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Willamette Indians. 1855, April 10.-Confederated bands residing in the Willamette Valley: (Tualatin

band of Calapooias ; Yam Hill band; Che-luk-i-ma-uke band ; Chep-en-a-pho, or Marysville band; Chemapho, or Muddy band; Che-lam-e-la, or Long Topi band; all of the Calapooias ; Mo-lal-la band of Molallas; Calapooia band of Calapooias; Winnefelly and Mohawk bands; Tekopa band; Chafan band of the Calapooia tribe; Wah-lal-la band of Tum-waters; Clack-a-mas tribe; Clow-we-wal-la or Willamette Tum-water band; and the Santiam bands of Calapooias). Cession to U. S. of certain lands; reservation to be provided for Indians; reservation to be surveyed into lots and assigned to families and single persons; President may at any time issue patents for tracts assigned, conditioned that tract shall not be alienated; tracts to be exempt from levy, &c., but legislature of State may remove restrictions with consent of Congress; families refusing to occupy or cultivate their tracts may have patent revoked by President, or assignment canceled; right of way for roads,

&c.-Vol. 10, p. 1143. Winnebagoes. 1816, Dec. 30.—Winnebagoes residing on Wisconsin River. Cessions of land here

tofore made to British, French, or Spanish Governments confirmed to U. S.

Vol. 7, p. 144. 1826, Feb. 6.—Winnebago and other tribes. Boundary line of country of, defined.

Vol. 7, p. 272. 1829, Feb. 23.–Winnebago and other tribes. President to establish boundaries

between Winnebagoes, &c., and New York Indians.—Vol. 7, p. 303. 1829, Jan. 7.-Provisional boundary established between lands of U. S. and those

of Indians.-Vol. 7, p. 315. 1830, Jan. 2.-Cession of lands to U. S.; U. S. to grant certain lands to descend

ants of Indians; lands not to be sold wit..out permission of President.-Vol.

7, p. 323. 1833, Feb. 13.-Cession of lands to U. S.; tract of land west of Mississippi River

granted to Indians. Tracts in ceded country to be granted by U, S. to certain

mixed bloods.—Vol. 7, p. 370. 1838, June 15.-Cession to U. S. by Winnebagoes of all their lands east of Missis

sippi River.-Vol. 7, p. 545. 1847, Feb. 4.–Cession to U. S. by Winnebagoes of all their lands within the States

and Territories, and especially of tract assigned to them by second article of treaty (vol. 7, p. 371) proclaimed February 13, 1833; U. S. agree to purchase and give to Indians a tract of country north of Saint Peter's and west of the

Mississippi River of not less than 800,000 acres.-Vol. 9, p. 878. 1855, March 23.—Cession to U. S. of tract of land granted to Indians by treaty

proclaimed February 4, 1847 (vol. 9, p. 878); tract of land equal to eighteen miles square on the Blue Earth River, Minnesota Territory, to be granted to Indians for permanent home; President may have lands surveyed and tracts assigned to families and single persons, and patents may be issued; lands to be exempt from levy, &c., until otherwise provided by legislature of State, with assent of Congress; nor shall lands be sold or alienated within fifteen years after date of patents, and not then without assent of President; certain settlers on ceded lands to have right of pre-emption; grant of 80 acres to mixed bloods who are heads of families; right of way for roads, &c., through

Indian cour try.-Vol. 10, p. 1172. 1861, March 23.- Eastern portion of reservation of, to be set apart and assigned in

severalty to heads of families, &c.; certificates to be issued by Commissioner of Indian Affairs for tracts assigned; lands not to be disposed of except to U. S. or to other members of tribe ; residue of reservation to be sold in tracts

to highest bidders.—Vol. 12, p. 1101. 1866, March 28.-Cession to U. S. of reservation in Dakota Territory, at Usher's

Landing, on the Missouri River; tract of land in Nebraska Territory (ceded by Omahas by treaty proclaimed February 15, 1866, vol. 14, p. 667), set apart

for future home of Indians.-Vol. 14, p. 671. Winnefelly band.

(See CALAPOQIAS.) Wish-ham tribe.

(See YAKAMAS.) Wolf band.


Woll-pah-pe tribe

(See SNAKES.) Wyam or Lower de Chutes band.

(See WALLA-WALLAS.) Wyandots. 1785, Jan. 21.*-Wyandot and other nations. Boundary line of country of; reser

vations for trading-posts; Indians recognize title of U. S. to certain lands.

Vol. 7, p. 16. 1789, Sept. 27.-Former boundary line renewed and confirmed; lands ceded to U.

S.; reservations by U. S. for trading-posts; Wyandots lay claim to certain lands possessed by Shawnees, also, " to all the country west of the Miami

boundary from the village to the Lake Erie.”—Vol. 7, p. 28. 1795, Dec. 2.-Wyandot and other nations. Establishment of boundary lines;

cession of lands to U. S.; particular tracts ceded to U. S.; relinquishment of

certain lands by U. S.; former treaties declared void.-Vol. 7, p. 49. 1803, Dec. 23.—Wyandot and other nations. Right given to U. S. of locating

certain land.- Vol. 7, p. 77. 1806, April 24.–Wyandot and other nations. Boundary line established; cession

of lands to U.S.–Vol. 7, p. 87. 1808, Jan. 27.-Wyandot and other nations. Cession of lands to U. S.; certain

tracts set apart for reservations for Indians.—Vol. 7, p. 105. 1809, March 3.–Wyandot and other Indians. Cession to U. S. of “tract of land

for a road, of i20 feet in width, from the foot of the rapids of the river Miami of Lake Erie, to the western line of the Connecticut Reserve, and all the land within one mile of the said road, on each side thereof, for the purpose of establishing settlements along the same; also, a tract of land, for a road only, of 120 feet in width, to run southwardly from what is called Lower Sandusky, to the

boundary line established by the treaty of Greenville."-Vol. 7, p. 112. 1814, Dec. 21.–Wyandot and other nations. Boundaries re-established and con

firmed.-Vol. 7, p. 118. 1819, Jan. 4.-Wyandot and other tribes. Cession of lands to U. S.; tracts of

land granted in fee to certain chiefs for use of Indians; grants of land in fee to certain individuals; U. S. reserve right of way for roads through lands re

served or granted by this treaty.-Vol. 7, p. 160. 1819, Jan. 4 (supplementary to preceding treaty).-Grants in former treaty to cer

tain chiefs for the use of Indians to b econsidered as reservations only; additional reservations for use of Wyandots : 55,680 acres at Upper Sandusky to be laid off in two tracts; 16,000 acres on the head of Blanchard's Fork, for the use of Wyandots residing at Solomon's town and on Blanchard's Fork, and 160 acres for the use of Wyandots on the west side of Sandusky River.

Vol. 7, p. 178. 1819, Jan. 7.—Two tracts of land in Michigan Territory, reserved for Wyandots

agreeably to provisions of act of Feb. 28, 1809 (vol. 2, p. 527), ceded to U. S.; reservation for the use of Wyandots set apart south of the river Huron, in

Michigan Territory.-Vol. 7, p. 180. 1832, April 6.-Wyandots residing at the Big Spring, Crawford County, Ohio.

Sixteen thousand acres of land reserved to Indians residing at Solomon's town and Blanchard's Fork by former treaty (vol. 7, p. 178), ceded to U. S.; ceded lands to be sold for benefit of Indians; one half-section reserved for Roe-na-nas, chief of said band; Indians to remove to Canada, or to reservation

on Huron River, in Michigan Territory.-Vol. 7, p. 364. 1836, May 16.-Cession to U. S. of certain tracts of land in Crawford County, Ohio,

reserved to Indians by former treaty (vol. 7, p. 160); ceded lands to be surveyed and sold ; register and receiver to be appointed for that purpose.—Vol.7,

p. 502.

1842, Oct. 5.-Remaining lands of, in States of Michigan and Ohio, ceded to U. S.

Grant to Indians of tract of land west of Mississippi River, to contain 148,000 acres; certain tract to be sold for benefit of heirs of Horonu, chief of Wyandots; grant of lands west of Missouri River to certain persons; not to be disposed of without permission of President; reservation of two acres near Upper Sandusky for purpose of cemetery and house of worship.-Vol. 11,

p. 581.

1843, Dec. 14.1-Agreement with Delawares for purchase of certain lands; con

firmed by act of Congress approved July 25, 1848.– Vol. 9, p. 337.

* Date of conclusion.

# Date of execution.

Wyandots-Continued. 1850, Sept. 30.-Relinquishment to U. S. of claim to 148,000 acres of land agrerad

to be assigned to Wyandots by treaty proclaimed Oct. 5, 1342 (vol. 7, !”.

607).-Vol. 9, p. 987. 1855, March 1.–Tribal organization to be terminated and Indians to become citi

zens; cession to U. S. of lands purchased from Delawares; lands to be sul). divided, assigned, and reconveyed by patent in fee-simple to individuals of Wyan:'ot nation in severalty; grant of tracts for church purposes ; grants to “competents” to be absolute and unconditional; patents to "incompetents" to contain express condition that lands are not to be alienated for period of five years (and not then without express consent of President), and to be exempt from levy, &c., until otherwise provided by State legislature with the assent of Congress; grantees under treaty of 1842 (vol. 7, p. 607), to be permitted to locate on any lands west of Missouri and Iowa subject to pre-emp

tion and settlement.– Vol. 10, p. 1159. 1868, Oct. 14.-Lands in Indian Territory ceded by Senecas granted to certain Wy

andots, to be held by them in common; restrictions upon sale of lands assigned and patented to “incompetents” under 4th article of treaty of 1855 (vol. 10, p. 1159) to be removed, Secretary of Interior shall have examination made of certain sales of lands assigned to orphans or "incompetents,"

and confirm or declare void the same.-Vol. 15, p. 513. Yahooskin band.

(See SNAKES.) Yakamas. 1859, April 18.-Confederated tribes and bands of Yakama, Palouse, Pisquouse,

Wenatshapam, Klikatat, Klinquit, Kow-was-say-ee, Li-ay-was, Skin-pah, Wish-ham, Shyiks, Oche-chotes, Kah-milt-pah, and Se-ap-cat Indians, occupy. ing lands in Washington Territory. Cession of lands to U. S.; reservation for Indians; President may bave reservation surveyed into lots and assign the same to families or individuals, on the same terms and subject to the same regulations as are provided in the sixth article of the ty with the Omahas (vol. 10, p. 1044), so far as the same may be applicable; roads may be run

through reservation, &c.—Vol. 12, p. 951. Yam Hill band.

(See WILLAMETTES.) Yampa band.

(See Utes.) Yankton band.

(See Sioux.) Yanktonai band.

(See Sioux.) Yennis village.




Aarons, W. J., for relief of..

Adams, Abraham, for relief of.

Territory organized

admission as a State.

.602, 603
survey of boundary between Alabama and Florida.

Ambrister, Michael, for relief of.

Anderson, Charles, for relief of....

Armed occupation of territory between Pearl and Perdido rivers

-595, 596
Bagley, Joab, for relief of

Bailey, Peggy, for relief of

Baker, John, for relief of heirs of

Barnes, Philip, for relief of

Bingham, W. W., for relief of..

Black Warrior River. (See Rivers.)
Blakely, Josiah, for relief of heirs of

Boardman, John, for relief of

Boyle, T. H., for relief of

Boyles, Thomas H., for relief of.

Brashears, Samuel, for relief of

British grants, confirmation and survey of

.595, 596, 611, 613, 627,642
Brontin, N., for relief of..

Bryan, Joseph, for relief of

Buckley, Elijah, for relief of.

Cahawba River. (See Rivers.)
Caulfield, James, for relief of

Cedar Bluff, town of, commissioners may enter lands for

Cedar lands. (See Timber.)
Chandler, Joel, for relief of....

Cheney, Beley, for relief of

.603, 635
Cherokee County, grant of lands for seat of justice...

Cockburn, Walter, for relief of..

Coosa River. (See Rivers.)
Cravat, Richard, for relief of...

.603, 635
Crawford, William, for relief of....

Daniel, James, for relief of

Decatur County, purchase of land for seat of justice....
De Lusser, Madam, for relief of heirs of

Denuis, Thomas, for relief of...

Donations. (See Settlement claims.)
Donuelson, John, for relief of..

Elliott, Joseph, for relief of..

Ellis, Abraham, for relief of..

Eslava, Miguel, for relief of..

.607, 639
Farmer, Robert, for relief of beirs of

Fleming, J. A., for relief of ..

Fleming, William A., for relief of.

Fletcher, Josiah, for relief of...

Flournoy, Alfred, for relief of..

.610, 611
Fort Charlotte military reservation, sale of, &c..

Fort Jackson, for sale of lands at



French grants, confirmation and survey of

.596, 611, 613, 627, 643
Gaines, W. D., for relief of.

Gazzam, A, H., for relief of

amicable settlement of boundaries of, &c....

adjustment of individual claims, &c., to lands

Glass, John, for relief of...

Grace, J. E., for relief of.

Graduation entries, confirmation of

Grants—British French, and Spanish, confirmation and survey of.

.595, 596,

611, 613, 627, 642
Grant's Island military reservation.

Gunter, C. G., for relief of .

Hainesworth, J. P., for relief of.

Hardridge, Joseph, for relief of

Hardridge, Williamn, for relief of.

Harregal, Daniel, for relief of

Heard, Stephen, for relief of.

Heron Island military reservation..

Hill, Elijah, for relief of.

Hill, J. W., for relief of..

Hollinger, William, for relief of

Hollinsworth, Jehu, for relief of

Hooe, N. H., for relief of..

Hunt, J., for relief of..

Hurtell, John, for relief of...

Indians, Creek tribe-
reservations of land to be set apart for

President authorized to purchase reservations

sale of reservations, &c., authorized.

.632, 635
Internal improvement grant. (See Schools.)
Jeffers, Johu, for relief of..

Jones, Arthur, for relief of.

Jones, Robert, for relief of.

Jones, William, for relief of.

Jordan, C. J., for relief of..

Kamber, Joseph, for relief of.

Kennedy, Joshua, for relief of.

Kennedy, R. J., for relief of.

Kennedy, William E., for relief of.

Kennedy, W. M., for relief of

King, W. D., for relief of

Krebs, Hugo, for relief of heirs of.

Lacoste, Augustine, for relief of....

Lafayette Academy, grant of lands for use of.

La Lande, Stephen, for relief of....

Land offices-
establishment of, at Conecuh Courthouse..

certain lands attached to Coosa district

establishment of, at Demopolis.....

certain lands attached to Huntsville district.

removal of office from Mardisville to Lebanon

establishment of, at Montevallo...

establishment of, at Montgomery

removal from Nashville to Mississippi Territory

establishment of, for district east of Pearl River

certain lands attached to district east of Pearl River.

establishment of, for district west of Pearl River

establishment of, at Tuscaloosa, &o....

604, 622
two new offices established

Leonard, D. S., for relief of

Lewis, M. E., for relief of

Lindsay, J. M., for relief of

MacGhee, Lynn, for relief of ..

.630, 631
Marengo County, purchase of land for seat of justice..

Marlow, Susan, for relief of.

.630, 631
Mayfield, George, for relief of..

McDuff, Daniel, for relief of

McGrew, John, for relief of


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