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WORCESTERSHIRE. Died.] At Worcester, Mr. Henry Ruff. Mr. W. Hainmand, 32,-Mrs. Hudson. Brodie, esq. of the Inner Temple, to Eliza.

Married.] A: Iffley, Peter Bellenger At Hopton, John Spooner, esq. At Upton-upon-Severn, Mr. George Stew. Wood, esq.

beth Mary, daughter of Sutton Thomas ard, surgeon. At Dudley, Joseph Wainwright, esq. to Miss A. Hemings, of the Slough Inn.

At Oxford, Mr. W. Higgens, of Banbury, lieut. col. of the Dudley Volunteer In. fantry, aged 69.

Died] At Oxford, Mrs. A Goodenough, He was a man equally 75.- Mary, daughter of Mr. Cepenter, 20. distinguished for his public and private Mrs. Payne. - Mrs. Ann Boswell, 66. virtues. As a patriot, he was loyal, zea. lous, and active, in his country's cause;

At Healington, Mr. R. North. as a member of society, his strong judg. James 'i rinder.

At Whitley Farm, near Oxford, Mr. ment, inflexible integrity, and unbounded benevolence, obtained him the highest rę.

At Chipping Norton, Mr. John Herbert,

of the Crown and Cushion Inn, 52. spect and confidence ; as a scholar, his at. tainments, both in antient and molern

At Humpton Gay, Mr. William Roberts. literature, were very considerable; and as a professional man, his skill and abilities Died.] At Stowe house, Mr. Parrott, were extensively useful and universally ac. nearly 50 years steward to the late Earl knowledged. He discharged the duties of Temple and the Marquis of Buckingham, a husband, of a father, and of a friend, 83. with exemplary fidelity and affection ; in At Great Marlow, Mrs. Rebecca Plum, every transaction of life he acted conscien- ridge.-- The Rev. H. H. Gower, many years tiously; and the whole of his conduct was master of the Free School..Mrs. Aon influenced by sound Christian principles. Sinduby, relict of Jeremiah S, esq. HEREFORDSHIRE.

BEDFORDSHIRE. Died.] At Hownhall-farm, near Ross,

Married.] A¢ Eaton, Mr. John Richardson, Mrs. Harry.

of Stamford, to Miss Ann Sibley. At Ross, Mrs. Jarvis.

At Bedford, James Hallowell, esq. to Miss At Hereford, "Mr. Thomas Watkins, Partridge. bookseller, At Leominster, Mr. Vales, a member of Jennings, esq. 53.

Died.] At Harlington, John Wingate the body corporate of that place. GLOUCESTERSHIRE.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, Married.] At Minchinhampton, Mr. Rich. Married ] Mr. Thomas Hawes Brains, of Horton, apothecary, to Miss Davis, eldest Hannington, to Miss Knight, eldest daughter daughter of Mr. Samuel D,

of the late Mr. John K. of that place. At Cheltenham, Dr. Benjamin Haywood At Marston St. Lawrence, Mr. John Browne, to Elizabeth Selina, eldest daughter Bazeley, of Farthinghoe, to Mrs. Blancowe, of Eyles Irwin, esq. of the county of Ferma- John George, esq. of Bythorne-louse, nagh, Ireland.--Mr. Bachelor, to Mrs. Huntingdonshire, to Miss Angrave, of Hathaway.

Holton-house, near Northampton. Mr. Sweeting, surgeon, of Stroud, to Miss Died.] At Sudborough-house, Catherine Window, daughter of H. W. esq.

Mary, only daughter of the late Morgan Died.] At Newnham, aged 108, Ann Vane, esq. of Bibby-hall, 19. Robins. She had been sexton of that parish At Peterborough, Henry Cole, esq. many upwards of 50 years; gave her evidence in a years steward to Earl Fitzwilliam, 64. cause tried at Gloucester assizes, about eight At Oundle, Mrs. Mould, wife of Mr. M. years ago, with astonishing clearress and surgeon, 31.-Mr. John Adson, 65. perspicuity; and retained all her faculties to

At Rothwell, Mr. John Palmer, 84.

At Kettering, Mrs. Bayes, wife of Mr. B. At Gloucester, Mrs. Ann Marman.--Mrs. jun. Cooper, 64. Mrs. Morson.Mrs. Coley.-- At Ravensthorpe, Mrs. Knight, 26. Mrs. Brewer.

At Hollowell, Mrs. Thong. At Tetbury, Lieut. Colonel H. H. Sloper, Mr. Manning, farmer of Orlinbury. He commandant of the Horsley and Tetbury was found dead in Sywell-lape, on bis return volunteer infantry, 43.

from Northampton market. It is supposed At Cains cross, Mrs. Price, 56.

his norse fell with bim, and he was killed on At Tewksbury. Mr. John Ludgrove.- the spot. Mrs. Wauchope, wife of the Rev. Mr. Care, sen.

rector of Warkton. At Barnwood, Mr. Thomas Herbert, 74.

At Northampton, Mr. Drake. At Wotton, Mrs. Barrow, 91.

At Edgecott-Lodge, Mrs. Lovell. At Whitminster, Mrs. Brewer.

At Hardingscon, Mr. Timms. At Culver House, Mrs. White, 77.

HUNTINGDONSHIRE. At Cheltenham, Mrs. Whitmore. At Painswick, Mr. Charles Brandon Trye. Married.] At St. Ncot's, Mr. J. W.


the last.



Blount, of Wimborne Minster, Dorset, to

fed by Mr. Bell, of Wallington, in this Miss A. Scarbarrow, of Little Paxton. county : she was dried so late as the 29ch

Died.) At Huntingdon, Mrs. Randall. of last September, and yet, by grass, hay,

Ac Whittiesea, Mrs. Hurry, of the post- and turnips, exhibited the most mcat unat office there.

could well be expected upon so small a At Fenstanston, Mrs. Hammond, wife of bone. Mr. Marsters, of Gaywood, shewed John H. esq. 35.

an excellent two shear Leicester wether, At Ellington, Mr. Hoddell, 76.

which was slaughtered, and weighed 39jibs.

per quarter, arith 18lbs. of tallow. Mr. Died.) At Kennett, the Rev. Anthony Cake, oi Holkham, sent four south-down Lucher Richardson, rector of that parish, and

wethers, of which two were shearlings, and of Felpham, and Newbourn, near Ipswich

the other two sbear; the weight of one At Ely, Mr. John Richmond, many years

of the shearlings slaughtered was 23lbs. keeper of the house of correction in that per quarter, with 15lbs. of fat; the others city, 66.-Mr. John Boyce.

were such as Mr. Coke always produces, At Cambridge, Mr. William Baxter, 52. very good. There were three claimants of -Mrs. Waterson, relictof Mr.Henry W. late of the premium for at least nine acres of water Huntingdon, deputy registrar of that archdea- meadows, and one for at least five acres; conry, 79.

and two claimants of the premium for

lucernc. These claims were referred to The following statement will doubtless be judges, to be decided in the course of this bighly gratifying to the benevolent friends year. The society ordered gos. to be paid of the lower orders of society. During the

to each of the four meritorious labourers iq * last eleven months, the period of Miss How- husbandry, certificates of their merit having ell's visit to Norwich, 'three schouls bave been previously sent to the secretary, ac. been established, in which no fewer than cording to the direction of the sociecy. To two hundred and ninety-four children are

George Reader, a cotiager of West Tofts, now educated, and furnished with sufficient for keeping bees, the society orderedt 21, instruction to become useful and respectable

At the same meeting it was resolved to members of the community. This great im- petition parliament against the bill now provement cominenced with a school for pending to prohibit the distillation of spi. forty-eighe girls, under the immediate super- rits from barley. The unusual precipitan. intendance of the Miss Gurneys; and the cy with which this bill is carrying througla directors of the charity schools, struck with the house, precludes the society from the the superior advantages of the new mode of opportunity of requesting a public meeting education, adopted it in their establishment upon the occasion, and has induced them alsu; by which means they were enabled to to send the petition with all the dispatch extend its benefits to one hundred and six possible to the principal places of the county children, instead of forty, which they had for signature. The points upon which this before. An example like this could not fail petition is grounded, are, -ist, That the of imitation, and accordingly another school, necessity which existed at the time when containing one hundred and forty children, the prohibition was first instituted (vity the was soon after projected in St. Paul's church abundance of sugar in hand) is now done yard, and is now compleçely arranged. No. away; and the 2nd, That the badness of thing so much evinces the excellence of this the season during the last harvest was such plan of education, as the striking fact that as to prevent the barley crop from being got it has been eigerly adopted by persons of in as it ought : the consequence is, that opposite opinions, who have emulated each most of the barley was so much injured, other in spreading its benefits around. The that it is unfit for malting, and noc saleCourt of Guardians, with a praise-worthy able, except at such a price as will not reattention to the interests of those more munerate the farmer his expenses of cula immediately committed to their care, have civation. prepared a room, which will be speedily Married.) At Sculthorpe, the Rey. Hoopered, for the instruction of about forty ratio Dowsing, rector of North Barshar, children, belonging to the workhouse; and to Mrs. Jones of Cranmer House. this is the first attempt with which we

At Yarmouth, Captain Thomas Gunton, are acquainted, to provide a moderate but of Bermondsey, Surry, to Miss Mary Smith. Sufficient education for those who are placed Ac Norwich, Mr. W.

A. Buurid, e, in the most abject situation of society. On printer, to Miss Charlotte Caroline Si h. this account we consider this part of tie At Swaff ham, Mr. James Shalders, pi ne plan as the most important of any, and ter and bookseller, of Holt, to Miss E. promising the greatest advantages.

Stapleton. At the late general meeting of the Nor- At Attleburgh, Mr. Robert Sheldrake, folk Agricultural Society, at Lyon, there attorney, to Miss Mary Atmore. was no stock shewn for the premiums of- T. Blake, esq. of Yelverton, to Miss fered. Mr. Chambers, a'butcher, near Nicholls, eldest daughter of J. Nicholls, esq. Lyou, shewed a cow, which was bred and of Hales.

hall, esq.

Died.) At East Dereham, Mrs. Priscilla At Newmarket, Mr. Samuel Betts, many Alpe.

years starter of the horses on the course At Swardestone-hall, in the 98th year of there. her age, Mrs. Mary Berney, the last surviv- At Troston, Elis. wite & Mr. Edw. Hoy, ing daughter of Thos B. esq. of the same 70. place, who died in 1720, and the last sur- At Clare, Mrs. Mary Harrison. viving sister of the late John B. of Bracon- At Gunton-ball, Mrs. Fowler.

At Ipswich, Mrs. M. Hingeston, daughter At North Walsham, Mrs. Raven. of the Rev. Mr. H. formerly master of the At Yarmouth, Mrs. Benyon, 45.

grammar-school of that town.-Mrs. Parish, At Harleston, Mrs. Eliz. Heyman, widow a maiden lady, whose benevolent disposition of Henry H. esq. of Strood, Kent, 81. induced her to relieve every one whose ne

At Cromer, Mr Francis Pearson, 85. cessities appeared to call on her charity; she

At Swaffham, Mr. Anthony Hyde.-Mrs. actually had 20 pensioners living at her house Randall, relict of Robert R. gent, and sister when she died, besides children supported at of Mrs. Dusgate, of Tring.

different schools, and numbers relieved by At Tring, Thos. Dusgate, esq. and about her occasional donations. three weeks afterwards, his wife, Mrs. D. At Beccles, Mr. John Allcock, 70. At West Walton, Mr. Watts.

At Bury, Mr. Felix Loveless. Mrs. Ely. At Holverstow.hall, Mrs. Munsey, 72. -Mr. Richard Ward.-Mrs. Knowles, re

At New Houghton, Mr. John Mitchell, lict of the late Rev. Dr. K. prebendary of 05. Mr. Reynolds, surgeon, of Massingham. Ely, and lecturer of St. Mary's in this town, He was called upon to attend the above Mr. 85. Mitchell, and, while at his house, expired, by At Little Bently-hall, Mrs. A. King. a similar fit to that which proved fatal to his The Rev. George Dinsdale, rector of Stratpatient.

ford St. Andrew, and vicar of Benball, both At Trunch, Harriet, second daughter of in this county. the Rev. M. Ward, 23.

AtWest-thorp, Mr. Robert Whistlecraft,97. At Downham Market, Mr. Keen Bunkall, At Melford, Mrs. Baker, 72. 91.-Mr. James Hampson, 56.

At Halesworth, Mr. John Wade, of the At Norwich, Mrs. S. Chapman, 88.--Mr. Angel Inn. James Page, 77.-Miss Ann Barrow...Mr.

ESSLX. J. S. Boulter, 30.-Mrs. Hannah Toft, 77. Married.] At Writtle, Samuel Simpson, Mr. James Boardman, 51. Mrs. H. esq. of Isleworth, Middlesex, to Miss Mary Gardiner, 71. Mrs. Kinghorn, wife of Mr. Parnell, daughter of the late Mr. P. of Grays, K. dissenting minister, 71.-Mrs. Ayres, 84. near Writtle. -Mr. James Girlington, 78.-Mrs. Marti. At Waltham Abbey, Mr. Nathaniel Davis, neau, wife of Philips ileadows M. esq. attorney, Lothbury, to Miss Catharine Wal. gurgeon, 58. Mr. John Fransham, teacher lis, daughter of Thomas W. esq. of the Greek and Latin languages, and ma- Died.) At Writele, Mr. Fiuch, of the Rose thematics, 79.-Mr James Pitchers.

and Crown. At Gunton House, Harbord lord Suffield, At Woodbridge Hacheston, Samuel

Cutting, gent. 91.

At Roxwell, Mrs. Birch, wife of the Rer. A piece of garden-ground, at Ipswich, has Richard B. 78. been purchased for the purpose of being con- At Harwich, Mr. Cornelius Colosson, sen. 74 verted into a provision market; and the cor;o- At Rawreth, Mrs. Chapman, 79. sation have offered premiums for plans for the At Little Leighs, Mrs. Taylor. best mode of constructing the same.

At Colchester, Mrs. Craven, wife of Benja. Married.] Ac Beighton, B. L. Clayton, C. esq. and daughter of the late William esq. surgeon, of Norton, to Mrs. Midson, Kerstemean, esq.--Whilst attending divine widow of Robert M. esq. late of Stuw. service at Holy Trinity Church, Mr. Martin market.

Riddellsdell, 80. He was apparently in good E. Fuller, esq. of Carlton-hall, near Sare health, till, falling suddenly into the arms of mundham, to Miss Tatnall, daughter of W. the persons in thc pew with him, he in T. esq. of Leiston Old Abbey.

a few minutes expired without a struggle. Died.) At Cockfield-halt, Sir John Blois, At Sible Hedingham, Mrs. Maria hart. 71. He is succeeded by his eldest Sedgwick, relict of Thomas S. esq. of Hackson, now sir Charles Blois, bart. lieutenant- ney. colonel of the Ouse and Derwent volunteer In November last, at Grenville, Grenada, corps of infantry.

West Indies, Mr. Joseph Tborn, formerly in her 83d year, Mrs. Wakeham, relict of St. Osyth, in this county, who in the of the Rev. D. W. dean of Bocking.

course of thirty years amassed a large for At Lavenbam, Miss Eleanor Branwhite tune, the bulk of which he has left to John Mudd, esq.

his brothers, Mr. John Thorn, Colchester, At Barningham, Mr. John Day, 78. and Mr. William Thorn, Bradfield.



of, without any compensation, except one It appears on an examination of the ac. pound in every clear one hundred pounds counts made by requisition of parliament, arising from harbour dues. The pier heads that the amount of the repairs done to the also are naturally formed by two clumps of cathedral of Canterbury during the last 20 rocks placed at a distance of two hundred years, is 21,0051. giving an annual aver. and ninety feet, forming the channel through age of 10501. 55..

which vessels are to enter the harbour; and At half past two o'clock, on Tuesday, it is here worthy of remark, that there will January 16th, the corning-house, No. 4, in never be less than twelve feet of water at any the king's powder-mills, at Faversham, blew time of the tide, whereas Dover and many up with a most tremendous explosion. Of other harbours cannot be entered but at the the six men employed in the building at height of the tide this is an incalculable the time, four were blown to pieces, and advantage, in a commercial point of view, their bodies and limbs were scattered to a as well as to the safety of the vessels naviga distance of upwards of one hundred yards ting the channel. The macorials required from the site of the building. One of the in the erection of this harbour will be free arms was found on the top of a high elm of expense to the company the labour will tree. The fifth man was taken up alive, constitute the chief expenditure. Under but no hopes of his recovery were entertained. these circumstances, therefore, we are not to The sixth man, George Holmes, the foreman be surprised that this important undertaking of the work, singular to relate, was found is estimated by an eminent engineer (Mr. alive also, sitting in the midst of the smok. Jessop), at the very small sum of 22,000.. ing ruins, with his clothes burning; but he which has been raised by four hundred and was otherwise not much injured, and is like forty shares, of 501. each, pagable by instalo ly to do well. At the door of the corning- ments of not more than 15l. per annuma house was standing a tumbrel, or covered Besides these natural advantages, Folkstone waggon, with two horses and a driver. being much the nearest point of communicaThe waggon was blown to pieces, and the tion with the continent, the dues for passagedriver and horses were killed. Of three boats and merchandize in time of peace will horses employed in the building, two have be immense; but, it is not to this source perished, but the third is living. No circum- alone that we are to look for advantage in stances have transpired from which an opinion this undertaking, for in time of war also, the can be formed with respect to the cause of the dues of this harbour will yield a very large accident: it is the third of the kind that has per-centage on the capital. Among the happened at these mills within these seven many sources of profit, the extensive and years. A plan is in contemplation, by which increasing fishery of Folkstone will not be it is hoped that these fatal accidents may in found one of the least ; for every hundred great measure be prevented. It is intended of mackarel and every last of herrings will not only to simplify the machinery, so that pay a proportionate harbour.due, exclusive the power of one horse only will be required, of vessels of every description belonging to but the whole of the works are to be sunk the town, which will pay from one to ten in the ground, with a loose roof of weathere guineas each, annually. Building materials, boarding, which, in the event of the compo. and every species of merchandize, will also sition taking fire, will fly off and give vent yield a considerable income; and the coule to the explosion.

sumption of coals alone in this town will pay The new harbour at Folkstone will two and a half per cent. on the capital, execcopy nineteen acres of land, and contain clusive of its populous and fast-increasing tive handred vessels, from four to five hundred environs. The grand western wall is com tons each, affording them shelter and protec- plete, and it may be safely said, that much tion from the strong southerly winds which the most difficult part of che work is finished, are bere prevalent, and also from the swarms although only 8,4001. have been cxpended, ina of privateers which infest this narrow part ciuding all parliamentary and other prelimi. of the chansel; there being at present no nary expenses, which in many recent establish. shelter to our brave defenders, to the distress- ments have amounted to a considerable part ed mariner, or to the commercial interest of the capital. We have therefore a fair rea. in general, from Dungeness Point to the son to hope, that by a continuasion of that Downs, a line of coast of more than forty good management which has hitherto been miles. Nature has bountifully afforded displayed, the capital of 22,000!. will be ame every facility towards accomplishing this ple for its completion. It is calculated that desirable object; for, within one hundred this undertaking will be completed in 1811. yards of all parts of this work, are abundance But the harbour-dues will commerce in 1910), of rocks, which are formed, by the constant and very little doubt can be entertained washing of the ocean, to all the purposes re- that the first year's receipt will pay at least quired, and are secured to the cornpany free ten per cent. on the expenditure, of any expense, together with other materials on Died.]. At Margate, Ann, wife of Jacob the coatiguous estates of the earl of Radnor, Sawkins, esq. and daughter and sole henes which he permits the company the free wse of Capt. David Turner, formerly o: Nasty

Court) bart.

Court, Isle of Thanet. Mrs. Miles, relict post office.- Mrs. Jones, wife of Col. J. of of John M. esq.

the 18th light dragoons. At Canterbury, Mr. Partridge, sen. 71.- At Hurst-pierpont, in consequence of Mrs. Smith, wife of Mr. Edward S. sen - falling down stairs, Mrs. Mitchell. Mrs. Mary Parker, 91.-Mrs. Reynolds, 88. At South Stoke, Mrs. Wilton, relict of -Mrs. Tiblain, 70.

the Rev. Mr. W. rector of that place, whom At Shepherd's, Cranbrook, Mrs. Tempest, she survived but a few weeks, leaving eight wife of John T. esq.

small children wholly unprovided for. At Dover, Mr. John Taylor, of the thea- At Arundel, Mrs Overington. tre of that town.

HAMPSHIRE. At Northfieet, Sir Thos. Wiseman, bart. Married.] At Cheriton, the Rev. John 80.

Courtney, to Miss Ferrers, only daughter of At Whitstable, Mrs. Cars, 70.--Miss the Rev. Edmond F. Farbrace, 21.

At Ringwood, H. Combe Compton, esq. At Herne, Mrs. Greenland.

of Manor House, to Charlotte, second daughAt Brookland, Edward Snoad, esq. 24. ter of William Mills, esq. M. P.

At Down Court, Doddington, Ann, daugh- William Dyke, esq. of Vernham, to Miss ter of Mr. John Johnson, 13. This is the Eliz. Steele, of Ashmounsworth, both in this third daughter he has lost within the last county. three nionths.

The Rev. George Illingworth, rector of At Folkstone, Mr. Bazely Warman, 66. South Tidworth, to Miss Emma Smith, -Mrs. Sladen, 85.--Mr. H. Upton, 24. daughter of Thomas Ashton S. esq. of

At Deal, Mr. Jeremiah Nicholas, and a Tidworth-house. short time afterwards, his widow, Mrs. N. Died.] At Portsmouth, Capt. Marmaduke At Bradborn, sir John Papillon Twisden, Bailey, of the Wanderer, of Hull, in the

Jamaica trade. While adjusting the jib-hal. At Queenborough, Edward Shove, esq. one liards of his buat at the mast-head, he was of the magistrates for this county.

washed away by a heavy sea, and never seen At Maidstone, Mrs. Wachurst.

after, -Lieut. Richardson, formerly of che At Sandwich, Mr. Richard Pettman, 70.-- 1st Veteran Battalion, 83.-Mr. Pancras, Mrs. Castle, 58.-Mr. Slaughter, 82. carpenter in the royal navy, 90.-Dr.

At Sheerness, Capt. Bass, of his majesty's Roberts, late physician to the Royal Naval ship Glückstadt.

Hospital, at Haslar. At Boughton-under-Blean, Mr. Knowler, Ai Winchester, Mr. Downes, solicitor.

Mrs. Seares, 55.-Mr. William Rogers At Loose, John Boorman, gent. 85. Mrs. Hall, 94.-Mrs. Lyford, wife of Mr. L. At Barfreston, Mrs. Wood.

surgeon. At Brasted Place, Mrs. Mary Turton, re- Ac Nether Wanlip, Mr. Richard Gale. lict of Dr. John T. physician to his majesty, At Southampton, Mrs. Allnuti, wife of 69.

John A. esq. of Clapbam Common. Mrs. Ac Atham, Mrs. Whitby, wife of capt. W. Jolliffe, wite of W. J. csq. senior bailiff. R. N. She has left considerable property. At Quarley- house, near Andover, Mrs. Her principal estates in Yorkshire, with the Haggerscson, widow of Edward H. esq. of house and park at Brasted-place, are be- Ellingham, Northumberland. queathed to Mr. E. Peters, her nephew, a At Cuffnells, the infant son of George minor; and a large, estate in Yorkshire is Henry Rose, esq. left to her relation, Mr. Lambe, of the Ac Ringwood, John Deschamp, esq. Temple.

Married. At Semley, Mir. Joseph Roberts, SURRY.

to Miss Charlotte Sanger, both of War. Died ] At Merton, Mrs. Ann Blakiston, minster. relict of the Rev. John B.

John Gabriel, esq. of Calne, to Eliza, At West Horsley, Mr. T. Ledger, 55.

eldest daughter of John Ward, esq. of MarlAt Kingston, Mrs. Parker.-Mrs. Mary borough. Bye, 79.

Hallifield O'Donnoghue, A. B. of St. Ed. At Dulwich, Mrs. Rix.

mund's-hall, Oxford, to Lydia, third daughter

of the Rev. Edward Spencer, rector of Married.) Mr. C. Verrall, surgeon, of Winkfield. Seaford, to Miss King, daughter of the Rev. At Salisbury, Mr. Joseph Scobell, of StoneJ, W. King, rector of Tarrant Rushton, house, Devon, attorney, to Miss Ann Jane Dorsetshire

Cooper, Died.] At Southover, Mr. James Beadle, Died.] At Burbage, Caroline, youngest, 80. Mr. Nicholas Tourle, 73.

daughter of the late Rev. H. Jenner, and At Brighton, Mrs. Mary Howell, une of niece of Dr. J. the oldest female bathers of that town, 76. At Westwood, Mrs. Southerton, wife of Mrs. Ann Pitches, daughter of the late Mr. S. solicitor, Thomas P. esq. accountant-general of the At Warminster, Mr. Walter Brett, 68.





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