Essentials of Radio Wave Propagation

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Cambridge University Press, 2008 - 201 էջ
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If you need to maximize efficiency in wireless network planning, this quick reference guide to an increasingly complex and difficult topic is for you. Using real-world case studies, practical problems and minimum mathematics, the author explains simply and clearly how to predict signal strengths in a variety of situations. More sophisticated methods, which form the basis of software tools for both network planning and spectrum management, are also described. This will be an invaluable resource for network planners, hardware designers, spectrum managers, senior technical managers and policy makers.

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Pointtoarea transmission
The effect of obstacles
Reflection scatter and penetration
Estimating the received signal strength in complex
Atmospheric effects
System design and interference management
Softwarebased tools
Phasor arithmetic and phasor diagrams
Explanation of the link budget
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Christopher Haslett is the principal propagation adviser at Ofcom, the UK communication industries regulator. As well as experience conducting and directing research projects, he has many years' industrial radio-planning experience with Cable and Wireless plc., and as director of planning and optimization at Aircom International Ltd., where he directed the optimization of UMTS networks. He was also a senior lecturer at the University of Glamorgan.

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