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tremity of Eastern Florida, and the vessels destitute of chronometers, or other means for determining the longitude, are obliged to reconnoitre the Tortugas, for the sake of directing their course from thence to the Havanah, through a sea, constantly agitated by currents. To avoid a' great part of these dangers, it has been projected, to establish in the island of Cuba, an interior communication between the southern and northern coast: or, to avail myself of an improper expression, in use among the natives, to join the south and north seas. A navigable canal, for flat boats, will be opened for an extent of eighteen leagues, from the gulf of Batabano, to the bay of the Havanah, crossing the beautiful plains of the district de los Guines. This canal, which requires only a small number of locks, will at the same time serve to fertilize the country by irrigations; and the salt provisions, cocoa, indigo, and other productions of Terra Firma, will arrive by this way to the Havanah. The passage from Nueva Barcelona to Batabano, is not only very short, and secure enough in time of war, but it possesses also the advantage of exposing the vessels less to the dangers of shoals and tempests, than the ordinary navi. gations round cape Saint Antony, and the old Bahama channel.

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To give an example of the method employed by the parish priests of Mexico, in drawing up the extracts, from which I have been enabled to judge of the excess of births, I shall here insert the detail of the tables of Singuilucan and Dolores, two villages inhabited only by Indians, and which enjoy, under the torrid zone, a climate extremely favourable to the health of man. The great increase of population, resulting from these tables is surprising enough.

* By mistake this note was referred to val. i. p. 100, under the letter B.

A. Singuilucan.


11. Births. I. Deaths. II. Births. 11. Deaths. III. Births. III. Deaths.

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IV. Births. IV. Deaths. v. Births. V. Deaths. Births in Deatlis in

1801 and 1801 and
2580 656

1802. 1802.


3131 1

1455 556

129712 515



1331 371
1074 313
1149 275

1 3103 | 1004

- 502 Births in 850–

1492 650 52 years 61,258 1329 € 315 € 1368 968 Deaths 24,123 307

· 3941

-- Excess of 1122461 | 89091 1124861 7 4606 births 37,135

14691 10951

From 1780 to 1790.

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From 1790 to 1800.

300 N No
From 1790 to 1800.

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Note C. bis (vol. ii. p. 81.) The following Tables contain the detail of the enumeration made in the City of Mexico by orders of the Viceroy Count de Revillagigedo: we have already observed that the actual population is 135,000 souls.

State of the Population of the City of Mexico in 1790.

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