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west half of southeast quarter, section thirty-five, township forty-six, range twenty-one, the transfer of said bounty-land warrant being in blank, and the said land warrant and the application of said George Heard to locate the same upon said lands were duly forwarded to the General Land Office in Washington, District of Columbia, and were returned by said General Land Office to the Clinton (Missouri) land office for correction, and were burned and destroyed in said land office, November twenty-sixth, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, at Warsaw, Missouri, to which said 'Clinton land office had been removed, and said Heard was not notified of the said return of said warrant for correction, and could not therefore make the correction, and did not know of the said defective assignment of said warrant or its return for correction, or its destruction until very recently, and until said Chester Hebner, in whose name such warrant was issued, had died or disappeared, and it was impossible for him to correct said error; and said George Heard did, in July, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, pay the purchase money for said lands, two hundred dollars in cash, and make a cash entry of the same, and receive a patent therefor, and was at thetime of the attempted location of said land warrant the actual and real owner thereof, and no other person has ever claimed or attempted to locate the same, and said warrant is now lost and destroyed; and said George Heard is in justice entitled to have issued to him another land warrant in lieu of said warrant so burned: Therefore,

Be it enacted, fc., That the proper officers of the Interior Department Land warrant be, and hereby are, anthorized and directed to prepare and cause to be to be issued to issued and delivered to the said George Heard, assignee of Chester Heb- George Heard. ner, a bounty-land warrant, for one hundred and sixty acres of land, in lieu of said bounty-land warrant number sixty-one thousand one hundred and seventy-eight, issued under said act of Congress of eighteen hundred and forty-seven, and so burned and destroyed, in such form that the same can be located by said George Heard, or assigned and transferred by him, and located by bis assignee.

No. 2704.-AN ACT for the relief of William D. Oylor.

June 10, 1880.

Vol. 21, p. — Whereas, William D. Oyler, purchased of the United States, by cash entry on the twenty-first day of July, eighteen hundred and seventy- Preamble. four, at Dixon, Illinois, the west half of the northeast quarter of section nineteen, in township twenty-six north, of range six east, and paid therefor the sum of one hundred dollars, and afterward conveyed the same to Jacob Jackson, who conveyed the same to Peter H. Bigelow and John Jackson, who were in fact, partners in trade; and

Whereas afterward the title of said William D. Oyler and his assignees to said land failing, by reason of conflict of bis entry with a prior preemption claim thereon of John Shumaker, and the said William D. Ogler, because of said failure of title, having, as appears, afterward refunded the purchase money to said Peter H. Bigelow and John Jackson, and thereby became entitled to have said original purchase money refunded to him by the United States; and

Whereas the same has never been refunded because of technical insufficiency of the quit-claim made by said assignees to said Oyler: Now, therefore,

Be it enacted, fc., That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is Repayment to hereby, authorized and directed to refund and pay to said William D. William D. Oy. Oyler, or his legal representatives, the sum of one hundred dollars in full satisfaction and discharge of any claim in the premises.

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At entrance to Mobile Bay. The small islands_between the north point of Dauphin

Island and Cedar Point, were reserved by Executive order dated February 9, 1842. The names of part of them are Heron, Tower, and Grant's islands. No survey of them was ever returned to General Land Office. Area not determined. May 18, 1878, the Secretary of War reported that Heron, Tower, and Grant's islands should be retained, and the other islands be relinquished.


Islands in Gulf of Mexico.-By Executive order dated August 30, 1847, there were re

served the following islands and parts of islands in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coasts of Mississippi and Alabama : All that part of Cat Island owned by the Government; all of Ship, Round, Hurricane and Dog islands; the west and east ends of Horn Island, and the west and east end of Petit Bois Blanc Island. Dog and Hurricane islands are not surveyed, are not on Coast Survey chart, and are supposed to have been washed away. Area of reservations, 6,061.64 acres. May 18, 1878, the Secretary of War reported Cat Island, and parts of Horn Island and Petit Bois Blanc Island, not needed for military purposes.


Camp Apache.—This reservation was formerly a part of the White Mountain Indian

reservation, and was restored to the public domain by Executive order dated January 26, 1877, and on February 1, 1877, was declared a military reservation.

It contains 7,421.14 acres. Camp Bowie. -Near Chiricahui Mountains. Originally declared by Executive order ·

dated March 30, 1870. Enlarged by Executive order dated November 27, 1877, so

as to contain 36 square miles, or 23,040 acres. Camp Crittenden.- In township 21 S., ranges 16 and 17 E. Reserved by Executive or

der dated March 30, 1870. Contains 3,278.08 acres. Rocommended by Secretary

of War to be relinquished to Interior Department. Camp Goodwin.-On south side of Gila River. Reserved by Executive order dated Aug.

ust 20, 1867. Six miles square, or 23,040 acres. Part of this reservation was subsequently included in another reservation called Camp Thomas. That part not included in Camp Thomas reservation recommended by Secretary of War to be

relinquished to the Interior Department. Camp Grant (Old) —Situated at the junction of Arivapa Creek and Rio San Pedro,

Contains 2,031.70 acres. The Secretary of War reports the post as abandoned, and recommends to Congress that the reserve be sold.


Camp Grant (New).--At the foot of Graham Peak, in townships 8, 9, and 10 S., ranges

23 and 24 E. Reserved by Executive order dated April 17, 1876. Contains 42,341


Camp Lowell.—In townships 13 and 14 S., ranges 14, 15, and 16 E. Declared October

26, 1875. Contains 78 square miles, or 49,920 acres. Camp McDowell.-Situated on river Verde, ten miles along the river, and extends two

miles on each side of the river. Declared by President April 12, 1867. Contains

24,750.15 acres. Camp Mojave.--On Colorado River. Declared by Executive order dated March 30,

1870. Contains 5,582 acres. The reservation for bay and wood for Camp Mojave

was declared also on March 30, 1870, and contains 904.81 acres. Camp Thomas.-Mainly in township 4 S., range 23 E. Declared May 18, 1877, by Ex

ecutive order. Contains 10,487 acres. This reservation was, in great part, reserved

in 1867 as Camp Goodwin. Camp Verde. -On the river Verde, and partly in township 13 N., range 5 E., Gila and

Salt River meridian. Originally declared by Executive order dated March 30, 1870. Enlarged by Executive order dated August 17, 1876. Contains 9,293.79


Camp Verde Post Garden.— Reserved by Executive order dated October 24, 1871. Con

tains 3,000 acres. Fort Whipple. In townships 13 and 14 N., range 2 W. Originally declared by Execu

tive order dated August 31, 1869. By Executive order dated October 19, 1875, it was relocated so as to contain 1,730 acres, and that part of former reservation excluded from the relocation was disposed of under act of Congress approved June

22, 1874. (See No. 2225.) Fort Whipple Timber Reserve.-In township 13 N., range 2 W. The northeast quarter

and south half of section 34; west half of northwest quarter, and west half of southwest qnarter of section 35; and east half of southeast quarter of section 33, an

to 720 acres Fort Yuma.-(See CALIFORNIA.)


Fort Smith National Cemetery.-At Fort Smith. Originally included in Fort Smith mili

tary reservation, which was reserved July 22, 1822, at request of Secretary of War and was relinquished to Interior Department under act of Congress approved Feb. ruary 24, 1871. (See No. 2305.) The cemetery grounds were reserved by Executive order dated May 22, 1871, and enlarged by Executive order dated December 3, 1875.

As so enlarged, it contains 14.81 acres, in section 17, township 8 N., range 32 W. Quarrying Reservation for stone for public buildings at Little Rock Arsenal.-By order of

Commissioner of General Land Office dated April 11, 1839, the tracts selected by Lieutenant J. F. Lee for quarrying purposes in sections 25 and 36 of township 4 n., range 15 W., containing 260.96 acres, were reserved.

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Alcatraz Island.-In bay of San Francisco. Reserved by Executive order dated Novem

ber 6, 1850. Not surveyed. Area not known. Angel Island.-In bay of San Francisco. Reserved by Executive orders dated Novem

ber 6, 1850, and April 20, 1860. Area not known. Benicia Barracks and Arsenal.-Declared by Executive order dated October 10, 1862.

Area, 344.90 acres. Camp Cady.—On Mojave River, in township 10 N., range 5 E., S. B. meridian. Declared

by Executive order dated June 3, 1870, and contains an area of 1,562 acros. May 18, 1878, Secretary of War reported post abandoned April 24, 1871, and recommendation made to Congress that the reservation be relinquished to Interior Department for disposition.

Camp Gaston. --Situated within Hoopa Valley Indian reserve, in township 8 N., range

5 E., Humboldt meridian. Extends one mile along Trinity River, and contains an

area of 451.50 acres. Declared by Executive order dated April 2, 1869. Camp Independence. -Reservation declared by Executive order dated January 23, 1866.

Post reserve : lot 1 of northeast quarter of section 1, township 13 S., range 34 E., and west half of lot 1 of northwest quarter of section 6, township 13 S., range 35 E., M. D. meridian. Area, 120 acres. Hay reserve: sections 3 and 4 of town

ship 13 S., range 35 E. Area, 2,530.18 acres. Deadman': Island.-Lot 1 of section 19, township, 5 S., range 13 W., S. B. meridian,

containing 2 acres. Reserved by Executive order dated March 15, 1872. Fort Bidwell.Situated in township 46 N., ranges 15 and 16 E., M. D. meridian. Orig

inally declared October 19, 1866. Enlarged by Executive order dated October 4,

1870, so as to contain 2,561.45 acres. Fort Bidwell Wood Reservation. Declared February 7, 1871. Contains 640 acres. Fort Crook.—Situated in townships 37 and 38 N., range 4 E., M. D. meridian. Esti

mated area 2,560 acres. Never declared by Executive. Post abandoned June 1, 1869. Government buildings sold and recommendation niade by Secretary of

War to Congress for relinquishment of reserve to Interior Department for disposal. Fort Hill, or Monterey.-At Monterey. Declared by Executive order dated November

23, 1866. Area bot known. Fort Reading.-In townships 30 and 31 N., range 3 W., M. D. meridian. Abandoned in

1869. Post established by War Department in 1862. Reservation never declared by President. Lands withheld from disposal under opinion of Attorney General that military occupancy constituted a reservation in California, so that lands within a mile of the post could not be sold without an act of Congress authorizing it. Recommendation made by Secretary of War to Congress for authority to transfer reservation to the Interior Department. Measure was pending before sec

ond session, Forty-sixth Congress. Area, 3,962.90 acres. Fort Yuma, in California and Arizona.- Declared by Executive order dated January

22, 1867. Situated at junction of Gila and Colorado rivers. Area, 5,224.30 acres, less the amount granted by the act of Congress approved January 24, 1875, to

Yuma City, said grant not exceeding ten acres. (See No. 2226.) Molate Island, or Golden Rock.-In San Francisco Bay. Reserved March 2, 1858, by Sec

retary of Interior, in anticipation of its being needed by War Department. Un

surveyed. Area not known. Peninsula Island.-In bay of San Francisco, in township 1 S., ranges 5 and 6 W., M.

D. meridian. Declared by Executive order dated August 20, 1867. Unsurveyed.

Area not known. Point Loma, San Diego Harbor.–Reserved by Executive order dated February 26,

1852, "to include that portion of the peninsula lying on west side of entrance to the harbor, which sball be included between the southernmost point of the peninsula (Punta de Lomas) and a line drawn across said peninsula from the harbor to the ocean at distance of one and one-half miles above Punta de Guisanos."

Area not stated. Point San José.-Declared by Executive orders dated November 6, 1850, and December

31, 1851. Area, 130.24 acres, less the area relinquished to the city and county of

San Francisco by act of Congress approved July 1, 1870. (Soe No. 2381.) Presidio Reserve No. 1 (Fort Point).-On bay of San Francisco. Declared by Executive

orders dated November 6, 1850, and December 31, 1851. Area, 1,382.22 acres. San Solito, Bay Point.-By Executive order dated November 6, 1850. From southern

boundary San Solito Bay a line parallel to the channel of entrance to the Pacific.

Area not given. Three Brothers, Three Sisters, and Marin Islands.-In entrance to San Pablo Bay. De

clared by Executive order dated October 25, 1867. Unsurveyed. Area not known. Yerba Buena Island. In San Francisco Bay. Declared a reservation by Executivo

orders dated November 6, 1850, and October 12, 1866. Unsurveyed. Area not given.

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