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Printed by Ellerton and Henderson, Johnson's Court, London,


The alterations which have been made in the present edition, are chiefly of a verbal nature: some pages, however, have been added, some have been cancelled, and several transferred to the Appendix.

A mistake, which occurred in page 49 of the former impression, has been corrected. The application for Bibles, stated to have been made by a Welsh Bishop in 1790, was in fact made by an English Bishop in 1800 : the argument remains the


It was intimated (p. 21) that the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge had passed a second resolution about their edition of the Welsh Bible ; this also I now believe to be an error, and the passage is erased.

Should any expressions of harshness have escaped me in the first edition, I hope that they are all expunged. Upon this subject, it is probable that different persons will entertain different opinions; I have acted according to the decision of my own judgment.

W. DEALTRY. Hertford, March 8, 1811.

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