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Every effort has been made to locate the best preserved and most
legible copy of the original documents, some of which have suffered
from the ravages of time. The facsimiles faithfully reflect the
condition of the originals. New and precise technology has been
employed in the reproduction process to enhance readability yet
preserve the flavor of the original to the best of our ability.

Printed in the United States of America.




JOURNAL, Roger C. Weightman

. . iv



• The original pagination of the Legislative Journal
has been allowed to stand. For the sake of continuity
new page numbers have been added to the bottom of
the supplementary material and the Executive
Journal, and these are marked in this Table with
an asterisk.

• For the complete list of members of the Senate
together with the Executive and Judicial officers,
for the Eleventh through the Fourteenth Congresses,
please refer to Volume 1 of this series.

ROGER CHEW WEIGHTMAN Printer of the original edition

of this volume

Roger Chew Weightman was born in Alexandria, Virginia on January 18, 1787. In 1801 he became an apprentice printer in the printery of Way and Groff, and after a short stay he joined the printing firm of William Duane where he worked as a printer until 1807. After his departure from Duane, he set up as a bookseller and printer, and the business prospered until 1824.

An ardent Republican, he was very active in political and civil affairs. He was a member of the Common Council in Washington from 1812 to 1814 and again in 1820. He also served as Alderman from 1812 to 1823. He was Mayor of Washington from 1824 to 1827.

During the second war with Great Britain he was a cavalry officer and subsequently became a Major General in the District of Columbia militia.

He held the post of chief clerk at the United States Patent Office (1851-1853) and served as Patent Office Librarian (1834-1853). He commanded the troops that were quartered in that building during the Civil War.

Printer of the original edition of the

Executive Proceedings of the Senate (the appropriate part of which is included

as a supplement in this volume)

Duff Green was born in Woodford County, Kentucky, in 1791. He prospered as a land speculator, merchant, and lawyer in Missouri. In 1825 he moved to Washington and purchased and edited the United States Telegraph.

In 1828 he was designated to print the Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate "from the Commencement of the First, to the termination of the Nineteenth Congress."

Duff Green wielded great influence in Democratic circles, and became a member of Andrew Jackson's "Kitchen Cabinet.” He supported J. C. Calhoun in his split with Jackson; in 1832 he backed Henry Clay and thereafter stood with the Whigs. He supported the Confederacy in the Civil War, and in the post-bellum years he strove strenuously to raise capital for the revival of the South's economy. He died in Georgia in 1875.

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