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has directed us to acquaint you, that Portu- fortress of St. Maura, to the troops employed gal, rescued from the oppression of the against its under the command of Brig.-Gen. enemy by the powerful assistance of his Oswald. The batteries had been opened Majesty's arms, has, exerted herself with against the fortress nine days before its survigour and energy in making every prepara- render. The French garrison consisted of 714 zion for repelling, with the continued aid men, who have been made prisoners of war. of his Majesty's forces, any renewed attack on Major Clarke, of the 35th, was killed, togethe part of the enemy; and that in Spain, ther with one subaltern and twenty-two rank notwithstanding the reverses which have been and file ; and two field officers, seven captains, experienced, the spirit of resistance against tvio subalterns, and about 133 men wounded. France still continues unsubdued and unaba

AMERICA. ted; and his Majesty commands us to assure Letters and papers from Boston, were reyou of his form and unaltered conviction, that ceived on Wednesday. The Jolin Adama riot only the honour of his throne, but the had not arrived at that

date. The intelligence best interests of his dominions, require his of the seizure of American slips by the French, most strenuous and persevering assistance to had produced a strong sensation, and occasion. the glorious efforts of those loyal nations, ed a difference between Mr. Secretary Smith His Majesty has commanded us to recommend and Mr. Gallatin, on which, it is said, the to you, upon your return to your respective president had signified his approbation of the counties, io vse your best exertions to pro- conduct of the latter; and, it was rumoured, mote that spirit of order and obedience to the that the former would resign, and be succeeded laws, and that general concord amongst all by his opponent. classes of bis Majesty's subjects, which can Government have received dispatches by alone give full effect to his Majesty's pater. the Musquito sloop of war from Curacoa, annal care for the welfare and happiness of bis nouncing that a revolution has been effected people. His Majesty has the fullest reliance in South America, extending from the settleupon the affections of his subjects, whose ment of Vera Cruz, along the adjacent isthloyalty and attachment have hitherto sup- mus, to the southern extremity of the Ca. ported him through that long and eventful raccas. This important cveat is said to have period, during which it has plesed Divine been effected by an irrregular force of between Providence to commit the interests of these 30 and 40,000 men, which, on the 19th of dominions to his charge. His Majesty feeis April last, seized all the public functionaries that the preservation of domestic peace and in the capital, and with the utmost secrecy tranquillity, under the protection of the law, and expedition, but without bloodsbed, forced and in obedience to its authority, is among them on board ship, and it was sugposed that the most important duties which he owes to their destination was for the island of Cuba. his people. His Majesty commands us to A provisional government was next formed, assure you that he will not be wanting in the and a proclamation issued, in which the whole discharge of that duty; and his Majesty will of the inhabitants of the Caraccas declare always rely with confidence on the continued their independence, and invite the other cosupport of his loyal subjects, to enable him to lonist in energetic terms, to seek protection resist with success the designs of foreign under the new government. The recent enemies, and co transmit vaimpaired to pose events in Old Spain which induced a belief terity the blessings of the British Conscio that the cause of Ferdinand VII. was hopeless, tucion."

is stated to have led to this revolution, as also Dispatches have been received from Sir J. a desire to escablish a more intimate commerStuart, in Sicily, communicating intelligence cial intercourse with Great Britain than the of the complete reduccion of the island and policy of the mother country permitindo

AlphaBETICAL List of BANKRUPTCIES and DIVIDENDS, announced between

fle 2005 of Muy and the 20th of June, extracted from the London Gazettes.


Baker Juhn, Sheptan Malles. Somerset, inokreper,

(Shephard and Adlington, Bedford row, and Shephard, (The Solicitors' Names are berwion Parent beses:)


Barrat Samuel, Roll's buildings, Tercer lare, Jeweller. ACKERLEY Samuel, Liverpool, worden. draper: (Cooper (Burcefs, Great Portland treet

and Lowe, Soutbarnpton bulldings, sad Orred, Bott John, Birmingham fouffer mater. (Bodheld, Liverpool

Minde court, Fleet arcet, and Maudfiey, Birminghara Alrigge Juteph. Nelfon fquare, Blackfriar's road, furo Bowler wiltiam, fen, Callie freet, Southwark har a

teon. (artowimith, Deyondhire Atreet, Queen nofacturer, (Beanet, Deau's court, Doctor's Com lyuare

nuns Aleu ) w. Lambeth, corn-chandler, (Tucker. Bartlett's Brearicy w. Birmingham, moneyofcrivener. (Barber, buildings

Felter lane
Arrowinnish George, Bell Savare yard. money fcrivener. Brookes Thomas Banwell. Sumerset, tailor.

(Mitos and Pownails. Knight Rider Aseet. Doctor's jun. Bristol

Browne John, Crosby square, Bishopraate, money forint. Bainbridge Thumas. Mansbefter, mugiu manufaurer,

ner. (Kearfey and Sport, Bifhoplate Vowin. Manchester. and Milue ad Party. Inter Eutford John, Whitechapel road. glala and earthenware Tampie

feler (Sweet aud Sicket. Terpie


Börner William, North Petherton, Somerfer. baker. O barpe William, Dalby's Terrace, City road, builder, Parfons, Bridgewater, and Blake Cook's court

(Annefley and Bennett, Angel cuart, Throgmorcon Caithners T. New Hond street, watchinaker. (Malon,

Foiter lane, Cheapfide

Parker 1. Gunthorpe, Norfolk, merchant. (Ballachey,
Casning Henry. Broad etreet. merchant. (Shawes, Le Capel court, London
Blana vid Shawe, Tudor Atreet, Blackfriars

Parker Michael, Ripon, York, thopkeeper. (Exley and terter J. Stockton Durham, dealer, (Sloper and Heath. Stocker, Furnival's inn, and Powell Knaresborough Montague Street

Parnell William, Southwark, common brewer, (Hall Chritie David. Bradfeld, Berks Mopkeeper I Saunders.

and Drake, Salter's hall, Cannon ftreet Reading, and Holines, Great James threer, Ecufurd Peglar Samuel, Newnham. Gloceder, linen draper. (Chile TOW

ton, Lincoln's inn, and Ward, Glocelter Coleman John, Silver ftreet. Golden fyware, tallow Perks Samuel, Wafull, Scafford, factor. (Swaine. Stevens,

chandler. (Gale aod Son, Bedford Arect. Bedford and Maples, Old Jewry, and whateley, Birmingham row

Pickara William, Little Moorfields, breeches-maker. Coliert 'Thomas, Uxbridge, grocer, (Gale and son, Eed. (Young, Vine Areet, Piccadilly ford frees, Bedford row

Polley John, New Pund Areet, furnitare printer. (Sweet CUOR Richard, Little St. James's ftreet, vidueller. and Stokes, Temple (Cowburn, Temple

Port Walter, Briftul carver, Bilder, and glass-feller. Cooper Valentine, New Bond ftreet, milliner. (Cha • James, Gray's inn fquare, and Cornish, Bristol bers, Furnival's inn


William Upper Thames &reet, wholesale fationer, Critchley James. Nottingham, dråper. (Ruffel, Lant (Blandford, Temple freet. Southwark

Pownall w. Bristol, tealer. (Gabell, Lincola's inn Davies R. Bermondsey, leather drefier. (Humphries Pratt Charles, Long-acre, money (crivener. (Popkin, and Dunfer, Southwark

Dean itreet, Soho Douran T. Bread freet warehouseman. (Palmer, Rawson Epworth, Clement's lane, carpenter. (Noy and

Tomlinsons and Thomprun, Copthali coar, Throge Pope, Mincing lane morton ftreet

Richardson Thomas, Waterside, Halifax, dyer. (Wigler. Dove Richard, Mo month @reet, v&uailer. (Whilton, worth, Grays inn, and Wiglesworth and Tho npion, Great James street, Bedford row

Halifax Duckworth Henry. Liverpool, merchant. (Pritt, Liver. Roberts William Edward. Liverpool, woollen-draper. ponl, and wilona Temple

(Law, Jobu freet, Bedford rw, and Philips, Liver Duncan W. and A. Liverpool, drapers.

(Hurd, Temple

pool Dutton J. Rifley, Glocefter, hopkeeper, (James, Robfon George Lancafter, linen draper. (Windle, John Gray's inn square

Breet, Bedford row, and Smith, Preston Immett Henry, James and James, Gerard ftreet: Soho, Rogers John, Strand, merchant, (Bourdillon and Hewe tailors. (jones and Roche. Covent Garden

itt. Little Friday freet Evans Evan, Neath. Glamurgan, shopkeeper. Whit Rose James, fen, and jun. Tooley ftreet, Southwark, pro. combe and King, Sergeant's inn, Fleet Atreet, and

vilion-merchants (Rourdillua and Hewitt, Littie Francis, Rrifol

Friday ftreet, Cheaplide Evered Ambrote, Lower Grosvenor freetwine-merchant, Rofo M. Hull, merchant. (Sykes and Knowles, New (Torley, St Martin's Jane

inn Farrel c. Gofport. flopseller. (Dyne, Serjeant's inn, Routledge E. fo. and Jun. Burroekfide, Cumberland, Fleet areet

drovers, Tea Thomas. Crown court. Threadneedle ftreet, and Russel Philip, sheertiefs, nopfeller. (Ifaacs, Bury &reet, Hull, mercbant. (Froit, Hull

St. Mary Axe Pea Magnus Crown court Threadneedle areet, and Hull, Salter Roger, Batheafton, Somerset. baker. (Highmoren merchant. (Froit, Hull

Bush lane, Cannon freut, and Wingate. Bath Tea william. Crown court. Threadoeedle ftreet, and Huli, Say Charles, Falmouth. Cornwall, merchaut.

(Youss merchant. (Frost, lut

Falmouth, and Reardon and Davis, Corbett court, Yrost George, Gateshead, Durham, victualler. (Bell

Gracechurch streer and Brodrick, Bow lane. and Wiliis, Gateshead

Scort I. P. Newcarle upon-Type, grocer. (Bell and Tulford John Hafeler, Warwick, miller. (Tidmas,

brodrick, Bow lane, Cheapfide Warwick

Simpton J. and w. o. Fairman, Old Change. factors. Tuller Richard, Deal, shopkeeper. (Russell, Lant treet, Pullen, Fore ftreet Southwark

Simpton John, Roís Hereford, innholder. (Meredith, Gaerlach Gottliel Henry, London Areet, Fenchurch freet, Robbins, and Tomkyns, Lincolo's inn, and Harvey, merchant. (Palmer, Tomlinsons and Thomson,

Ross Copthall court. Thrormurton ftreet

Smith J St. John Atreet, lach render, (Lamb, Alderfa Graham Archibald John, liverpoul. mater mariner. Rate free (Crump and Lucge, Liverpool, and Battye, Chancery

Smith William and Joshua, Stapleford, Herts, and whet

stone Middlesex, tiiber-merchants. (Giles, Great Gray Daniel, Long Melford, Suffok, grocer. (Sewell. Shire lase and Pare, Bury St. Edmunds

Chatteris, and Leigh and Mafon, Bridge treet, Black Sparks W. Cattle Areet, Leicetter fields, currier. (Bower, friars

Clifford's ing Grayson Charles, Liverpool, thip-builder. (Blackftock,

'Stonebridge William. Colehetter, grocer (Tiron, Teinple, and Bardfwell and stephenfu, Liverpool

Chal ham place, Blackfriars Hackney Sandel. Dowgare-hi'l, rag-merchant, (Salver,

Storey Richard, Clement's lave, tailor, (Bartlett, LayAlderfgate treet

rence, Pouptney lane Harrifan Edward, Clifford's inn, merchant. (Jacobs, Sulton Edwin, Houndfaitch. butcher, ( Wilde, Warwick Holborn court. Gray's inn

quare Herrng George. Bermondsey ftreet. fellmonger, (Sher Swali John, Ramsgate, bricklayer. (Wightwick, Ramswood, Cushion court, Broad ftreet

gate, and Bor, hatton Garden Hewitt D. Stoke Newingtow, carpenter. (Harvey, Sweetin John, Old Hond dreet, tailor. (Bourdillon and Curritor freet

kewitt. Little Friday itreet Hoylard Chartes, Warrington. drugcia. (Blackítock Taba't Renjamin, Bond Strect, bookseller. (Handama London, and Pritt, Liverpool

Covent Garden Hunter Andrew, Little Portland Areet, coachmaker. Taylor William, Clifton, Lancaster. Innkeeper. (Cherhyre A'Beckett and Weale. Bread itreet, Gumen fquare

an Walker. Manchetter, and Ellis. Chancery lane Jackson samuel. Bermondsey Greet, woulitapler. Wright, Thompson John, Philpot tane, provifion-broker. (Bur. Dowgate hin

we!, St. Michael's alley, Corobill. Kinwear J. Liverpool, merchant. (Cooper and Lowe, Tipping George Hew. Wormwood freet, merchante South Inpton buildings

Lamb, Alderfgate Etreer Klugh George. Coventry ftreet, tailor. (Jones and Tripp John Brittil, woollen-draper. (James and Abe Roche. Covent Garden

Dott. New Inn, and Clarke and son. Rrittu! Linford Thomas, Cheapfide, Giver smith. (Taylor, Old Trote Dionyfius, Old Change, calico printer. (Wilde, treet road


atte Areet. Falcon square Loveti J. Colchester, grocer. (Naylor. Great New purt

Ward william je llup. Market i reer. St. James's, vi&tualler treet

Warkins Thomas, Plymouth dock, tavern keeper. (Wile Lowe Richard, Great St. Helen's, broker. (Mafon, Fofa liams and Dark, Prince's ftreet, Bedford row, And cer lave, Cheapside

Bozer, Plymouth Math Jofeph, Red Lion Paftare, Holborn, pota:oe mer. Welis i homas, and Gorge Owen Tuke, Bankfide, southchant. Crofit, Provi ence row, Finsbury

wark timber merchants. (Furman, Golden fquare Meanley J. Rochdale. Lancafer, joukungeri (Roster Whitian L. warket arces, Newport market, patut. and soo. Bartlett a buildings

merchant. Chabot, Crifpin itseet, pucalields Moore John. St. John's fquare, brandy merchant, white gham W Lyon Nortolk. printer, (Vandercom 1 Bavill, Bridge freet, Blackfriars

and Coinyn, Buih lane, Cannon Brect M'Taggart Peter. London broker. (Wasbrough, Warn. Wichman ). George Areet. Folter lane, haberdasher, ford court, Throgmorton Street

Hartley, Red Lionfyuare Nelson James, Liverpool, tajur. (Davies, Liverpool, and Woodward Thumes. jon. Ride, Suffolk, fhupkeeper. Meddowcroft. Gray's inn

(Giles, Great Shire lane and Pare, Bury st. dmund's Newman w. Southwark, and Poole, Dorset, merchant, Wylke Jofeph, Cupthall cour.mnechant. (barruling (Richards, Xewinn

Threadneedle treet Nixon Robert, Sanderbufi, Cumberland, horse dealer.

(Birkett, Bond court. Walbrook, and Blow. Carlife Dakl y J s John Grect, beditead naser.


(Atkinson, Chancery jane

Abbey R. Amby-de la-Zouch, Leiceter, brick Baker, Oakley Wiliam. williard Overend, and William Smith

valley. Church, freet, Southwark, wooldapiers. Agar de Cly Chambers, fip-owner, Ju149 :3 (,

Andersoa MONTHLY MAG. No. 200.




Anderfon Alexander, and David Robertson, Coleman ftreet,

merchants. Juve: Bacon James, Deptford, victualler, June 23 Hall J. Adam ftreet, Adelphi, auâioneer, June 9 Bann der W. Sumtors, baker, July 14 Barreiz W. Broad itreet. merchant. June ? Bateinan J, Red Cross the t. Sonchpuk; J. Bateman,

Wike, York there, and w. Baterran, Roth bjerley,

York, woullea-manufacturers, June 18 Recilin Henry Grundy, Gray's Inu Square, merchant,

June 30 Telcher J Lamb's Conduit freet, merchant, June 2 Bull Charles, Peorith, Cumberland, linen and woollen

draper. Juiy s Billing J. Ravenét horpe, wooleumber. Ju'y 13 Bithops, cheiteoham, hab-rdasher, Juy iu Bloom Daniel, Norwich, merchani. July ? Rond rhonas, New Sarum, Wilts. clothier. Julys Bottomley Samuel, Salford, Lancafer, liquor merchant,

July 11 Bowman J. Water lade, brandy merchant, June 30 Braddon William, Polpeiru, Cortwali, thopkeeper,

July 2 Bride E. Fashion freet, viltueller, June 30 Brown Jofeph and Jane, Newcadde-upon-Tyne, sadlera,

July 4 Bucks G, Cockspur ftreet, tailor, June 12 Burger's Geoge, Whiteca Is threet, brewer, July 3 Burland T. Hungertord, draper, June ju Cafe T. Liverpool, merchani, July 13 Chipchale Charles, Kread freer, filk mercer. June 30 Coats E, T, Matey, and J. Hall, Horninglow, Staford,

brewers, July 7 Coldwell T. Wakeneid, York, dealer. July 11 Cook J. Brifol, looking-glars manufacturer, June 13 Cooke John, Liverpool, silverímith, July 2 Coulthard J. Bucklersbury, Wareh: uleman, June jo Cowles T. Finch lane, Cornbili, painter, July 17 Creao E. Margaret Atreet, car senter, June 30 Crois W. Ainiworth, coton inanufacturer. July 12 Cuthbert A, and Co. Gutter lane. merchants, Augud 4 Darley Ann, Holborn, vid ulter, June 23 Davenport M. Sheffield. cutier. Júly 9 Davies A. and N. Little Carter lans, warehousemch,

June 26 Deait Jofephi, Birmingham. japanner. July 3 Devenith Ann, and Henry Newport, Villiers Areet, Strand,

upholderers, July 7 Dixon William and scury, Rucharhithe, timber merchants,

July 17 Dowknx Jonathan, Harwich, grocer, July 4 Ukins Joseph, Oxford direct, checlenouger, June 26 Evans E. Brdoi, carpenter. June 18 2 arbridge R. Paragon place, timber merchant, June 30 Fcnton John and George Moore, Rotherhithe, jronmon.

gers, June 30 Folo w. Chertygarden reet, Bermondsey, timber mer.

chant, May 26 Tord Paul Edward, Howland Mews wet, hackneyman,

June 30 Ford S. Birmingham, merchant, June 15 Francis Thomas, Goudma and Thomas. jun. Cambridge,

merchants, june 29 French M. George itreet, Portman Square, wine merchanlig

July 10 Fry R. Lullington, Somerset, banker, June 19 Garland Charles Brackley, Northampton, Salesman,

June 28 Gilbert w.cbitwell åreet, grocer, July 6 Gallam T. and W. Weaver, Bedwardie, drapers,

July 16 Glenton w. Jermyn @reet, tailor, July 7 Goft E. Wellclore iquare, coal merchant, June 30 Goldimith T. Shoreditch, dealer, June 30 Goodwin William, Gulport, procer, July : Hale H. and H. Haggard, birchin lane. oiliran, Augut 4 Halton T. Colturd, Gluxeitel, merchant, June 18 Mainber J. New Road, Ra.cliffe Highway, victualler,

June 30 Narrifum j. scuthwick, Durham, ship owner. June 14 Hetherington D. Crosby, Cuinberiano, erover, June : Hinde J. c.Y. Wyatt and T. Keyfe, Horfeydown, lead

manufacturers, July 3 Windle Juhu and Wilmat Lawrence Kenyon, and Afton,

stansheld, Stateclifie- within, Accragton, caico piante

ers, July 2 Hockley Arthur Machin, Wickwar, Glocefter, cheer:.

factor, July 3 Hodfun wila, Manchefter, cotton manufacturer,

July 5


With Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Characters recently deceased. EARLY in the morning of Thursday, May ment, and cut his throat with a razor.

The Sist, a diabolical attempt was made to as. circumstances were fully investigated by the cassinate the Duke of Cumberland, while in privy Council on Thursday; and a coroner's bed in his apartments in St. James's Palace, inquest was held on Friday, when the deposio by one of his valets or pages, an Italian, named tions of the witnesses taken before Mr. Justice Joseph Sellis; but not succeeding in his pure Read were read, and the witnesses were after. pose, this wretch returned to his own apasto wards called before, and questioned by, the jury: - The first affidavit that was read, was that of any reason to be dissatisfied with the Duke. his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland, He replied, on the contrary, he thought which stated, that about half-past ewo o'clock Sellis bad more reason to be satisfied than any on Thursday morning he was awakened by other of his servants; his Royal Highness two violent blows and cuts on his head: the had stood godfather for one of his children, first impression upon his mind was, that a bat the Princess Augusta godmother. The Duke had got into his rooin, and was beating abouc had shewn him very particular favour, by this head; he was soon. convinced to the giving him apartments for his wife and family, contrary by receiving a third blow; he, with coals and candles.-Anne Neale, wife of jumped out of best, when he reivived a the preceding witness, and Benjamin Smith, umher of other Llow's. From the glimmer-, porter to his Royal Highness, deposed, that ing light, and the motion of the instrument on being alarmed by Neale and the Duke, which inflicted the wounds, afforded from they had gone to Sellis's room to call him a dull lamp in the, they appeared op; but, on knocking at the door, they rea like flashes of lightning before his eyes. He'ceived no answer; serjeant Creighton, of the made for a door, near the head of his bed, Coldstream Guards, and a party of soldiers, leading to a small room, to which the assassin hud, by this time, arrived to assist in the followed him, and cut him across his thighs. search atter the supposed murderers, and His Royal Highness not being able to find his burst open the door, wlieh Sellis was found alarm bell, which there is no doubt the villain on his bed with his throat cut from ear io ear. bad concealed, called, in a loud voice, for The jury now adjourned to view the Duke's Neale, his page in waiting, several cimes, bed-chamber, which had been carefully sealco who came to his assistance; and Neale, toze- up, so that every thing remainet exactly in ther with his Royal Higliness, alarred the the state in which his Royal Highress house. -Cornelius Neale, page to the duke,


J. fen, and J. Shford, Lancaster dyers. Jane Holland' P. *frwich, Chetuire, rapner June 19 Portou w. Knightsbridge, coachmaker. June 26 Horley Richard, Epfom. pork butcher, juy Hounton J. Pieet irret, vinen dra per. Joly 7 Harras A. Brinel, cabinet-maker, fuae 21 Jones Homphrey Richard, Type #treet, Finsbury, cet

fectioner, June 23 Jones ). Whitechapel road. cordwainer, June 16 Kitening J. Leeds, dser. July 16 Knight John, Luwer Crapion, corn chandler. June *3 Lautie G. W. Hatton Artet, merchant Jude 25 Lee W. A. Sunderland, grocer, fatis Leedham J. Derby, innkeeper, June 27 Leo Jolepla Mancheiter. merchant. June 26 Le ien s. jun. barres, broker. June 26 Lewis w New Bond freel, woolkeo-draper, June 30 Little R. and w. Cranfos, Hythe and nord, tiodh

drapers, Jure jo Makehan Jaites. Upper Thames freet, cheezonge Tuly 3

2 Maxted J. Stoney Stratford, viQualler, July 10 Merry weather Edward, Manchetter cotton Spinery Mills j. and J. Saddleworth, York, merchants. July ) Mordey R. Kithapwearmouth, fhip owner. junt za Mor David, Ratcliffe bighway, limon diaper, July 17 Wichshon J. High itreet St. Giles's buokleler June *** Nightingale William and George, Lumbaru @reet, wurde

ers, June 30 Oakley Francis, Hereford, wooldapter, July ? Page john, Buh. pigate ireet, haberdaher. July 3 Patteur J. L. Stoney Stratford, grocer. June 3o Peei C. king ftreet. warchouleman, June 26 Pierce Thomas, Canterbity, brazier June 30 Platt Thomas Digglee, Saddleworth, York, heerchant

June 7 Price J. Finsbury faure. merchant, July 3 Raby 6. Greatst. Helen's Chambers, mechani, July 28 Rande'l . Birmingham, cortan manufacturer, July 16 Rayner John, Thirik, York, drukgift, July 9 Reynell Henry Briftai, linen diaper. Jaly 6 Richards w Pendererat, Pembroke, bopkeeper, Jant 25 Route K. Minfter, Kent, carpenter. July 18 Rye W. Oxford ftreet, linen.diaper, June 19 Sampfonamuel, Bread itreet, bik-mercer. june 30 Sampson Samuel and Charles Chipchafe, Sread Pretty

flik inercers, June 30 Sampton William, 1 iverpool, flour.deater. Julyo Schneider John Henry, Bow lane, merchant, Juae 13 Seager George Weabrors wich, Scaford, amber-dealera,

July 13 Sherwood John William, Newgate @reet, cheefemongete

July 3 Simptun C. Masbrough, York, boat-builder. Jane 26 Sinclair A.Birthin lane, mersanta July 14 Sision fon, Lombard #trees, banker. June 16 Skife Richard, Liverpool, wonmonger, Jug : Shie Thomas Moore, old Bond iurcet. pichre dealeti

June 30
Smal woud G, Beech freet, Barbican, brafs fuaeder,

July 7
Smith wiliam, Portres, line nedraper, July 7
Spackman J. ano ). Jewry friet, pewicier, July 14
Swaine .Birminghami, common cartier, june 73
Taylor P. Sheffield, fcrew manufacturer, June 13

huth plon A Birmingham, merchant. Juic 12 Thornton J. Lawrence Funntney lane, merchant, Toots "Fite T Daveutry, Northampton, auctioneer. Jane aa 'l upper George, Linton, Kent, bopket per, Joly Turner Henry, sr, Martin's• c-Graud, lik manusaatuses

June Vilick water, Miehurit, Sulex. draper. Iwly 7 Votrer G. Charing Cross, haber gather, Jury 14 Walker W.F Chatham, bwen drapers june 10 w allbat C. Petworth, Sile K, mini, June 13 WarerB. Finch lane, broker, June to Walmough Robert, and Rainer Williamlon, Clapham, il

verpool kap builers, June go Wattin . jun. and J. vícttun. Lancader, cettos mano

facturer June 20
Watts w. Bristol, holier, June 20
Wheatley ). Mstklane Cornfactor, Angoft
White inomas, south art, haberdasher, July 3
White T. Chetternet, tu seiler, July 1
Wilby David, Vieti, York, cloth maoufacturer, July
Wilfun kichard, West Smithfied, tobacconut. Ju 26
Wod Thomas, Hereford, ftatuary butider, July 3
Wood Themas, hochdale, Lancalter, ftationer. Jois 9
Wright Juhn, vidham, Lancatter, mercer, July 7


had left it On a chair beside the bed, lay said, that he was in waiging upon his Royal the night clothes the Duke hal on when 'lie Highness on Wednesday night, and slept in a was attacked. His shirt was literally steeped bed in a room adjoining the Duke's bed-room in blood Two cotton night caps which he A little before three o'clock, he heard the had on, and a thickiy.wadded blue silk bana Puke calling out, “ Neale, Neale, I am dage with which they were fastened, were inurdered ; and the murderer is in my bed. cut completely through with a stroke of the soom!" He went immediately to his Royal sabre. The assassin sezmed to have stood Highness, and found hin bleeding from his rather back towards the bead of the bed, wounds. The .Duke told him the door the which was placed in a small' recess, in order to assassin had gone out at; he armed himself. avoid discovery, and was therefore obliged to with a poker, and asked if he should pursue strike down at the Duke's head in a slanting him. The Duke replied ; No, but to remain direction ; in consequence of which; the curwith him. After moving a few paces, he tains which hung from the top, impeded the stepped upon a sword, and, although in the action of the sword, and to this alone can his dark, lie was convinced it was covered with Royal Highness's

' preservation be imputed; blood; it proved to be the Duke's own regi- several of the tassels of the curtain were cut mental sword. The Duke and witness hen oft. The swort was a large military sabre of -went to alarm the house, and got a light from the Dukes, anu 'had been lately sharpened. the po:ter. The Duke was afraid the mur- The whole edge appeared hacked and bluntderer was still in his bed-room; the Dulie et with the force of the blows: His Royal was obliged to lean upon him from the loss Highness's shirt was cut through in several of blood, and his Royal Highness gave direc- places, and a great splinter was shivered from tions that no person should be let out of the the door, through which he made his escape. house. They called up the witness's wife, Adjoining the room itself, and communicating who is the housekeeper, and told her to call with it, is the little closet where the mur. Sellis. He then returned with the Duke to his derer secreted hinseli. There is, “it this bed room.

At that tiine the Duke was very closet, a small press, in which the bolsters faint, from the great loss of blood. Upon exa- were usually put, and in which he hid him. mining the premises, they found, in a closet self, as the scabbard of the sabré was foundin adjoining the small room, a pair of slippers it. After having inspected this

room, the with the name of Sellis on them, and a dark jury proceeded to that of Sellis's'; and there lanthorn. The key of the closet was in the most frightful spectacle presented 4tinside of the lock, and to his knowledge the

self: the body of the murderer - Tày" on a key had not been in that state for ten years. bed of matted bloot, in an hul-etect posHe had reason to believe the wounds of the tore; a horrid gash extended from ear to Duke had been given by a sword. Sellis ear. The razor with which the fatal deed Look the Duke's regimentals some time since, was perpetrated, lay near him on a chest of and put them back again, but left the sword drawers, the back of his head reclined upon won a sofa for two or three days; it was the his watch, which was suspended from the same sword he trod wpon, and it was in a head of the bed; and a bason of blood and bloody state. --The toreman of the jury asked water was on the table beside him; his cravac, bles witness, if he thought the deceased had almost cut to pieces, was found beside the

- Tazor.

razor. He was a little sallow man, whose liam Wansey, of Queen-square, to Bliss Torre
features retained some regularity, even amid good, eldest daechter of Mr. Matthew T:-
the convulsion into which they were distort. John Soadby, es4 to Grace Amelia, daughter
ed. He had on his blue cloth pantalcons, of the late Robert Williams, esq. of Lambs'
on which his hands, smeared and stiff with Conduit-street.
blood, were extended, and his grey worst At Northumberland House, Lord John
ed stockings, but no shoes. On the return Murray, second son of the Duke of Athol, to
of the jury, the coroner stated, “hat two Lady E. Perey, youngest daughter of the
letters had been found in Sellis's port- Duke of Northumberland.
folio, addressed to the Duke, and remon. At St. George's, Hanover-square, the Mar-
strating on the preference given to Neale, quis of Ely, to Miss Dashwood, eldest daugh-
One of them also remarked the difference ter of Sir Henry D. bart.'
between the treatment of the pages of the At Mary-le-bonne Church, Rowland, son
Prince of Wales, and those of his Royal of Thomas Als on, esq. of Odell Castle, Bed.
Highņess; as the Prince regularly placed his fordshire, to Rose, daughter and heiress of
pages inside the carriage, while those of the the late Jeremiah Milles, esq. of Pishobury,
Duke rode outside. From the testimony of Hertfordshire.- Captain Kater, of the Roya!
various other witnesses, it appeared that Military College, High Wycomb, to Miss
Sellis was so much favoured by his Royal M. F. Reeve, of Palmer, Bucks. ---Mr. Staf
master, that he stood godfather to his last ford Northcote, of Cheapside, to Sarah, s.
child, and prevailed upon the Princess Augusta cond daughter of Edward Beauchamp, esg. of
to be godmother; since which the Queen and Paddington.-W. Camac, esq. of Portman
all the Royal Family had noticed the family. square, to Sarah, only daughter of Waste!
There was no proof whatever of Sellis being Brisco, esą, of Devonshire-place.-Captain
insane : indeed, his concealment in the clo: Fisher, of his Majesty's ship Race Horse, to
set, subs quent retreat, and ultimate death, Elizabeth, second daughter of the late J. R.
are strongly opposed to this b:lief.-The de. Carnac, esq.
position of Mary Anne Sellis, wife to the At St. Martin's in-the-Fields, William
deceased, was read: it stated, that he had Augustus Gott, sq, son of the la e Sir Henry
been walking with her and the children in Thomas G. of Newland Park, Bocks, to alis
the Park the day preceding the murder, and Beazley, only daughter of Charles B. esq. of
appeared usually cheerful. He said he shouid Whitehall.-W. F. Wise, esq. Captain in
sleep that night at his roem in the palace the Royal Navy, to Fanny, only daughter of
She remembered his speaking this sister, W. Grenfell, esą.
and saying, " D ach is a debe which we must At Welbeck Chapel, Sir William Ling.
all pay, and it matters nut when we do it,"* ham, bart, to Miss Augusta Priscilla Irby,
He advised with her about the dresses which only daughter of the Honourable W. H. I.
the children should wear on the birth-day W. Scott, esq. of the London Giass Works,
He was in no pecuniary'embarrassment; was to Miss Simpson, daughter of the late Alex-
a sober and domestic man, never drinking any ander S. esq. of the Bank of England.
spirituous liqucis even at his meals. The The Rev. R Gulcb, rector of Seagrave,
night before, he had made her a glass of brandy Leicestershut, to Miss James, of Guwer.
and water, but would nur taste it himself street, only daughter of the Rev. John J. of
He always paid the greatest attention to her, Arthurer, Cumberland.
and shewed the most t-nder fondness for his At Wandsworth, John Heyman, esq. of
children. She never saw the most remote Montague-street, Russell square, to Miss
system of derangement about him. She re- Mary Ann Johnson, of East Hill, Wands
membered his having a dispute with Neale, worth.
in consequence of which he was about to leave At St. George's, Hanover square, Wm. De-
his Royal Highness's service : but she repre- vaynes, esq. to Louisa, youngest daughter of
sented to him the great benefits which his W. Parry esq." of Norfolk-street, -The Reve
family derived from having coals, candles, and H. Morland, rector of Horsmonden, Kent, to
apartments in the palace, and he never men. Harriet Frances, youngest daughter of the
tioned the subject afterwards – The Jury, Rev." James Ilarriott, of that place. --Sir
after deliberating about an hour, returned William Oglander, bart. to Lady Maria Fitz-
yersiet of felo de se; and the body of the mur: roy, eldest daughter of the Earl of Euston.-
derer was accordingly bu ied at the corner of W. R. Cartwright, esg. AI.P. to Miss Julia
Scotland-yard. The Duke, who received six Fraser Aubrey, only daughter of the late
distinct wounds in this atirocious attempt, was Charles Richard A.
Temoved on Thursday night to Carlton-bouse; At South Lambeth, John M. George, esq.
where he continues in a state of gradual con to Miss Hollaway, 'of Kennington.
valescence. .

At St. Botolph, Aldersgate, R. I. S. Ste-

vens, esq. of the Charter-house, to Miss At St. George's, Bloomsbury, the Re- Jeffrey; eldest daughter of George of verend George Nowell Watkins, of Froyle, Peckham. Hants, to Mary, youngest daughter of Thor At Acton, Edward Wyatt, esg. of Oxfordmas Aston, esg. of Bedford-place. Mr. Wil: strect, to Mrs. George.


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