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Francis had expressed his determination not made for public delinquents, that the utmast to surrender himself except to actual force: rigour is ex:rcised against him who pleads for and during the whole of these two days and the ancient and constitutional rights of the nights the people were constantly assembling people. You nobly stept forward in defence round sir Francis's house, and giving him of a fellow subject unjustly imprisoned, and tokeas of their attachment, though the streets you questioned with great ability and knowwere paraded by dragoons. At length, on ledge of the laws, the warrant issued upon Monday morning, an immense military force that occasion; the House of Commons have was drawn up before and near the house, and answered your argument by breaking into the warrant was carried into execution by your house with a military force, seizing your Bow-street officers with almost theatrical person, and conveying you by a large body of management and effect.

troops to the Tower. Your distincion beA little before eleven the serjeant at arms, tween privilege and power remains unaltered; accompanied by messengers, police officers, the privileges of the House of Commons are and a large military force, broke violently for the protection, not for the destruction, of into the house. Sir Francis was sitting with the people. We have resolved to remonhis family, and on the appearance of the ser- strate with the House of Commons on the jeant, asked by what authority he broke outrages committed under their orders; and into his house ? The serjeant produced the to call upon them to restore you to your seat speaker's warrant, which sir Francis refused in parliament, which the present state of the to obey, and demanded if it was intended to country renders more than ever necessary for be executed by a military force? The an. the furtherance of your and our object-areswer was in the affirmative: whereupon sis form of the representation in that house. Francis commanded them to desist in the While so many members are collected togeking's name, and called upon the sheriff for ther by means which it is not nesessary for his aid. It was answered that the sheriff was us to describe,' we cannot but entertain the not there ; and sir Francis then said, that greatest apprehensions for the remainder of they should not take him but by force, which our liberties; and the employment of a milithey accordingly did, and hurried him through tary force against one of their own body, is a double file of soldiers drawn up in his own but a sad presage of what may be expected house, to a glass coachi, which they had in by those who like you have the courage to waiting for the purpose, and conveyed him stand forward in defence of the rights of the to the 'Tower, escorted by a large body of people." horse.

Sir Francis, in his answer, speaking of the In the return of the troops from the Tower, present state of the representation of the peo. they fired repeatedly on the people, and some ple, says: “ From this foul and traitorous lives were lost. Concerning some of the traffic our borough-monger sovereigns derive cases, the coroner's juries have very properly an immense revenue, cruelly wrung from the returned verdicts of wilful murder,

hard hand of honest labour. I do, however, In consequence of these abominable pro- now entertain an ardeat hope, that this de ceedings, a very numerous meeting of the graded and degrading system, to which all electors of Westminster was held in Palace our difficulties, grievances, and dangers, are yard, on the 17th of April; at which it was owing, will at length give way to the mon resolved, to present to the House of Com- derate but determined perseverance of a whole mons a" petition and remonstrance," stating, united people. Magna Charta, and the old among other things, that “ the committal law of the land, will then resume their emof sir Francis Burdett to prison, enforced by pire-freedom will revive the caterpillars military power, are circumstances which of the state, coiling themselves up in their render evident the imperious necessity of an own naturally narrow sphere, will fall off and immediate reform in the representation of the perish-property and political power, which people :” and concluding with most earnestly the law never separates, will be re unitedcalling upon the house " to restore to us our the king, replaced in the happy and dignified representative, and according to the notice he station allotted him by the constitution-the has given, to take the state of the represen. people, relieved froin the bitterest of all tation of the people into your serious consi. curses, the curse of Canaan, that of being deration, a reform in which is, in our opi- the servants of servants, and restored ta nion, the only means of preserving the coun. their just and indisputable rights. To effect try from military despotism." It was deter. these great, important, and necessary purpomined also to send a letter to sir Francis in ses, no exertions of mine shall ever be wance the Tower, expressing their full approbation ing-without their attainment, no efforts of of his general conduct ; and speaking of the mine can avail. The people of England must particular instance in question, in the follow. speak out-they must do more they must ing terms :-.“ We feel the indignity that act: and if, following the example of the has been offered you, but we are not sur. electors of Westminster, they do act in a firin prised to find, that when every excuse is and regular manner, upon a concerted plan,


eter keeping the law and constitution in view, The House of Commons, after a very long they must finally succeed in recovering that and adjourned debate, determined to pass over to which they are legally entitled--the ap- sir Francis's letter to the Speaker, without pointment of their own guardians and trustees any particular notice; and allowed the petie for the protection of their own liberty and tion from the electors of Westminster to be property. They must either do this, or they received, after some attempt at opposing it. must inevitably fall a sacrifice to one or the Notice has been served on the Speaker, other of the most contemptible factions that and his officers, by sir Francis Burdete's solia ever disgraced this or any other country. The citor, that he has instructions to bring an question is now at issue ; it must now be ule action against them, at the suit of the honourtimately determined whether we are hence. able baronet. This will bring the important forth to be slaves, or be free. Hold to the question of the breaking open his house, laws-this great country may recover; for- fairly to issue ; and it will be solemnly dr. sake them and it will certainly perish,” gued in a court of law.

ALPHABETICAL List of BANKRUPTCIES and DIVIDENDS, announced between The 20th of March and the 20th of April, ertracted from the London Gazettes,

BANKRUPTCIES. (The Solicitor's Names are between Purenthesis.) A scrivener.

(Hindman. Dyer's court, Aldermanbury Anderson Georee, and George Harrison Eades. Sidge-yard

Wharf, Tooley freer, merchants. (Palmer, Tom.

linfans and Thomson, Copthall court Ayrton Edwin William, New Cut, Larnbeth Marih,

brak r. (Howard, Charing Cross Baker Joho, Sea coal lan", London, carpenter. (Hadion,

Winkworth Builoings, City road Ball Johu, Adam freet, Adelphi, auctioneer. (Green

hill, Gray's inn square Banda Edward Walfall. Stafford. fadler's ironmonger.

(Turner and Pike, Bloomsbury square, and Hecley,

Walail Barber William Alnwick, Northumberland, brewer.

(Lambert, Alnwick and Flexney, Chancery labe bepnett Thuntas, Liverpuol, merchant. (Houghton,

Liverpool, and Winale, John street, Ledford ruw Boyd Thomas, Maida till, Edgware road, thopkeeper.

Jeyes Charlotte Arcet, Fitzroy square Brandon Isaac, and Samuel Certifios, Leadenhall street,

merchants. (Swain, Stevens, and Maples, Old

Jewry Brown Robert William, Lambeth road, merchant. (Hill,

Rood Jane Bryan Thomas, Sloane Arect, grocer. (Cuppage, Jermyo

treet Burt William, Tooley ftreet. oil-frerchant, (Sherwood,

Cushion court. Broad ftieet Calle Amfirofe, Furnival's ion, money fcrivener. (HIU,

Ruka lane Chapman William, Beverley, lipen draper. (Hall, Beverley Clourey Nicholas, Liverpool, provision merchant. (Davies,

Liverpool, and Meddowcroft, Gray's ing Collins Letitia, Halfmoon freet, milliner and dress

maker Cor Elizabeth, Olvefon, Glocefter, Thopkeeper. (Guet,

nitol, and Meredith, Robbins and Tomkyns, Lin

coin's inn Dakey Charles, Manchester and Nottingham, lace manu.

fadarer. (Willis, Fairthorne and Clarke, Warn.

ford court, and Hennp, Manchefter Dayics John, Hereford, corn factor. (Browne and Pin.

niger, Gray's ion square, and Bird and Wollafton,

Hereford Davies James, Le 'bury, Hereford, glass man. (Pewtrifs,

Gray sian, anı Keece, Ledhury Davies William, Coadley, gun-barrel maker. (Strong,

Brill and strone, Lincoln's inn, and Roberts, Wor.

celer, Stourbridge De Joachim, Louis René, Buildings, dis.

tille. (Wadefon, Barluw, and Grosvenor, Angin

Triars De la Ra'iit, Charles, Birmingham, Spanin leather drefter.

(Koffer and son, Bartlett's Buildings, and Hill,

Shrewsbury Dixon Mark, Borough, High Areet, hop merchant (Day

and Hamerton Line ftreer Vong worth James. Grove ertet, Commercial road, and

Thomas Art, Steppey, builders. (Rutfun, well

e lose square Drury William, Canterbury, naualler, (Pierce and

Sandys, Canterbury, and Winnirn and Collett,

Charicery Lane Ldward James Leisetter, temaker. (Greaves, Lei

CERET. and Willon, Temple Tallos Auguftine, Mart Areet, Bluornsbury, wine mer

chant. (Chapman jud Stevens, . Mylord's court, Poultry

Feiton James, We? Thurrock, Efex, baker. (Aubrey,

Took's court, Cursitor itreet, and Scanley, Billericay,

ЕПех Fildes Benjamin, Upton na Severn Worcefter, boat builder.

(Whitcombe, Griffith, and Philpotts, Giocefter Flemine Henry, Hanway yard, Oxford fract, jeweller.

(Hodgson, Clement's inn Forrest James, Chester, corto dealer. (Avison, Livere

pool Poulkes Joseph, Hackney road, builder.

Rution, Well clure quare Foy Walter, Beech Atreet, linen draper. (Vind, Throg

morton Atreet Gough william, Cranbourne freet, mercer.

(Turner, Edward ftreet, Cavendith square Griffiths William, we wood, Wilts, dyer.

(Williams Red Liun Fuare, and Williams and Bush, Trow.

bridge, Wilts. Hain Jodathan, Hampton, viltualler. (Vincent, Bedford

Areet, Bedford square Hamilton John, Bridol, merchant. (Tarrant, Chaocery

Jane, and Smith, Briftol Hammond John. Macclesfield, tanner. (Cooke, Maccles.

feld. and Kent, Clifford's inn Harrison George, Manchefter, merchant. (Burkett,

Rond court, Walbrook, and Pearson, Carlifle Hartley Juhn Manchefer, grocer. (Kay and Renshaw,

Manchetter Henzell George, Little East Cheap, underwriter. (Sher

wood, Cuthion court. Broad ftreet Hern William, Hinckley, Berks, vi&tualler Hices John, Liverpool merchant: (Crump and Lodge,

Liverpoul, and Battye, Chancery lane Holt samuel, Manchester, crucer, (Pass and Reddith,

Altrincham, Cheshire, and Wilton, Greville fiect,

Hatton Garden Hooker Thomas, Mary-le-bone-ftreet, Portlaod Place,

grocer. (Stevenson, Chequer court, Charing

Cross Horwuod Joseph, Woodchefer, Park-hill, Glocefterhire,

miller. (Whircombe and King, Serjeant's inn, Fleet êtreet, and Bowyer, King's Holin, ucar Glo.

cefter Ingham Francis, Norland, Halifax, clothier. (Willis,

Fairthorne and Clarke, Waruford couri, and Allisoa

Huddersfield Inman Jofeph, Kent road, broker. (Bryant, Copthalt

court King William, Bream's buildings, Chancery line, cabinet.

maker. Wasbrough, Warnford court Knight James. Calne, Wilts, clothier. (Davis and

Poole, Bristol. and James, Gray's ino Square Lewis Evan, Cardiff, Glamor gan grocer. (Lewis, Car.

diff, and Gregory, Clement's inn Littlejohn Joseph James, Gofport, mercer. (Bleafdale,

Alexander and Holme, New inn, and Cruicklank

Gosport Lloyd William, Chefer, chair-maker, (Mline and Party,

Temple and Sinncock, Chettor Lomas Dcc mus, Watford. corn merchant. (Fairlie and

Francis, New Square, Lincoln's inn
Lucas John Bromsgrove, Worceker, dealer in timber.

Richardfun, New Inn
Luke Thomas, Exeter brewer. (Loxley, Cheapfide

James, Oid Chaoge, vidualler. (Howell, Sion

College Gardens, Aldermanbury Macek George, Briftul, linen draper,

(Tilfun, Chatham Piace, Blackfriars Marmal Cuthbert, Ratcliff Square, mariner, (Sherwood,

Cufhioo court, Bruad Arees Mafery William, apd John Atki), Whitechapel road,

dealers in glass and earthenware. (Autice and Con , Temple, and Tomli fun, Hanley, Stafford. utre


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April 17

Mayhew Robert, Stutton, Suffolk, miller. (Bunn, Ips

wich and Tayior, Southampton buildings, Chancery Mellor samcel Ecking, Liverpool, cotton dealer. (Avi

fon, liverpoul Moore Henry, Ratcliff Highway, victualier. (Fothergiji,

Cliffori's inn Morris John Marple, Chefer, boat builder. (Willis,

Fairthorne, and Clarke, Warnford court, and Heslop,

Manchefer Mureley Daniel, Wakefield, inokerper. (Clarkson,

. Elex treet, Strand, and Clarkson, Wakefield Nott John, Romford, grocer and cheesemonger. (Shear

man, Hart Atreet, Bloomsbury Pase James Hornsey butcher. (Platt, Temple Palmer James, Aldermanbury, mer hant, (Dennetts

and Greaves, Coleman Areet Palmer Thomas, Britol, working goldfinith. (Gabell,

Lincoln's inn, and Hartley, Briftol Paskin John, Sheffield, innkeeper. (Chambre, Chapel

Greet. Bedford row, and Coatfon, Sheffield Pearson John, Bath, hofier. (Shephard and Adlington,

Bedford row, and heppard, Bath Perkins Abraham, Stamford, Lincoln, grocer, (Thomp

fon, Stamford Phillips Frederick, Shaftesbury, shopkeeper. (Pearfin,

Temple, and Durpferd, Pensbury House, near

Shaftesbury Prance George, Swansea, lipen draper. (Clarke and

Son, Brigol, and Jenkins, James and abbott, New

Inn Raby John, Great St. Helen's Chambers, merchant

(Druce, Billiter square Raby George Great St. Helen's Chambers, merchant.

(Druce, Billiter square Reynolds William, Chedunr, dealer. (Coppard, Baptit

Chambers, Chancery lane Riddiford William, Uley, Glocefter, clothier. (Blox

fome, Dyrlley, and Price and williams, Lincoln's inn Rippon Theophilus, Honiton, confectioner. (Rippon,

London Road, Southwark Robertfon Robert Stourbridge, Worcester, druggift.

(Strong. Still, and strong, Lincoln's ind, and Ro.

berts, Stourbridge Roose Jonathan, Liverpool, merchant. (Staniftreet and

Eden, Liverpool, and Windle, John ftreet, Bedford row Scott Alexander, and Thomas Furyer, St. Mary Axe,

merchan s. (Hackett, Chancery lane Serres John Thomas, Queen ftreet, Golden fquare, picture

frame maker (Warrand and Wood, Cafle court,

Bridge row Bhafe John, shoe lane, copper-plate-maker. (Pullen,

Fore Street Skinner David, Newington Causeway, cabinet maker.

(Parry, Thaive's inn Smythe Rubert, Tottenham, money scrivener: (Wimbolt,

Fore ftreet, Cripplevate Spencer William Fennell Gosport, mercer. (Collins

and Hewson, Gofport and Dyne, Serjeant's ina,

Fleet Etreet Stafford Aaron, Strley Bridre Lancafler, Mop keeper.

(Clarke and Richards, Chalicery ane, and Higgin.

bottom, Athton-under-line Stevens Jahn, and Edward Baker. Whitcombe Etreet,

brewers. (Reynolds, Calle treet, Falcon Square Stunley Thomas, Swatham, Norfolk, upholder. (sweet

ana Srokes. Tenaple Taylor William, Liverpool. merchant. (Atkinfon,

Chancery lane, and Haftall, Liverpool Taylor David. Great Totham, Efex, grocer. (Carter,

Staple inn Taylor David, Mile end road. cabinet maker. (West,

Red Lion ftreet, Wapping Tudly John, Hereford. hop cealer. (Evans, Hereford,

and Pewtrils, Gray's ina Vaugham John, Braunton quay, Daventry, merchant,

(Marion Newington Burts Wagner Frederic, Uxbridge, clothier. (Gale, Bedford

Arcet, kedford row Waller Thomas, Canterbury Place, Lambeth, tellow

chandler (Meymutt, Burrow's buildings, Black

friar's road Walmsley Feter Dennis, Manchester, warehou reman.

(Barrett, Manchester à id Willis, Fairthurne and

Clarke, Warn ford court West Robert, Oxford freet, uraper. (Mafon, Foster

lane White Auguftus, Welmoreland place, City road, mercbant,

Hughes and Chapman, Temple Whitehead Thomas, sen and jun. Paillworth, Lancaster,

cotton manufacturers. (Barrett, Manclicker, Ald

wiVis Pairthorne and Clarke, Warnfo.d court Wood Robert, Margate, grocer. (Clulton, Southwark

DIVIDENDS ANNOUNCED. Abbott Joseph Prescot, Lancaster, grocer, April 16 Allen William, Chandos Arect, shoemaker, May Alvey Vincent, Spalding, Lincoln, brewer and fun keeper,

May ! Armron jofeph. Eyton, Salop, miller, May 7 Ayres Joha, Sun breet, Bishopsgate, callow chandler,

May 22 Baker Charles, Saville Place, Lambeth, four fa&tor,

May ! Banks Richard, Eltham, Kept, vitvaller, March 31 Eatclay jamce, Old road freet, merchant, April 24 Bale i norras, Macclesfield, draper, May 8 Bayley Jarnes, High freet, Shadwell, abip breaker and

merchant, April 14

Beattie James, Longtown, Cumberland, drapér, Aprilis Beetfan

Henry Grundy, Gray's inn square, money serive

ner, April 28 Belcher Johti, Lamb's Conduit freet, merchant, May ! Bell Robert, Newcale upon Tyne, woollen draper,

May 11 Bell Robert and Robert Hedley, Newcale-upon-Tyne,

woollen drapers, May 11 Benwell T. Newman freet, coach maker, April 1 Billings Samuel, Liverpool, hufier and lace

manutacturer, May 3 Bloxam Sir Matthew, Thomas Wilkiofon and William

Bloxam, Gracechurch street, bankers, April 14 Bloxam William, Gracechurch itreet, baoker. April 21 Bonney John Augué us, Percy areet, St. Pancras, money

criveaer, April 14 Briges Richard, Liverpool, merchant, May 1 Brifov Charles, Newgate krent, linen draper, May 5 Brolter Thomas, Liverpool, {tationer, May 6 Bruton John Luxon. Rotherhithe, mariner, April 17 Bury William, jun. Piston, Vevon. clothier. May 7 Butcher Robert Peoniall, Laurence Fountaey lane, wine

merchant, April 28 Chaband Henry, Plumtree freet, Bloomsbury, jeweller,

April 21 Chadwick Ann, Bredbury, Chefter, Lat-manufa&urer, Chadwick Jonn, Bredbury, Cheter, hat-manufa&arer,

May 10 Chapman Elias, Tunbridge Wells, carpenter, April 21 Chapmau Richard, Thatcham, Berks, thepkeeper,

April 17 Chapman Juhn, Yarmouth, linen draper, May 8 Chapple James, Grace's Alley, Weliciose (quare, hofier,

April 14 Charlton Cornelius, Ealt Farleigh, Kent. yeoman, Mayo Chriftin Francis Henry. John Calvert Clarke, and Chari:

Bowen, College Hill, merchants, April 21 Clarke Abraham, Newport, Idle of Wight, ABACT

April 24 Clennell John, Newcattle upon Tyne, pin maker. Maya Cliffold Benjamin, South's Rents, St. John treet, dealer

and chapman, April 14 Colombine Francis, David, David, jua. and Peter, jun. Connop Jofeph, and Coleman Levy Newton, Red Lion

Atreet, Spitalhelds, dyers. May ! Cotton Thomas, Cornhil, fock' broker and banker, Cramond Arthur, Bridge Atreet, Blackfriars, merchant, Croft William, Leeds, and James Minks, Hunslet, York,

merchants May 30
Danfon Robert, Golgate, Lancaster, coal merchant, May
Davis l'homas, Wolverhampton, iroumonger, May?
Dawson Elliott, Hinckley, Leicetter, hober, April at
Dean joseph, Birmingham, ja panner. April 18
De Gruchy, John Philip and Philip Gavey, London,

merchabts, May 8
Dinsdale Jofeph, Sculcoates, York, grocer, April 17
Dixon Thomas, Bath, chioaian, April 16
Dowland William, Devizes, draper, April 17

John, Great James 'treet, Bedford row, ferivener,

May 26 Dyer Richard, Bath. corufador, April 16 Edwards Joha, Stonehouse, Devon, draper and Nupfeller Every Samuel, Liverpool, ship.chandler and merchants Faveli Elizabeth and James, Cambridge, painters, Fergufon John, Burr freet, St. George's in the Eat, Fincham Williams, Covent garden, earthenware meng Fisher William, Catnbridge, woollen-draper, May 1 Foriler Pexail, Great Yai mouth, book feijer, May : Preebairn Robert. and Joseph Wilson, Queca Sreets

Cheaplide, warehoulemen, May 29 Fuller John James, Yoxford, Suffolk, draper and grocer

April 17 Gardner William, Newent, Glocefter, baker and malker, Garland Charles, Brackley, Northampton, falesman,

April 26 German

William, Brifol, tyler and platerer, May 1 Gilman Thomas, Norwich, liden-draper, Mays Gray James. Eait amin field, baker, april 17 Greco William, Kingsland road, dealer and chapman,

April 24 Hell George, Queen treet, hilk manufacturer. April 24 Harris barnuel, and John Clarke, worm wood street, jroa.

mongers, April 28 Hawkins William Birmingham, button maker, April 14 Hath William, Chippenham, Wilts, clutter, May 15 Hebert jobs and George, Grange road, Suuto wurk,

tanners, May 5 Heuby Thomas, Abbey Place, Bethnal Greta road, care

peater and builder, April 24 Hey Matthew, Cateaten freet, warehouseman, Mays Hingeton Charles and Robert, Walbrook, iDea's mercers,

May 5 Hole houlé Ano, Union freety Shadwell, sugar refaer,

May 12 Horner Juhn, Tramwellgate, Durham, tanner, May 2 Hughes Thomas, Nortolk street, Strand, wine-mcichant,

pril 14 Hughes Mark, Bury court, Love lans, woel merchant, April 28



Hughes James Fletcher, Wigmore freet, bookseller, Preit Margaret and Joho, Thorney treet, Bloomsbury, Hunt George, Stalbridge, Dorset, linen-draper, May 9 Prefted

Robert, Brick lane, Spitalfields, Moemaker, Harry Ives, Richard Powles and James Hurry, Nag's April 21

head court, Gracechurch Street, merchants, Proffer James, Sloane ftreet, grocer, April 21 May

Prynn Alexander Allan, st. Columb, Cornwall, mercer, Hatier farnes, Weton Colville, Cambridge, farmer, May 8 April 17

Ranfon Lebbeus, Cannon Coffee House, Charing Cross, Kemp William, Faversham, grocer, May 15

tavern keeper, May 19 Killick Juhn Shepherd, Hackney Mills, Lee Bridge, Rayner Richard, Birmingham, button maker. April 18 milier, April 13

Rigg John Henry, Harc ftreet, Covent Garden, rectifier, Kinsey William, oxford Atreet, coach maker, May 15

April 17 Knowles Thomas, Yurk, shopkeeper, April 12

Rore J. Road, Somerset, farmer, April 14 Leathwood William, Liverpool, cork cutter, April 16 Salterthwaite Ifaac, Tamworth, wine and spirit merchabr, Lee Jofeph, Illington, timber inerchant, March 31

April 24 Leedham Joho, Matlock, inakeeper, May !

Schaffer John, London Road, Surry, floor-cloth many Lerous Henry Jacob, Canonbury Square, Idingtoo, builder, facturer, April 28 May 9

Sellings Samuel, Little Coggerhall, Esex, maltter and Ierien Solomon, jun. Barnes, broker, May 5

victu aller, June 23
Liter Thomas, King freet, Holborn, cuach plater, Mays Shaw Daniel, Barnsby. York. mercer. April 2
Lloyd Thomas Hughes, Poulety, and Walworth Common, Shorts Edward Horne, Exeter. curler. ápril 4
Aare merchant, May 8

Silvelter Robert, Reading. timber dealer. April 16
Lowes David, Hart freet, Covent Garden, rectifier, Smith Johii, affron hill. grecer. May 5
April 17

Smith John. North Warnborough. Tantsi fack maker,
Lowes David, and John Henry Rige, Hart freet, Covent April 23
Garden, rectifiers, April 17

Smith Thomas, Brandon. Suffolk. wine merchant. April 17 Lythgoe James, Liverpool, merchant, April at

Smith Jofeph and Samuel Worthington. Hurit. Lancaster, Mackenzie John, Old City Chambers, merchant. May 9

munín manufacturers. May in Magee Jona and Daniel M.Nulty, Oxford freer, linea Smyth John, Greatrix. Dyer's court. Aldermanbury, is drapers. May 13

furance broker. May s Manley Charles, Angel court, Throgmorton freet, mer Squire William. Leeds. holier. May a

Standley William. Wheeftone. Leicester. malter: Mays Martin Ricard and James Bain, Fleet reet, book sellers, Stukes Thomas. Tooly Atreet. cabinet maker and uphol. May 26

derer April 28 Maugham Richard, Brentford, draper, April 18

Stokoe G. Sun Street. plane-maker. April 18 Masad John Henry, Coventry, grocer, May 5

Stretton Samuel, Willingdon. suflex. thopkeepera Nils Samuel, Stamford, Lincoln, upholsterer, May 4

April 21 Mitchel John, New Sleaford, Lincoln, Brucer and tallow Taylor jofeph. Ware. Herts, ont dealer, May 29 chandier, April 14

Toomas George. Pembroke. thopkeeper, May Monk William, Parbold, Lancashire, lime burner, April 18 Thornton John Lawrence. Poutney Jade, merchant Moseley Henry. Lawrence Poutney Hill, and Ifaac Whiel May 19 don, Copthall court, merchants, March 31

Tiddarth Jofeph. New County Terrace. New Kenc roat, Mont John, Leadenhall freer, hatrer, April 17

Surry. builder. April 24
Myers David Thompfon, Stamford, Lincoln, draper, Tigwell James. Gosport, linen-draper. April 19
April 16, May 17

Walker David. Holborn, book feller. May s
Baylor Robert, Balinghall street, merchant, April 21 Watkin John, Sculcoates. York. rope maker. May
Nae Ana, Strand, milliner, April 21

Watson John and William Wilcocks. Norwich. merchants. New Ann, Strand hoker, May 3

May 1 Ozle Joho, Pickwick, Wilts, ely. and William Walter, Ll. Watts George, fen, Chichetter. hatcer. May 8 verpool, merchant, April 27

Wild David. Newtown. Montgomery. Aannel manufacturer, Pain John. Peckham, bricklayer, April 7.

May 4 Paine Wiatr, Manchester, dealer and Chapman, May 8 Williams William. Tofts. Norfolk. carpenter. May 1 Parker Nathan, Weit Auckland, Durbam, brandy mer Willis Thomas Aare. Lamb's Conduit street, ligen draper, chant, April 17

April 28 Pateur John Lewis. Stoney Stratford, Bucks. grocer and Winterbottom John. Manchester. merchant, May 16 cbandler, Mays

Woodward Peter. King Atreet, Cheapfide, warehousemana, Pierce Thomas, Canterbury, drazier, Mays

April 10
Potter George, Charing Cross, haberdasher, May 26 Wright Dennis. Saxlingham. Norfolk. miller. May s
Potrer Joha, and william Monkman, Siiver treet, Ware. Wryghte William. Fenchurch freet. April 28
houseman, April 14

YUUDs Thomas Machin. Monmouth, dealer and chapmane Poweil Henry John, Uxbridge, builder and carpenter, April 30

April 21



With Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Characters recently deceaseda THE Royal Naval Asylum, at Greenwich, At St. Mary-le-bonne, Frederic Leman

is expected to be finished in the course of the Rogers, esq. second son of the late Sir Frederic present year; the back front, towards the R. bart. to Sophia, daughter of the late Lieut.. park, is nearly completed, and has a beautiful Colonel Deare, of the Bengal establishmento appearance. It has been extended much fare -The rev. Dr. Hall, master of Pembroke ther then was originally intended, and when College, Oxford, to Sarah Harriet, youngest finished, will have a fine effect, both from daughter of the late Charles William Cater, the park and hospital, which has likewise esq. of Bath. undergone many iniprovements lately. Je At Clerkenwell, Willian Persifull, esq. is in contemplation to build all offices and to Miss Alice WiWiams. houses for the civil officers outside the walls, At St. Luke's, R. Burton, esq. of Market eastward of the building, in order to admit a Harborough, Leicestershire, to Mrs. Hewlett, greater number of seamen on the establish. of Bunhill-row. ment.

Af St. Pancras, John Martin Leake, juna MARRIED.

esq. to Mrs Lacy, widow of Captain L. of Edward Collins, esq. captain in the 21st the corps of engineers. light dragoons, to Margaret, only daughter of At St. Andrew's, Holborn, Edward Barber, the late W. Wood, esq. of Charlotte-street, esq. of Barston, Warwickshire, to Jane, eldest Fitzroy square.

daughter of Mr. Yorke, of New Ormond Ac St. George's, Hanover square, Charles street. Mills, csq. M.P. for Warwick, to Miss Aç St. George's Church, Bloomsbury, Digby, daughter of the late Hon. Wriothesley James Lyon, esą of Leadenhall-street, to D. esq. of Moreden, Warwicksbire.-Colonel Miss Ikin, of Woburn place, Russel-square. Stafford, to Miss Spencer.

Af St. George che Martyr, Queen square,


the rev. Edward William Grinfield, A.M. of Spoki, wife of Peter S. esq. president of the Lincoln College, Oxford, to Mary Ann, only Board of Trade, Calcutta. surviving daughter of the late George Filling In Keppel-street, Bedford-square, Mrs. Le ham, esq. of Upper Seymour-street, Periman- titia Clogstown; widow of Robert late square.

of the Antigua. Mr. Tipper, bookseller, of Leadenhall. In Cockspur-street, Mr. David Haltes More strect, to Augusta Sophia, daughter of Tho. ley, of the British Coffee House, 63. mas Davis, esq. of Trinity-square.

In Upper Wimpole-street, in the 79th Mr. Samuel Hamilton, of Weybridge, to year of her agt, lady Charlotte Wentworth, the Caroline Mary, eldest daughter' of James only surviving sister of the late marquis of Heath, esq. of Russel-place, Fitzroy-square. Rockingham, and aunt to carl Fitzwilliam.

At Hampton Court, the Hon. George Ca. Mrs. Cobb, wife of T. Cobb, esq. banker, dogan, captain in the royal navy, and son of Lombard-street. the late Earl of Ladogan, to Honoria, fifth In Berkeley-square, Mrs. Raikes, wife of daughter of the late Joseph Blake, esq. of Thomas R. esq. Ardiry, in the county of Galway.

At Hackney, Mrs. Stuck, relict of the rev. At Lleworth, J. T. Proby, esq. of the 13th Mr. S. 79. light dragoons, to Alice, daughter of the late "Mrs. Cherry, wife of the rev. Mr. C. head Thomas Hartley, esq. of Heslington, near master of Merchant Taylor's school. York.

In Harley-street, the infant daughter of The Hon. Joshua Vanneck, eldest son of Lord Redesdale. Lord Huntingfield, to Miss Arcedeckne, of In Little Queen-street, Holborn, Mr. T. Clevering Hall, Suffolk.

Barton, printer. At Hackney, J. Carey, esq. to Harriet, lu Portland Place, Theodore Henry Broadeldest daughter of J. Casey, esq. all of Guern- bead, e q. sey.

In Queen Anne street West, William SaAt Bromley, Joseph Corsbie, esq. of Sten- mue! Towers, esq. 52. ton, Suffolk, to Miss Adam, sister of John In Great St. Mary-le-tone-street, aged 74, William of New Grove House, Bromley. Christopher Barber, artist. DIED.

At his seat, near Teddington, Jane Stope Lieutenant Robert Henry Hexter, royal navy, ford, carl of Cuurtown, viscount Stopford, twenty years an officer in his majesty's ser baron Courtown, in Ireland, baron Salters. vice, during which time he had experienced ford, of Saltersford, in the county palatine of shipwreck, and many other hardships. He was Chester, knight of St. Patrick. His lordship a dutiful son to an amiable mother, affec. was in his 70th year, and is succeeded in his tionate and kind as a brother, a sincere friend, estates and titles by his eldest son, viscount and attentive to those he esteemed; a bravé Stopford, member for Mariborough. officer, firmly attached to his king and coun At his seat at Fulham, aged 87, Sir Philip try; charitable and humane to those in dis- Stephens, bart. one of the oldest servants of tress; cheerful and good tempered; and the crown, M.P. ffirst for Liskeard, and above all, an honest man.

afterwards, in several parliaments, for Sando In Wimpole-strect, S.pbia, eldest daughter wich. of General Morse.

In Berners-street, Sir William Bersley, bart. In the Strand, James Epbraim Like Nealson, So created in 1771. esg.

[Turber partic:!ars of tbe late Caleb W bite'in Southampton-street, Bloomsbury, Paul fcord, whose death is anncunced at p. 286, of sur Prickett, ésq. 81.

last Number. Ata very early age he was placed In Portman-street, Lady Langham, relict under the tuition of Mr. Mundel, then of sir James L. bart.

distinguished teacher in the capital of Scot Mr. Robert Baldwin, many years an emi- land, at whose seminary he soon ectipsed all went bookseller in Paternoster-row, 72. his school-feilows, by his rapid progress in the

In St. James's-square, the infant son of Lacin tongue, and other branches of education, Lord Grantham.

which he completed at the university of Lacy Elzat etb Villiers, sister of the earl of - Edinburgh, the alma mater of so many eminent Jersey

literary characters. This uncommon probIn George-strcet, Hanover-squarc, vis. ciency in c'assical knowledge inducrd hisfather frontess Carleton.

to breed him up for the church ; but to the Francis Mariba, daughter of the right clerical profession he entertained such strong honourable Richard Ryder.

objections that the colonel was obliged to reAr Greenwich, Robert Maillaud, esq. 66. linquish his intentions, and to send him to At Hampstead, C. Steers, esq.

London, where he was placed in the countingAt Enfield, Mírs. Fones, relict of Thomas house of his friend, Mr. Archibald Stewart,

an eminent wine merchant in York Buildings, In Gray's Inn, William Barton Beswick, esq. where young Caleb remained about four years,

At Hackney, the pev. John Kiddel, tutor and then went over in France, and staid there at the late Homerton academy, 90.

next two years more, until he became of age. In George street, Portinan square, Mrs. While he remained in Mr. Stewart's count

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