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Submitted, May} 1841.

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[ In place of the original - draft of a revised school law," All society meetings shall be held at the usual place of which was prepared for the consideration of the Board, holding the same, unless some other place shall have been and after. examination, submitted by them to the General designated at a regular meeting of the society. Assembly, we publish it in the form in which it finally of the time, place and object of erery special meeting,

Notice of the time and place of every annual meeting, and passed, as An Act concerning Common Schools." The “ draft” was referred, with the other documents of the same.

shall be given ai least tive days inclusive, previous to holding the Board, to the joint standing committee on education, The school society committee, or if there be no such commitby whom its various provisions were discussed in daily tee, the clerk, shall give the notice of any society meeting, either sessions for several weeks. Several important alterations by publishing the same in a newspaper printed in the society, or were made by the committee, most of whom had been by putting the notice on a sigo post therein, or in some other teachers, and all of thein school visiters, and were deeply mode previously designated by the society; but if there be no interested in the whole subject of common school im- such newspaper, nor sign post, por other mode so designated,

such school committee or clerk may give the notice in such provement. The committee reported unanimously a Bill mole as they may deem proper, and the person or persons for a public act concerning common schools, which was calling or notifying any such' meeting, shall furnish the clerk discussed in both houses in the most friendly spirit, and of the society with a copy of such notice on or before the day of apparently with a single view of making its provisions holding the same. more clear and acceptable. Afier several alterations, both

Every person residing in the society qualified to vote in the House and the Senate, the bill finally passed as it in town meeting, may vote in school society ineetings. is printed below, with an unanimity which we trust is a

Every meeting may choose its own moderator, and may pledge of the friendly and united feeling in which its va- place.

adjourn from time to time to meet at the same or any oiher rious provisions will be carried out in their local adminis Sect. 3. Every school society, at the annual meeting, tration.]

shall choose a clerk, a school committee of one or three perAN ACT

suns, a board of school visiters not exceeding nine persons, a

treasurer, and a collector, who shall hold their respective offices CONCERNING COMMON SCHOOLS.

until the next annual meeting, and until others are chosen or Be it enacted by the Senale anıl House of Represenlatives in the society hy death, removal or otherwise, ihe school com

appointed. Whenever any vacancy shall occur in any office in General Assembly convened, As follows:

miliee for ihe time being may fill the same, in their own I. School Societies.

number or otherwise, and make return to the clerk of the sociSECTION 1. Every school society, established as such, ety; and any person legally chosen or appointed, who shall by the General Assembly, and the inhabitants living within refuse or neglect 10 discharge any duty imposed by this or the limits of any ecclesiastical society, incorporated with local any other act in relation to schools, or the education of children, Limits, or such portions of the same as have not been specially shall forfeit the sum of five dollars, to be collected by the treaincorporated, shall constitute a school society; and as such,

surer of the society for the use of schools. shall be a body corporate, and respectively have power to es- of the duties of his office, by the moderator of the meeting, or

Sect. 4. The clerk shall be sworn to a faithful discharge tablish and maintain common schools of different grades; To purchase, receive, hold and convey any real or personal by a justice of the peace; property for school society purposes;

Shall keep a record of the notices and the proceedings To build and repair schoolhouses;

of the socieiy, a copy of which, duly attested, shall be legal To lay taxes;

evidence in all courts ; To sue and be sued; and

Shall preserve on file all reports made to the society, To make all lawful agreements and regulations for the useful and perform all other duties appropriate to his office. education of all the children of the society,

Sect. 5. The school committee shall have the care and SECT. 2.

Every school society shall hold an annual management of any property or funds belonging to the sociMonday of October, in each year, for the choice of officers and shall be intrusted to others by the donor or grantor or by the meeting on the second Monday of September, or on the first ely, and shall lodge all bonds, leases, notes and other securi

ties with the treasurer; except so far as the same has been, or the transaction of any business relating 10 such society, and General Assembly, or by the society; shall also hold a special meeting whenever the same shall be duly called.

They shall pay to the treasurer all money which they may The school committee of the society, or if there be no

collect and receive for the use of schools ; committee, the clerk, may call a special meeting whenever

They shall settle and describe the boundary lines of any they shall think necessary or proper; and they shall call

new school district, or of any existing district, or parts of a special meeting, on the written request of any ien residents district within their limits, where the lines are not now settled therein qualified to vote, which request shall state the object of and described, when applied to by the district

, and shall cause calling the same.

the same to be entered on the records of the society;


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They shall designate the time, place and object of holding for be distributed into several parts, for the convenience of the the first meeting of any new district;

several districts. They shall give due notice of all meetings of the society ; Secr. 11. Whenever the boundary line between any two

They shall make returns of the number of persons over school societies is not clearly settled and defined, it shall be four and under sixteen years of age in said society, to the the duty of the school committees of such societies, io sewe and comptroller, and draw orders on the same for any portion of define ihe same; and in case they cannot agree, said committees public money due to said society, as bereinaster prescribed ; shall appoint soine disinterested person or persons to set and

They shall draw all orders on the treasurer of the so- define said line, whose decision shall be final; and the bounciety, and perform all other lawful acts which may be required of dary line thus seuled and defined shall be entered on the them by the society, or which may be necessary to carry into records of the two societies. full effect the powers of school societies.

II. SCHOOL DISTRICTS. Sect. 6. The treasurer, when required, shall give bond in such amount as shall be prescribed by the society, and Sect. 12. Each school society shall have power 10 with such surelies as shall be approved by the school society form, alter, or dissolve school districts within its limits, and committee, for the faithful discharge of his duty;

any iwo or more societies may form a district of adjoining porShall receive and take care of all money, leases, bonds, tions of their several societies, aud may alter and dissolve the notes, and other securities of the funds or property of the so- same; and such district shall belong to the society in which ciety, except those specially entrusted to oihers by the donor. the schoolhouse shall be situated : Provided, That no new or grantor, or by law, and deliver and pay over ihe same to district shall be fornied with less than 40 persons orer 4 and the order of the committee and render his account at the an- under 16 years of age, nor shall any existing district, by the nual meeting of the society.

formation of a new one be reduced below the same number of Sect. 7. The collector shall collect and pay to the treas- like persons: Prorided further, That no alteration shall be urer all taxes or rates laid by the society; and by a warrant made in the limits of any district incorporated by special act from a justice of the peace, shall have the same power to col- of the General Assembly, unless such alterations be asked for, lect and levy such taxes in and beyond the limits of such soci- or confirmed by a meeting of said district warned for that ety as collectors of town taxes, and be liable in the same way purpose. for refusal or neglect.

SECT. 13. When any two or more districts shall be Sect. 8. The board of visiters shall prescribe rules and consolidated into one, the new district shall own all the corregulations for the management, studies, books, classifica- porate property of the several districts. tion and discipline of the schools in the society;

When à district shall be divided, the funds and propShall themselves, or by a committee by them appointed for erty, or the income and proceeds thereof belonging to such this purpose, examine all candidates as teachers in the com- district, shall be distributed among the several parts in promon schools of such society, and shall give to those persons, portion to the number of persons between the ages of 4 and 16 with whose moral character, literary artainments, and ability in each, and in case the distribution shall not be made before to teach, they are satisfied, a certificate, setting forth the the district is divided, and the several parts cannot agree, the branches he or she is found capable of teaching; provided, that committee of the school society shall distribute the same. no certificate shall be given to any person not found qualified to Sect. 14. Every school district shall hold an annual teach reading, writing, arithmetic, and grammar, thoroughly, meeting on the first Tuesday of September in each year, for and the rudiments of geography and history;

the choice of officers, and for the transaction of any other busiShall visit all the comnion schools of said society, twice ness relating to schools in said district, and shall also hold a at least during each season for schooling, once within four special meeting whenever the same shall be duly called. weeks after the opening, and again within four weeks pre The district committee may call a special meeting, ceding the close of the school, at which visits, they shall whenever such committee shall think necessary or proper, and examine the register of the teacher, and all other matters shall call a special meeting on the writien request of five resitouching the schoolhouse, library, studies, discipline, mode of dents therein qualified to vote, which requesi shall state the teaching and improvement of the school;

object of calling the same. Shall annul, by a major vote of said visiters, the certificates District meetings shall be held at the district schoolof such teachers as shall be found unqualified, or who will not house. If there be no schoolhouse, the committee shall deconforro to the law and to the regulations adopted by the termine the place of meeting. If there be no committee, the visiters;

clerk shall determine the same; if there be no committee and Shall make out returns of the condition of each common no clerk, the committee of the sociely 10 which such district school within their limits, in such particulars and at such belongs, shall determine the place of inceting, which shall, in times, as the Board of commissioners of common schools all cases, be within the limits of the district. may specify and direct;

Notice of the time and place of every annual meeting, And shall submit to the society at their annual meet and of the time, place and object of every special meeting of ing, a written account of their own doings, and of the condi the district shall be given at least five days izclusive previous tion of the several schools within their limits for the year pre- to holding the same. ceding.

The district committee, or, if there be no such comThe board of visiters may appoint a committee of one mittee, the clerk, or if there be no committee and no clerk, or two persons 10 exercise all the powers and perform all then the committee of the society shall give the notice of a the duties of said visiters, subject to their rules and regulations; district meeting, either by publishing the same in a newspaand such committee shall receive one dollar each per day for per printed in the district, or by putting the notice on the disthe time actually employed in performing said duties, and irict school house, or on a sign post within the district, or in such other compensation as the society may direct, to be paid some other mode previously desiguated by the district; but if out of the income of the town deposii fund, or in any other there be no such newspaper, school house, nor sign post, nor way wbich said society may provide.

other mode so designated, then the committee of the school SECT. 9. Whenever a coinmon school of a higher grade for society to which such districi belongs, shall determine how the older and more advanced children, of either sex, shall be and where the notice shall be given. Every person residing established and maintained by any society, such school shall in the district, qualified to vote in town meeting, may vote in be subject to the management of the board of visiters, unless districe meetings. Every meeting may choose its own modeotherwise directed by the society; and shall receive such pro- rator, and may adjourn from time to time to meet at the saire portion of all money provided for the support of common or some other place. schools in such society, as the number of scholars attending Sect. 15. The name or number, and the limits o every such high school shall be to the whole number attending all school district shall be entered on the records of such disthe other common schools of the society.

trict, and on the records of ļhe school society to which such Secr. 10. Every school society may establish and maintain district belongs. a library for the use of the children thereof, under such rules Whenever the boundary lines of any district are not and regulations as said society may adopt ; and such clearly settled and defined, she school committee of the society library may be kept together at some convenient place, in which the district is situated shall settle and define the same,

and when parts of such district lie in two or more societies, Sect. 23 Any union district thus formed shall have all the the committee of the school society in which any such part is powers of other school districts, and shall hold its first situated, shall settle and define the boundary lines of such part. meeting for the choice of officers and the transaction of any

Sect. 16. Every school district shall be a body corporate, other business on such notice, and at such time and place as and shall have power to sue and be sued;

may be directed by the committees of the districts thus united. To purchase, receive, hold and convey any real or personal SECT. 24. The annual meeting of such union district shall property for school purposes ;

be held at such time and place, and upon such notice, as the To build, purchase, hire and repair school houses, and to sup- district may prescribe--and notice of all meetings shall be

ply the same with fuel, furniture and other appendages and given as provided for in the case of school districts. accommodations;

SECT. 25. Every union district may choose a committee of To purchase maps, globes, black boards and other school ap- one or three persons, a clerk, a treasurer, and a collector, who paratus;

shall have all the powers and discharge all the duties in referTo establish and maintain a school library;

ence to such district, which like officers have and discharge To employ one or more teachers;

in other school districts, To lay iaxes, and to make all lawful agreements and regula Secr. 26. The union district committee shall determine tions for establishing and conducting schools not inconsist the age and qualifications of the children, who may attend ent with the regulaiions of the school society to which such the union school, and make rules and regulations for the district belongs.

studies, books and discipline of the school, subject to the Sect. 17. Each school district shall choose, at the annual regulations of the visiters of the school society 10 which meeting, a committee of not more than three résidents of the said union district belongs, and to any votes of the district. district, a clerk who shall be sworn, a treasurer and collecior, SECT. 27. Every union school shall receive such proportion who shall hold their respective offices until the next annual of all money accruing to the use of each of the united districts, meeting, and until others are chosen or appointed; and as the number of children attending the union school from any person so chosen who shall refuse or neglect to perform each of said districts, is to the number attending the district the duties of the office, shall pay five dollars to the treasu: school in each-and ine expense of sustaining the school berer of the district for the use of said district; provided that yond the amount thus received shall be borne by the union any new district may choose their officers at their first, or at district, in such manner as the legal voters of the same shall any subsequent meeting called by a committee of the society, prescribe; and a tax or rate for this purpose may be assessed who shall hold their office till ihe next annual meeting of and collected in the same manner as in the case of any other school districts.

school district. Sect. 18. In case any district at the time for the annual

III. TEACHERS. meeting shall fail or neglect to appoint all or any of the officers required by this Act, or any vacancy shall occur by death,

Sect. 28. No teacher shall be employed in any school supremoval from ihe district, or otherwise, it shall be the duty of ported by any portion of the public money, until he or she has the committee of the school society to which such district' be received a certificate of examination and approbation, signed longs to make such appointment, and to fill such vacancy, on

by a majority of the board of visiters, or by all the commitreceiving written notice thereof from any three members of tee by them appointed, nor shall any teacher be entitled to the district, and lodge the name or names of such officers so draw any portion of his or her wages, so far as the same is appointed, with the district clerk.

paid out of any public money appropriated by law to schools, Sect. 19. The district committee shall give notice of all unless he or she can produce such certificate, dated previous meetings of the district in the manner prescribed;

10 the opening of his or her school--provided that no new Shall, unless otherwise directed by the district, employ one certificate shall be necessary, when the leacher is continued in or more qualified teachers; provide suitable school rooms, and the same school more than one term, unless the visiters shall furnish the same with fuel properly prepared;

require it. Shall visit the schools by one or more of their number, district school, to enter in a book, or a register to be provided by

SECT. 29. It shall be the duty of every teacher in any common twice at least, during each season of schooling;

Shall see that the scholars are properly supplied with books, the clerk at the expense of the district, the names of all the scholand in case they are not, and the parents, guardians or masters ars attending school, their ages, the dale when they commenced, have heen notified thereof by the teacher, shall provide the same the length of time they continue, and their daily attendance, at the expense of the district, and add the price thereof to the together with the day of the monih on which such school was next school tax or rate of such parents, guardians, or masters; visited by the school visiters of the society or committee by

Shall suspend during pleasure, or expel from school during them appointed, which book, or register, shall be open at all the current season, all pupils found guilty on full hearing of times to the inspection of all persons interested, and be deincorrigibly bad conduct;

livered over by the leacher at the close of the term, to the disAnd shall give such information and assistance to the school trict clerk, together with a certified abstract, showing the committees and visiters of the society, as they may require, whole number of pupils enrolled, the number of males and and perform all other lawful acts as may be required of them females, and the average daily attendance-and it shall be by the district, or which may be necessary to carry into full unlawful to pay any teacher more thau two-thirds of the amount effect the powers and duties of school districts.

due for any term of ruition, until said book and certified abSect. 20. The clerk, treasurer and collector of each school stract shall be placed in the hands of the district clerk. dtstrict shall exercise the same powers, and perform the same IV. STATE APPROPRIATION; TaxaTION; EXPENSES. duties in their respective districts, as the clerk, treasurer and collector of school societies do in their respective societies.

Sect. 30. The income of the School Fund, after deducting Sect. 21. The vote of two thirds of any legal meeting the Comptroller of public accounts, with the advice of the

all expenses atiending its management, shall be divided by shall be necessary to fix the site of a new schoolhouse, or to Commissioner of the school fund, and distributed among the change the site of an old one; but if such vole of iwo thirds cannot be obtained in favor of any site, the committee of the several school societies, in proportion to the number of persons school society, or the committees of the school societies, in between four and sixteen years of age, as ascertained by the which such district is located, on application of the district school committee of each society, in conformity with the proshall fix the site, and make return thereof 10 the clerk of the

visions of this aci. district, and to the clerk of the society in which such site

The district committee shall annually, in the month of Aushall be.

gust, ascertain the name of every.person over four and under Union Districts.

sixteen years of age, who shall belong to such district on the

first Monday of said month, and compose a part of the family Sect. 22. Any two or more adjoining school districts may of his or her parents, guardians, or employers, together with the associate together and form a union district, with power to names of such parents, guardians, or employers, and shall make maintain a union school, to be kept for the benefit of ihe older return of the same to the committee of the school society io and more advanced children of such united districts, if the which such district belongs, on or before the first day of Sephabitants of each of such districts shall, at legal meeiings call-tember; provided, that in such return, no persons shall be ined for that purpose, vote to form such union.

day of

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cluded who are residing in such district 10 attend private schools Whenever the school in any school district shall not be or for other temporary purposes; but such persons shall be i kept according to law, ihe committee of the society, 10 enumerated in the districi where their parent or guardian which such districi belongs, shall, in their certificate or certiresides.

ficates to the comptroller for the year following, state such In case of the absence or inability of the district committee fact, and also the number of children enumerated in such disto make the enumeration and return above required, it shall be trici; and the comptroller, when application is made for the the duty of the clerk of the district to do the same in the school moneys payable to such society, for said year, sha!! manner and within the time before prescribed.

deduct from ihe whole number of children enumeraied in such Whenever the committee and clerk of any school district, society, the number contained in such district, and shall draw shall oroit to return to the committee of the school society, the an order, for the benefit of the remaining districts in such enumeration of children in their respective districts, within society. the time prescribed by law, it shall be the duty of one of the Secr. 32. Every school society, in lawful mecting, may committee of such school society to make such enumeration, authorize the committee of the society to draw an order on the before the tenth day of September following, and to return society treasurer, in favor of such districts, as have kept their the same to the committee of such society; and for making such schools in all respects according to law, for their proportion of enumeration, said committeeman shall be entitled to receive all the public money appropriated to the use of schools, in the five cents for each child so enumerated, to be paid from the hands of said treasurer, either in proportion to the number of next dividend belonging to said school district, which may persons between the ages of four and sixteen in such districts, thereafter be received from the town deposite fund.

or to the number of persons who shall have attended the The return above required to be made to the committee of common school or schools in said district during the year the society, shall be subscribed by the person making the preceding; same, and sworn to before a magistrate, according to the fol Provided, that whenever, by the foregoing rules of distrilowing form:

bution, the share of school money for any small district for “I hereby certify, that I have carefully enumerated accord- any one year, will not annount io fifty dollars, it shall be in ing to law, all persons between the ages of four and sixteen, the power of the society to which such district helongs, 10 within the school district, and do find, that on the first Mon- grani and allow out of ihe school money 10 such small disday of August, A. D. there were residing within said trict, so much as will give to the same any som not exceeding district, and belonging thereto, the number of persons, fifty dollars. between the ages aloresaid.

And provided further, that po school district shall be entitled A. B.

to any portion of the public money, unless the school in such “On this

A. D. personally district has been kepi by a teacher or teachers duly qualified, appeared, the above named

and made oath to the for at least four monibs in the year, and visited twice during truth of the above return, by him subscribed.

each season of schooling, by the visiters of the school society, Before


C, D. justice of the peace.” nor until the district committee shall certify that the public The committee of the school society shall exainipe and money received by the district, for the year previous has been correct the returns made to them, so that no person be enu-faithfully applied and expended in paying ihe wages of such merated twice in different districts, or be improperly returned, teacher or teachers, and for no other purpose whatever. and shall prepare and transmit to the compiroller of public Secr. 33. If any money, appropriated to the use of schools, accounts, on or before the fifteenth of September annually, a shall be applied, by a school society, or a school district, to certificate, in which the number of persons shall be inserted any other purpose, the same shall be forfeited to the state, and at full length, and which shall be sworn to, according to the it shall be ihe duty of the comptroller to sue for such money, in following form, to wit:

behalf of the staie, to be applied to the use of schools. We, the committee of the

school society in the Sect. 31. If any commitee shall, at any time, fraudulently town of

do certify, that from the relurns 'nade to us, make a false certificate, by which money shall be drawn from under oath, as by law provided, we find that on the first Monday the treasury of the state, each person so fraudulently making of August, A. D. there were residing within said society, such false certificate, shall forfeit the sum of sixiy dollars, to and belonging thereto, the number of persons, between the state, to be recovered by action of debt, on this stalute ; the ages of four and sixteen years; and from The besi in forma and it shall be the duty of the comptroller, io bring a suit to tion we have oblained, we verily believe that the said number recover the same. is correct.

Secr. 35. Whenever the expense of keeping a common School society school by a teacher or teachers duly qualified, s.rall exceed the

s cominillee,"? amount of all moneys provided io defray the expense of

A. D. personally appear such school, the committee may examine, adjust, and allow ed the above named committee, and made oath to the truth of all bills of expense incurred for the support of said school, and the above certificate, by then subscribed.

assess the same upon the parents, guardians, and masters of C. D. justice of the peace." such children as altended ihe same, according to lhe number The school society committee shall lodge the returns 'made and time sent by each. to them, with the treasurer of the society.

Sect. 36. Whenever the contingent expenses of ar.y school Sect. 31. The comptroller of public accounts, on applica- district, arising from repairs of schoolhouse or its appendages, tion of the committee of any school society, shall draw in order books, costs, damages, or any other source, shall not exceed on the ireasurer for the amount which such school society the sum of i wenty dollars in one year, the same may be inclumay be entitled to, of all moneys appropriated by law for the ded in the aforesaid assessment. benefit, support and encouragemeni of common schools, which SECT. 37. No child shall he excluded from any common may be in the treasury on the first days of March and October school in the district to which such child belongs, on account annually; provided, ihat no order shall be drawn in favor of of the inability of the pareni, guardian, or employer of the any society, until the committee of such society shall certify in same to pay his or her tax or assessment for any school purpose writing, under their hands, in the words following, lo wit: “We whatever; and the select men, or a majority of the same, of the committee of the school society, in the town of the town or towns in which such child shall reside, shall be do certify, that the schools in said society, have been kept for a board with power to abate at their discretion the taxes or at least four months in the year ending the thirtieth day of Sep-) assessments of such persons, as are unable to pay the same, teniber last, by teachers duly examined and approved, and or any part thereof; and said select men shall draw an order have been visited according to law; and ihat all the moneys for the amount of such abatements upon the treasurer of the drawn from the public treasury by, said society, for said year, twn in which such person reside, in favor of said districi. appropriated to schooling, have been faithfully applied and Secr. 38. Whenever a district shall impose a lax, the same expended, in paying the wages of said teachers, and for no other shall be levied on all the real estate situated therein, and purpose whatever.

upon the polls and other rateable estare, except real estate Dated at the

A. D. situale without the limits of such district, of those persons School society who are residents therein, at the time of laying such tax;

committee. " the comptroller of public accounts."

and said real estate shall not be taxed by any school district

« On this

day of

day of

besides the one in which the same is situated; and said | supervision of common schools,” passed May session 1833 tax shall be made out and signed by the district commit-an act concerning schools,” passed May session 1839, and lee from the assessinent list of said town or towns, 10 which an act passed May session 1841, in addition to an act eniitled said district belongs, last completed or next to be completed, "an act concerning schools,” be and the same are bereby as said district may direct.

repealed. Sect. 39. Whenever real estate situated in one school dis Prorided bevertheless, that all rights vested in any person trict, is so assessed and entered in the grand list in conmon or persons by virtue of any of the acts hereby repealed, shall with other estate situated out of said district, that there is no remain unimpaired and unaltered by this act; and that all distinct and separate value put by the assessors upon the part matters commenced by virtue of any of the laws aforesaid lying ir said district, then said district wishing to lay a lax as now depending or unfinished, may be prosecuted and pursued aforesaid, may call on one or more of the assessors for the time to final effect in the same manner as they might have been, being of the town in which such property is situated, 10 assess, if this act had not been passed. and they are hereby authorized and directed on such application to assess, the value of ihat pari of said estate which lies in said district, and to return the same to the clerk of said town; and EXPENSES OF THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONnotice of such assessinent shall be given by the district commii

ERS OF COMMON SCHOOLS. tee in the same way as a notice for school meetings; and at the end of filieen days after said assessment has been returned [We have, on a former occasion, Vol. III. p. 12. as afores tid, såid assessoi and society's committee shall meet published an account of the origin, measures and exin such place in said district as said committee shall designate penses of the Board. The same thing is contained in in their notice, and shall have the same power in relation to the Remarks on the history of the school law on p. sueh list as the board of reliel' bave in relation to lists of tow; 228-9. But as this subject came up at the close of the society's committee the same ball be lodged with the town discussion on the preceding act, we give here the clerk, and said assessment shall be the rule of taxa ion documents connected with the subject. for said esiate hy said district for the year ensuing; and said In the course of the session, the Comptroller of pubassessors shall be paid by said districi, a reasonable compeo- lic accounts was called upon to report to the General sation for their services.

Assembly, the amount of expenses incurred by the V. BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS.

Board of Commissioners of common schools. Sect. 40. His Excellency the Governor, the Commissioner In his report the Comptroller gave the date and of the School Fund, ex officio, and eight persons one from each amount of all orders drawn by him on the Treasurer county in the State, to be appointed annually by the Governor, in favor of the Board without distinguishing such as with ihe advice and consent of the senale, shall cousulule, and be denominated the Board of Commissioners of Common were drawn under special resolutions of the General Schools; and the Governor is authorized to fill any vacancy Assembly, from those which were for the compensaoccasioned by deaih, resignation or otherwise.

tion and expenses of the Secretary, Sect. 41. The Board of Commissioners of Common

This communication was referred to the Joint StandSchools shall submit to the General Assembly an annual re

ing Committee on Education, to examine and report port,.containing, together with an acci,unt of their own doings;

First, a statement, as far as may be practicable, of the condi- on the subject. This Committee applied to the Comption of every common school in the State, and of the means 1 troller for copies of the original bills allowed by the popular education generally;

Board, and the resolutions on which his orders were Second, such plans for ihe improvement and better organi- drawn, and to the Secretary of the Board for informazation of the common schools, and all such matters relating to tion on the whole subject. popular education, as they may deem expedient 10 communicate.

The Secretary had previously stated to the ComThird, an accurate statement of the items of expense in- mittee, while the bill was under discussion before them, curred or authorized by said Board of Commissioners of Con- the history, measures and expenses of the Board, mon Schools.

They may require of the school visiters of the sereral which had satisfied thein of the propriety of incorpo. school societies, semi-annually, returns of the condition of rating the act of 1838 creating the same, into the new each cominon school within their limits; and they shall pre

law. On receiving the letter which is given below, the scribe the form of all such returns, and the time when the Secretary invited two of the committee, (Mr. Smith of same shall be completed, and transmit blank copies of the Sharon, and Mr. Raymond of New Canaan,) to examsame to the clerk of each school society. They may appoint their own Secretary, who shall devote ine the original bills and vouchers forthe expenditures

and his whole time, if required, under their direction to ascertain voluntarily incurred by him. They did so

reportthe condition, increase the interest, and promote the useful-ed to the committee ihat such expenses had been inness of common schools.

curred for the objects specified. Secr. 42. For the compensation of the Secretary, the comp The committee agreed unanimously on the following troller of public accounts is directed to draw an order on the report, which was accepted, we understand, both in treasurer for such sun as the Board of Commissioners of com

schools may allow for his services, provided the the House, and in the Senate without a dissenting same does not exceed ree dollars per day, and his expenses, voice. The report and the letter of the Secretary acwbile employed in the duties of his ofice, to be paid out of any companying it, were ordered to be printed.] moneys pot otherwise appropriated. VI. CONFIRMING AND REPEALING Section.

REPORT Sect. 43. That "an act for the regulation of school societies and for the support of schools

, except the 19th section of the Joint Standing Committee on Education, respectthereof, the several acts in addition 10, and in alteration

ing the expenses of the Board of Commissioners of thereof, passed in the years 1824, 1829, 1829, 1834, 1835, and

Common Schools. 1940, "an act relative to the committees of school districts

The joint standing committee on Education, to whom and directing the manner in which the meetings of school societies and school districts may be warned," passed in 1822, was referred the report of the Comptroller, stating the an act in addition thereto passed May session 1837, an act amount and date of sundry orders drawn by him in favor relating to school societies and special school society meetings, of the Board of Commissioners of Common Schools, have passed May session 1837, an act to provide for the better had the same under consideration, and beg leave to report,


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