To Amend the World War Veterans' Act, 1924: Hearings Before the Committee on Finance, United States Senate, Sixty-ninth Congress, First Session, on H.R. 12175, an Act to Amend the World War Veterans' Act, 1924, May 24, 25, and 26, 1926. Printed for the Use of the Committee on Finance

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Էջ 7 - Subject to regulations, the insured shall at all times have the right to change the beneficiary or beneficiaries of such insurance without the consent of such beneficiary or beneficiaries, but only within the classes herein provided.
Էջ 4 - ... except as to defects, disorders, or infirmities made of record in any manner by proper authorities of the United States at the time of, or prior to, inception of active service, to the extent to which any such defect, disorder, or infirmity was so made of record: Provided, That an ex-service man who is shown to have or, if deceased, to have had...
Էջ 7 - ... the time and method of payment of the premiums thereon, but payments of premiums in advance shall not be required for periods of more than one month each and may be deducted from the pay or deposit of the insured or be otherwise made at his election.
Էջ 8 - ... payment of the insurance in installments for thirtysix months or more, but only if the insured has not exercised the right of election as hereinbefore provided; and even though the insured may have exercised his right of election the said contract may authorize the beneficiary to elect to receive such insurance in installments spread over a greater period of time than that selected by the insured. This section shall be deemed to be in effect as of June 7, 1924.
Էջ 3 - That for death or disability resulting from personal injury suffered or disease contracted in the line of duty, by any commissioned officer or enlisted man or by any member of the Army Nurse Corps (female) or of the Navy Nurse Corps (female) when employed in the active service...
Էջ 6 - That in order to give to every commissioned officer and enlisted man and to every member of the Army Nurse Corps (female) and of the Navy Nurse Corps (female) when employed in active service under the War Department or Navy Department...
Էջ 4 - July 2, 1921. and every such officer, enlisted man or other member employed in the active service under the War Department or Navy Department...
Էջ 4 - Administrator, in his discretion and with due regard to the circumstances in each case, shall pay, for burial and funeral expenses and transportation of the body (including preparation of the body) to the place of burial, a sum not exceeding $100...
Էջ 60 - ... the passage of a law by the Congress of the United States with that end in view.
Էջ 8 - That in cases when the estate or an insured would escheat under the laws of the place of his residence the insurance shall not be paid to the estate but shall escheat to the United States and be credited to the military and naval insurance appropriation.

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