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esq. 69.

guished characters, he warmly espoused the At Greenwich Hospital, Lieutenant Williar cause of his friend, lord John Townsend, in Hunter, brother to admiral H. formerly gohis opposition to Lord Hood. Mr. Ward was vernor of New South Wales, 79. married in 1779, to Miss Eleonora Hucks, a At the Parsonage-house, Hampstead, Eirily lady distinguished for personal charms and ac- Sarab, third daughter of the Rev. Samuel complishments, who died in 1800, 'and by White, rector of that parish. whom he had no children. He has for many At Brompton, N. Stockbouse, esq. late of the years entertained at the Willows, the young East India Company's service at Bombay. gentlemen from Eton College, on their an- In Cornhill, William Wallis, esq. 73. nual excursion up the Thames on election Sa. In St. Paul's Church-yard, Robert Smith, Curday, and he has frequently on those occasions been honolied with the company of At Finchley, Mr. H. Pouncy, 88. their majesties, and the younger branches of In Cumberland-place, Mrs. Rote. the royal family. Mr. Ward, not having left In Green-street, Grosvenor-square, Jobs any issue, or any consanguincous relation, he Simon Harcourt, esq. of the Ankerwyk branch has devised the Willows, and all his real and of that noble family. personal property to Patrick Crawfurd Bruce, lo Kingsland road, Mr. John Cooke, foresq.of 1 aplow Lodge, with whom he has formerly of Paternoster-row, bookseller, 79. many years been on the most intimate terms In New-streel, Hanover-square, Mrs. of triendship. He has also bequeathed up. Bromfield, widow of the Rev. Mr. B. of Worm. wards of 20,0001. to his friends, confidential will, Dorset. clerks, and old servants, several of whom In Charlotte streel, Fitzroy-square, Sir have been in bis service upwards of twenty R. Burton, one of the senior benchers of the years.

Society of Gray's lan, and late M. P. for WenIn Thornhaugh-street, Ozias Humpbrey, dover. esq. R.A.

In Lincoln's Inn Old Square, E. Warren, The Hon. Wilcox Frederic Eden, eldest son

esq. 33. of lord Auckland, M. P. for Woodstock, de- In Devonshire-place, Maria, second daugh. puty celler of the exchequer, and lieutenant. ter of Joseph Blake, esq. colonel of the St. John's and St. Margaret's At Hendon, Mr. Debenbam, 55. volunteers, 26. This gentleman had been In James-street, Buckingham Gate, Mrs. missing ever since the evening of January Colquboun, wife of Patrick C. esq. 19th, and his body was found in the Thames, in Westminster, the Rev. Edward John on February 25th. During this interval, Herbert, vicar of Ledbury, Herefordshire. every possible enquiry was made, and rewards At Fulham, at the house of her brother, sifered for the discovery of him, by his anxious W. Sharpe, esq. Mrs. Prowse, relice of George parents. On the last mentioned day, a barge. P. esq. of Wishem Park, Northampton, 77. man perceived the body floating in the river, In Cornhill, Mr. Jobn Coward, one of the opposite to the Horseferry, Mildank, and con- preachers of the Philadelphian Chapel, Wind. veyed it to the Brown Bear public house. mill-street, Finsbary.square; a firm and From the description of his person and dress, zealous supporter of the doctrine of universal previously given in public advertisements, he restoration : a man of a truly philanthropic **s soon recognized. The melancholy fate wind,'inflexible integrity, and unaffected sinof Mr. Edou is the more difficult to be ac- cerity. counted for, as in evidence before the coro.

Ac Clapham Common, the Hor. Henry Ca ner's inquest, it appeared that there was no vendish, cousin of lord George C. and of the sympton of mental derangement in any part duke of Devonshire, and one of the most of his conduct; but that to the very hour of eminent chemists and natural philosophers his leaving home, he was engaged in trans

He left funded property acting business with that precision and punc- 'to the amount of one million two nuntually for which he was remarkable. The dred thousand pounds; seven hundred thoujury returned a special verdict of Found sand of which are bequeathed tu Lord G. drowned in the river, out by what means the Cavendish, two hundi ed thousand to the eart body came there, there was no evidence butuse vi' Besborough, and the remainder in legacies the jury.

to other branches of the Devonshire family. in Upper Gower-street, Mrs. Cancellor, wife He was the most considerable holder of bank of John C. esq.

stock in England. In St. Ann's Place, Limehouse, Adam Sreen. In Park-street, St. James's, T. Godfrey, esą. 212, exq.52.

M.P. for Hythe. In Lamiu's Conduit street, the infant son At Fulham, William Shape, esl 81. of Curles H. Hull, esq.

In Little Bell Alicy, Coleman.street, In Balstuje tiilet, Sir Charles Hoare Han.

Isaac Du Rouray, esq. 1651, bart.

In consult-stocet, Jbn Marbus'us, esq. AI Chiswick, Airs Whalley, relict of the In Lower Thames-street, ivirs. Simson, wife Kur. William W. rector of Presteigu and lene of Willidiu S.eng. taardige.

In George street, Portman-square, Lady tu l'ood-street, Westminster, Mr. . lliam, relic of Sir C. V. F. and daughter of Hudson, of cne Post Office.

sir Francis read, uf Ierastase, Kent.


of the age.



WITH ALL THE MARRIAGES AND DEATHS;, Arranged geographically, or in the Order of the Counties, from North to South

Communications for this Department of the Monthly Magazine, properly outhenticated, and sent free of Postage, are always thunkfully received. Those are more particularly acceptable which describe the Progress of Local Improvements of any Kind, or which contain Biographical Anecdotes or Fucts relative to eminent or remarkable Characters recently deceased.

NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. At Shotley Bridge, Miss Henderson. IT has already been stated that the principal in At Sunderland, Mrs. Ralph Newton.

habitants of Newcastle, previous to the late Mr. Joseph Powell, and about a fortnight af. jubilee, resolved to subscribe toward the esta- terwards, his father, Mr. Thomas P. 54.-Mr. blishment of a school for the instruction of Simon Gascoigne, 70.-Mr. G. Allison, 49. poor children, instead of illuminating on that At Eglingham, Anne, daughter of the late occasion. At a meeting of the subscribers Robert Ogle, esq. held on the 26th February, it was resolved At the Red House, near Hexham, Mrs. that a building should be erecied for the pur- Mary Watson, S2. pose; that the system of Dr. Bell and Mr. Ac Hexham, Mr. Matthew Kell, 88. Lancaster should be adopted for the instruc At Earsdon, Thomas Fenwick, esq. a justion of children in reading, writing, and the tice of the peace for Northumberland and Dusrudiments of arithmetic; and that the intendo ham. ed building shall also be used on the lord's At Bishopton, near Stockton, Mrs. Eliz. day as a place of public worship, agreeably to Horner, 70. the usage of the church of England, for the At Morpeth, Mrs. Mary Smith, 79. benefit of the children belonging to the said At Stelling Hall, William Archer, esq. church, of the parents of such children, and At Corbridge, Mr. Joseph Walker, 35. of such other poor persons as may chuse to At Barnardcastle, Margaret Gowland, 104. resort thereto. This latter resolution has At Rooker House, near Monk wearmouth, given umbrage to several liberal and phi. Mr. William Wilkin, 32. Ianthropic contributors, of different reli At Durham, Mrs. Ann Reveley, 50.-In gious persons' persuasions, and threatens, consequence of her clothes taking fire, Miss unless conciliatory measures be adopted, tó Maria Agar.--Mrs. Ann Robinson, 79.-Mr. subvert that cordial unanimity which at William Weybridge, 59. first seemed to inspire all parties.

At Newcastle, Mr. Edward Kell, 71.-Mr. The workmen, in digging the foundation John Taylor, 53.-Mr. John Sharpe, a cape for the county court, in the castle Garth, New- tain in the first South Shields volunteers. castle, have found a Roman spur, which, by Mrs. Frances Lee. Mr. James Ludlow, 22. the antiquarians, will no doubt be considered - Mrs. Eliz. Robinson, 73.-Mr. Thomas as a valuable relique.

Denton, 36.-Mr. Joseph Elliot, 26 -Mrs. Married.) At Newcastle, Mr. Thomas Bell, Plummer, $8.-Mrs. Rogers, 20-Mrs. bookseller, to Miss Blakey, daughter of Mr. Adams, 92.-Mrs. Moyre-Mrs. Catherine William B.

Whitfield, of the Golden Lion Inn-Eliz, At Durham, Mr. John Leyburn, to Miss wife of Mr. George Nicholson, 61.-Mr. Ann Mowbray

James Turnhull. At Barnardcastle, Mr. De Bello, occulist, At Claesterhill, near Bedford, Adam Yelto Miss Sarah Harwood.

At Long Benton, Mr. John Brown, agent At Stockton, Mrs Newham, 77. to Willington Colliery, to Miss Elizabeth At Longridge House, near Berwick, Mrs Watson.

Ord, wife of Daniel V. esq.
At Ferryhill, near Durham, Mr. Henry
Howlett, of York, attorney, to Miss Sample.

CUMBERLAND AND WESTMODÉLAND. Died.) At Darlington, Mr. John Muiris, Several military weapons, apparently of 78.-Mrs. Barnes, 87.

great antiquity, and probably Danish, have At Newburn, Mr. Thomas Taylor, aged 71 been found under a large projecting rock, at years, 40 of which he had been principal col. Glanrushes, in the parish of Kirkpatrick, Isle liery agent to the late and present duke of of Mann. Amongst them is a spear, made Northumberland

of a composition of metal, and mounted with At Dunston Seeds, Mrs. Morrison, 74. gold. It measures sixteen inches in length,

At Morkwear mouth, Mr. William Robson, and weighs one pound nine ounces; and also parish clerk, 62.-Mr. William Yellowby, two sworos of the same kind of metal, but schoolmaster, 19.

no device or inscription upon either of thent. At Westoc, Mrs. Simpson, a maiden lady, Married.) At Gretna Green, Jolin Lawson 79.

Swlow, esq. of Knorren Lodge, near Bramp

loly, esq.

ton, Cumberland, to Miss Richardson, daugh- mist, to Marianne, fourth daughter of the ter of J. Richardson, esq. of Cumcatch. late Robert Leigh, esq.

At Greystoke, William Topping, of New At York, Captain Weldon, of the Lynx Rent, esq in this county, to Miss Arabella Greenland ship, io Miss Waud, of Hull. Wilhelmina Child ; third daughter of Jacob At Campsall, near Doncaster, Wm. Bow. Child, esq. of the firm of Bedford, Wright, ley, esq. of Kirk Smeaton, to Miss Sarah Carruthers, and Co. Somers-Town, London. Bedford, third daughter of Mr. B. of Fenwick

At Egremont, C. S. Fetherstonhaugh, esq. Grange. of Kirkoswald, to Miss Hartley, daughter of At Felliskirk, near Thirsk, Mr. T. Pink. Thomas H. esq. of Gillfoot.

ney, of Donnotty, to Miss Slater, daughter Died.) At Edinburgh, Henry Brougham, of John S. esq. of Boloby. esq. of Brougham Hall, Westmorland.

The Rev. S. Sharp, vicar of Wakefield, to At Keswick, Miss Sarah Edmondson, Miss Alderson, daughter of the Rev. George daughter of Mr. John E. surgeon, 14.-Mrs. A. rector of Birkin. jane Scott, 85.

Ac Pocklington, the Rev. J. F. Hatfield, At Peeletown, Isle of Man, James Birchill, of Hornsea, to Miss Horley. M.D.

Died.] At Willow Hall, near Halifax, Ac Brampton, Mr. Whitfield Walker, Daniel Dyson, esq. 67. lieutenant in the Royal Cumberland Ac Rawcliffe, Hannah, eldest daughter of Rangers, 31.

Richard Wilson, esq. 24. Ai Kirkby Stephen, Mr. Richard Lough, At York, Mr. George Peacock, 66.-Jo22.

seph Bilton, esq. late of Heald's Hall, near At Bridekirk, Mrs. nn Mawson, 73. Leeds, 42.--Mis. Brandon, aunt to Sir Wila

At Know, near Longtown, Mr. Robert liam Fettes, of Wamphray, bart. 90.--lirs. Storey, brother of Dr. S. of Penrith.

Copeland, 27.--Mrs. Hollios.-Mr. George At Longtown, Miss Blaylock, eldest Smithi, formerly an eminent apothecary, 77. daughter of Mr. John B.-Mr. Joseph Scott, Mr. William Stephenson, 35. 82.

At Bradford, the Rev. H. Hudson, formerly At Newby, Westmorland, Mrs. Margaret curate of Wibsey, 82. Robinson, relict of James R. esq. of Plover- At Netherton, Mrs. Shaw, 62. ick, near Shap, 78

At Fishlake, Mr. Heegham, 73. At Stanwix, Mr. John Andrews, 81, At Sumton, Mr. Thompson, 62.

At Douglas, Isle of Man, John Live- At Hallam, near Sheffield, Mrs. Heya sey, esq.

wood, 74. At Armathwaite, John Fisher, esq. of At Full, James Robinson, esq. 67. Calkeld, in Loweswater. His death was oc- At Doncaster, Mrs. Worsop, wife of John casioned by a fall from his horse, a few hours Arthur W. esq. of Bransburton, near Beverbefore, between Armathwaite-hall and Ouse- ley, 23.-Mrs. Kelk, 75. bridge,

At Sheffield, Mr. James Greenwood, 52. At Whitehaven, Mrs. Mary Bruce, 85. -Mr. John, 67.-Mrs. Blythe.. -Mrs. Steele, wife of captain S. of the Wil Mr. J. Hepper tall, 72. Mr. William liam and Mary.- Mrs. Piercy, relict of the Bath, 53.-Mrs. Catharine Lindley, 89.Rev. Mr. P. 66. Mrs. Margaret Gor'on, Mrs. Revill, 77.-Mr. Meadows.- Mr. wife of captain G. of the Ann Eliza, 63. Crooks. Mrs. Harris.-Mr. John Welsh, 62 At Meersbrook, near Shefield, John Frances, the wife of Mr. Younghusband, Milnes, esq. or Wakefield. bookseller, 68.

At Kippax, the Rev. B. Willis, 57.
At Carlisle, Mrs. Ross, wife of Mr. Wil. At Leeds, Mr. Newton, of the firm of
liam R. -Mr. Jacob Johnstone, 54.--Mr. Fenton and Newton, linen-merchants.
John Fidler.-George Gill, esq. 60.—Mrs. At Wakefield, Miss Lonsdale, only daugh.
Mary Dalton, 77.--Mr. George Holmes, 29. ter of the late Rev. John L. of New Miller
-Mr. George Thomlinson, 70.

Dam, 16.

LANCASHIRE. A meeting was lately held in the vestry Married.] At Rochdale, Robert Black. of the Holy Trinity Church at Hull, to take burn, esą of Madeira, to Mary, daughter of into consideration che propriety of forming a the late Rev, T. Bellas. society in that town, auxiliary to the British At Liverpool, amidst the ruins of St. Nie and Bible Society in London. The measure cholas's church, Mr. Williain Scockley, so was unanimously agreed to, and a committee Miss Catherine Chesworth, of Prescot.. formed to carry it into execution.

Humplirey Herbert Jones, esq. of Llyon, in Married.] At Kirby Hall, the Rev. Dr. the county of Anglesey, to Jane, eldest Claudius Buchanan, to Mary, youngest Jaughter of Robert Scott, esg.-Nr. James daughter of H. Thompson, esq.

Marcing, veterinary surgeon, to Miss Sarah Ac Hull, Capt. Cresser of the Cumberland Slater.-Mr. R. D. Lane, purser of his ma. militia, to Miss. Metcalfe, second daughter jesty's ship, Princess, to Miss Jones.Capt. of Michael M. esq.- Mr, T. Mawhood, che. E. Kegg, of the Lord Collingwood, to 'Miss MONTILI.MAG. No. 197,


Burnes.- John Grace, esg. of Hoole, near Died.] At Carlton, near Worksop, Mr. Chester, to Ann Jane, second daughter of Mr. Christopher Frankland, 91; and two days Robert Richardson.- Josiah Kearsley, jun. afterwards, Margaret, his wife, 79. esq. of Hulton, to Miss Harvey.-T. Wood At Nottingham, Mrs. Henson, 83.-The ward, esq. to Miss Sarah Ratcliffe.

Rev. Dr. Bristow, vicar of St. Mary's.-Miss At Childwall, Richard Meadowcroft, esą. Hodgskin, 83.-Mrs. Rose, wife of Mr. R. of Manchester, to Mrs. Hutchinson, of Wa- of the Elephant and Castle.-Miss Mary vertree.

Yates, 22.-The Rev. R. Alliott, minister Died.] At Liverpool, Nathaniel Jefferys, of Castle-gate meeting-house. esq formerly M.P. for the city of Coventry. At Farnsfield, John Swift, gent. 77: and

At Manchester, Mr. T. Milne, folicitor. two days afterwards, Ann, wife of Mr." -Mr. John Taylor, many years steward Richard Swift, of the same place, and niece to James Ackers, esq.-Mrs. Partington.--- of the above gencleman, in consequence of Mr. Joseph Wood, 39.-Mr. N. Higginson, her clothes taking fire.-Mrs. Mary Hola partner in the house of Higginson and Co. land, 69. of Hull.-Miss Susannah Bakewell, of Spring At Newark, Mr. James Guthrie, poste Vale, near Stone, Staffordshire. She had master and an alderman of that corporation. gone to Manchester to attend the funeral of -Mr. Hawkins Clark, 80.-Mrs. Gilson, her sister.

and the following day her mother, Mrs. DouAt Bolton, Mr. George Grundy, 87.- bleday. Suddenly in the street, Mr. Wm.' Rowbo At Eaton, Joseph Turnhill, esg. steward tham, serjeant in the Bolton Local Militia. to A. H. Eyres, esq. M. P. for this county. At Wigan, Mr. Thomas Entwisle, 73.

LINCOLNSHIRE, At Oldham, T. Henshaw, esq. 79.

An adjourned meeting of the subscriAt Paradise Hill, Salford, Manchester, bers to, and proprietors of estates interMrs. Grey, sister to the benevolent James ested in, the intended canal from HartoNield, esq. of Chelsea, 57.

rough to Stamford, was lately held at the At Lancaster, Elizabeth, only daughter of town-hall in the latter place, when Mr. the late Mr. James Johnson, 20.-Mr. Torkington suggested the propriety of Braithwait, surgeon.

extending the line of canal from Stamford At Greave, near Rochdale, Charles, son of eastward to the sea : an idea which met with Mr. Holt, 23.

the concurrence of the meeting, and in At Liverpool, Mr. John Lattman, 42.- furtherance of which certain resulutions were Mrs. Highton.-Mr. Wm. Harrison.--Mr. passed. The intention, is, to effect a commuHenry Scott, 45.-Mr. Wm. Kendrick, 47. nication with the ports of Wisbech and Lyna, -Capt. Henry Salt, of the ship Thomas.. as well as those of Spalding and Boston; and Mr. Wm. Lloyd, 76.

thus give to the eastern coast of the kingdom CHESHIRE.

an almost direct inland communication with Married.] At Great Budworth, Mr. Wil. Bristol, Liverpool, and London, and the lian Tinsley, of Warrington, to Miss Carter, means of transport by almost all the conside daughter of Peter C. esq. of Ashton Park. rable canals which intersect South Britain.

At Acton, near Nantwich, Mr.G. N. Har. The best-founded hope exists that this great dey, of Liverpool, to Miss Mary Ann Littler. national project may be promptly executed ;

At Grappenhall, Ralph Norman, esq. of for it is already ascertained that the expense Latchford, to Miss Pass.

will not be an obstacle . such is the demand Died.] At Chester, Mrs. Elizabeth Eger. for shares in the intended Harborough and ton, aunt to John Egerton, esq. of Oulton Stamford canal, that many have been bought Park, and one of the representatives for at the Auction-Mart, in London, during the Chester, 79. Mrs. Monk, mother of Mr, present month, at a premium to the seller John M. printer and proprietor of the Chester of 41. 10s. per cent.; and some, within these Courant, 78-Mrs. Witrers, 95.

few days, at a premium of 5. At Altrincham, Mrs. Brierley, 72.

Married.] at Auckborough, Mr. T. B. At Winnington, near Northwich, Mr. Morley, of Hull, merchant, to Mary And, Peter Pickering, 67.

daughter of Mr. Theophilus Hill. DERBYSHIRE.

Died.] At Lincoln, Mr. Robert Brown. Died.] At Derby, in St. Werburgh's At Waddington, Mr, Stephen Bee, 93. work-house, Hannah Wood, 105.

At Conisholm, Mr. Matthew Streeton, At Grindleford Bridge, Mr. Robert Out- 75. ram, 73.

At Alford, Mrs. Jackson, 77.-Mr. Robert At Horsley, Samuel Parker, 101. Bryon, 70. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

At Little Steeping, Mrs. Mary Chapman, Married.] At North Muskham, Mr. 99. Joseph Hole, of South Muskham, to Miss At Huttoft, Mr. Michael Rotland, 84. Mary Brooksby.

At Wintringham, Mr. Thomas Sewell, 55.At Mansfield, Mr. John Heald, of the At Sleaford, Miss M. A. Harrison Mr. Ram inn, to Mrs. Elizabeth Richardson. Nathaniel Shaw,



At Stamford, Mr. Tomlinson, wife of Mr. At Audley, Mr. William Ball., 38.

At Cannock Chase, ntar Rugely, Mrs. At Leake, Elizabeth Hansard, 90.- Glover, wite of W. Cheshire G. esq. William Wright.

At Litchfield, Miss Eliz. Cave Brown, At Burgh in the Marsh, Mrs. Kelk, 86. daughter of the late Jolin Cave B. esq.

Ar Hagworthingham, Mr. William Win- and the following day Miss Louisa Cave gate, 82.

Browne, daughter of William Cave B. esg. At Gainsborough, Mr. Swift... Mrs. of the same place. Parker, wife of Mr. P. of the Blackmoor's At Handsworth, Mr. Johan York HaughHead Inn.--Mr. Joseph Buxton, 78.

ton. At Stockwith, Mrs. Hemsworth, 84. At the house of W. Wood, esq. HanAt Morton, Mr. Paris, 63.

wood, his sister Mrs. Anne W. At Grimsby, Mr. John Hannah, 77.-Mr. William Drant.

Married.] At Warwick, Mr. Barnay; of At Wyberton, near Boston, Mrs. Sheath, Hinckley, to Miss Byrn. wife of the Rev. Martin S.

At Birmingham, Mr. Thomas Pickering, LEICESTERSHIRE.

to Miss I'wigg, both of Coventry.-Mr. Died.] At Barrow-upon-Soar, S. Bean- John Wall, to Miss Sarah Smith. mont, gent,

Died.) At Birmingham, Mr. Green-Mrs. At Upton, Mrs. Grew, 46; and a few days Fiddian --Mrs. Walker.-Mr. R. Whiteafterwards her fourth son, William G. hurst.--Mr. Samuel Woodcock.--Aun,

At Mountsorrel, Mrs. Wainwright, 82. wife of Mr. Wharton, 58 -Mr. John

At Leicester, Mrs. Greenwood.--Mr. Norton, 57.- Mr. Jacob Holland. --Mr. Atkins.--Burgess, gent. Mr. Underwood. Vincent Eagle, 41. -Mr. Ashford. --Ms.

At Edmondthorpe, Mr. Samuel Robinson. Turvey.--Mrs. Mary Haden, 88. At Aston Flamville, Mr. Richard Moor, At Saltly Hall, near Birmingham, Mr. 99.-Mrs. Townsend, 40.

Thomas Jenkins.
At Stoney Stanton, Mrs. Farmer, 72. At Henley-in-Arden, Mr. Robert Gibbs,
At Sapcote, Mrs. Puffer, 65.

AC Coleshill, Mrs. Neville.

Ac Ilmington, Mr. Decimus Slater, 69.
Married.) At Newcastle, Mr. Edwards, At Solihull, Mrs. E. Clarke.
to Miss H. Wilson.-Mr. E. Bloor, to Miss At Stoke, near Coventry, Mr. Under,

wood, 76. At Woolstanton, Mr. A. Wedgwood, of At Warwick, Mrs. Winn. The Cottage, Bastford, near Etruria, to At Moor Hall, John Hackett, esq. 71, Miss Hill, daughter of Mr. J. Hill, Roe At Wasperton, James, Dormer, esq. 44. Back Inn, in Burslem.

SHROPSHIRE, At Wolverhampton, Mr. W, Frost, to Married.] At Shrewsbury, the Rev. RoMiss Sarah Wills.-Mr. M Gibbon, co. bert Evans, of Everton, Notts, to Charmedian, to Miss Woodfall, of the Stam- lotte Margaretta, eldest daughter of Tho. ford, Nottingham, and Derby, Company. mas Money, esq.

At Lilleshall, J. Ogles, of Preston, Died.] At Bridgnorth, Sarah, wife of J. esq. to Miss Taylor, youngest daughter of Sparks, esq. - Thomas Milner, gent. Mr. T. late of Donnington Woods. At Morvill, Mr. James Jones.

Died.] At Wolverhampton, R. Morrison, At Oarton, Mrs. Tart, 85. M. D. in his profession,

man less At Bishop's Castle, Mr. N. Nicholas. kaown perhaps for the extent than the At Eaton, near Childs Ercall, Mr. Popsuccess of his practice. The increasing ham. infirmities of age had gradually narrowed At Coalbrooke Dale, Mrs. D. Darby, the sphere of his exertions; but such fa.. an eminent speaker of the Society of milies as he had continued to visit, will Friends; her eloquence in the cause of long and deeply, regret bis luss. In par- religion was peculiarly persuasive and ticalar cases, his judgment had ranked impressive; and a zeal for the dissemihim very high in his profession ; and the nation of Christian knowledge led her to sorrows of numbers to whom, it might visit most parts of the British Empire, in be said, he continued life, are his best her ministerial capacity, where she was culogy and most durable monument. always well received and much esteemed.

At Fordall, near Market Draycon, John At Oldbury, Mr R. Parks Dime, esq. in his 75th year,

At Wellington, Mr. B. Reading. At Parshall, in the 10th year of his At Whitchurch, Mr. Evans, 77. age, George, el est son of sir G. Pigot, At Whicchurch, Mr. Thomas Roberts, 84. bart.

Ac Shrewsbury, the Rev. Aged 61. Mr. Humphry Perrot Field, Holland, rector of Hanwood and MindBear forty years a very respectable sur town in this county. geon of Catinock.

At Longpool near Newport, Mrs. Eliz. At Leek Mr. E Tomkinson, attor ney. Bloire, 88.




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