In Other Words: Incarnational Translation for Preaching

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Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 26 ապր, 2007 թ. - 232 էջ
In recent years, popular new forms of Bible translation have emerged -- "The Message, The Book of God, The Living Bible" -- proving many modern biblical seekers are looking for a kind of Scripture-to-English guidebook. This exceptional book offers a similar avenue to pastors wanting to reach their congregations in a fresh way. Rather than discussing preaching in general or even a specific approach to preaching, "In Other Words" focuses on a way of engaging the biblical text for preaching.Cosgrove and Edgerton combine critical acumen, creative imagination, and pastoral discernment to form contemporizing restatements of scripture, speaking timeless truths in modern speech. Describing their "incarnational translation," the authors invite readers to imagine what the text might have looked like if produced in the preacher's own culture, time, and place. Drawing on translation theory, genre studies, and recent hermeneutical theory, they offer a comprehensive theory of incarnational translation and a set of specific guidelines and examples for carrying it out."In Other Words" is not a new method of preaching, but a new way of engaging and presenting the biblical text in preaching, one that is well suited to contemporary approaches and trends.

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