A Treatise on the Conflict of Laws: Or, Private International Law

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Էջ 732 - ... upon such evidence of criminality as according to the laws of the place where the fugitive or person so charged shall be found, would justify his apprehension and commitment for trial, if the crime or offence had there been committed...
Էջ 13 - Whereas the right of expatriation is a natural and inherent right of all people, indispensable to the enjoyment of the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and whereas in the recognition of this principle this Government has freely received emigrants from all nations, and invested them with the rights of citizenship...
Էջ 409 - ... saving to suitors, in all cases, the right of a common law remedy, where the common law is competent to give it...
Էջ 654 - Aliens who are citizens or subjects of any government which accords to citizens of the United States the right to prosecute claims against such government in its courts...
Էջ 149 - But it is a well-recognized principle of law that the question of personal capacity to enter into any contract is to be decided by the law of domicil.
Էջ 753 - Britannic Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department, who shall then, by order under his hand and seal, signify to some Police Magistrate in London that such requisition has been made and require him, if there be due cause, to issue his warrant for the apprehension of the fugitive.
Էջ 36 - Is the Cherokee nation a foreign state in the sense in which that term is used in the constitution?
Էջ 162 - A corporation cannot change its residence or its citizenship. It can have its legal home only at the place where it is located by or under the authority of its charter ; but ;it may by its agents transact business anywhere, unless prohibited by its charter or excluded by local laws.
Էջ 729 - A fugitive criminal shall not be surrendered to a foreign state unless provision is made by the law of that state, or by arrangement, that the fugitive criminal shall not, until he has been restored or had an opportunity of returning to her Majesty's dominions, be detained or tried in that foreign state for any offence committed prior to his surrender, other than the extradition crime proved by the facts on which the surrender is grounded.
Էջ 38 - Act, every child of such father or mother who during infancy has become resident in the...

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