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mon Hall, disregarding all attempts and de. the correction of public abuses the abosiguis of interested and corrupt hirelings, who lition of all unnecessary places and pensions derive emoluments from the national bur- the shortening of the duration of Parliathens, to impute unworthy and disloyal mo. ments, and resturing them to their constitutives to those who resist uriprincipled and tional purity and independence, as the only dangerous encroachments upon their establishi. means of retrieving our public affairs, and ed rights, are determined, to the utmost of enabling this country succesfully to contend their power, to maintain them against those against surrounding nations. evil Counsellers, who have thus raised a bar- 8. Resolved unanimously, That the Sherier between the King and the People, and riffs, au tended by Mr. Remembrancer, do thereby prevented their just complaints from forth with wait upon his Majesty, and deliver reaching the Royal ear.

into his Majesty's hand, in the name of the 7. Resolved, That the following instructions Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Livery of Lonbe given to our Representatives in Parliamento don, a fair copy of the foregoing Resolutions, Gentlemen, You are hereby instructed to signed by the Town Clerk move in the House of Commons (or support 9. Resolved unanimously, That the Thanks such motion if moved) for an humble Ads of this Meeting be given to the Right Hon. dress to his Majesty, praying for an imme. the Lord Nelayor, for his independent behavidiate and rigid inquiry into the course of the our upon all occasions, and particularly for unexampled failures and disasters which have his conduct this day. attended our late Expeditions to Spain, Por- 10. Resolved unanimously, That the tugal, and Holland, ' whereby the blood and Thanks of this Meeting be given to Sheriff trasure of the country have been shameful. Wood, for his general conduce, and for his Jy sacrificed, without rendering any effectual having requested an audience of his Majesty, assistance to our allies, checking the progress agreeable to the instructions of this Hall. of the enemy, or tending to the glory or sa Resolved unanimously, That the Resolucurity of his Majesty's crown and dominions. tions of this day, together with the Petition You are also instructed to support all motions agreed upon on the 14th day of December which have for their object inquiry into the last, be signed by the Town Clerk, and pub, violation of the right of petitioning into lished in the Morning papers. the wasteful expenditure of the public money



the 2011 of December, and the 20th of January, extracted from the London Gazettes.

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Criche'ez, Edmond Richard, Illington, lint manuf Qurer.

Curtis Wiliam, Bayfsator, dealer and chapman. (Bower, (The Solicitor's Names are between Parentñesis.) Cuftore's in

Darley Aut. Holborn, victualter, (Whitton, Grea! James ALNER Gcorge Perkins, Weymouth, faâor. (Spencer, Arcet. Bedford row Dorchefer, and Pear fud and Son, Teinple.

Davis Henry Walworth, cap maker. (Ifaacs, Buy Adby R. Uxbridge, Innkeeper. (Riches, Uxhridge, and ftreet, St. Mary Axe Gale, Hedtordareet, Bedford-row

Dawlosamuel, Fiddle ford, Dorset. (Score, Sherborne, Afing Edward and James Conper, late of Berrond fey, Dor fet but now persones in the King's Booth, merchants.

Dibsdale James. Bedford ftreet, Bedford row, toemaker. Harma). Wine office court

Kerrot. Thavies inn Atkinson William, Newgate (treet, boot and Moemaker." Didier Peter and William Robbett, St. James's truet, book. (Allen, Carline free!, sono

fellers. (Wilkinson and Young, Cavendish square Baily J. Hull, merchant. (Edmunds and Son, Lincoln's

Dyer X. Dudley, Worceter, grocer. (Robinfun, Dudley, Thu, and Haite, Hull

and Austice and Cox, Temple Barker J. Sunderland, Durham, procer." (Donkin, New.

Fischer Maximilian, Leeds, merchant. (Upton, Nichol. caftle upon Tyne, and Thiszifon kud son, Hatton

fon, and Hemingway, Less, and Lambert, Hattos Garden

Rardea Barlow James, Newpore of Wight, mercer. Taller Wiliam, Brandos, Suffolk, money.forivener. Clarke and sewel, Neport

(Bremritre, Terple Bell John Browne, and John De Camp. Catherine ftreet, Gilkes Thonas, Manchetter, coach maker. (Partington,

Siraud, printers. (Swain, Steveils, and Maples Mancheter, and Foulkes and Longdill, Gray's ina old Jewry

Graves Robert, the wile Greavs Dyfon, Rote mary lane, Sennett Charles, 1:10. Colchester ftreet, Crutched Friars,

vi& Daller. (Whittun, Great James Arect, sed lord (Dixon, Allen, and Bett, Pateruuter.

row TOW

Humber Jimes, New road. Rarcliffe highway. (Whitton Benton John William. "Molbeach, Lincoln, furgoon.

Great James freet, bedford row (Bress, Lockett, and Fither, Gray's Inn, and James,

Hanbury Capel, Seething Jane, corn factor. (Vandertona Wisbeach

and Comyr, fub lane bishopsgate freet, Araw-hat manufacturer,

Harrington Thomas, Crown feet, Soho, trunk maker, Hudfou, City Road

(Rrookes. St. Alban freet Bifs Wilham, Briflol, coal merchan's.

(Cox, Briftol, and

Heddin). Sritol, merchant. (stri: Klard, Bricol, 206 James, Gray's-ion square

Prict and Witteams, Lincoli's inn Bland Jubi, Moulcon, Lincoln, blacksmith. (Ruto worth,

Hewson Thomas Great be. Helen's, Eimopsgate freet. Holbeach, and Woor twortli and Addifon, Staples Inn

Pulles Fure ftreet Bowder Wuhain Chatham iron manufacturer. (Muw.

Mitchcox Broughton, Oxford, miller. (Aplin, Ban bray, Bankfide, South wark Brown William, Kepler Mail, Durbam, miller. (Word, Johnfo J. Liverpool allow chandler. Durham, and jopron, Citie trett, Holborn

(Windle, John

arees, Bedford row, and Grifin and Hinde, Liver. Capreel Thomas, Bishop stortford, money-forivener.

rool (James, Dowrate hill

Jone william Ferdhey, Litespoof, flour dealer (Cle ? chpudler Thomas; Bethnal Green, sreafe melter. (Woot. monts, Liverpool, and Blackstock, Londo'

Jowley William, jun. Northallerton, York, Colton Horace Salo bury, Cuekfeld, Surex, fcbublinaster.


Fireman, Yarm, York, asd Flexuey; Chancerylane, (Bulkley, Newmais-itreet, Oxford ruad



dry faiter,

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(Ellis, chan

Joynfon Jolepa, Srourport, Worcefter, hop merchant: Bailey Thomas, Birmingham, victualler Jan. 16 (Clarke and Purdoe, Bowdley

Baker George, city road, co ch maker, Jan. 27 Kenworthy William, Pendleton, Lancashire, Jotner. (New. Bank Richard, Eltham, Kent vidualler, March 24 irts Manchefer and wurd. Temple

Barber Milcs. Lorbbury, merchant, Feb. 3 Ximpron Richard Marfleet, York, borre dealer. (Picard Barserbee Barnabas, 'yna, Norfolk, haberdasher, Jan. 29 and Erudley, Hull, apd Farlow and Roberts, Gray, Leck William, Eidopisate itreet, dealer and chapman,

Jan. do Lee Andrey William. Sunderland, Durham. procer. Bell Joseph, Fleur de lis freet, Spitalfields, foap.ingo ya (Blekitton. Symond's inn, and shafts, Sunderland

facturer, Jan. 30 Lindsay John, Newcastle upon Tyne, che remunger. (Delt Bennel John, Coulaitone freet, Whitechapely buildet. and brodrick, Buw lane, Cheapfide, and Seymour,

Feb. 1 Neteile

Berry Chriftopher, fen, and Robert Rochelter, Norwich, Little Robert and William, Cranfon, bythe and Anford, bookfellers. Jan. 26

Lent, linen drapers. (ind, Thrortnorton ftreet Binop Samuel, Cheltenham, haberdache“. Jan. 20 Loseridge Robin and George Pringle, Painther, Durhamp, Blundell James, Lluya's coffee house, in furance broker; so-licry undertakers. (Well and drodrick, Bow Jade,

Feb. 3 and John'on, Newcatie upon Tyne

Bowles Anthony Thomas, and Thomas Williams, Kent Marriott Richard, Northampton, banker. (Abbey and ftreet, Southwark, Procery. Feb. 10 Marham, Northampton, and Hillyard and King, Copa

Bradfsaw Wiliam, Sheffield, grocer, Jan, 26 tbali chart

Brandith Joseph Haines, Birmingham, factor, Jan. 18 Mar Ractel, Rayleigh, Efex, linen draper. (Bire.

Brig Richard, liverpool, merchant, Feb. S Hatton Garden, and Bathurh, Rochford

Broomhead Robert, High Holburn, haber cather, Jan, 24 Mafce John. Bradford Wilts. linen draper. (Shep Brown Ifaac, Maryport Cumberland, brewer, Feh, 8 bard and Adlington, Beaford row, 20d "Sheppard,

Brown James, jun. SteepHan s, felimonger, Feb. 8 Zat

Brymer fares, King fireet, Soho, taisnr. Feb 13 Morris Willam, Rirmingham, timber merchaot. (Eget- Campbell James, Shakspeare tavern, Covent Garden, rias.'

ans, Grays inn fyuare, and spurrier and ingleby, ber, Téb, Birmiaftiam

Charlron Cornelius, Eat Faileigh, Keot. yeoman, Feb. 20 Mucklos James. whitecross Arees, butcher. (Venner,

Cheetham James, Faillworth, Lancaster, manufacturer, Warsentree, Titaruy lyuare

Jan 27 Parker Thomas and John Tutee, Stoken church, Oxford,

Chippindal Thomas, St. Martin's lans, upholiterer, timber deslers. (Parton, Wabrook

Parker Wilmio, Gray's ino, money scrivener. (Parmore, clor Williams, Leeds, dyer, Jan. 37
Wareton d court

cisfe William and Marine*, Leeds, Jan. 29 Pimn Jobs Richard and William Francis P. Mark lane,

Colekin Wilian ang John, Corcutry, gracers, Feb. 3 corsfaturs (Hackett, Chancery lane

Cosiett Tham.s, Friday #rect, warehousemaan, Fab. ; Torter, Wiliam, Hammerfruit, brewer, (Willis, Great Corty Lawrence, Fenchurch itreet, merchant. Jan. 10 Ryd- Areet

Cowpar Rubert, Catcatan ftreet, wareboufespan, Jan, 30 Primac James and Jeremiah Smith, Birmingham, dealers

Crane Thoras, Preiton. Cancaler, Ironmonger. Jan. 30 in lace, and Skinner ftreet, London, hofiers, (Davies, *Crean Edwa Ni Aargaret Kreet, Cavendish fquare, car. techbury

1. penter, March Railey Thomas, and James Munt. Hull, brewers, (Frost,

Chip Williwn. Cockspur är et, perfumer, Jan. 30 Hul, ant kuker. Bartlet's bui dings

Culine Samu) Thomas, Bithop(gate areet, clover.Feb. 14 Rich wi luani, Charlotte freet, Whitechapel, tallow

Dand wiliam, Whitchaven, muihin manufacturer, Feb. chap tigt; (Willo, Temple

Davidson Edward Aitkine, Newcadle upon Tyne, grocer Roper Rifr: Moundfditch tirat er merchant. (Leigh and Jan 23 Maton, New Bridee ftrect, Blackfriars

Davics David, Carmarthen, ironmonger, Jan. 19 Revky James, Bow lane, Cheapride, warehouseman, Davics Samuel and Peter, Deayton in Haics, Salop, baplPullen Foreitre

ers, an. 16 Sevil Jofeph, Green lane, Saddleworth, York, cotton

Davi s Peter, Manchester, liquor merchant, Feb. s manufacturer. (Cardwell, Mancbefter

Deakin Sohn. Mancheter manufacturer, Feb. 20 Short Wiliam and John Hupper, Clapham, carpenters.

Dead will am, Keaton icet, Rufell Suare, Mopkeeper, (Ware, Southwark"

Jan, 2 Simprou George. Manchefer, viftualler.

Dewhirit John, Halifax, grocer, Teb. 2. cery lane, and Milne, Mancheiter

Dodds for ph, Aldersgate it eet, goldsmith, Jan. 37 Singeton J. A, Manchetter, watchmaker. (Edge, Man.

Drewry William, jud. Palkintham, Lincoln, carpenter, better

Feb 19
Slocombe Jofeph, Brikol hetter. (Sheppard, Bath, Dudley Charles Stokes, Gracechurch freef, merchant,

Lemas, sriftal, and Shepbard and Adlington, Bedford Jao. 8

Ladin George, Bermondfey ftreet, leather drefrer, Teb. 3 Smaattwood George, Deech Areer Bardicap, brefs founder.

L'Charles Robert Middle New forces, jeweller, (Harris and hon, Caftle Areet, Houndsditch

Feb 3 Spencer Abraham, Balnehall #rect, woolled draper. (Old.

Ellis John, Horbling, Lincole, Erocer, Feb. 8 ham, $! Swain', lane

Epsom Edward, sowiing feet, wennini es, victualler, Inox Richaru, Selby, York, money scrivener. (Sykes

feb. 10 asd Kowles, Newinn

Eschke Christian Augułus, Sherborne, lane, merchaut, Tanner Joel Joho, and Joel, Ebley, Gloceker, black

(Conftable, Symond's on, apd Newman Evans 'onn, Cardigan, linen driper. Jan. 22 and Clarke, Stroud

Fetherhone Philip, and John lodgrop, juv. Christchurch, Tapis. Thomas, Edgware road, carpentst. (Hamil.

Surty, dipilte.«. JAN. 27 the Mecwick ftreet, Soho

Hoy harles and Richard Crout, Lydgate Arcet, haber. Thurston William and John New Maton, York, cual

dallers, Jan 17 Recha is (Lambert, Gray's ian luare, and Walker,

Fuller 'uhn Lewes, butcher, Jan. 29 * Piaton

Galloway font, Srook ftrett, Holbord, engineer, Jas. 30 Trouteecit vtinam Senry. Miro ies. (Hall and Drake, Gibbons Thomas, Deritent, Warwick: grocer, Yeb.o Saster H. Carnon reet

Gibfun homa., High Areet, Mary le bonné, ironmongers, Uprsel Peter, Camle recen Leicester square, builder. Fen. 6 Savude : Charlotte treet, Rathbube place

Gore William, Aldgate, Manchefer warehouseman, Feb. 3 Va asce siam, Bermondsey, builder. (Masbrough, Gofs Thomas, Hackiey roada Middle fex apothecary, Warnfort court

Jan. 27 Vennar 1916, Towceder, Northampton, grocer (Lo- Greengrafs Chriftopber, Burleigh, Eflex, thopkeeper,

valt. Towceller, aad Faulkes and Longdil, Gray's in Jan. 27 din james Fleet arest, jeweller. (ones and Reynal,

Hall'williain, Crncy fquare, merchant. Feb. 17 Royal Exchange

Hand Jofeph, Woowwa freel, warehauleman, Feb. 13 Waiman Thomas, Horton, York, calico minuta&turer.

Hanilip nam , Saadbrok. Suftiik, tanner, Xeb 6 Caron und Srumeli, Aldersgate Arcee, and Delaface,

Harris Thnnas and John Price, Bristol, merchant Keishey Wacera Beudamin, Finch fant, broker. (Richards. Ely Harvey John, Spring Seld, Efex, bricklayer, Jan. 17 place

Mawker George, Scoud, Glocker. clothier, Feb. 12 Warton C Manchetter. procer. (Cooper and Lowe,

Hayes William, Kiburn, Middltex, brickmaker, Jan, 2} teuthampton buildings, and Jepsen, Manchester Hongman Richard. FelkoneKent, engine maker, Jan, 2 Veigh nan William, Birmingham. draper. (Greena

Houston Jofeph, whitehayelig merchant Jan. 16 way. Atlieborough hail, Warwickinire, und Barker,

Hollms Francis, Ath horn, Derby, mercer, Jan. 22 Tsinple Jobs Edward. Crosby square me chaot, Feb. 19 word Emerton, Bury Lancaster, cotton manufaurer, Howard Janses and John,, Laucater, cotcon fpin

Woodcock Sury, and Biakejock wa Makinjom, Elm ters, 161, 35 tuurt. Ténupts

Hunt Samuel John, Norwich, duffield manufadorer, Wright Robert William Malcort, and Charles Wright,

Feb. 2 Watline freet, warchoq semen. (Harrison, Craven

Hurry Ives, Richard Powles, and fames Hurry, Nag's freerittrand

Head couri, Gracechurch ftreet merchants, Feb. 27 Vugar Widian Storkport, Chefter. dair drefter. (Edger,

Ibbetfan Sanuel, 1. udgate hill, hilk mercer, Jan. 30 Temple, and astup, stockport

Ireland panici, oifica, allow chandier, red. 13 Yorke kesty, carey lane, Foster laue, Cheapfide, fik

Jackfoot Yarmouth, Norf ik, chethil, Jan. : Sear (strje, Chancery lane

Jackton John, Faritham, Surry, furgeon, Jan. 30

Jackfun Henry, MIceglane, merchant, March 3

Jackfon Péter, Manchester, fmall-ware manuracturer Anderson Alexander and David Robertion, Coleman James Wilam, Swo-sea, dopkeeper, F.; treet. merchants, Barch

Jepson Grore, prefect, Larratri, grocer, Jan, 26 Armee johta, teeds, clotn mercbant, Feb. s

Jones Abraham, Foresca, forteller, Jan 17 AT E Jaraes, Stafford, wuerche.. SED 27

Keale Henry, Liverpool, merchantrah Bacvel, Stetheld, grocer,,

Kent William Wipper Rulle! Dece, Bermuwddfey, toner, kacua Jab, 15. Kary i win, London, merchant, Teb, 10 Ja, a


Knight George, Holloway, Thington, builder, Jan. 13 Palke Richard, Little Kempton, Devon, coal miercbanta Lanes Johs, Thomas Frafer and Thomas Rayliton, Ni. Feb. 15 cholas lane, merchants Feb. 3

Parrops John, fen. and jun. Ludgate hills booksellers, Lawrence John Stainground, Huntingdon, tanner, Jan. 30

Feb. 3 Layton Michael, Kennington, fone mafun, Feb 3 Parfons john. sen. I udgate hill. bookseller. Feb, 3 Leach William, Borton, York, wooltapler, Feb. 7 Pearson Jola, Pudfey, York clothier, Feb. 3 Lewis Lewis, and Frances, Newcatle upon Tyne, milli Tiikington Wiliam Gee, Pawtiy, York, iuph der, ners, Jan 22

Plumbe Thomas, Ormskirk Lancafer, manufacturer, Liter Paul, Heptonttall; William Lifter, Morton; and Jan. 17

John Longburtom, steeton, York, cotton spinners, Plume Thomas and John Woods, Ormfkirl, shanufacku. Feb. 5

TEIS, Jan 17 Livermore Thomas, fen, Chelmsford, grocer, Feb. 13 Polack Reamin, Sheffield, watchmaker. Jan. 31 Lloyd Thomas Hughes, Poultry, and Walworth Commen, Potter John and williarn Monkmas, siiver freer, Wood fate merchant. Jan. 6

Breet, warehousemen, March 3 Loat Richard, Long Acre, ironmonger. Jan. 27

Potts James. White Rear yard. Eackhill, Mielefex, Lucas William Cheapfide, warehou teman, Jan. 27

looking-glars frame maker, Jan. 13 Luxton John Exeter, linen draper, Feh. 13

Price Joln, Finsury Square, merchant, Marcb ) Maine Edward, Sr. Swimnin's lane, merchant, Feb. 6 Reifenheck John Goutrey Henry, Sherborne lant, mer Marriott James, Burnby, Lancaller, cotton {pinder, chant, Jan. 23 Feb. 9

Richards Abel, Oxford @reel, linen raper, Jan. 13 Matthews William, Brown's lane, Spitalscles, carpenter, Riddelforffer George Adolphus, Whitechapel haberdasher Jan 27

Jan. 2 M Led William, Upper Crown ftreet, Westminker, Rofe William, Kensington, brewer, Feb 10 army agent, Jan. 30

Rols Damel Alcock, Gracechurch Street, hobet, Jan. 23 Merrick John, Mark lane. merchant, Feb. 3

Shaw John, Newgate freet, tret draper, Jaa 6 Merrick john and Garduel Hoskins, Mark lane. merchants, Slierratt William, Birmingham, carriers Jan, 24 Feb,

Sly George, Wanitead, Effex, ftock broker, Jan 30 Middleton Thomas, Maiden lane, Battle bridge, blue Taylor John, Brown's ane, Spitalhelds, baker. Jan. 30 manufacturer. Jan. 20

Thompson William Woodford, Eflex, Apothecarys Jan. 13 Middletus Thomas Liverpool, cotton manufacturer, Toulmix Oliver, EirexeCl, strand, nasy agent, Jan. 13

Tyrrell fohn Maidstore, ironinonger, March 10 Miles Chartes, Bermondsey ftreet, Southwark, fellinonger, Waller William, Exeter. iroumonger, Jan. 1

Ward Thomas, Oxford market, talow chandier, Jan. 29 Mil James, Wood within Saddleworth, York, clothier, Warder Edward, jun, Little New street, Shoe lane, lamp Feb. 2

manufacturer, Yeh. 3 Mitehell Thomas, Hatton "court, Threadneedle freet, Wichton John, Careaton Greet, woollen draper, Feb. 10 mercburit, J 1.27

Wiszel Thomas, Jewry free. wise mezcoast, Feb. 3 Mottatt Thomas, and John Brown, Goswell ftreet, Wilos James, Mancheiter, common brewer, Jan. 13 Feb. 17

Wilkinton Thomas, cattatoa ftreet, woollen draper, Morle Thomas. Wood &reet, Cheapfide, factor, Jan, 27 Feb. 0 Mould Henry, Winchefer, cabinet maker, Feb. 10

Wilks Charles, airmingham, Aationer, Jan. 17 Minns Henry, Knightsbridge, paper tainer Jan. 27 Willfun John, Scak ftreet, Goldca square, inca's mer Newcomb Oliver, Rolles Arcet, Cavendith square, uphol cer, Jan. 27 trerer. Jargo

Woocrore Edmund, Woolafton, Gloceder, iron manufac Nightingale Thomas. Dewsbury, York, mercer, Jan. 1 Obden Joha, Oldham, Lancaster, hatter, Jan. 20

Young Alexander, St. Mary at Hill, London, merchanin Ogilvy William, jun. and John Chalmers, Jedry's square,

Feb. 10 merchants, Feb. 3


Christened Males
Buried ....Males


With Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Charucters recently deceased, THE following is a general bill of all the of mud and soil have been taken out of that

christenings and burials in London, part of the river, within the last ten months, from Dec. 13, 1808, to Dec. 19, 1809 : no relief has been afforded to the ships at the

9981 Females .. 9631



The following is a statement of the strong .... 8636

beer brewed by the twelve first houses, from Females


8044) July 5, 1809, to January 5, 1810 :Whereof have died,


Barrels. Under two years of age

4937 1. *Meux, Reids, and Co... 100,222 Between two and five

.... 1916 2. Barclay, Perkins, and Co. 86,547 Five and ten

3. Hanjury and Co.

56,0331 Ten and twenty

566 4. Whitbread and Co. ...... 47,669 Twenty and thirty

1145 5. Henry Meux and Co. 42,395 Thirty and forty

1472 6. Brown and Parry ....... 39,573 Forty and fifty

.. 1748 7. Felix Calvert and Co. 36,745 Fifty and sixty 1419 8. Combe and Co.

34,173 Sixty and seventy 1233 9. Goodwyn and Co.

28,330 Seventy and eighty 1063 10. Elliott and Co.

21,555 Eighty and ninety :

11. Taylor and Co.

20,993 Ninety and a hundred

12. Clowes and Co. v.. 16,295 • A hundred

2 The number of fires, exclusive of chinDecreased in the buriais this year, S274. neys, in London, from January 1, to Decem,

There have been executed in the city of' ber S1, 1809, is as follows: London and county of Surry, 16 ; of which

In quarter ending March 31 ... 73 number six only have been reported to be

June 30 77 buried (as such) within the bills of morta.

Sept. 39 .... 58 lity.

Dec. 31 ... 85 Within a few years the bed of the River Thames has altered so much at Woolwich,

293 that where a line-of-battle ship formerly The new renters of Druty-lane Theatre floated, with many of her stores on board, a frigate, with nothing in her, will now This is the greatest quantity ever brewed growad; agd, potwithstanding 120,000 tons within the above period in any one brewery.


have agreed to the reduction of their annui- street, 10 Miss Julia Pemberton, of Gough tes one-half on the rebuilding of the thea- House, Chelsea. tre, and have a so come to the resolution of Robert Metcalf, esq. to Jane; youngest making a deposit of 10,000l. in addition to daughter of Samuel Wharton, esg. of Scarbothe insurance-money, in order to set the rough. work in motion. It is said, that the pro- Stephen Oliver, esq. of Keisby, Lincoln prietors, with the concurrence of the trustees shire, to Miss Roberts, of Leatherhead, Surry. and new renters, have resolved, that the new At Cripplegate church, Mr. James Gool. theatre shall not be built upon too large a den, to Miss jeffreys, only daughter of the scale; but that the size shall be l'etween that late Zachary J. esq. of Kingsdown House, of the old theatre, and that which was built Wilts. by Mr. Holland. It is in act intended, that At Lambeth, E. Briggs. esq. to Miss Sarah it shall hold no more than 5001. and conse- Stow, of Ripley, Surry. quently the expense of condu ting it, as well At Newington Buits, Mr. Theakston, of as the erection, will proportionally light. Christ church, solicitor, to Miss Holdsworth,

On the 1st of January, about eleven only d.ughter of Thomas H. esq. of Wala o'clock at night, a dreadful fire broke out in worth.-Olinthus Gilbert Gregory, L.L.D. the premises of Mr. Pocock, a coal and cim- of the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, ber merchant, at Whiletriais Wharf, between to Miss Beddome, eldest daughter of Bran Blacktriars-briage and the Temple. Tbose don Beddorpe, esq. of Walworth. extensive premises were soon completely At Chiswick, Lord Granville Leveson in fl-mes, and continues burning until the Gower, brother of the Marquis of Stafford, whole of their valuable contents, consisting to 'Lady Harriet Cavendish, daughter of the of immense piies of coals and timber, were Duke of Devonshire. entirely consumed. The extensive range of At St. George's, Hanover-square, Charles stabling, bejonging to Mr. Pocock, and seve. Sherriff, esq. to Mary Ann, daughter of Me ral valuable burses also, shared the same fate. William Brown, of Green-street, Grosvenor The greatest apprehensions were entertained square. --Thomas Darly Coventry, esq. to for the houses which surround the timber. Miss Esten, of Halforvoon-street. yard, but they escaped desiruction, though not At St. Andrew's, Holborn, Henry H. Ayshon without considerable damage. The great beat ford, esq. to Miss Carr, of Thavies' Inn. which this immense body of fire threw out, At St. John's, Clerkenwell, Charles Thoprevented the engines from approaching near mas Macklin, esq. of Huntingford, Herts, to enough to produce any effect. Some appre- Charlotte Susanna, eldest daughter of Mr.John bensions were entertained for the Grand Junc. Moore, of St. John's-square. tion Canal Store-bouse, and, even in the In. A: Hackney, Mr. William Kemmish, ner Temple several engines were brought printer, of the Borough, to Miss Rhodes, of down to the bottom of King's Bench Walk, Shacklewell Lodye. under the idea that the fire might possibly William Payne Georges, esq. of Foley extend to thai quarter. The fire consumed Place, to Julia Ann, daughter of the late near 30,0001. worth of timber, 70001. of Captain Tupper. which had been landed but a few days before, At Stepney, Mr. T. H. Bennett, of Wate and was not insured. Of eighteen horses, ling-street, to Charlotte, daughter of Wm. only seven were saved.

Tyler, esq. of Mile-end. A large elegant building has lately been Ac Greenwich, Joseph Pitt, csq. of Plycompleted near the west gate of the Tower, mouth, to Miss Eliza Ann Symons, of Newa for excise-officers, for the better accommoda. ington. tion of the mercantile interest, as being con- Rev. John Hooper, M.A. to Sophia, setigeous to the Custom house.

cond daughter of the Rev. Robert Sunpson, Aline, to the cast of the lower, is nearly M. A. of the College, Hoxton. completed; from which a grand opening is

DIED. to be made, to afford a view of Trinity- In the City Road, where she was on a visit, square.

Mrs. Gates, wife of Mr. John G. of Great MARRIED.

Queen-street, Lincoln's inn-fields. She has At Mary.le-bone, John Goodford, esq. left four young children to deplore her loss. of Yeovil, Somerset, to Charlotte, fourth In Gower street, Mrs. Wambwell, widow daughter of the late Sir Montague Cholme. of John W. esq. ley, bart.- Joseph Minet, esg. to Eli- At Clapham, Miss Bacon, eldest daughter zabeth, second daughter of the late John of the late John B. esq. R. A. Brissault, esq. of Southampton. George At Kennington, Mr. James Redfern, of the Hanpam. esq. of Bromston House, Isle of Bank of England, 40. Thanet, to Charlotte Louisa, youngest daugh- Ar Maryland Point, Stratford, Mrs. Sophia ter of the late John Bristow, esq. of Cal- George, wile of Mr. Edward G. of the Bank of cutta.-W. J. Eldridye, esq. captain in the England. Hon. East India Company's service, to Miss George Sw.ffield, esq 87, Tate cásluier Tadman, eldest daughier of the lace Lance of the Victualling depurtment of the Navy Tadman, esq. of New House, io Northfieet. Office, the duties of which situation he inost Robert Smyth, esg. of Upper Guilford faitdíuliy performed more than 60 years,


The new

In Stanhope-street, Vice-Admiral Dacres. Mary Brundenell, sister of the late Duke of At Stanmidre, Ricbard Corbet, esq.

Montagae. She has left issue, Viscount StopMrs. Young, relict of William Y. csq, of ford; Coinptroller of the King's Household, Chancery-lane.

and three other sons. In Hill-street, Berkeley.square, Sir Henry Mr. Levi, a diamond and pearl merchant, Stracbey, master of the King's Household. of Haydon-square. He threw himself from

In Abingdon street, Mrs. Asbley, relict of the top of the Monument, arid was dashed to the late, and mother of the present, manager pieces. It appears that he went to the person of the oratorios,

who has the charge of the Monument, and Mrs. Barlow, reliet of Francis B. esq. of said he expected to meet three ladies there; the Crown Office, 79:

after waiting some time, he paid his money, Io Mansion House-street, Henry Jones, and said he would go up, and requested he esq:

would send the ladies to him. In a few miin Upper Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-square, nutes the keeper found he had thrown himMir's. Wainwright, 74.

self from the top. Mr. Levi had been on In Montague-street, Russel-square, Wm. 'Change about eleven o'clock, perfectly well, Norris, esq:

and bad made appointments with several In Lombard-street, robn Reeves, esợ. gentlemen to meet them in the afternoon. He banker,

walked several times round the outside of the In Charles-street, Spitalfielas, John New- iron railing before he sprang off, and in falling, man, esq.

the body turned over and over before it reached In Charterhouse-square, Mrs. Bridges. the ground. When near the bottom, it came

In Duke-street, Grosvenor-square, Caver in contact with one of the griffins wbich orDelane, esq.

nament the lower part of the building. He At Ealing Barrs, Charles Roberts, esq. 20. alighted at last on his head, in MonumentAt Walthamstow, Jobn Allen, esg. 69. yard, and expired without a groan. A con

In St. Paul's Church-yard, Mrs. Baker, wife vulsive motion of the shoulders was all the of John B. esq:

appearance of life the body exhibited, when At Lambeth, Mrs. Nortbeole, relict of approached immediately after the fall. His Henry N. 'esq.

head was terribly shattered, and the brain In Newman-street, 7. D. Englebeart, esq. protruded at different parts. The face was

In Bell's Buildings, Salisbury-square, Jobu so much disfigured, that he was with difficulty Barron, esq. jun, solicitor, 38.

recognised. The immediate cause of the act In John-street, Bedford-row, in his 68th is supposed to have been a failure in a comyear, Narbaniel Neriunbam, esq. Aldermån of mercial speculation. His age was about 45, the city of London, and Colonel of the West and his character very respectable. London Militia. His abiliti-s, integrity, and Mrs. Catharine Arnold, of the Commercial manly firmness of character, early brought Road, relict of Mr. William A. late of St. him into public life, and raised him to situa- George's in the East. She was exemplary as tións of the highest trust and dignity in the á wife, widow, and friend; and remarkable city. In 1774, he was chosen alderman of for strength of mind, power of memory, and the Vintry Ward ; in 1976 he served the of. acuteness in discriminating characters. fice of sheriff'; in 1780, he was returned one At the house of Messrs. M'Andrews of the members for the city; in 1783, he and Co. in Thames-street, Mr. William was chosen Lord Mayor ; in 1781, he was Sbirley, of Crosby-row, Walworth. Mr. again returned for the city of London; and Shirley left home in the mo: ning in his in the next Parliament he sac' for Ludgershal, usual state of health : having business to in Wiltshire. He afterwards withdrew en. transact at the house of Messrs. M'Andrews tirely from parliamentary business, and di- and Co. he was there seized with a violent vided his attention between his regiment and complaint in the stomach, and had scarcely the extensive concerns of his banking-house. reached the dining room when he suddenly He was likewise president of 6t. Thcmas's expiret. It is not possible, in the small Hospital, and at the time of his death was space allotted to this notice, to do justice to serving, for the second time, as master to the excellent character of the individual the Mercers Company. How greatly he was whose death it records. His memory will be respected in his public capacity, the above perpetuated in the hearis of his relatives and facts of themselves declare; in every relation friends. Integrity of mind, and amiableness of domestic life he was endeared by his sweer. of manners, were never more strikingly dis. néss of disposition, his generosity, his bene- played than in the life of Mr. Shirley volence, and the warmtb and sreadiness of In Wells-striet, Oxford-street, Tiberius his attachments. Few men eve lived moze Cavalls, esq. P.R.S. This gentleman was the beloved, or died more regretted.

son of an eminent physician of Naples, where At Ham Commor, Mary, Countess of he was born in the year 1749. His origina! Courtown, wife to the Earl of Courtown, and destination was to be initiated at London into daughter and co-heiress of Richard Powys, a mercantile profession; and he came to Engesq. of Hintlesbam Hall; in Suffolk, by Lady and with that view is the year 1771. But


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