Syllabi of the American Society for the Extension of University Teaching

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American Society for Extension of University Teaching., 1903

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Common terms and phrases

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Էջ 3 - ... one of the most important as well as one of the most legitimate sources of his power.
Էջ 9 - ... obedience to their king, to show the people the untimely ends of such as have moved tumults, commotions, and insurrections, to present them with the flourishing estate of such as live in obedience, exhorting them to allegiance, dehorting them from all traitorous and felonious stratagems.
Էջ vi - Plate sin with gold, And the strong lance of justice hurtless breaks : Arm it in rags, a pigmy's straw doth pierce it.
Էջ 2 - Helpers and friends of mankind. Servants of God!— or sons Shall I not call you ? because Not as servants ye knew Your Father's innermost mind, His, who unwillingly sees One of his little ones lost — Yours is the praise, if mankind Hath not as yet in its march Fainted, and fallen, and died!
Էջ 15 - And, in truth, one of the legitimate poets, Emerson, in my opinion, is' not. His poetry is interesting, it makes one think ; but it is not the poetry of one of the born poets. I say it of him with reluctance, although I am sure that he would have said it of himself ; but I say it with reluctance, because I dislike giving pain to his admirers, and because all my own wish, too, is to say of him what is favourable.
Էջ 11 - ... a poet who is our most brilliant and learned critic, and who has given us our best native idyl, our best and most complete work in dialectic verse, and the noblest heroic ode that America has produced, — each and all ranking with the first of their kinds in English literature of the modern time.
Էջ 3 - Not all the water in the rough rude sea Can wash the balm off from an anointed king...
Էջ 29 - Leaves of Grass, which I first read at the age of twenty-five, influenced me more perhaps than any other book has done, except the Bible; more than Plato, more than Goethe.
Էջ i - He does not confine himself to purposeless copying, without thought, each blade of grass, as commended by the inconsequent, but, in the long curve of the narrow leaf, corrected by the straight tall stem, he learns how grace is wedded to dignity, how strength enhances sweetness, that elegance shall be the result.
Էջ i - Nature contains the elements, in colour and form, of all pictures, as the keyboard contains the notes of all music. But the artist is born to pick, and choose, and group with science, these elements, that the result may be beautiful— as the musician gathers his notes, and forms his chords, until he brings forth from chaos glorious harmony.

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