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sources. By the Rev. Thomas Comber, Observations on the present State of the A.B. 8vo. 12s, large paper 11. 18.

Profession and Trade of Medicine, as prac

tised by Physicians, Surgeons, Apochecaries, LAW AND JURISPRUDENCE.

Chemists, Druggists, and Quacks, in the The Trial of William Hancock, Richard Metropolis, and throughout the country of Wright, alias Black Dick, and John Lee,

Great Britain. By Jeremiah Jenkins, esq. at the 'Wilts Lent Assizes, hoiden at Salis. late member of the Society of Physic. bury, the 13th of March, 1810, before the

3s, 60. Hon. Sir Alan Chambre, knight, for a Burg. Observations on some of the principal lary in the dwelling-house of Mr. John Diseases of the Rectum and Anus; particuCrosby, at Westbury. 1s.

larly Stricture of the Rectum, the Hæmor. Five Letters to Sir Samuel Romilly, M.P. rhoidal Excrescence, and the Fistula in Ano. on the subject of his motion respecting the By Thomas Copeland, Fellow of the College Penal Laws. By Anti-Draco. 8vo. 2s.6d.

of Surgeons, and Assistant-surgeon to the A Report of the Trial of Sir H. C. Lip Westminster General Dispensary. 8vo. 5s. piacott, bart. on a Charge of Rape committed

A Conspectus of the Pharmacopeias of the on the person of Mary Milford, spinster, London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Colleges of preferred at the Assize of General Gaol-Deli- Physicians; being a Practical Compendium very for the city and county of Bristol, of Materia Medica and Pharmacy. By on the 18th of April, 1810. By C. H. Walo Anthony Todd Thomson, Surgeon. 5s. 6d. ker, Solicitor for the Prosecution. 28. 6d.

An Account of the remarkable Effects of A short Narrative of the Circumstances the Eau Medicinale D'Husson in the Gout. attending the late Trials in the Supreme By Edwin Godden Jones, M.D. member of Court of Judicature at Madras, for forgery, the Royal College of Physicians, and Phy• perjury, &c. with some Comments on the sician Extraordinary to his Royal Highness unjustifiable Allusions made to them in a the Duke of York. 58. late Official Communication in Defence of A Practical Essay on Cancer, being the the Madras Government. 3s. 60.

Substance of Observations, to which the A plain and brief Statement of an extraor- annual prize for 1808 was adjudged by the dinary and interesting Case, lately decided in Royal College of Surgeons, London. By the Court of Chancery, on a Petition pre- Christopher Turner Johnson. 8vo. 5s. 6d. ferred originally in the year 1807, to the An Essay on the Nature of Scrofula ; Lord Chancellor, by an Infant, a Ward of with evidence of its origin from disorder of that Court, for the recovery and preservation the Digestive Organs. By Richard Carmi. of his property, against an Attorney, the chael, Surgeon. 8vo. 5s. Steward and Receiver of his Estates in the

Observations on the Hydrargia, or that Counties of Cornwall and Devon.

vesicular Disease arising from the exhibition Opinions and Judgments of the late Lord of Mercury. By George Alley, M. D. 4to. Chief Justice Wilmot, in different Courts. 14s. 4to. 11. 1s.

An Appeal to the Public, on the Conduct

of certain Surgeons 'who have combined to An Essay on Mechanical Drawing, com- prevent the author from practising his Proprising an Elementary Course of Practice in fession; with an Essay on the Cure of Disthat important Art; illustrated in numerous torted Spine, and remarkable Cases of Distor. highty-finished plates, with explanatory tion that have been successfully treated, and letter-press. By Charles Blunt, engineer. therefore created the enmity of the Surgeons draftsman, &c. No. I. royal 4to. 6s.

in question. By T. Sheldrake, truss-maker

to the East-India company. 8s. MIDICINE AND SURGERY. An Inquiry into the History and Nature of the Disease produced in the human Con

Instructions for Training and Exercising s itution by the use of Mercury; with Obser- the Local Militia. Printed by Authority. yations on its connexion with the Lues Ve. 28. 68. nerea. By Andrew Mathias, Surgeon Extraordinary to the Queen, and to ber Majesty's The Quarterly Review, No. V. 63. Household, Surgeon to the Westminister Advice to Sportsmen. By Marmaduke Lying-in-Hospital, and Member of the Markwell. 8vo. Is. Royal College of Surgeons of London. 73. The Annual Racing Calendar, fos 1809,

Hints for the Treatment of the principal Vol. XXIV. 6s. 6d. Diseases of Infancy and Childhood, adapted A Letter on the Subject of the British and to the use of Parents. By James Hamilton, Foreign Bible Society, addressed to the Rev. M.D. professor of midwifery in the Univer. Dr. Gaskin. By a Friend of the Society for sity, and fellow of the Royal College of Promoting Christian Knowledge. 25. Physicians, Edinburgh. 8vo. 6s.

Letters to the Right Hon. Charles Bragge The Annual Medical Review and Register, Bathurst, M. P. embracing a variety of im. for 1809. By a Society of Physicians. 8vo, portant constitutional topics relative to the 12s.

reported imprisonment of Ms. John Gale





Jones by the Hon. House of Commons. By Henry Kett, A. B. fellow of Trinity Cole John Rose. 35.

lege, Oxford. Two volumes crown 8vo. An Inquiry into the impolicy of the con

145. tinuance of the Probubition of Distillation Constance de Castile. In ten Cantos. By from Corn in Great Britain. By William William Sotheby, esq. 4to. 11. 5s. Dixon, jun. 3s. 6d.

Epistles on Women; exemplifying their Extracts from the Diary of a Lover of Li. Character and Condition in various Ages and terature. 4to. 11. 18,

Nacions. With Miscellaneous Poems. By Metres; addressed to the Lovers of Truth, Lucy Aikin. Post 410. 12s. Nature, and Sentiment. By the Author of Poems. By George Townsend, of Trinity Sketches of Truth. 12mo. 60.

College, Cambridge. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Considerations on the late Act for conti. Dramatic and Miscellaneous Poems. By nuing the Prohibition of Coro in the Distil. John Joshua, Earl of Carysfort, &c. K. p. Jery, &c. in a Letter to Lord Holland. By 2 vols

. crown 8vo. 11. 1s. Joseph Foster Barham, esq. M.P. 2s. 6d.

The Caledonian Comet. 1s. A Letter to Sir John Enen, bart, chairman The Pleasures of Friendship: a Poem, in of the general quarter sessions for the county

two Parts. By Frances Arabella Row. of Durham from the Justices acting within den. 7s. the south-west division of Darlington-ward.

The Lower World; a Poem, by Mr. 4to. Ss.

Pratt; in four books: occasioned by Lord Beauties of Dr Robertson ; to which is Erskine's Bill for the prevention of unnecesprefixed an Account of his Life and Writings. sary and wanton cruelty to Animals, 6s. 12mo, 5s.

Vocal Poetry; or å Select Collection of A Letter to the Roman Catholics of Dub. English Songs. To which is prefixed, a new !in. By Thomas Moore, esq. 2s.

Essay on Song-writing. By John Aikin, M.D. A Letter to the Society for Promoting Post 8vo. Os. Christian Knowledge, and particularly to the

'The Times. 2s. 6d. Rev. Charles Daubeny, occasioned by the

Sacred Allegories, or Allegorical Poems, attack on Mr. Lancaster's System of Educa. illustrative of subjects moral and divine tion, in his Sermon preached before them on foolscap 8vo. 45 6d. June 1st, 1809. By a Barrister at Law. Is. The Crusade of St. Lewis, and King Ed. The Covent Garden Journal ; containing a

ward the Martyr, By William Stewart complete History of the Destruction of the Rose. 410, 55. Jate, and rise of the present, Theatre of The Lady of the Lake. In six Cantos. Covent Garden ; and of the Contest between By Walter Scott, esq. 4to. 21. 2s. the Proprietors and the Public. To which Heroical Epistles from Death to Benjaare added, all the Letters, Trials, Essays, min Mosely, M.D. on Vaccination. 2s.6d. Jeux d’Esprit, &c. connected therewith By The Maid of Benmore, or Platonic Love. John Joseplı Stockdale 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 6s. 65. 6d. large paper 21. 45. 61.

Fergus the Second, or the Battle of Car

ron, a Poem, in three Cartos. By David The Select Works of Antony Van Lee. Anderson ; Soolscap 8vo. 2s. 6d. wenhoek, F.R.S. Illustrated with twenty copper plates, elegantly engraved, contaming

Magna Charta and the bill of Rights, with pear five hundred curious Flucidations of va- an Account of the Attacks and Encroachrious wonderful Discoveries made in the menis made on the Rights and Liberties of Works of Nature by this celebrated Natural the people of England, as connected with the Philosopher; and translated from the Dutch, subject of Sir Francis Burdett's Address to by Samuel Hoole. 2 vols. 410 11. 45.

his Constituents. 1s. NOVELS, TALES.

An Answer to the Arguments of Sir FranTegg's Collection of Gothic Tales and cis Burdett, in relation to the Power of the Romances. No. 1. (to be continued weekly) House of Commons to commit Persons, not 12mo. 60.

Members, to Prison; wherein such power is Caledonia, or the Stranger in Scotland. Shewn to be recognised and acknowledged by 4 vols, 11.

Sir Edward Coke, not only to be the Law of In atuation; or Sketches from Nature. Parliament, but also the Law of the Land. By Mrs. Turner. 2 vois. 10s. 6d.

By Andrew Fleckie, esq. 2s. Love, Mystery, and Misery. By A F, A notice of the Evidence given in the Holstein. 2 vols. 12mo. 103

Committee of the House of Commons, da. The Romance of the Highlands By ring the inquiry into the conduct and policy Peter Middleton Darling. 2 vols. 32mo. of the late Expedition to the Scheldt. 'with 12s.

Observations. 25. 60.

England Vindicated; or, Observations on Select Beauties of Ancient English Poe. a Pamphlet intituled “ England the Cause try; with an introduction and remarks, by of Europe's subjugativn." Addressed to the the late Henry Headley A. B. With a

British Nation. 15. Memoir of Mr. Headley, by the Rev.

A Short Letter to a friend in the Country,





upon the question of Reform, and the Dis- the Quotations in the Old Testament. By turbances in the Metropolis. 1s. 68.

Ralph Churton, M. A. 2 vols. 8vo. 18s. An Appeal to his Majesty on the State of Christ civided : a Sermon preached at the the Nation, Expeditions, Failures, Talents, Triennial Visitation of the Lord Bishop of Habits of the Royal Dukes; Capacity and Lincoin, at Grantham, in June, 1809. ' By Quarrels dr Ministers; Marquis Wellesley's T. F. Middleton, D D. Recior of Tansor, in Embassy, and his Brother's Title ; Glance at Northamptonshire, and of Bytham, in LinCases of Lord Castlereagh, A. Davison, and colnshire, and Prebendary of Lincoln. 2s. V. Jones; Exposure of an immense public The Theological and Miscellaneous Works loss and uselessness of Audit and West India of the Rev. William Jones, M.A. F.R.S. To Boards : with a Sketch of the Power and which is prefixed, a short Account of his Life Character of Bonaparte. By Mr. Hague. 2s. and Writings. By William Stephens, esq.

The Veto discussed upon its true Prin- 6 vols. 8vo. 31. Ss. ciple; the Arguments advanced by Lord A Sernion preached before the Lords Spiri. Grenville refuted; and the Conduct of the tual and Temporal, in the Abbey-Church, Irish Catholic Bishops in rejecting the Veto Westminster, on Wednesday, February 28, completely justified. In a series of Letters. 1810, being the day appointed for a general By Felix M“Cartay, 3s. 6d.

Fast. By Bow yer Edward, Lord Bishop of The True Briton, in which the most just Chester, 1s 61. and plainest Reasons are adduced in support Personal and National Humiliation ; a Serof the Rights necessarily claimed by, and per. mon, delivered on the 28th of February, taining to, the House of Commons, as con- 1810. By P. Houghton, Minister of Princesa ducive to the true Interests of ahe Country. Street Chapel, Westminster. 1s. 6d.

Essays on the Language of Scripture, 2 vols. Occasional Essays on various Subjects, 8vo. chiefly political, that have occurred during the ÁThe Advantages of Knowledge to the Lowpresent Reign. 12s.

er Classes: a Sermon, preached in HerveyThe Speech of Mr. Ponsonby on the lane, Leicester, for the Benefit of a Sunday Question relative to the Privileges of the Schol. By R. Hall, A.M. 15. House of Commons, as connected with the The Spirit of Christianity exhibited, in a commitment of Sir Francis Burdett and Gaie faithful Digest of those Declarations and Mo. Jones. 1s.

ral Precepts of Jesus Christ, which are of geThoughts on Political Fanaticism, as an neral application, and which were recorded in Obstacle to Peace ; together with a few Re- unambiguous terms; with Notes and Obser. marks on present important Occurrences. 1s. vations, 18mo.

The Patriots and the Whigs, the most Lectures preparatory to Confirmation; to dangerous Enemies of the State. 2s.

which is added, a Sermon on the Character Extracts from Lord Chatham, Burke, Ju. of Hazael. 43. nius, &c. on the Privileges of the House of A View of the Brahminicai Religion, in its Commons. 2s.6d.

Confirmation of the Truth of the Sacred Natural and Political Observations and History, and in its Influence on the Moral Conclusions upon the state and condition of Character ; in a series of Discourses preached England, 1696 : by Gregory King, ésq. Lan- at the Bampton Lecture, 1809. By the Rev. caster Herald. To which is prefixed, a Life J. B. S, Carwithen, M.A. 8vo 10s. od. of the Author. Py George Chalmers, Sermon on the Sacrament of the Lord's F.R.S. S.A. Ss. 6d.

Supper. By the Rev. James Rudge, A.B. of Reform without Innovation ; or Cursory Pembroke College, Oxford, and Curate and Thoughts on the only Practicable Reform of Lecturer of St. Anne's, Limehouse. 1s. 6d. Parliament, consistent with the existing A Grammatical Dissertarion of the Greek Law and the Spirit of the Constitution. Prepositive Article, its Nature and Uses. By

Daniel Neysie, B.D. Rec or of Plympton, DeTHEOLOGY.

von, and late fellow of Oriel College, Oxford. The Doctrine of the Eucharist considered, 25. as maintained by the Church of Rome and A Dialogue between a Master and an Apthe Church of England respectively; in- prentice; occasioned by Lectures on Educacluding a Vindication of the latter from the tion, delivered by Mr. Lancaster, in Bath, in Atiacks of the Remarks on the Bishop of the month of February, 1810. 1s. · Durbam's late Pamphl.t. By the Rev. Tho. Letters illustrative of the Gospel History. mas Le Mesurier, A. M. Rector of Newnton By N. Nisbett, A.M. Rector of Tunstal. Longville, in the County of Bucks. 8vo. 9s. A Sermon preached at the Chapel of the

The Works of the Rev. Thomas Townson, Foundling Hospital, on Sunday, April 8, D. D. late Archdeacon of Richmond, one of 1810. By Bowyer Edward, Lord Bishop of the Rectors of Malpas, Cheshire, and some- Chester. 1s. 60 time fellow of St. Mary Magdalen College, Letters on the Truth and Certainty of naOxford. To which is prefixed, an Account tural and revealed Religion; addressed to a of the Author, with an Introduction to the Student at the University, and intended as an Discourses on the Guspels; and a Sermon on Introduction to Bishop Butler's Analogy of MONTHLY Blag. No. 199.



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Religion, natural and revealed, to the Con- Microscope: the whole illustrated by colour stitution and Course of Nature. By the Rev. ed figures, designed and executed from living Joseph Wilson, A.B. 45. 63.

specimens. By E. Donovan, Vol. XIV.

11. 11s. The Natural History of British Insects ; Mr. Crossfield desires us to state, that the together with the History of such Minute price of the Calendar of Flora, is 1s. 6d. in. Insects as require Investigation by the stead of 39. 6d.


REPORT OF DISEASES, Under the Care of the late Senior Physician of the Finsbury Dispensary, from the

20th of April to the 20th of May, 1810.


our fitful and coquetish climate, extravagance, the fuel which supports it. have recently appeared to produce in In cases likewise of confirmed pthysis, more than usual abundance, rheumatic, there can be little doubt that bleeding catarrhal, and the more strictly pulmo. proves generally injurious, by the weaknary, affections.

ness which it aggravates or occasions. Two of the nost important cases, in In instances even of hopeless consumpthe treatment of which the reporter has tion, it hastens the march of an inevitably been concerned during the last month, fatal malady, it hurrjes those steps which were instances of pleuritic inflainmation are unalterably pointed towards destrucPleurisy is one of the few diseases in tion. By no dexterous management of which bleeding is imperiously demanded; the reins, can we turn this disorder out of more especially when it occurs in the its course, but we may restrain, in some unimpaired constitution of early youth. degree, the rapidity of its progress, and Even at an age farther advanced, and cause it to move at a more leisurely and when the springs of life have been easy pace to the grave. somewhat worn, venesection may and Several recent cases have demonstrated, ought to be had recourse to, although or rather illustrated to the reporter, the in a more cautious and sparing manner. inexpediency of mothers who are sickly But in most of the other derangements and consumptive suckling their children, of the frame in which it is usual to em. Without considering whether the taint or ploy the lancet, the writer of this article germ ofany specific disease can be cominustill adheres to an opinion which he has nicated through such a medium, there can so repeatedly expressed, that it cannot be little doubt that the milk of a healthy fail to prove often a cause of the even- cow is preferable to that which is secreted tual, sometimes of the almost immediate, by the breast of an unhealthy woman. extinction of vitality. In the different in. Many female parents are apt in this terruptions, for instance, of nervous ener. way, to inflict upon themselves as well as gy, which are exhibited in apoplectic their infant offspring, serious and irreand paralytic paroxysms, the first thing parable inischiel, from a mistaken sense which is generally thought of, is to open of maternal obligation. Violations of a vein; as if we should most effectually duty are sometimes not more injurious relieve actual exhaustion by substracting than erroneous conceptions, with regard the vital fluid, or as if the best mode of to its dictates and its limits. restoring impaired or suspended powers, The only other case which the rewere to have recourse to that evacuation porter means at present to notice, is which of all others seems best calculated that of an unfortunate man who became to produce the extreme of debility! The a victim to the disastrous issue of a vaimmediate administration of brandy, or riety of commercial speculations. The some other powerful stimulus, is, in - same blow which deranged his affairs, the majority of such emergencies, more produced a disorder of his reason. His obviously indicated than depletion of finances and bis faculties fell together. any kind, more especially of blood. To The phantoms of imagination indeed use a metaphor which has been almost survived, and seemed to hover over the worn out in the service of these reports, ashes of his understanding. The demon we ought to blow the nearly extinguished of speculation, which had before misled


his mind, now possessed it entirely. In such cases, we do not so much His projecting spirit, which was always pity the insanity as the misfortune to more than moderately intrepid in the which it owed ils birth. In better times maniacal exaltation of his fancy, took it has been remarked by professional a still bolder and subliner flight.” Some writers, that it was not the unforeseen of his schemes reminded the reporter depressions, but the unexpected elevaof aAuther madman, who planned, tions, of fortune, which most frequently after draining the Mediterranean, to gave rise to mental aberration. plant it with apple-trees, and establish May 21, 1810,

J, Reid. à cyder manufactory on the coast. Grenville-street, Brunswick-square.




Containing official Papers and authentic Documents.

circumstances, from returning to their own The late king of Sweden, Gustavus IV. countries. resides at Basle, in Switzerland. TURKEY

A French decree relative to American proA French army under General Marmont is perty in France, dated so far back as the 15th forming on the frontiers of Turkey; and it of March, was published on the 8th instant. is reported at Vienna, that the Austrians are It orders that all American property under to take part against that empire. The avowed sequestration shall immediately be sold: that object of the projected coalition, is to com- all Americans shall depart without delay from pel the Porte to break off all connection with the French territory, under pain of being arEngland.

rested ; and that the decree shall be sent to Mr. Adair, the British ambassador at Con- the powers of the north for their adoption. stantinople, has addressed a letter to Mr. This measure was suggested by the act of Merry, the consul at Smyrna, in which he the American legislature, who some time ago says, that the French government had insisted decreed, that all French and British ships en. on the grand signior going to war with Eng. tering the ports and waters of the United land; but that the threats of France had States, should be liable to be sequestered. been disregarded, and every demand injurious to our friendly relations with Turkey, re- The late king of Spain, Charles IV. still jected with ir.dignation : that power being resides at Marseilles, with his spouse, the de termined to assert its independance to the queen of Etruria, and the prince of peace. last, to adhere to its treaties, and, if neces- Dispatches have been received from lord sary, to put forth its whole force to maintain Wellington, at Almeida. The brigades of them.

Generals Hill, Payne, &c. were concentraITALY.

ted on the Turon, and occupied Rio Seco, On the 28th ult. was published at Rome St. Pedro, &c. The advanced corps under an imperial decree, dated at Compiegne the General Hill being at Castle Bom, within 17th of the same mouth, according to which, about ten miles of the head-quarters of the every ecclesiastic, secular, or regular, in that enemy. city, not being a native of the departments of The divisions of Regnier and Loison had Rome or the Trasimene, was, within fifteen rejoined the army of marshal Ney, which days from the day of its publication, to withdraw about the 1st instant was reinforced by a therefrom, and to repair to his native diocese. corps of 10,000 from Valladolid, and further Natives of the two departments specified were succours were daily looked for. Lord Wea also to retire from the city to their respective lington's army was estimated at 60,000 merg dioceses. All the secular priests resident at of whom 23,000 men were British. Loisoa Rome were, within two days, to present was at San Felices on the 5th. themselves before the director-general of the

GREAT BRITAIN. police, and to declare their names and places On the 16th of May the House of Com. of nativity, and their intention of obeying mons, having resolved itself into a committee the imperial decree. The superiors of con. of supply, the Chancellor of the Exchequer vents were, within the same space, to deliver opened the budget by observing, that the ac. in lists of the clergy under their superintend. counts then produced would not only afford

Special provisions will be adopted as the best means of forming a correct judgment to the Irish, Scotch, Sicilian, Maltese, Ar. how far the country was able to support its menian, Greek, and Asiatic clergy; and all present burdens, but would be the best ans others who may be prevented, by politicaj wer to those who were accustomed to take




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