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• 203

To our Friends...

1 To a Bunch of Flowers...



81 On the Doctrine of Atonement No2. 154

Life in Cincinnati.

.9 Chartism- Thomas Carlyle....... 162

The Idiot Child.

15 Duties of the Liberal Professions.. 169

The Nature of Sin.

- 16|Abolition in Mobile.

. 184

Lines on Dr. Follen.

•22 Liberal Christi'ns ought to be libral. 184

What is and what is not The Bible.. 24 Book of Mormon..


Charles Hammond...

• 29 |N. England Non-Resistance So'ty. 193

Elevation of the Laboring Classes .. 35 The Lost Church..

• 202

The Prayer....

.43 Kinkade's Bible Doctrine.

A New Step-Circular.

· 44 The Bible, what it is, & what it isnot 205

A Voice from the South West. .48 The Swan


Dr. Kirkland.

.48 Eells' Oration..


Fundamental Truths of the Gospel.49 Introduction to the Gospel of John.219

The World of Light....

..58 Conscience


Elevation of the Laboring Classes..59 What is Charity.


Introduction to the Gospel of John.. 63| The Duties of the Clergy. .226

The Completion....

66 Camp Meeting...

· 237

Shepherd's Sunday Song

66 Common Schools.


The Bible-what it is & what it is not.67||The Bible what it is & what it is not.242

Nature, Reason and Revelation.....74 Hymn of the Pilgrim Fathers..... 248

Chartism-Thomas Carlyle. .97||A Short Discourse on Death.......


Plans and Prospects.

.91 Introduction to the Gospel of John.254

State of the Church

-93 America


Anniversary Lectures..

.93|Persecution of Jews at Damascus. 259

Lectures, Combe, Espy, Buckingham94 Restoration of the Jews to Palestine 261

Religious Anniversaries.

.95 Associations


Joseph Tuckerman..

.96 Pure Beauty..


Fundamental Truths of the Gospel..97 The Spirit of Complaint. ..269

Beauth and Truth.

• 107 Multiplication of Sects..


Chartism-Thomas Carlyle....... 108 The Two Commandments. ..279

Introduction to the Gospel of John.116||Our State Universities.

. . 290

Grandfather's Spectacles.... • 119 Political Conventions..


On the Doctrine of the Atonement. 120|Critical Remarks..


Renunciation. ...

· 129||The Bible what it is & what it is not.289

Alex, Campbell and Unitarianism. 129|The Stage Driver....


New School..

..133 Exposition of Revelations vii. 13-15-298

Ancient Christi'ty & Oxford Tracts. 136||The Dial, for October 1840.. ..301

Lane Seminary..

· 138 The Kingdom of Heaven ..304

Western Peace-Maker.

· 139 Introduction to the Gospel of John-309

Cincinnati Observer....

· 139||The College of Teachers... ...313

Com'. Schools, Colleges, Fair, &c..139 Brownson on the Laboring Classes.316

Prospects of Unitarianism. •141||Thoughts on the studyof Literature.331

A Curious Phenomenon. .144|Mason's Sacred Harp..


Rev. Dr. Thayer......

• 144||Monthly Record....


The Right &Duty of Accumulation. 145| Relation of the Bible to the Soul...337

Presid't McMaster judged by Peers. 150 Introduction of the Gospel of John-341

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