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As my desire has been to supply a judicious collection of Psalms and Hymns, for private as well as public use, and as such compositions are frequently unsuited to the service of mixed congregations, I have prefixed an asterisk in the Table of First Lines, to the Private Hymns, so that they can be distinguished without trouble.

I have ventured to extract such Psalms and Hymns from various sources as the limits of my plan would allow, or as delicacy towards the labours of my fellowselectors would justify. The names of the Poets, or of the Collections, are appended, (where known) to the Index of First Lines. To the Rev. J. H. Gurney, the Rev. T. J. Judkin, Josiah Conder Esq. and the venerable Christian Poet,' James Montgomery Esq., I beg to offer my grateful acknowledgments for their kindness in allowing me to grace my collection with some of their chaste and soul-stirring compositions.

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In order to obviate the inconvenience of an unartificial arrangement, I have prepared an elaborate Index of Subjects, with parts of the first lines alphabetically arranged, so that by a moment's inspection it may be known what hymns there are for any occasion, or on any subject: and, to assist the singer, a Table has been given of some few tunes suited to the varieties of metres, except in cases where either the irregularity of the measure defies arrangement, or where no distinctive names have been attached by the Composers to the airs adapted to the hymns.

It only remains for me to express a hearty hope that my Congregation, and others into whose hands my book may come, may derive much interest and profit from the use of it; and my earnest prayer, that they may be guided "to sing with the spirit, and to sing with the understanding also."

Leire Rectory.

April, 1851.

It may be well to mention, that the tunes have been chiefly taken from the following books :-Baxter's Melodia Sacra, (Novello) V. Novello's Collection, Voce di Melodia, (Holford) Comprehensive Tune Book (Houlston) edited by Dr. Gauntlett.-These works seem to contain all that can be required, whether as to quantity or quality. The last named Publication gives upwards of 700 Tunes, besides other Musical matter.


The asterisk (*) refers to Private Hymns: and the letters and figures at the end of each line, to the Table of Metres.


105 A little while our Lord shall come, L. 1. J. Kelly's C. 80 A small and feeble band,

99 *According to Thy gracious word, 288 Afflicted saint! to Christ draw near, 151 Affliction is a stormy deep,

30 Again the day returns of holy rest, 195 *Alas! and did my Saviour bleed,


c.... Montgom.

L.... Fawcett

c.... Cotton. P. 1.... Mason.

c.... Watts.

Dox. 6. All glory to the Eternal Three, c. 2.

8 All hail the power of Jesus' name,

25 All people that on earth do dwell, 290 All ye that pass by,

c.... Peyronnet. L.... O. V.

P. 15.... Wesley.

L.... Kelly.

L.... Steele.
P. 9.... Montgom.

86 *And art Thou, gracious Master, gone, L. 1. Kelly. 152 And do we hope to be with Him, 96 And is the Gospel peace and love, 31 Angels from the realms of glory, 10 Another six days' work is done, 142 Another year has past, my soul, 112 Arm of the Lord, awake, awake, 291 As much have I of worldly good,

L.... Stennet.

L.... Judkin.

L.... Wesley. c. 1.... Conder.

C.... N. V.

295 As pants the hart for cooling streams,
287 As when the weary trav'ller gains, L.... Newton.

Ashamed of Jesus, (254 Jesus and shall, &c.)

148 Author and finisher of faith,

153 Awake and sing the song,

c.... Goymer.

s.... Hammond.

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