Selections from Carlyle: Sartor Resartus, The French Revolution , Past and Present, Ed., with Introductions and Notes

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D.C. Heath & Company, 1915 - 260 էջ

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Common terms and phrases

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Էջ 37 - The Situation that has not its Duty, its Ideal, was never yet occupied by man. Yes here, in this poor, miserable, hampered, despicable Actual, wherein thou even now standest, here or nowhere is thy Ideal; work it out therefrom; and working, believe, live, be free.
Էջ 38 - ... and working, believe, live, be free. Fool ! the Ideal is in thyself, the impediment too is in thyself : thy condition is but the stuff thou art to shape that same Ideal out of : what matters whether such stuff be of this sort or that, so the Form thou give it be heroic, be poetic?
Էջ 40 - That there should one Man die ignorant who had capacity for Knowledge, this I call a tragedy, were it to happen more than twenty times in the minute, as by some computations it does.
Էջ 39 - ... and thy body, like thy soul, was not to know freedom. Yet toil on, toil on, thou art in thy duty be out of it who may ; thou toilest for the altogether indispensable, for daily bread.
Էջ 38 - Two men I honour, and no third. First, the toilworn ' Craftsman that with earth-made Implement laboriously con' quers the Earth, and makes her man's. Venerable to me is ' the hard Hand ; crooked, coarse ; wherein notwithstanding ' lies a cunning virtue, indefeasibly royal, as of the Sceptre of ' this Planet. Venerable too is the rugged face, all weather...
Էջ 26 - comfort it would have been, could I, like a Faust, have ' fancied myself tempted and tormented of the Devil ; for ' a Hell, as I imagine, without Life, though only diabolic ' Life, were more frightful : but in our age of Down-pulling ' and Disbelief, the very Devil has been pulled down, you ' cannot so much as believe in a Devil.
Էջ 39 - A second man I honour, and still more highly : Him ' who is seen toiling for the spiritually indispensable ; not ' daily bread, but the bread of Life. Is not he too in his
Էջ 35 - I tell thee, Blockhead, it all comes of thy Vanity; of what thou fanciest those same deserts of thine to be. Fancy that thou deservest to be hanged (as is most likely), thou wilt feel it happiness to be only shot: fancy that thou deservest to be hanged in a hair-halter, it will be a luxury to die in hemp.
Էջ 250 - Labour, wide as the Earth, has its summit in Heaven. Sweat of the brow ; and up from that to sweat of the brain, sweat of the heart ; which includes all Kepler calculations, Newton meditations, all Sciences, all spoken Epics, all acted Heroisms, Martyrdoms, — up to that
Էջ 29 - Thus had the EVERLASTING No (das ewige Nein) pealed ' authoritatively through all the recesses of my Being, of my ' ME ; and then was it that my whole ME stood up, in ' native God-created majesty, and with emphasis recorded

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