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District of

No. 53.

Form of general Certificates for spirits, wines, and teas.

Inspector's office, No. -, port of

I certify, that (here insert the name of the proprietor, importer, or consignee) imported into this district on the (here insert the date of importation) in the (here insert the name of the vessel, and whether of the United States or foreign, and the name of the master) from (here insert the place from which imported, the number of, and whether casks, chests, vessels, or cases) of (here insert whether spirits, wines, or teas, and the kind of each) marked as per margin (insert in the margin the marks and numbers, if any, at the time of importation) which (here insert whether casks, chests, vessels, or cases) have been marked as follows (here insert the marks of the inspector of the port) containing (here insert the quantity of spirits, wines, or teas) according to returns made to this office.

A. B., inspector.

No. 54.


Form of Special Certificate for spirits, wines, and teas.

District of

port of I certify, that there was imported into this district, on the (here insert the date of importation) by (here insert the name of the proprietor, importer, or consignee) in the (here insert the name of the vessel, the surname of the master, and whether a vessel of the United States, or a foreign vessel) from (here insert the place from which imported) one (here insert whether cask, chest, vessel, or case, by the proper name) of (here insert whether spirits, wines, or teas, and the kind of each) numbered and marked as per margin, (the marks of the inspector to be inserted in the margin) containing (here insert the number of gallons, and rate of proof, if spirits, or gallons, if wines, or the number of pounds weight nett if teas.)

[blocks in formation]

To the inspectors of the port [or] the keeper of the public store [as the case may require.]

We certify, that [insert the name of the actual owner, or consignee] has paid, [or] secured to be paid, [as the case may be,] the duties on merchandise contained in the following packages, in conformity to the entry thereof of this date, which merchandise was imported in the [insert the denomination and name of the vessel, master's name, and the port from which arrived] permission is accordingly hereby given to land, [or] deliver, the same, viz. [here particularly insert the mark, number, and denomination, of each package, and, as far as may be, their contents, noting those articles that are to be either weighed, gauged, or measured.]

A. B., collector.

C. D., naval officer.

No. 56.

Form of Inspector's Return after unlading vessel.

Return of merchandise, unladen under my inspection, pursuant to permits for that purpose, from on board the [insert the names of the vessel and master] from [insert the port from which the vessel arrived.]

No. 57.

Form of certificate when goods taken into possession of collector.

[merged small][ocr errors]

I certify, that there has been received into store, from on board the [insert the denomination and name of the vessel] whereof [insert the name] is master, from [insert the port or place where from] the following merchandise, to wit: [here enumerate the several packages, their denominations, marks, and numbers, and, if articles in bulk, the quantity] lodged by [insert the name] inspector, under whose care the said vessel was unladen.




of suits by death of party, art. 631.
want of form, 645.

by marriage, p. 168, note.
in real actions, ib.

admiralty suits do not abate by death
of parties, ib.

ACADEMY MILITARY, (see army,) p. 627.
ACCESSARIES, art. 2585, note, 2637-8.
ADVOCATE, JUDGE, when and how ap-
pointed, page 652.

how rendered, art. 179.

to be settled within the year, 190.
to be examined by comptroller when
settled by the first and fifth auditors,

second, third, and fourth auditors,

persons failing to settle, to be report-
ed to congress, 205.
particular, to be audited and settled
at request of comptroller, 207.
receivable by first auditor, 211.
by second auditor, 212.
by third auditor, 214.
by fourth auditor, 215.
by fifth auditor, 216.

by auditor of post office, 222.
place and manner of keeping, 272.
to be settled quarterly, when, 273.
semi-annually, when, 273.

when required by secretaries of de-
partments, 273.

penalty on neglect or refusal to settle,
274, 278.

monthly, of moneys expended by offi-
cers and agents, 276.

on settlement of, difference of opinion
between accounting officers, 277.
disputed accounts, 281.
persons receiving public moneys fail-
ing to render-how proceeded
against, 279, &c. see p. 58.
annual accounts of expenditures to be
rendered by secretaries of war and
navy, 332-3.

army officers, page 650.

ACTS of legislatures of the several states
and territories, how authenticated, 638.
ACTUAL SETTLERS, pre-emption rights,
see page 346.

[blocks in formation]

commercial, (see consuls.)

representatives from, art. 22.
admitted into the Union, 664.
district courts of, 560.

to have circuit court powers, 520.
collection districts in, p. 534.
land offices in, p. 329.

surveyor of the United States for, art.

ALE, importation of, regulated, art. 2031.
ALLIANCE, no state shall enter into, 84.
ALIENAGE, cause of challenge to juror,
p. 175, note.

ALIEN, title of, to real estate-descent
to-capacity of-being British sub-
jects to take lands; being French sub-
jects, p. 317, note.

naturalization of, p. 312, and see na-

Enemy, advantage of, how taken in
suit, p. 317, note.

[blocks in formation]

title acquired by, when devested, ib.
ALLOTMENTS, of circuits, among judges
of supreme court, 504.

how appointed, 126.
compensation to, 456, &c.

foreign, issuing writ or process against,
penalty for, 2628

servants of, protected against pro-
cess, when, 2629.
offering violence to, art. 2630.

to constitution, how made, 69.
to judicial proceedings, when allowed,
645, note.

APPAREL, exempt from duty, 1683.
APPEAL from district court to circuit court,
see page 133-from circuit court to
supreme court, p. 111.-from state
courts tosupreme court, art. 500, see

APPEALS from circuit or district court to
supreme court, 501-new evidence re-
ceived on, when, 501-valid, though
security be not given within five years.
Security in, p. 117, note. Effect of ap-
peal, ib. Reversal on, effect of, ib.
Property vested, pending, p. 118,
note. Practice on, ib. Cases of dif-
ference of opinion between judges of
circuit court, art. 502.-Cases of pro-
hibition and certiorari, p. 120, n.
APPEALS, COURT OF, records and pro-
ceedings of, where kept, copies of,
art. 491.

APPEARANCE, to suit, by attorney, p. 127,
note. How made, art. 628.
APPRAISEMENT of goods taken in execu-
tion, art. 651.

under revenue laws, p. 484. 554.
APPRAISERS of goods under revenue
laws. How appointed.-For what
places, p. 554.

APPOINTMENT to offices.-How made,
what, p. 26, note.
APPROPRIATIONS, provisions relative to,
p. 40-41.

ARKANSAS, state of, admitted into the
Union. Terms of, p. 667. Represen-
tative from, note, page 5. Judicial
power in. District court, art. 567. To
have circuit court powers, 520.
Land offices in, p. 331.

ARMED MERCHANT SHIPS, regulations of,
captures by, art. 2643.
ARMED VESSELS, owners of, to give
bond, 2596. Collectors may detain,-

when, 2597.
ARMS, right of people to bear, shail not
be infringed, 78.

ARMS, procurement and distribution of,
see page 628.

ARMAMENT, illegal armament of foreign
vessels, art. 2590.


power of congress to maintain. Ap-
propriation for, how limited, art. 61.
military academy-corps of engineers
stationed at West Point-to do duty
as president shall direct, 2211. En-
gineers shall form academy-profes-
sors and teachers. Chaplain, 2212.
Cadets, 2213. Candidates for com-
mission-when, 2214. Superinten-
dence of academy, 2215.
Organization of, p. 632.
aids. Pay of.

Generals and
Secretary of com-
manding general, art. 2227.
Corps of army, p. 633.
Dragoons, art. 2230, &c.

Artillery and Ordnance Department art.
2232, &c.

Infantry, Regiments of, how constituted,
art. 2246, &c.

Engineers, Corps of (see military aca-
demy) art. 2247, &c. Topographical
engineers' rank and pay-whence ta-
ken, 2248.

Adjutant and Inspectors general.—Rank,
pay, and emoluments of. Whence

Sub inspectors, 2249. p. 638.
Quartermaster's Department, p. 638.
Commissary Department, p. 639.
Commissary-General.-How appointed-
rank, pay, emoluments-bond-assist-
ants, duty of, 2259. Supplies of the
army-how purchased, 2260. Commis-
saries not to be concerned in certain
trade, nor apply to their own use any
gain, &c. not authorized by law, 2261.
Commissary-General of purchases.-Sala-
ry-military store-keepers-salaries,
2262. Secretary of war to prescribe
the species and amount of supplies to
be purchased by the commissaries and
quartermaster-general's department-
to prescribe regulations for trans-
portation, &c. 2263.

Paymaster's Department, p. 641. Pay-
master general- -compensation-
whence taken-pay-clerk of. Duty
of paymasters, 2264, 5, 6.
Medical Department, p. 642.-Surgeon
assistant surgeon's compensation-du-
ties of surgeon general-clerk, 2267,


Recruiting.-Who may be enlisted-pe-
nalty on enlisting improper persons.
Bounty to recruit. Militiamen may
enlist, 2270, &c.
Desertion.-Persons deserting liable to
serve, though punished by articles of
war. May be punished though term

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