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- An English Traveller's Opinion. — Ohio and the Federal ('out Secre-

tary of State and the Presidency. — Common Schools. — Circular 237 - 257


Prospectus of Kendall and Merriwether. — Sunday Reflections on the Bible.

Ominous. - Sunday Reflections on Religion. — Death of his Wife. - Obitu-

ary. — Ability as a Writer

258 - 268


Second Marriage. – Letters to his Wife. — Appointment as Fourth Auditor 269- 295




Origin of the "Globe” Newspaper. - General Duff Green.— Isaac Hill. -- Close
Vote in the Senate. - John C. Calhoun. Francis P. Blair. “Globe" and
“Telegraph” Newspapers. — Thomas H. Benton. Removal of Deposits.
- Martin Van Buren.

William J. Duane. · A Delicate Service. Lewis
Cass. — Levi Woodbury. – William T. Barry. — Roger B. Taney. — Impor-
tant Mission. — Instructions. — James Gordon Bennett. Breakfast Party
of Three.- President's Reasons for removing Deposits.- Removal of Duane.
- The coming Storm. — Henry Clay sounds the Tocsin. – Calhoun musters
his Forces. — "Richmond Enquirer.” -- Meeting of Congress. — President's

. – Clay in the Senate and McDuffie in the House. — A Call on the
President declined. — ('lay's Resolutions. — President's Policy denounced.
Niles's Register. – Public Meetings. — “ Executive l'surpation.” — Remon-
strances, Memorials, and Petitions pour into Congress. — General Agitation.
—Daniel Webster. – Theodore Frelinghuysen. “A Moment of Spasm and
Agony." — Delegations to the President. — The Old Hero roused. — Senate


The Columbia Institution for the Deaf and Dumb. - Letter on the Times in

1856. — Letter to James Buchanan. Letter to A. P. Hayne, on General
Jackson. — Lecture before Young Men's Christian Association : Subject,
Christianity. — Letter to James L. Orr. — “Threats will never bring Peace.”
- Letter to the “Constitution."— Extracts from Papers. — Articles on Seces-

sion. — Letter to J. D. Caton. — “No War." — Letters to Samuel Medary,
Simon Cameron, W. H. Seward, William Stickney. – Death of his Son
John. - Letter to a Friend

555 - 627

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Lecture before Young Men's Christian Association, on General Jackson. - Let-

ters to W. H. Seward, Alfred T. Goodman, Henry S. Randall, J. J. Critten-
den, W. D. Wallach, Editor of “Evening Star.”. Letters to Hon. J. D.
Caton. — Responsibilities of Postmasters. Clerical Rebuke. — Letter on
Public Affairs. -— Death of his Second Wife. Religious Experience. — A
True Practical Christian. - Religious Convictions. — Letter to Rev. T. R.
Howlett. His Baptism. — Baptism of his Grandson. Immersion not
Baptism. — “Marrying the Church.” - The Lord's Prayer. — Dedication
of the Church.- Sunday-School Work. -Collections in Churches. Condi-
tions of his Deed of Gift. — Trip to Europe. — Letter from Paris to Rev. T.
R. Howlett. Visits Africa and Asia. Welcome Home. Destruction of
the Church. — Moves to the City. — “Little Children." - Failing Health.

- Donation to Columbian College. General Jackson. – Man's Nature.
Rededication of the Church. — Trip North. — Returns in Feeble Condition.
- Continues to fail. Messages to the Church. - Endowment of Two Mis-
sion Sunday Schools. - Death. — Funeral. — Letter from Professor Morse.
- Conclusion



693 - 700

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