Life of General Winfield Scott: commander-in-chief of the United States army

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Էջ 119 - Lo, the poor Indian! whose untutored mind Sees God in clouds, or hears Him in the wind; His soul proud Science never taught to stray Far as the solar walk or Milky Way; Yet simple Nature to his hope has given, Behind the cloud-topped hill, an humbler heaven; Some safer world in depth of woods embraced, Some happier island in the watery waste, Where slaves once more their native land behold, No friends torment, no Christians thirst for gold. To be, contents his natural desire, He asks no angel's wings,...
Էջ 93 - Lands intersected by a narrow frith Abhor each other. Mountains interposed Make enemies of nations, who had else Like kindred drops been mingled into one.
Էջ 85 - An Ordinance to Nullify certain acts of the Congress of the United States, purporting to be laws laying duties and imposts on the importation of foreign commodities.
Էջ 161 - At last, just at daylight, General Smith, slowly walking up, asked if all was ready. A look answered him. ' Men, forward !' and we did ' forward.' Springing up at once, Riley's brigade opened, when the crack of a. hundred rifles startled the Mexicans from their astonishment, and they opened their fire. Useless fire, for we were so close that they overshot us, and before they could turn their pieces on us, we were .on them. Then such cheers arose as you never heard.
Էջ 58 - Scott, in testimony of the high sense entertained by Congress of his distinguished services in the successive conflicts of Chippewa, and Niagara, and of his uniform gallantry and good conduct in sustaining the reputation of the arms of the United States.
Էջ 11 - begin to thin our ranks. His numbers are overwhelming. In a moment the shock must come, and there is no retreat. We are in the beginning of a national war. Hull's surrender is to be redeemed. Let us then die, arms in hand. Our country demands the sacrifice. The example will not be lost. The blood of the slain will make heroes of the living. Those who follow will avenge our fall and their country's wrongs. WHO dare to stand ?" " ALL !
Էջ 108 - Under these circumstances, it gives me pain to perceive the armed vessels, mentioned, anchored in our waters, with the probable intention to fire upon that expedition moving in the same waters.
Էջ 161 - The earthen parapet was cleared in an instant, and the blows of the stocks could be plainly heard mingled with the yells and groans around. Just before the charge was made, a large body of lancers came winding up the road looking most splendidly in their brilliant uniforms. They never got to the work, but turned and fled. In an instant all was one mass of confusion, each trying to be foremost in the flight. The road was literally blocked up, and, while many perished by their own guns, it was almost...
Էջ 85 - Nov., then and there to take into consideration the several acts of the Congress of the United States, imposing duties on foreign imports for the protection of domestic manufactures, or for other unauthorized objects ; to determine on the character thereof, and to devise the means of redress...
Էջ 170 - After so many victories, we might, with but little additional loss, have occupied the capital the same evening. But Mr. Trist, commissioner, &c., as well as myself, had been admonished by the best friends of peace — intelligent neutrals and some American residents — against precipitation...

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