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*** The large Roman numerals refer to the volumes ; the

small Roman numerals to the pages of the Geographical In.
troduction in the first volume; the Arabic numerals to the
remaining pages of the work ; and the asterisks and
other marks between two parentheses indicate the

Abad (Don Manuel) Great vicar of the Archbishoprick of
Mechoacan - Information furnished by him to the author,
I, lxxxviii. II, 464-His zeal for the introduction of
inoculation, I, 112His observations respecting the Volcan

de Colima, II, 228.
Abincopa (Gonzalo) discovered the mercury mine of

Huancavelica, III, 310.
Abra de San Nicolas, a cut made in a mountain to improve

the climate of Acapulco, IV, 145.
Academia de los nobles artes de Mexico, its influence on

the taste of the nation, 1, 212-Its palace, II, 51. .
Acapulco Town and Port-Its geographical position, I,

xxxiv-Its population, II, 187–Description of the Port
IV, 56-Its commerce with Guayaquil and Lima, IV,
63-Obstacles to it from the dangers of navigation, IV,
64--Commerce with Manilla, IV, 71-Climate of this
Port, and causes of its being free from the yellow fever,
IV, 144.
Acatl ( First) To what year that period corresponde, II,

18 (*).

Acazonica, Farm of the Jesuits, II, 264.
Acha (Sierra de la) II, 285.
Acoclames, Indian savages, II, 285.
Acolhues, arrival of this people in Mexico, I, 133.
Acordada, edifice of Mexico, II, 145.
Acosta, the amount, according to this author, of the fifth
paid to the king, from the produce of the mines of

Potosi, III, 370.
Acuña (Juan de) Marquis de Casa Fuerte, the only viceroy

of Mexico, born in America, II, 104.(+).
Administration (public), expence which it occasions, IV, 230,
.. 231.
Aerolites, masses of malleable iron, which appear to be

Aerolites, III, 292—See meteoric iron.
Agave, see Maguey.
Agriculture, its state in New Spain, II, 399_Influence of

the mines on its prosperity, II, 405_Annual amount of

its produce, III, 2-Obstacles to its improvement, III,
· 101-See also plants and vegetables.
Aguasarco, mountain, II, 213.
Aguas calientes, town, II, 23).
Aguirre. (Don Guillermo) member of the audience of

Mexico, gave the author the Manuscript Journal of Crespi
and La Peña the companions of Perez, II, 363.
Ahahuete, (Cupressus disticha) celebrated for its size, II,

42, 196.
Ahuitzotl, king of Mexico, constructs the great Teocalli of

Tenochtitlan, II, 19. His imprudence occasions an inun-
..dation, II, 118.
Alamos, (los) town, II, 306.
Alatlauquitopec, mines, II, 203.
Albaradon de San Lazaro, constructed by Velasco I. viceroy

of Mexico, II, 317.
Alcavalas, indirect impost_The Indians freed from its
I, 186-In what it consists, IV, 93. Its annual produce,
IV, 211.

Alcahuacan, the Mexican name of the town of Tezcuco

II,,57 (*).
Alcosac, remains of one of the small pyramids surrounding,

the great Teocalli of Cholula, II, 196.
Alares, (Pedro) lands in America, II, 501.
Almanza, (Martin Enriquez de) viceroy of Mexico, II

Almonds, amount imported into Vera Cruz in 1802, IV, 33 ;

in 1803, IV, 44.
Almoxarifazgo, a duty paid on commodities, IV, 93

Its annual produce, IV, 214, 216.
Alvarado, river, I, 72.
Alvarado, (Pedro de) famous leap which he made to effect

his escape, II, 73.
Alvarado, river, see Papaloapan,
Alvaréz, (Juan) his project for draining the valley of
Mexico, II, 135—He obtains permission to extract gold

from the Volcan de Granada, III, 477.
Alzate, ( Josef Antonio) how he determined the position of
Mexico, I, xxx ; that of Vera Cruz, I, xxxii-His maps
of the archbishoprick of Mexico, I, Ixxv, lxxvii-His
plan of the environs of the city of Mexico, I, xcvi-
Character, I, 219–His opinion as to the height of

Cuernavaca, II, 185 (+).
Amalgamation, used in the mines of Mexico, III, 252—281-

Expence per 100 quintals of minerals, III, 350--The
mode used in the mines of Peru, ibid ; and at Potosi,

III, 377.
Amazons, (river of) favourable for the fraudulent extraction

of silver in Peru, III, 392.
Americans, importance attached by the Creoles to this name,

1, 205.
America, view of its population, IV, 323.
America, (Spanish) comparison of its extent with that of
the Russian empire, and English possessions in Asia, 1, 7-
Its division into nine governments, I, &-Annual amount

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