumbler in the usual drying different articles of maputacture, way, but the shank is nearly vertical ventilating mines, and for other pur- insiead of horizontal. The rear-spring poses.

acts on a shoulder, left on the outside of

the sear for that purpose, and forces the MR. JOHN MANTON's (DOVER-STREET,) for starnose to the tumbler. The pan of un improved Lock for Guns and Pistols

. this lock is primed from the touch-hole This invention is explained by the by the compression of the air in loading. figures attached to the specification. The following are described as the The hammer acts downwards, and opens principal advantages derived from this that side of the pan nearest the cock to luck: 1. The pan being solid with the admit the sparks of the prime. The place at top, protects the prime from wet. hammer returning to its jointing fills up 2. The hammer opening downwards, and the opening in the pan, and it is furnished the fint acting in a direct live with the with a strong steel pan, fastened by a pan, the sparks communicate quicker to stud in the back, and a small screw the prime. 3. The hammer ieturns to through the hanumer.

At the end of the its jointing with the pan when the loch is hammer face, nearest the pan, is a small brought to half-cock without any addirie groove or notch, sunk in the hammer to onal trouble to the user. 4. The low. carry off any set that may come down

ness and compactness of the lock altrThe hammer is fixed to the gether render it much less difficult to pate by the same screw that fastens the protect from set, and much less liable humer-spring on the inside.

The to accidents by catching, iu cover shoot. hole in the stank of the hammer being ing, than locks of the present construc- • screwed, it turns on ile hammer-springs tivii.

upon it.


MR. GEORGE POCOCK'S (BRISTOL), for an spring or give way, and he causes the

intention of Geographical Slates for same to act by moving in close and very the construction of maps.

fair contact with a face of iron or steel, The invention cunsists in drawing and or other fit material, and he protrudes conducting the lines of latitude and lon, the flax to be cut through one or more gitude, or other material lines or projec- apertures in the said lace; and in order tions, according to the kinds of maps more effectually to open, divide, and required, on the substance commonly separate, the said vegetable fibres or known by the appellation of slates; which staple, and to render the same finer, lines shall serve as guides to learners of more soft, and flexible, than can with geography to sketch the relative situati- facility be effected in the usual methods ons of different parts and kingdoms of of working the long uncut fibres, or the world. Attached to the specifica- staple, he works them by pounding, tion is a drawing of the lines that are beating, bruising, stamping, or rolling; proper to be drawn and indented on a and also by steeping, macerating, digesto slate, for the scholar to prepare a map of ing, boiling, spreading, opening, expothe eastern and western hemispheres. sing, or bleaching. The fax being so Slates for forming maps of the several prepared, it is treated in the same ir ay quarters of the world, or any parts of it, as cotton is usually treated in the mancia are to be prepared with appropriate lines facture thereof, and the flax is spun in according to the nature of the map re- the cotton-spinning engines. These quired. The method of drawing these methods are appiled to fax, silk, wool, lines, says the patentee, “is to take a cotton, hemp, tow, and such other bodies thin plate of metal, or other suitable sub. as afford a fibre or staple fit to be spun stance, upon which I nark the longitu- and manufactured into price goods; and dinal lines of the globe, and cut out the according to the nature of the produce space desired between the two middle intended for the market, the materials ones, leaving the space on each side are mixed, united, or combined, and solid. I. then cut out spaces between worked together in various proportions: the next two on each side, and so pro- and the operation of spinning flax, as thus ceed, leaving an alternate space solid described, is much facilitated by an adand open

ull I have finished one hemis- mixture of cotton, or of silk, or of woo!; phere. This plate will then serve as a and the fibres of fas are rendered fitter ruler or guide, by which the longitudinal for spiming, by subjecting the carded lines may be drawn and indented on the material to strong pressure, with or withislate boy a sharp-pointed tool, or other out the application of heat at the same proper instrument.". The lines of lati- time, by means of presses, cylinders, or tude may be made in the same way by other justruments. Mr. Duinbell re: another plate cut out in a similar man- fabricates the said produce, and re-pro

duces a new body, or material, from any

other article composed of fibres, and MR. JOUN DUMBELL'S (WARRINGTON,) worn, cut, or divided into taiters, or for neze Methods of Flar Spinning, 8€. fragments; and in such re-tabrication, he

Instead of preserving the vegetable coils the produce into portions or shreds, fibres, or staple thereof, as long as pos- or, if need be, into short pieces, and resible, and spinning the same in the usual duces the saine to a loose stapie fit for method, Mr. Dumbell cuts them into spinning, by one or more of the inechasuch lengthis as shall render them fit to nical operations described in his speci. be manufactured by the machinery now fication, or toy sucio well-known inethuis used for spining cotton. The common of mechanical treatment, as may be best agricultural instrument called the chalf- suited to the materials. ciltter, he finds very well adapied to his purpose, but with some variations in the MR. JOIN JONES'S (BIRMINGHAM), for structure. Thus he finds it necessary to

improvements in the munufacturing of support the flax by a thin stratum of Skelps for Fire-urmis. Straw, or rushes, or reeds: or he makes The principle of this invention consi-is the delivering parts of the containing in the manufacturing iron skelps, ly box, not of an angular, but circular or rolling or otherwise making plates of iron curved form: or he so constructs the in a taper form, sufficiently large ti he machine, that the cutting-stroke shall be divided into several of them, and so tha', made upwards and not downwards, as is when cut into skelps, the grain or fituras usually the case; or he makes the cutter

of the iron may be drawn transversely in of extranrdinary strength and thickness, every skelp, instead of longitudinally, as in order that the odds rasand more ... by the foran hammo.


sent mode of manufacturing them. ting or dividing the plates into skelps of The manner of performing the operation the form wanted, they may be cut or is thus described and directed : "Take divided into strips about the width of a slab, or piece of iron, in a wedge-like, or the muzzle, or fore end, of the skelp; in other couvenient form, the length of which case the plate must be formed which must be in proporrion to the length somewhat thicker on the thick side and of the skelps required; and the weight, edge, in order to admit of the strips according to the number of skelps de- being a little widened by a forge or tilt. sired to be cut out of each plate Heat haminer, or by any other means. the slab, or piece of iron, to the usual Where it may not be convenient to roll degree of heat observed in rolling plates the plate wide enough to form the skelps of iron; then, with the common appa. in one length, it may be done in two or ratus in general use for rolling plate iron, more parts, and joined in the welding of form it into a plate thicker at one edge the barrel, or in the skelp form. The and side than the other, which thickness barrels manufactured fron these skelps, I must be according to the sort of skelps find to be more clear, and more free from wanted. The thick edge and taper-like grays or flaws, which I conceive arises form will be best produced by reducing from the great pressure and quickness of the circumference of one end of one the heavy rollers upon the iron, in so roller, or one end of each roller, a few hou a state, forcing the pure metallic inches in the longitudinal direction of it, particles to cobere more closely than can or thein, according to the sort of skelps be effected by the partial strokes of the wanted; or nearly the same effect may tilt-hammer upor. the iron less hot; and be produced witli a pair of rollers, of by the grain or fibres being, by this proequal diameter throughout, by giving one cess, laid round, parallel with the edge end of the upper roller more liberty than of the breech, they partake, in some the other. The plate of iron is then to degree, of the nature of what are termed be cut or divided into skelps, or strips twisted barrels, gain a considerable addi. for skelps, longitudinally from the thin to tion of strength, and consequently stand the thick edge, or from the thick to the proof with less risque of þursting.” thin edge. But to prevent waste in cut

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Under the Care of the late Senior Physician of the Finsbury Dispensary, from the

20th of February to the 20th of March, 1810.
HEUMATICaffections,more particu- Coinnon as it is, nothing surely can be

more cruel and absurd, than to send, in been very general. The weather of Febru- contempt, as it were, of our unsparing and ary, March, and April, is especially calcu- changeful climate, persons far advanced Jated to generate this species of complaint. in the alarming symptoms of hectic, from Even a still further progress in the year, their own warin and comfortable babi. when“ Winter lingers on the lap of May,” tations, to undergo the last struggles of will produce scarcely any apparent dimi- nature, in cheerless and ill-accommodated nution in the prevalence of rheumatism. lodgings on the coast, or at some fashionBut a disease of much graver aspect, and able watering-place. Victims already attended with more solemn consequen- about to sink under the pressure of an ces, not unfrequently owes its birtli, as inexorable malady, they are urged from well as its mournful termination, to the the shelter of a domestic roof, not upon influence of the present season. It may a mission of health, but upon a melanbe regarded as the seed-time of consump- choly pilgrimage to a distant grave. These tion; and what originates in one spring, travellers to the tomb, cannot fail to be the succeding will probably ripen, if precipitated in their descent to it, by exintermediate care be not taken to ertions thus imposed upon them, so dis. destroy its root, or to restrain its proportionate to the feebleness of their growtli

, iirto a fill and faral maturity, frame, and by an unavoidable exposure, The vernal period, which is usually painted during their ill-advised journey, to the by poets as luxuriant in delights, will be ungenial severity, or uncertain vicissitudes, found, in this country at least, to be far of atmospheric temperature. inese abundantly productive of disaster How few of such unbappy exiles from and disease.

home, are destined to retrace their steps! Thic pthysical patient ought more par- -Vestigia nulla retrorsum. riculoily at this crisis of the year, to be March 25, 1810.

J. REID. octor with all the delicacy and care Gernille etreet Rounasrirl. enanna.


the 20th of Gazettes.

List of BANKRUPTCIES and DIVIDENDS, announced between February and the 20th of March, extracted froin the London

BANKRUPTCIES. (The Solicitor's Names are between Parentbesis.) ALDRIDGE John Bowling Greet, Weaminkér, tailor, Allen Jobs, Great Sutton treet, Clerkenwell, surveyor.

(Godmond, Bridge Atreet, Blackfriars Baker James. Tokenhouse yard, Lothbury, merchant

(Tilfon, Chatham place, blackfriars Ballard John, Birmingham, coal and corp-dealer. (Rut.

fon, Weilclore quare Harley Thomas, Strand, mercer. (Beetham, Bourerie

ftreet Barnes James, New Malton, York, linen draper.

(Lambert, Gray's inn, and Walker, Malton Barron Thomas, Great St. Thomas Apoftle, warehouse

(Foulkes, Longdill, and Beckitt, Hoboru court, Gray's inn Bear Johan, Sudbury, Suffolk, butcher, (Frust, Sudbury,

and Faitbank, Ely place Bendy Simon, Bow Conmon, Middlesex, foap-maker,

(mith and Header fon, Leman arcet, Goudman's

felds Bepues William, Ludworth, Derby, victualler.

(Bad. del y, Stockport, and Milne, and Parry, Temple Birch Joha, ana Luer Luerfon, Haxton, color-manufactu.

rers. (Bulles and son, Crown court, Aldersgare

ftreet Sinop Joseph, Jun. Shadwell, viccualler. (Hill, Shad. Broukes John, Whitchurch, Salop, shoemaker, (Black

tock. St. Mildred's court, Poultry, and Watson,

Whitchurch Brown Thomas, Shoreditch, Blackman Ariet, Southwark,

mercer. (Kibblewhite, Rowland, and Robinson,

Gray's ion Burton John, Manchester, inn keeper. (Hewitt and

Kirk, Manchetter, and Ellis, Chancery lane Butcher Williani, Brighton, plumber.

(Goode, Howland Areet. Fitzroy Squart Chapman Richard, Tha cham, Berks, shop-keeper. (Bigsk,

Reading, and Eyre, Gray's inn fyuare Clayton Jeremiah, Jun. Leeds, woolÂa pler Clipfoo waliam, Lawrence lane, wine and spirit mer.

chant. (Allingham, St. John's square Clive Theophilus, and Samuel Richardson, Tokenhouse

yard, inerchants. (Palmer, 1 omlinson, and Thump

fon, 1 hrogmortun freet Coe Joho, Shitre, near Guilford, tanner.

(Booth, Fenchurch buildings, London Cooper Jofeph, cheiter, wheelwright. (Orrod, Liver

pool, and Cooper and Lowe, Chancery lanc Cowgill Jofeph. Henry Sandiford, and John Barlow, Man

cheer, calicu printers. (Swale aud Heelis, Staple's

ing, and sabo, Manchefer Cox William Charles, Nether Knutsford, Chefter, inn keep

Iumvile, Kautsford, and Wright and Pickering, Temple Croudace John, Hull, cheesefactor, ( Anderfun, Hulle

and Ellis, Curfitor @reet Curtis Mary, Eat Coker, Somerset, twine. spinner.

(Wats, Yeovil, and King, 'Bedford row, London Daniels Jofeph, Manchefter, and John, Liverpool, deaters

in earthen ware. (Davies, Liverpool, and Meddow.

crott. Gray's inn Davey. Edward William, Rotherbiche, hip joiner.

(Shepherd, so thwark Davits Thomas, Tarvin, Chethire, corn factor. (Gar

ner, kt. Cheder, and Huxley, Temple Davies Thomas, Chester, glove:. (Garner, jun. Cheffer,

and Huxley, Temple Davas Juhn Church lane, St. George's in the East, horse dealer.

(Davies, Lothbury Davis John. Merthyr Tydvin, Glamorgan, Drurgift. (Mey

rick, Merthyr Tydvil, and Jenkins, James and Abbolly

New in Dasifon John, New Brentford, linen draper. (Tilson,

Chatham place, Blackfriars Dedwi wargaret, late of Lianabar, Merioneth, but now

in Lancader Cakic, merchant. (Humphryes, Chef.

ter, and Blackrock, Loudon Dove Jame:, Wexham Houfe, Bucks, and Blandford @reet,

Loodou, money icriverer and brick maker. (Mayhew,

Chancery lane Dowfog Jiaathan, Harwich, grocer. (Reeve, Buy,

and Taylor, Seuthampton twilejngs, Chancery Jane Draketord Arthur, Cucchill, Warwick, butches. (Kin.

derley, Loug, and Ime, Gray's ind, or Palmer,

Coheshill Lovards George, Wotton under Edge, Glocefter, toe

maker. (James, Gray's ino yuare Fleming John, Blackburn, i ancashire, cotton-inanufactu.

(Milne, Surgcant, and Milne, Mancucer, and Mline and Party, Temple Fofler Rubert, Eden cortage, Kingsland road, fikman.

(Gregory, wax chandier's Hall, Malven lane, chcape

fde fowler Thomas, Tiverton, shop keeper. (Rendeid,

Tivertoli, and Lys, Icoke's court, Chancery jane Franco Moles, pritai square, insurance broker. (Riving

cor, Fenchurch buildings Cafuey Nichael, Lareigool, coton merchant. (Avicon,

Aye pwl

Garnett John, and Chriftian Frederic Speyer, Hudders.

held, merchants (Aartye, Chancery lade, und

Batrye, Huddersfield Gayleard John Richmond, Surrey, fmich and farrier,

( Emplon, Great Suffolk Áreet, Sarithwark Grove James, Great May's buildings St. Martin's lane,

dairy-man, (Cunningham, New North #icct, Red

Lion syuare Hall Richard, Liverpool, Rrocer. " (Wouds, Liverpool,

and Slacklock, ScMildred s court. Poultry Harrifon John, Stoke upon Trent, potter. (Willis,

Fairthorne, and Clarke, Warntord couit, and Vernon,

Stone Halk william, Hampstead, haberdasher. (Cuppage,

Jernayn Atreet Heaver Thomas, St. James's market, poulterer. (Kayll,

Newington Butts Herbert Williain, jun. Llanidloes, Montgomerythire, dra.

per. (Taylor, Manchester Herve Henry, Cheapfide, jeweller. (Kebblewhite, Rowe

land, and Robinson, Gray s inn Hewitt Gidtva, Southmolton Areei, tailor. (Newcomb,

Piccadilly Wewfon Robert, Robert Higgin, 2nd Jofeph llett, Ifleworth,

calico-printers. (Holmes and Luwden, Clement's

ian Hills Osborn, Shoreditch, cheefemooger. (Adams,

Great Rufiel ftreet, Bloomsbury Hiode John, Charles Pratt Wyatt. and Thomas Keyfe,

Hurilydown, lead manufacturers. (Wind, Thruge

morton Atreet Hobbes Thomas Raphael, Mary le bone park, mufic feller.

(Tatham, Craven ftreet Hole William, Illington, apothecary. (Edwards, Sye

mond's inn Houlden Thomas, Spilsby, Lincoln, maltster. (Wal

ker, Spilsby, and Amici, Sion College Gardens, Alder

maphury Howel Parry. London road, Southwark, haberdather.

(Willis, Fairthorne, and Clarke, Throgmaton freet Nudfou John Banuister, Kackney Grove, and uid ei

Chambers, merchant. (KtarreyBishopfgate freet Ibberfon George, fen, and Jun. Huddersfield. Iceusmens

(Willis, Fairthorne, and Clarke, Warnfood court, sad

Wadiworth, Mid Bridge, near Leeds Jackson William, Clayton Welt, Yorkshire, money fcri.

vener. (Scholey, Hurbury, and sykes, and Xpowles,

New ino Jackson John Hardy, Selby, York, matter mariner

(Prickett's, Hule, and watkins, Lincoln's inn John fon Thomas, Maccle sheld, victualler. (Cooper and

Lowe, Suuthampton buildings, Chancery lane, and

Chetham, Stockport Jones Inigo Charles, New Tothil ftreet, Weftminster,

vidualler. (Phillipfon and Nrewer, Staples ian Keyfe Thomas and Charles Pratt Wyat, Langbourne

Ward Chambers, therchants. (Hodstvu, Surry feet,

Strand Lamb John, Shepten Mallet, dyer. (Blandford, Temple,

and Miller, Septon Mallet Leeds Solomon), Grea: Maflingham, Norfolk, miller.

(Trenchard, Swaitham Lifurd willsam. Shadwell high Atreet, rope maker. (Nind,

Throgmorton Areet Lindlay Alexander, and James Irvine, Manchefter, dea

lers in cotton goods. (Clough, Nancheker,

Edge, King's Bench Walks, leinpie Lye George, and Edinund Leigh Li bath, common carriers.

(Salmun, Devizes, and Blake and White, Eilex street,

Strand Marshall Charles, Vinegar yard, Bermondsey, worfted ma.

nufaurer. (Morton, Gray's inn fyvare Marthall Cbrittopher, Little Hermitage street, fail maker.

(Wilde, jun. Calle ftrect, Falcon Square Maxted John, Little Earl ftreet, victualier. (Whittoing

Great James Areet M.Kenzie William, Covent garden, merchant. (Forbe.

and Pucock, Ely place Mountford Juhn, Worcester, woollen draper. (Godfon,

Tenbury, and Raddely, scrie orect, Lincoln's inn Nockold James, Colchester, Irat manufacturer. (Deacon,

Norwish, and Windera, Son, and hullaway, Chaucery

lane Pagetr William, Aldenham Woud Farm, Herts, cyder mer

chant. liung, Teinple Pajot Charles, birning bait, pork buichir. (Darker and

Unett, Birmingham, 4.d Devon and Tooc, Gray's Parker Henry. Halifax merchant. (Palsner, Tomlin.

fon, ard 1 humpin, Cuptball court Payne Jaines, burudam, Edex, ciothes.fale man. (Coote,

Autin friars Phillips william, Brighton), carpenter and builder. (Brooker

and Coldaich, Brighton, anu Barber, Chancery lane Philips Joh.', Eaft stonehouse, Leva, mafuli. (BOUT

flower, i evonthire ftreet i undub Plimpton John, William Goddar, end James Plimpton,

Wuod Atreet, Cheapface, wachuufemen. (Pator,

Walbronk Pocock William, North Petherton, Somerset, borse

dealer. (Boys, Bridgewater, and blake, Couk's

court, Carey breet Powles Thomas, Hoarwithy, Herefordshire, fax drefier.

Chiltot, incoln's inn, acd Okey, Glucefer Frice Rice, and william. croin, Bratung actobanis.

oak. ley, Caumon Areet

(Priac: Prince Philip, Brewer Arect, Golden Square, jeweller.

!Clarke and Richards, Chaucery lane Xamray Samuel, and Peter Aldrick, Bishop's Stortford,

Herts, uphoiferers. 1 Acans. old Jewry Reed Jorn, kath, confe&ioner, (Tarrant, Chancery Inde,

or Crurwell, Bath Richardfon James, and Justin Sanderson, Tur bridze, far.

mers. (stont, Tubi.tre Wells, or Tourle and

Palmer, Doughty Areet Rigby Richard, Macheter, victuallcr. (Ellis, Chancery

lane, and John and Bailey, Mancheler Roberts John, Twitchhein Court road, baker. (Auteryo

Curfior ftreet, and Swansell, Rickersmouth, herts. and rs Richard. Cruycon, cowkeeper. Guy. Croydon Scabrook Samuel, Bowlis & aley, Red Cross ftreet, inall.

wricht. (Partu!, Walbrock Scagar George, Wen Bromwich, Staford, timber dealer.

(Johoone, Inner Temple Shaw William. Long Acre, cheefemonger. (Patten,

Hatton Garden Sher pard Treadway, and Juhn Black Baling lane, mer.

chants. ( scurt, St. Mildred's court, Toulty Bhill Samuel, Bristol, j:weiter. (Vizard and hutchinfon,

Lincoln sinn, and Weeks, Brikol Siminonds Ianiel High &rect, Southwark, builder.

(Clutton, Southwark Sweet Gevire, jun. Wolverhampton, cordwainer. (Cid

dle, Wolverhampton, and Willams. Stapes inn Tatham William, Ornkirk, in keeper. (Blakelock and

Makinion, Temple, and Atkinson, Lancafer Tetley James, Horton, York, calico manufacturer. (Hig.

fon Manche@er, and Enis, Chancery lane Tetstal James Chaodeficy Corbet, Worce.ter, tailor. (Par.

ker, Worcester Thornley Edward, Hinckley, money scrivener. (Greene

way, Atuleborough Hall, Warwickfire, and Barker,

Temple Tucker Mary, Tiverton, milliner. (Rendell, Tivertoa,

and lys, Tooke's Court, Chancery lane Turner James, Manchester, victualler. (Hurd, Temple,

and Card well, Mancheter Tyler Richard George, Parlon's Green, Falham, baker.

Nelun, King's road, Chelsea Waidion james, Cheshunt, Heits, tailor. (Railton, Clir.

ford's inn Walker Royer, Hull, grocer. Exley and Stocker, Purni.

vai's inn, aud Codd and Garan',' Hull Walth Richard, King's road, Che fea. India rubher snanu.

tadurer. Jupp, c.rpenter, hall, Lurdun Wali Warde Geurge, Newcatle upon Tylit', grucer. (Mil

trn and lownall, Knight ryder ftreet, Ductor's Com.

MS Welchman Joho, crowkerne, Somerset, linen-draper.

Jates, Gray's ina fquare, and Cooke, Bristol Whitehead Janies and Charles, Hanity, tarthenware

milanufacturers. (Birch Forter, and Binni, Hanley

and willis, Fairthorne and Clarze. Warmfurd court Willon Wiliam, Ria mund, Surrey, bricklayer. (Ed.

wards, Calle firect, Holborn Winniett, Benjamia, Margaret freet, Caven lith fuare,

fruckbroker Jacobs, Holborn court, Gray's inn Wood Heory, Dragun yard, Holburn, coachimith. (Shear

man, Hart Areet. Bloomsbury Young 'Richard Willis, Walcot. Somerfet, Alopseller.

(Sheppard and Adlington, Bedford row, Londoa, and Sheppard, Bach

DIVIDENDS ANNOUNCED. Abell E. Old Ford, Middlefex, builder. Aprilia Arar Mcies, City Chau.bess, Mip owner and frerchant,

Jane 1 Ath. Hilliam, Tokenbeufe yard, broker, May 8 Brefter Johr, Strand, talji, April 21 1. Richard 'Eat Bren', sanerier, mercer, April 10 Bleckley George, Keading, Jonker, Apru 7 Bloxam, Sir Matthew, Thomas Wilkintun, and william

Sloxam. Gracechurch areet, bankers, March 17 Boulton George, late of Charing Crofis, coach-proprietor,

May is Bowes William, Newport, ne of Wight, Ironmonger,

March 23 Bowles Anthony Thomas and Thomas Williams, Kent

Areri, Southwark, grocers. May 11 Brooke Robert Vaughan, Kidderminster, Worceller, paper.

manufacturer. March 2a Cartet Thomas, and Evan Gwilliam, Brown's buildings,

St. Mary Axt, merchants, Aprils Chadwick Charles Robert, Grolienor Mews, Bond Qreet,

iron-plate worker, April 3 Chapmau John. Ya, mouth. linen draper, April 19 Charlton Cornelius, Eat Varleigh, Kent, yeoman, April 3 Covers William, Stepney Causeway, mariner, March 34 Clarke fobn, Hoxtun, liat manufacturer, May9 Clay Major, South Shields Durham, linen draper, March 14 Cuader j. Pavement, Mourelds, paper hanger, Apriton Couper Richard, Paradise street, Mary le bulle, plasterer,

April 2 Croft william, Leeds, York, and James Manks, Munflet,

merchants, March 31
Cross William, Lombard Arect, banker, March 6
Cukins sa ci Thomas, Bishop frate freet, xlover, Marchio
Denny J Barbican, tationer, April 10
Dingle William. Exeter, four inerchant, March 26
Donatban Thomas, Liverpool, buckmaker, April 13
Dumelow John, Ninckley, Leicester, grocer, Ap. 11 11
Euis Jolun, Kathbone place. butcher, June
Etan Richard, Chuich row, Newingtori Eutts, carpenter,

March 27
Picher Wiliam, Cambridge, woollen d'aper, March 17

B k. And T. Cantreli, Manaciter, costun manufactu.

rers, April, Gald. ex William, Nexent, Glocefter, baker and maltier,


Gibson J. Newcale upon Tyre, woollen draper, April Gledianes George, Salisbury arcet, Strand, wine merchani,

March 24 Hall Henry. Gutter lane, warehouseman, May 26 Harker Matthew, Oaknam Rutani, mercer March 26 Harris John, Edward Lowe, Thomas Gaikill, and henry

Lowe, Carnon ftreet, My 3 Horn Nichola, St. Martin's lane, merchant, March 17 Hurton Richard, Newport, Sulep, timber merchant, April 6 Hudfov James, Watling ftreet, merchant, April 17 Humphrey James, Wardour freet, bout aid snoe maker,

March 14 Humphreys Thomas, St. George's fields, Borre dealer,

April 3 livet er 1. Weston Colville, Cambride, tarmer, April 3 Hurchini o John Hay, Poland ftreet, victualler, March 17 James Charles, Caleaton Street, ribbun manufacturer,

April 14 Jardine John, Maryport, Cumberland, dealer and chapmao,

March 17 Joel Mofes, High street, Shoreditch, dealer in plafs and

caithen wre, March 31 Jo es Jane, Dolydubyrrion, Carnarvon, tanner. April 7 Kine jureph, King Artet, Covent Garden, filk mercery

March 27 Knight E. Horflydown lade, lighterman, April 1 Knowles James, Gwyndu Bodwro, Ane eta. innkeeper,

April? Landbeck George Wischerly, old Bethlem, broker,

March 7 Labem, Thomas Frazer, and Thomas Bogilone, bo

cholas lane, inerchants, March 1 Lloyd 'Thanas Mhes, Poultry and Walworth Commos.

fiate merchant, March 3 Luciam Jofeph, Stoke Bruern, Northampton, viavaller

and coal merchant, March j! Mackenzi. Roderick, King Arms yar3, merchaut,

March to Manley Williams, Cheferfeid, Desby, money forivener,

March 25 Mark William, Plymouih dock, linen draper, April7 Martin Wilan, Bonierton, bruker, Apilan Matthews Thomas, Brydges Ricet, Covent garden, linea

draper. Marchio M Carthy Gure Packer, and Robert Walter Vaughan,

Bristol, tailors, March 22 M'Clellen John Law, "; mouth, paper maker, April 2 M'Donald 'w. York Arect, Covent Garcen, thoemaker,

Aprils Miller jeremiah, Brighton, bricklayer, March 13 Mills James, and Julin Woud, Saddleworth, York, mer

can and dyers, April 6 Milward C., Bromley, Middlefex, miller, April 10 Murtimer W. Wivenhoe, Ellex, maltter, Aprils Mont Ichi, ieauenhallitreet, hatrer, March 3: Newhy J. Aldgate, diaper: May 22 Newil junn and sampion, Stokes, Stafford, carriers,

March 31 Pain John, Peckham, bricklaver. March 27 Perry J. Angel court. Chromotion frett, bruker April Phillips William, Wrarby, Lincoln, Mopkeeper, April Pope William, Wenbury upon Severn, Glucefter, dealer in

pigs. Ap 11 21 Powley Will airi, Penrith. Cumherland, irontronger, April Purne i Cyrus Lymptham. Some fer, coal inerchan: arnir Rayilo's John, Fowey, Cornwall, fail maker, Marcus Rubertian David. Finsbury Square, wine mercbant. May 12 Robintun Robert, Manchetter, cotton twit and wefte aca er,

March 27 Roscos jonn, Liverpool, grocer, April 1 k de Witam, Kentinvlon beves March 3 kulter Richard, Blackburn, i ancaihire, currier, March 21 Sargeant Edward, jun, Minories, flopseller. March 27 batterthwaite l'himas, Kendal, ta ner, March 14 Schneider John Henry, Bow lane, merchant, May 12 Sibbald A. Wasping teel, Dop-feller, April 3 Sinton Jona, juri. Vewcale upon Tyne, miller, March 14 Smith jonn, North Warnborough, 'Hants, lack maker,

March 22 Sinit' John, Liverpool, merchant. April 13 Southeombe úcorge, britol, cheese and butter factor,

March? Stephens John. Yeovil, Somerset, cardenas, April 9 Stuart Chal-s. Korbei hithe, Apothecary, May 12 Stuart Charles, Berwick ftreet, raitor. April Tabraham Leonard, Back lunc, Middlesex, wheelwrigh,

March 24 Teague James, Wombridge, Salap, huckner, April 6 Thomas George, Pembioke, Mhopkeeper, April 14 Tuwell John, Tetney, Lincoln, viäuatler, March 3o "Iowe Joon, Oxford market, carcare batcher, March 27 Tucker William, jun. Exeter, ferge manufacturer, May is 'Turner Jiha, lale of Blackheath, Kent, bricklayer,

March 27 Wade Searles, Albion place, brewer. May 8 Wakeling Edwaru, Clare, Suffolk, brewer. March 27 Walker David, Ho bort, bouk feller, April 10 Wells k. Button. Lincoln, exocer. April 3 Wett racott Richard, feu. Mount êtreet. fculpror. March 17 White Thomas, Southwark, haberdarher. May 8 Wick ").sandhift. Kent. Grocer. April Whams'n. Cheplow, Monmouth. dealer. april 10 Willon Willia 1, shadweli, merchant. April 10 Woodman Charles Chesham. Bucks. wide merchant.

March 74 Woodrufte E. Woolla (ton, Glocciter. iron mauufadorer,

April 10 Woodward P. King freet, Cheapfide. warehousemia.

April Wrigtic Benj. Birningham. factor. April 13 Young William, Ardwick, Manchetter. ccxlr and chap. young James, Queen Rreet, merclest, May 13


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