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CHAP. I. Preliminary Observations.--- Meeting of Parliament.--Election of a

Speaker.-Mr. Abbot proposed--chosen without Opposition.--King's Speech. --address moved by Lord Arden--seconded by Lord Nelson. Speeches of the Marquis of Abercorn-Lord Carlisle--the Duke of Norfolk-Lords Grenville-Petham-Carysfort---und Hobart.--Address curried nem, diss.-Moved the saine Dan in the Lower House by Mr. Trench--seconded by Mr. Curzon.-Speeches of Mr. Cartwright--Sir John Wrottesley ---Mr. Pytches-for-Canning-Lord llawekesouryMr. Windham- AddingtonT. Grenville -- Lord Castlereaghand Mr Whitbread.-- Address carried unanimously.

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CIAP. II. Report of the Address brought up--Debate on the second reading.

Speeches of Dr. Wilberforce- Ellivt--Sir Francis Burdett--Mr. Johnstone-Earl Temple--General Maitland-Secretary at War-Mr. ForArchdall-Chancellor of the Exchequer.--Report (grced to.---Address presented--Gracious Anstecr of the king.-Observations.


CHAP. III. Resolutions of the Committee of Supply.--Debate on the first Resolution.

-Speeches of Mr. T. Grenville --Addington-Sir S. Smith-Lord Hawkesbury-Mr. Canning --Altorney Generul-Dr. Lawrence.---Resolutions agreeil to.-Lord Moira's Motion for Papers on the Assumption of the Dominion of the Carnutic, in the House of Lords, agreed to. --Proceedings on the Middleser Petitions.--Military Estimate.---De. bate.--Secretary at IVar-Mr. Bankes-Earl Temple--General Mait. land- Tarleton- Mr. Archdall- Whitbread Sheridan-Canning Wilberforce-Fox--Windham-Chancellor of the Exchcquer.-Resolu. tions committeil.-Debate resumed on the bringing up the Report of the Committee--Mr. T. Grenville--Lord Hawkesbury--Sir F. BurdettDr. Lawrence--Mr. For--I Vindham--Lord Castlereagh.-Resolutions curried unanimously.



CHAP. IV. Preliminary Obserrations.--Conmittee of the House of Commons on the Supe

ply and Ways and Means.--General Statement of the Finance, by the Chancellor of the Exchequer.-Four Millions granted from the Excess of the consolidated Fund, towards the Supply.---Petitions from the ShipOwners against the Tonnage Duły-ordered to lie on the Table.---Bill for appointing Naval Commissioners, for the Purpose of Enquiry into Naval Abuses--Debate thereon--farther Debate on the second reading--and on the third reading-carried. -Debute in the Lords on the Malt Duty Bill. Specches of Earl Spencer-Lord Pelham--Earl of Carlisle-Lords Limerick-Grenville--the Lord Chancellor-read a first Time--Debate on the second Reading:--Speeches of Earls Spencer -Suffolk--the Lord Chancellor-Earl of Carlisle--Darnley--Lord Hobart--the Duke of NorfolkLords Grenville--Pelham-and Minto.--Bill committed and passed.Naval Commission Bill passed in the Lords.-Observations.--Christmas Recess.


CHAP. V. Discouraging Prospects at the Commencement of the Year.-Mecting of Par.

diament after the Recess.--Chancellor of the Exchequer modes for a Continuation of the Bunk Restriction Bill.-Debate--supported by Sir F. Baring.--Lord llawhesbury-and Mr. Princep--- opposed by Mr. Tierney Fox-Banks~-passes the Commons--mored in the House of Lords by Lord Pelham-Debate-Lord Auckland--Moira-King.--Second readingDebate-Lord Auckland-Grenville--Sheffield-passes without further Opposition.--Message from the King, on the Prince of Wales's Affairs.-Congratulatory Address to His Majesty from both Mouses, on his proci. dential Escape from the Machinations of Despard and his Associates.Account of the Conspiracy--Trial of Despard--and Execution of the Traitors.


CHAP. VI. King's Message, respecting the Affairs of the Prince of Pales, taken into

Consideration in the House of Commons--Committee of the whole flouse -Debate--Mr. Addington--Solicitor General-Sir R. Milbank--Ur. Harrison--Lord Castlereagh--Mr. Sheridan-and Mr. For.--The Minister's Resolution for allowing 60,0001, to the Prince of Wales, from the Consolidated Tund, unanimously agreed to by the Committee-Nessage taken inte Consideration by the Lords-- Address of Thanks moved t-carried. Message from the Prince of Wales to the House of Commons.---Bill for increasing the Period of Annual Exercise of the Militia-passes both Tlousts without Opposition. Interesting Debate on Mr. Calcraft's Mo

tion respecting the Prince's Establishment-lost by a small Majority-original Proposition finally agreed to-abrupt Relinquishment of the Prince's further Claims---Considerations and Remarks thereon.

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CHAP. VII. : Aing's Message.--- Probability of immediute War.-llis Dinjesty's Message taken into Consideration in the Lurds Address moved by Lord Hobart-
Debate-Earl Spencer-Lord Grenville-Earl Moira--Address of
Thanks carried-and in the Commons same Day.Address moved by Mr.
Addington-Debate-Mr. For--Lord Hawkesbury~Mr. Irindham-
Sheridan-Grenville-Dr. Lawrence-Address carried.-Message for
the embodying the Militia.- Motion for 10,000 additional Seamen--De-
bate- Mr. Francis-Chancellor of the Exchequer-Mr. Dent--for-
Burroughs--Lord Hawkesbury-Mr. Elliot-Canning--Trench-In-
crease agreed to--Remarks.




India Budget-Lord Castlereagh-Mr. Johnstone-Chancellor of the Ex-

chequer-Mr. W. Dundas.- Prince of Wales's Annuity Bill-passes the
House of Lords without Opposition.--Irish Militia Bill-Debate-
Mr. Wickham-Elliot-Sir Lawrence Parsons-Yorke-Colonel Fitz-
gerald.-Proceedings on the Nottingham Election Bill-Bill brought in to
regulate them in future by Mr. Hawkins Browne-supported by Mr.
Pierrepoint and Mr. Bond-Petition against it from the Mayor and Cor-

poration of Nottinghamn--presented by Mr. For-ordered to lie on the

Table.— Further Proceedings on the Irish Militia Bill-Debate-Mr.

Windham-Secretary at War-Sir W. Pulteney-General Tarleton

Sir L. Parsons-Mr. Wilberforce~Mr. Elliot-Resolutions agreed to

and a Bill ordered pursuant thereto.-Remarks.




Important Debates in Parliament on the Negotiation and Correspondence-

in the House of Lords-Speeches of Lord Pelham-Duke of Cumberland
---of Clarence-Lord Mulgrave--Melville-Duke of Richmond-Marquis
of Lansilowene--Duke of Norfolk--- Lord King - Ellenborough-Earl of
Aloira-of Rosslyn--Spencer-Marquis of Sligo-Lord Grenville-
Division=great Majority on the Part of Governmentin the House
of Commons-Public Anxicty to witness the Debate-- Deficiency in the

Reports thereof --why-- Mr. Pitt's Sentiments--- Amendment to the

Address moved by Mr. Grey-Debute ailjuurned-Speeches of Mr. T.

Grenville-Whitbrcad-Dallas---Ellivt-Serjeant Best-Mr. Cunning-

Fox- Addington— Attorney General-Mr. Ilinohum--W. Smith - Di.

vision-- Address carried by a great Majority.- Message from the

king to Parliament.-- Supplementury Militia embodied.---Clergy Resi-

dence Bill carried.-Motion by ivr. Fox on the Russian Mediation-op-

posed by Lord Iluweksbury and Mr. Pittwithdrawn. Observations. 145

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