Report of the Board of Tax Commissioners Made to the Governor of the State of Rhode Island, Թողարկում 2-15

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Էջ 69 - Whenever any person or corporation shall exercise a power of appointment, derived from any disposition of property made whether before or after the passage of this act, such appointment when made shall be deemed a transfer taxable under the provisions of this act in the same manner as though the property to which such appointment relates belonged absolutely to the donee of such power and had been bequeathed or devised by such donee by will...
Էջ 73 - ... when taking effect, or so much as will reduce the same to the amount which would have been assessed in respect of the actual duration or extent of the estate or interest enjoyed. Such return of tax shall be made in the manner provided by section two hundred and twenty-five of this article.
Էջ 74 - Any such executor, administrator or trustee having in charge or in trust any legacy or property for distribution, subject to such tax, shall deduct the tax therefrom and shall pay over the same to the state comptroller or county treasurer, as herein provided.
Էջ 13 - ... are dependent upon contingencies or conditions whereby they may be wholly or in part created, defeated, extended or abridged, a tax shall be imposed upon said transfer at the highest rate which, on the happening of any of the said contingencies or conditions, would be possible under the provisions of this act, and such tax so imposed shall be due and payable forthwith by the executors or trustees out of the property transferred...
Էջ 74 - Whenever a decedent appoints one or more executors or trustees, and, in lieu of their allowance or commission, makes a bequest or devise of property to them, which would otherwise be liable to said tax, or appoints them his residuary legatees, and said bequests, devises or residuary legacies exceed what would be a reasonable compensation for their services, such excess shall be liable to such tax, and the court having jurisdiction of their accounts, upon its own motion, or on the application of the...
Էջ 75 - ... or trustee shall retain the tax upon the whole amount, but if it be not in money, he shall make application to the court having jurisdiction of an accounting by him, to make an apportionment, if the case require it, of the sum to be paid into his hands by such legatees, and for such further order relative thereto as the case may require.
Էջ 68 - When the transfer is by will or by the intestate laws of this state from any person dying seized or possessed of the property while a resident of the state.
Էջ 77 - ... may by order direct, of the time and place when he will appraise such property. He shall at such time and place, appraise the same at its fair market value as herein prescribed; and for that purpose the said appraiser...
Էջ 74 - When property is transferred in trust or otherwise, and the rights, interest or estates of the transferees are dependent upon contingencies or conditions whereby they may be wholly or in part created, defeated, extended or abridged...
Էջ 21 - ... by reason of claims made upon the estate, necessary litigation or other unavoidable cause of delay, such tax shall not be determined and paid as herein provided, in which case interest at the rate of six per centum per annum shall be charged upon such tax from the accrual thereof until the cause of such delay is removed, after which ten per centum shall be charged.

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