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style; and if the performers acquit them. At Arksey, the Rev. John Dockray, cu. selves with that ability which there is rea- rate of Edlington, 65. son to expect, both the frequenters of the At York, Mrs. Sarrande, relict of the Rey. drama, and the manager, will, in all probabi. Mr. S. rector of Sutton upon Derwent, and lity, have reason to rejoice in the changes vicar of Bossall.--Mr. Thomas Cartwright, which have taken place.

late of Carlton, near Penrith, 83.-In the Married.) At York, Michael Anne, esq. 73d year of his age, Thomas Smith, esq. seof Burgh wallis, near Doncaster, to Miss Tas- nior alderman of this corporation, and father burgh, of Bodney, Norfolk; in consequence of the city. He served the office of sheriff of which Mr. Anne takes the lady's name. in the year 1778, and that of lord mayor in

At Whitgift, Mr. Harrison, of Pockling. 1786 and 1793. Mrs. Rouby, superior of ton, to Miss Danser, daughter of Joshua D. the Roman Catholic seminary.--Mr. Joha esq.

Simmons, 33. At Bilton Church, the Rev. W. Preston, Ac Doncaster, Mrs. Mosley.--Mr. Her. vicar of Bulmer, in the North Riding, to ring, of the Black Bull Inn, which he had Miss Frances Plumer, daughter of Hall P. kept upwards of half a century, 74. esq. of Bilton Hall.

At Adwick, Mrs. Coward, 80. At Duffield, Richard Stanley, esą. of Bar- At Sheffield, Mr. James Greaves.-Mrs. ber Wood, near Rotherham, banker, to Miss Lowe. Mrs. Cadman.-Mrs. Hobson, wife Thacker, daughter of the late Mr. T. of Mr. Charles H.--Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. RayWiln Mills, Derbyshire.

ner.-Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Orton, At Hull, Mr. Stephen Dickinson, solicitor, bookseller, 14. Mr. W. Waiker, 80,- Mr. to Mrs. Etherington.

Aaron Nicholls, and his wife, Mrs. N. At Kirby Hifi Church, Humphry Fletcher, At Rotherhan, Mr. Favell, 77. esq. of Boroughbridge, to Miss Arabella At Darnall, Mr. William Smith, 78; and a Smith, daughter of the late Jacob S. esq. of few days afterwards, at the same age, his wife, Humburton.

Mrs. S. At Ripon, Mr Thomas Ayrton, to Miss At the Elm, near Sheffield, John Parker, Mary Rawson, youngest daughter of Mr. Al esq. attorney. derman R.

At Huddersfield, Margaret, wife of Mr. Died.) At Garton in Holderness, Mr. George Ibbotson - Mrs. Scocks. In cunse. John Grashy, celebrated for his skill as a quence of a fall from a gig, Mr. Newhouse. bone setter, 82.

At Sheffield, J. Browne, M.D. in the 70th At Hull, Captain Thomas Thompson. year of his age. He was so generally and William, only son of Mr. Richard Parke, one deservedly respected, that on the day of his of the proprietors of the London stage wag. interment, the shops in the principal streets gons, 19. Mr. William Hessey, 81.-M. in Sheffield were shut until 11 o'clock in the Joseph Wardell, 64.

morning. At a public mceting held at Cute At Carbrock, Mrs. Elinor Staniforth, 92. ler's Hall, to consider of the best means of She was carried to Attercliffe chapel by 19 perpetuating his memory, it was resolved grandchildren, and followed by 27 great. That a marble bust of the doctor should be grandchildren. She has left two daughters, placed in the General Infirmary; and a subo the one 70 years of age, and the other 60. scription was opened for defraying tbe ex.

Aged 83, Mr. Proctor Holden, formerly pense. master of the free grammar-school at West

LANCASHIRE. house, near Ingleton, Yorkshire. He was The inhabitants of Liverpool have lately brother to the late Rev. G. Holden, calcula- been visited wicb an inflammatory disease of tor of the tide table for Liverpool, and father the eyes, which has in many instances proof that univers scholar, the late Francis duced blindness. A meeting has been held Holden, of Trinity College, Cambridge. to consider of the means of establishing in

At Pontefract, Mr. Joseph Johoson, 79. that town an institution for the relief and

At Oakwell Hall, near Leeds, Benjamin cure of the diseases of that tender organ. Fearnley, esq.

A subscription has has been opened in the At Leeds, Mr. James Berwick.-Mrs. same town, for the purpose of founding a ser Clapham.

minary in this country for the education of At Richmond, Henry Blegborough, esq. British catholics. the senior alderman of that place.

He had

At Liverpool, Captain John served the office of common.councilman many Kubley, of the ship Montezuma, to Miss Hare years, was elected an alderman above thirty riet, Plant.-Captain James Garner, to Eliza. years since, and served the office of mayor beth, daughter of John Hinde, esq.-Mr. Rothree times, with great credit to himself, and bert Mellon, coast-waiter and searcher in the benefit to the corporation.

customs at Bagillt, to Miss E. Cowell. At Knaresboro', Mr. Francis Fairbank, at- At Preston, Mr. Edward Forshaw, attortorney.

ney, to Miss Mary Taylor. At Hessell, Samuel Bean, esq.

At Prescot, Mr. Henry Lickbarrow, to Mix At Cottingham, Joseph Milburn, esq. one Southern. of the oldest masters in the Royal Navy, 75. At Childwall, A. T. Patterson, esq. co


Miss Ward, daughter of Joseph W. esq. of At Breadsall, Mr. Charles Houghton, 36. Summer Hill.

At Chesterfield, Mr. Joseph Santers. At Manchester, the Rev. W. Salmon, to At Castleton, Mr. Robert Howe, many Eliza, chird daughter of George Uppleby, esq. years bar-master of the mineral court in the of Barrow Hall, Lincolnshire.

High Peak, 86. Near Manchester, Mr. Robert Rippon, of At Ashborne, Mr. John Bailey, 52. Lanchester, Durham, to Hannab," fourth At Eckington, Mr. Ralph Hodgkinson, daughter of Mr. Christopher Walton, of formerly an eminent druggist of Sheffield, 66. Worsley Old Hall.

At Wirksworth, Mr. John Winson, postDied.] Ac Manchester, Samuel Rawlin- master, 71. son, esų. son of the late Abraham R. esg of Lancaster.- Mr. Makee, 66.

Married.] At Ruddington, Mr. Hadfield, At Longford, of a mortification (proceed- of Gidding Grove, Huntingdonshire, to Miss ing from a gathering in the thumb, which Barker. he had improperly created) James Lee, aged At Holm Pierpoint, Robert Warren, esq. 66, a very faithful and trusty servant for licutenant in the 4th or Royal Irish Dragoon thirty years; and on the next day, of a fe- Guards, to Miss Donnithorne, daughter of ver, in consequence of attending her husband, the Rev. Thomas Donnithorne. Eleanor, his wife, 60.

Died.] At Nottingham, Miss Barnett, sisa At Gateacre, Mrs. Ann Torton, 42. ter of Mr. B. bookseller.-Mr. Dixon, 36.

At Garstang, Mrs. Winder, wife of Mr. Mrs. Rose, of the Pheasant public-house, 27. W. of the Royal Oak Inn.

Aged 72, Mr. William Doubleday Crofts, At Preston, Mrs. Maria Bache.

attorney at law; who, in the year 1778, At Chorley, Mr. John Hawkeshead, eldest completely rung St. Mary's ninth bell 7 hours son of Mr. Robert H. 27.

and 22 minutes, being one of the most HerAt Everton, Thomas, son of Thomas Bate. culean tasks in the art; the peal was 10,368 man, esq. 18.

changes of grandsire Crofts, on the peal of ten At Cheetwood Strange ways, Mr. Thomas bells. -Mrs. Tillard, widow of the Rev. Lithgow, 72.

Richard T. vicar of Wirksworth, 65. At Liverpool, Mr. Robert Robinson, of Near Farnsfield, Mr. Wright, 98. the Crown and Anchor Tavern, 37.-Mrs. At East Retford, Mr. William Brumby, of Benson, 75.-Mr. G. M‘Knight, 60.--Mr. Stockwith, near Gainsboro', 25. William Tilletson.-Mr. Thomas Maddock, principal clerk to the proprietors of the Old Married.] At Hornsea, the Rev. James Quay Company.--Mrs. Ann Ankers. Wr. Wilson, curate of the perpetual curacy of Joseph Side. - Mrs. Griffiths, 31. - Mrs. Nunkeeling, to Miss Jane Burrell. Welsby --Mr. Joseph Jowe.

At Lincoln, Mr. John Smith, of WhittleAt Great Soughail, Mrs. Webb, eldest sea, near Peterborough, surgeon and apothedaughter of the late alderman Astie, of Ches. cary, to Miss Jane Straw, eldest daughter of ter, 55.

Mr. Alderman S. At Croston, Mrs. Elizabeth Master, daugh- At Horncastle, Aaron Congreve Horne, ter of the late Leigh M. esq. of New Hall, 85. gent. of Woolshaw, Warwickshire, to Miss CHESHIRE.

Berry, of Ryton, in the same county. Married.] The Rev. Mr. Brown, of Prest- At Harmston, near Lincoln, Thomas bury, to Frances Ann, daughter of the late Kitchen, esq. of Greetwell, to Susan, daughWilliam Hulton, esq.

ter of the late Charles Clark, esq. of Red Died ] Ac Stockport, Mrs. Parker, 60. Hall. At Chester, Mr. Robert Newell, mer.

At Stamford, Hamiltoa Fulton, esq. to chant.-Joseph Duke, esq.

Miss S. C. Martin. At Over, Mr. Thomas Woollam.

At Boston, Mr. John Mewburn, surgeon, Ac Neston, William, second son of Dr. of Whitby, to Miss Moore. -Chartes Tun Thomson ; and the same night, Mrs. T. wife nard, esq. of Frampton, to Miss Claypon, of the latter.

daughter of B. C. esq. banker. DERBYSHIRE.

Died.) At Lincoln, Mrs. Buckworth, reMarried.] Ac Chesterfield, Mr. Francis lice of the late Rev. Dr. B. of WashingboSheldon, printer and bookseller, to Miss Ara- rough. By her death, the Mistresses Buckbella Hardy.

worth, of St. Martin's, Stamford Baron, ac. At Brampton, near Chesterfield, John quire a property of 60,0001. Mrs. Widdow. Barnes, esq. of Ashgate, to Miss Clay, of son, wife of Mr. William W. of the Rein Northwingfield.

Deer Inn.-Mr. Richardson,-Mr. Robert At Pentrich, Thomas Pearson, esq. of Squires.--Mr. Mordecai Moses. T'he infant Southwingfield, tu Miss Royston, of Codmor child of R. Terrewest, esq. Park.

At Sutterton, near Boston, Charlotte, wife Died.] Ac Derby, Mr, James Johnson, of the Rev. Dr. Hutton, vicar of the formes 65.--Mrs. Ann Allkin, 80. — Arthur, youngplace, 30. est son of Mr. Agard, of Borrowash Mills, 11. Ai Morton, Mr. Thomas Cawkwell. At Wingerworth, Mr. Joseph Hinde. At Louth, Mrs. Ann Richmond, 74. '





At Waddington, Mrs. James.

Died.) At Darlaston, Mary, wife of the At Gainsbro', Mr. Luke Williamson.--Mr. Rev. John Waltham, rector of that parish, John Cox, captain of the brig Gainsbro'packet 75. Newcastle trader, 35.

At Etruria, Mrs. Hopewood. At Stamford, Mrs. Royston, 73.- Mr. At Alrewas, Mr. John Clark, schoolmas. Lawrence Redmill, 80,-Mr. Booth, 72.

ter. At Syston, Mr. Fridlington, 86.

At Turnstall, Mr. Samuel Cartledge. At the Retreat, Bag Enderby, near Horn. At Gnosall, Mr. Peter Lees. castle, 80, William Elmhirst, esq.

He was At Cheddleton, Lieut. William Smith, of of an ancient family in Yorkshire, had resided the Salop militia, 19, many years at Stainby, and was very well At Wallsall, Mrs. Mary Bolton. known in that part of the country, as a man At Shenstone Miil, near Lichfield, Mr. of strict integrity of character, and possessing Thomas Marshall. much practical agricultural knowledge.

At Burton on Trent, Mary Baxter, 94.At Grantham, Mrs Galloway, 71. Mary Billington, 85.- John Richards, 60. At Caistor, in consequence of the bursting They were all interred on the same day. of a blood vessel, the Rev. William Harrison, At Barlaston, Mr. James Taylor, 67. A.M. son of the Rev. Mr. H. vicar of Win. At Hanley, Mrs. Simpson. terton, and of Great Limber, 34. He was a At Freeford, Mrs. Dyott, relict of Richard fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, and D. esq. 85. an excellent scholar.

At Brockton Grange, Martha, youngest At Holbeach, John Thomas, M.D. many daughter of Thomas York, gent. years, an eminent surgeon of that place. At Basford, Mr. Tilsey.

Married.] At Hallaton, the Rev. J. Ows. Married.} At Sutton Coldfield, Mr. Bow. ley, rector of Blaston, to Miss Read.

yer Vaux, of Birmingham, to Miss Browne, At Thenidgworth, Mr. Edward Butlin, of Suiton Park. jun. woolstapler, of Hollowell, Northampton. At Birmingham, Mr. Edward Short, attorshire, to Mary Ann, only daughter of Mr. ney, of Solihull, to Miss James, daughter of John Harris

the late Rev. John J, master of the free gram. At Knighton, William Knox, esq. of Carl. mar school, in Birmingbam. ton Curlieu, to Christian Am, eldest daugli- At Salford, John Slatter, esq. to Miss Sater of Henry Coleman, esq. of Stony Gate rah Haywood, eldest daughter of John H. House.

esq. At Lockington, the Rev. Henry Knight- At Hazelor, Mr. W. Butler, surgeon, to ley, rector of Byfield, Northamptonsiire, to Miss Haynes, eldest daughter of John Jordan Jane Diana, third daughter of the Rev. Phi. H. esq. lip Story.

At Coventry, Mr. J. S. Pidmas, of Leeds, Died.] At Leicester, Miss Inglesant, el- to Miss Clarke, dest daughter of Mr I-Mr. Jolin Ireland, Died.) At Birmingham, Miss Jemima printer, 63.-Mr. Philips, late of Beliesdon. Smith.-Mr. John Taylor, 77.-Mr. Rich-Mr. Ball, late of Norton, by Twycross, 93. ard Faves, the first person that drove a wag. He could read the smallest print without gon and team from this town to London, 80. glasses, and retained his faculties unimpaired -Mr. Henry Ames, 64.--Mr. Ambrose Tibto the last moment. Mr. Wallin.

betts, 73. - Mrs. Richards.- Joanna, daugh. At Langton, Miss S. E. Morpott, daughter ter of Mr. George Freer, surgeon.-Mrs. of John M. esq. 15.

Elizabeth Porteus, widow of the Rev. Mr. P. At Belgrave, Miss F. Wright, second late of Mineaton, 81.-Mr. Owen, solicitor, daughter of the late Captain W.

of Atherstone. Travelling on the outside At Dunton, Mr. Watts.

of the royal Liverpool coach, the vehicle At Castle Donington, Thomas Fisher, esq. overset, about five miles from that town, by 84.

which accident he was so much hurt that be At Sapcote, Mr. Abraham Nurse, 69. expired in two hours.

At Rushy Fields, Dear Woodhouse, Mr. At Sutron Coldfield, Mr. Charles Great. William Whittle.

rex, many years an eminent druggist in BirAt Melton Mowbray, Mr. John Dixon. mingham.

At Ullesthorpe, near Lutterworth, Mr. At Coventry, Mr. William Bache. -Mrs. William Simonds.

Mary Carter, 28.

At Lapworth, Eliza, wife of the Rev. Married.) At Newport, Mr. Oliver, of James Way, rector of Adworth, WarwickStafford, to Miss Thompson, eldest daughter shire. of J. T. esq.

At Edgbaston, Mrs. Jones, 70. At Tarnworth, R. Garnett, esq. of Man. At Hillmorton, aged 74, Mr. Edward Abe chester, to Miss Lyon.

bot, farmer; a man of good morals, strict At Úttoxeter, Mr. W. Bennett, of Apeton, probity and integrity; much disposed to alle. to Caroline Amelia, youngest daughter of viate the distresses of the poor during the the late Mr. Sampson Bennett, of the Pasks. · whole of his life. He has bequeathed 1501.





to trustees, that the interest may for ever about 1618, from whence the hierarchy of hereafter be applied for the teaching and in. that part of the United Kingdom hath been structing twelve poor children of the parish excellently supplied with characters of much of Hillmorton, io reading, writing, and arithe learning and erudition ; four of them having metic ; he has also given the interest of 501. fiiled the episcopal stare in that church, and for ever hereafter to be distributed in bread one the archiepiscopate. From that branch among the most necessitous poor in Hillmor. the present Sir Edward Sing, bart. of Ireland, fon, every Christmas; and two guineas to be is descended. given to the poor in bread, at the time of his interment, at the discretion of his executors. Married.] At Clinton upon Team, George

Hill, esq. one of the coroners of Worcester, Married.] At Ellesmere, Mr Jimes Hey. to Elizabeth, only surviving child of Willara wood, of Chester, to Miss Powell, of Dude Price, esą of the Noak. leston.

Ac Dudley, Mr. John Badley, surgeon, to At Whitchurch, Mr. Langford, to Miss Mary, eldest daughter of John Badley, esq. Caink.

of Blower's Green. At Cheswardine, Mr. Deakin, of Soulton At Worcester, William Jones, esq banker, Hall, to Miss James, of Stamford Bridge, of Bridgnorth, to Miss Davis, daughter of near Newport.

Mr. D. of Broseley. At Ludlow, Henry Hamer, esq of Liver. At Old Swinford, Samuel Taylor, esq. of pool, to Martha Ann, youngest daughter of Bowden, Northamptonshire, to Anne, youngthe late Rev. John Pryce, of Gunley, Mont- est daughter of Mr. William Moseley, of gomeryshive. -Mr. T. Apperley, of London, Stourbridge. to Miss Acton.

Died.] At Stanbroke Hall, near WorcesAt Stoke Castle, Richard Onions, esq. of ter, Charles Domville, esq. Rowton, to Sarah, daughter of Mr. R. Brox- At Worcester, Mrs. Wall, wife of Samuel ton, of Wettleton.

W. esq.-Mrs. Morrison, wife of John M. Died.] At Doningtor, Catherine Letitia, Mrs. Beasley, 83.-William Henry, Founge: widow of John Lewis Pettit, M.D.

son of Mr. Saunders. --Mr. Rucher At Henbury, Mrs. Mary Kynascon, relictford. of Edward K. esq. of Oatley Park.

At Great Witley, Bliss Mann, daughter of At Radbrook, near Shrewsbury, the Hon. Mr. M. surgeon. Luke Gardiner, second son of the late Vis. At the Park Farm, Croome D'Abitot, Miss count Mountjoy.

Hobbs. At Woodcore, Mr. Flint.

At Evesham, Mrs. Goore, relict of Mr. At Shrewsbury, Mrs. Hawker, 77.- Mr. Henry G. alderman of that borough, 86. Bean, of the Castle and Falcon Inn.-Mrs. At Glasshampton, Henrietta Maria, el Jest Hoskins, relict of the Rev. Abram H. rector daughter of the Rev. J. J. D. Cookes. of Stocton, Worcestershire.-Mrs. Scoltock. At Tenbury, Mr. William Crundali, 71. At Boden, Mr. John Bickerton, 32.

At Sutton, Mrs. Hillson, 95. At Fernbill, nçar Oswestry, Mr. Usher. At Mathon, Mr. Samuel Sirich. At Middletown, Mr. Lloyd.

At the Castle, in the parish of Rock, Ms. At the Red Abbey, Mr. Trehearn, only Richard Nott, jun. 21. son of Ms. T. of the Fox Inn, Shrewsbury. At Hinuleap, Mrs. Holder, 67.

At Trench, near Ellesmere, Mr. Edward At Bromyard, Mrs. West. Higginson.

At Wolverley, Mr. Alexander Patrick. At Bridgnorth, aged 90, John Sing, sen. At Prickley, Mary Maria, daughter of Mr. gent, formerly a tanner of that place, where Downes. his ancestors have followed the same business A! Alderminster, the Rev. Mr. Rice. for more than two centuries. He was born at At Kidderminster, Mrs. Susannah Ward. B:idgnorth on the 29th of September, 1719, Ac Pershore, Mrs. Woodward. 0. S. and became extremely wealthy. He At Rochfurd, Mrs. Corbett. had ever enjoyed an excellent state of health,

HERFORDSHIRE. and a good flow of spirits, having lost only Married.) At Kiligton, Mr. Thomus one tooth from decay, and one from accident; Jardy, of Birmingham, to Miss Elizabeth the others were perfectly sound. He pos. Rogers. sessed his faculties to the last, except a slight Died.] Ac Mawheld, Mary Taylor, 103. deficiency in that of bearing. His only be. At Easton, Mary, wife of the Rev. Francis verage was tca, which he had for years al. Kincbard. ways taken with his hearty meals. He was In the parish of How Caple, of the smalldecended from the Rev. John Millington, one pox, Mary Davis, 88. of the canons of the church of St. Mary Mag- At Bickerton Court, Mrs. Bradstock, wife dalene, in Bridgnorth, at the period of the re- of John B. esq 56. formation, who was more commonly called Sing or Singer, the former of which names It is proposed by several respectable medithe family afterwards adopted. The elder cal practitivners, in different parts of this branch of this family einigrated to Ireland County, to form an association to be called MoxTHLY MAG. No. 199.



the Gloucestershire Vaccine Association; the At Loughton, Mr. William Smith, to Mrs. members of which, being convinced of the Alice Dunkley, of Brington, Northamptonefficacy of cow.pox as a safe and certain pre- shire. ventive of small.pox, will promote the use Died.] At Wing, the Hon. and Rev. jeof the former, and wholly decline sinall-pux rome de Salis, D.D. one of his majesty's chapinoculation. Several of the most respectable lains in ordinary. gentlemen of this county, highly approving In his 78th year, the. Rev. Charles Kipof this liberal and disinterested conduct, have ling, vicar of Oakley, and incumbent of the expressed a wish to promote such a benevo. livings of Chilton, Ashenden, and Dorton. lent scheme, by offering whatever pecuniary At Pyle, near Colnbrook, Mrs. Bullock, aid may be necessary for carrying it into ef. relict of H. B. esq. 74. fect.

At East Burnham, Henry Sayer, esq. 79. Married ] At Thornbury, Mr. Charles

HERTFORDSHIRE, Workman, to Hester, seventh daughter of Merried.) At Widdial, Mļ. Irish, of South. the late Mr. Thomas Collins, both of East- wark, tu Miss Robinson, daughter of the late wood.

John R. esq. of Shefford, Bed'ordshire. At Tewkesbury, Mr. William Evans, to Died.] At Bishop's Stortford, Mrs. Bel. Bliss Anne Catstrees.

dam. At Dursley, Thomas Tippets, esq. to Miss At Hadley, Robert Manners, esq. son of Susan Rowland.

the late Lord William M. Richard Procter, esq. of Pamington, to At Bushey Hall Farin, Mr. William Smith, Miss Beckett, of Toddingtun.

BEDSORDSHIRE. At Cheltenham, the Rev. W. Ormsby, to Died.] At Woodside, John Arkley, esą. Miss Henrietta Moore.

of Finsbury-place, London. At Gloucester, the Rev. James Fussell, At Woburn, James Harryman Holmes, esq. methodist preacher, to Miss Redding. captain in the Leicester militia.

Died.) At Cheltenham, Mr. William At Dunstable, Mr. Francis Goude. Buckingham, son of Mr. William B. whose At Knotting, Mr. William Maxey, 58. death was recorded in a late Number, 26.

NORTHAMTONSHIRE. Ac Tewkesbury, Mr. John Hayter, jun. Morried.] At Peterborough, John Wray,

At Ashton upon Carrant, Mr. James Leigh- jun. esq. of Hull, to Ann, daughter of Mrs. ton.

Cox. At Gloucester, Mr. Drinkwater, of the At Guilsborough, Mr. G. W. Merriton, of Coach and Horses Inn.

Peckham, Surry, to Ann, daughter of Mr. At Dursley, Mr. Rice Williams, 76. Edward Underwood, At Ampney Cross, Mrs. Gorton.

At Yarwell, Mr. James Bradshaw, to Miss At Cowley, Mrs. Parker, 93.


Robert Dawson, esq. to Anna Rebecca, Married.] At Banbury, t. E. Bartlett, eldest daughter of J. Weston, esq. of Brackgent. to Jane, daughter of the Rev. G. Weale, ley. vicar of Rowinglon, Warwickshire,

The Rev. Charles Davy, of Toddington, At Oxford, Mr. James King, printer and Beds to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the bookseller, Abingdon, to Miss Ana Robia. late Rev. John Davy, vicar of Pytchley.

At Daventry, Mr. William Percival, sur. Died.] At Oxford, Mr. John Banaster geon and apothecary, and second son of John Adams, lately a clerk in the Bank of Eng. P. esq. banker of Northampton, to Miss land, 33.-Mr. Thomas Bliss, bookseller, Mires, eldest daughter of Andrew M. esq. 21.--Miss Ann May, 23.-Mrs. Moore, 62. Died.] At Kettering, on his road to Lon.

At Bloxham, near Banbury, the Rev. Wile don, Thomas Copley, esq. late of Nether liam Pargeter, M.D. He was a classical Hall, Doncaster, in the 68th year of his age ; scholar, and possessed great medical abilities; by whose 'death a landed estate of between by his death the poor bave lost a friend, and 2 and 30001. a year descends to Edward Wola a large circle of acquaintance an intelligent ley, esq. solicitor, York. and social companion. --Mrs. Jevans, wife of At Long Buckby, Mrs. Staughton, 89. the Rev. Mr. J. dissenting min.ster.

At Astrop House, Miss Charlotte Van. At Ensham, Mrs. Hardy, wife of Thomas dewall Willes, third daughter of the Rev. H. esq. one of the magistrates of Oxford.

Shippen W. At Banbury, Mr. Edward Cox.--Mr. Hold. At Northampton, Mr. Oram.-Mr. Hews, rey.

apothecary. At Adderbury, Mr. Bellow.

At Winwick, the Rev. Mr. Williamson, At Nettlebed, Mr. Henry White, 89. rector of that place. At Great Milton, Miss Hull, 11.

- At Blatherwick Hall, Harry O'Brien, esq. BUCKINGMAMSHIRE.

At Hackleton, Mr. John Pacey, 71. Married.] At Hanslop, Mr. John Tom. At Brafield, Mr. Joseph Sargeant. kins, of the Black Lion Inn, to Mrs. Atter. At Woodnewton, Mrs. Hardy. bury.

At Quinton, Mrs. Marriott.




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