Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Spain, Հատոր 4

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Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1811

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Էջ 41 - ... Depreciation of Silver, that the purchase of bills of the Secretary of State for India in this country does pro tanto diminish the remittances of silver to the East.
Էջ 199 - under the torrid zone, the smallest marshes are the most dangerous, being surrounded, as at Vera Cruz and Carthagena, with an arid and sandy soil, which raises the temperature of the ambient air...
Էջ 21 - Huasacualco, to its mouth in the gulph of Mexico. It was then very reasonably observed that this road which had been frequented in the beginning of the conquest, might still become very useful for the opening a direct communication between the two seas. The viceroy Don Antonio Bucareli gave orders to two able engineers, Don Augustin Cramer and Don Miguel del Corral, to examine, with • the greatest minuteness, the country...
Էջ 23 - This canal which would unite the Rio de Chimalapa with the Rio del Passo (or'Malpasso) would only be six leagues in length ; the boats would ascend the Rio Chimalapa, which affords a very easy navigation from Tehuantepec to the village of San Miguel ; and from thence they would pass by the canal projected in the time of Count Revillagigedo to the Rio del Passo.
Էջ 116 - But by allowing a free course to the national industry, by encouraging agriculture and manufactures, the importation will diminish of itself, and it will then be easy for the Mexicans to pay the value of foreign commodities with the productions of their own soil. The free cultivation of the vine and the olive on the tableland of New Spain ; the free distillation of spirits from...
Էջ 23 - Chimalapa, the mountains form rather a group than an uninterrupted chain and "that there exists a transversal valley, in " which a canal of communication might be
Էջ 282 - ... this important truth, that the prosperity of the whites is intimately connected with that of the copper coloured race, and that there can be no durable prosperity for the two Americas till this unfortunate race, humiliated but not degraded by long oppression, shall participate in all the advantages resulting from the progress of civilization and the improvement of social order ! NOTES AND SUPPLEMENT.
Էջ 22 - Tehuantepec ; and that on ascending it beyond the cataract, even as far as the old desembarcadero de Malpasso, they were still more than 26 leagues distant from the shores of the South Sea. They observed that a chain of mountains of very inconsiderable height, divides the waters between the gulf of Mexico, and the gulf of Tehuantepec. This small cordillera stretches from east to west, from the Cerros de los Mixes, formerly inhabited by a wild and warlike. tribe* towards the elevated table land of...