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Piracy and piratical misdemeanors, p. 291. May appeal from decision of

judge, 293.
Offences on waters within the admiralty Remedies against, reserved to U. S. 293.
jurisdiction, p. 742.

On solvency of, priority of payment to
Offences on board American ship within a U.S. 294.
foreign jurisdiction, punishable as if Suits against, to be instituted by

committed on the high seas, art. 2657. comptroller, 295.
Offences on land within jurisdiction of In suits against, garnishee may be
United States, p. 746.

summoned, 296.
Offences against the persons of indivi- Transcripts from treasury, evidence
duals, p. 747.

against, 299.
Conspiracy to destroy vessels, with Judgment against, at return term-
intent to injure underwriters, or

when, 300.
lender on bottomry and responden- Credits for, what admitted, 301.
tia, ốc. 2668.

Judgments and executions against, to
Offences by, and against Indians, (see be reported, 303.

Other remedies against, reserved to

U. S. 304.
Arrest and Bail, p. 749.

Debtors to post-office may be dis-
Indictment and trial.-Person stand- charged from imprisonment, when,

ing mute, or refusing to plead, 454.
challenging peremptorily above cer- DECEDENTs, abroad, consul

to take
tain number of the jury, to be tried charge of effects of, art. 460.

as if pleading not guilty, p. 753. DECLARATION of intention to become ci.
Provisions relative to jury in criminal tizens, by aliens. (See Naturaliza-
cases, p. 752.


DELAWARE, STATE OF, representatires


from, 22.

circuit court of, 510. District court
Customs. (See Duties, Revenue.)

of, 550.

collection district in, p. 524.
DAMAGES, on affirmance of judgment by DELEGATE in congress from territories,
supreme court, art. 649.

when elected, and for what term.
on writ of error issued for delay, p. rights of, in congress, 26.
178, note.

DEMURRER, art. 645.
United States court may assess— DENMARK, treaty with, p. 249.
when, 179, note.

DEPARTMENTS executive, p. 28. Acts
judgment for, entered by court, of, cognizable by courts of justice,
when, ib.

(See State, Treasury, War,
DEATH, punishment of, how inflicted, Navy, &c.)
2684. (See Criminal Code.)

DEPOSITE BANKS. (See page 35, &e.
DEBENTURES. (See Revenue.)

art. 160. &c.)
Debts, contracted by United States, va- DEPOSITIONS, how and when taken,
lid under Constitution, 2.

635, &c.
DEBTORS OF UNITED STATES, proceed- de bene esse, 635, &c.

ings against, p. 58. Comptroller in perpetuam rei memoriam, 635.
may notify, to account-suits to be to be used in supreme court, how
instituted, when, art. 279.

taken, p. 171, note,
notice to, how served, 280. Accounts in suits in equity, 636.

rendered by, pursuant to notice, taken by dedimus potestatem, p. 171,
how settled, 281, 282, 283.

Certain receivers of public money may opening of, ib.—not in conformity

be compelled to account by distress, with law, ib.
284. Marshal to execute warrant, in case of further proof ordered by

supreme court, p. 174, note.
Proceedings against surety of debtor, cannot be objected to, when, ib.

DEPUTIES of district attorneys, art. 600.
Amount due from, a lien on lands, &c. custom-house officers. (See p. 541.

Lands of debtor and surety may be DESERTERS, foreigners. (See the re-
sold, &c. 288.

spective treaties with foreign nations,
Sureties of, not liable to summary pro-

and see p. 434.)

DESERTING mails, how punished, art.
Disbursing officers liable to summary 2601.

P. 29.

process, 290. Aggrieved by war. DESERTiox from army, p. 643.
rant, may apply to district judge, from navy, art. 2499.

cess, 289.

DESTROYING vessel, criminally, art. Sale of fractional sections, how made,
2652, &c.

DETENTION of letters. (See Post-Office.) Part of lands in a district may be offer-
DISBURSING officers in the civil, milita- ed for sale, 1234.

ry, or naval department, failing to ren- Application to purchase lands, mode
der accounts, &c. 290.

of, 1235.
Discount on prompt payment of duties, Land reverting to the United States,

not to be sold at private sale for
DISCRIMINATING DUTIES. (See Imposts less than at public sale, 1236.
and Tonnage.).

Certain sections in every township,
DISCIPLINE of militia, p. 667.

may be divided, how, for sale, 1237.
DIRECT TAXES, how apportioned, art. 21. Error in entry of application, how rec-
DISTILLED SPIRITS, imported. (See Re- tified, 1238.

No credit for purchase money to be
Distress, against public debtors, p. allowed. Purchasers at public sale
60, &c.

failing to make payment, proceed-
vessels arriving in, proceedings for, ing in case of, 1239.
art, 2078.

Price of public landshighest bidder
DISTRICTS, of Columbia, &c.

at public sale to be the purchaser,
power of congress relative to, 62.

DISTRICT COURT. (See Judiciary.)! Lands reverting to the United States,
DIVINE SERVICE in the army, art, 2304. not subject to entry at private sale,
in the navy, art. 2485.

until offered at public sale, 1241.
DOCUMENTS, congressional, to be pub- Public sales to be kept open for two
lished and distributed, art. 34, 35.

weeks, 1242.
DOMAIN, PUBLIC. Acquisition of, p. Two or more persons applying for the
318, note.

same tract, preference how deter-
Of Streams, navigable and not navigable, mined, 1242.
1112, p. 319.

Time for advertising sales, 1244.
Occupation, illegal, of public lands, pro- Bargains to restrain biddings prohibit-
hibited, 1113.

ed, 1245, 1246.
president may direct marshal to re- Certain irregular sales confirmed,
move occupants, 1113.

forfeiture of claim by such occu- Lands sold to U. States, to be re-sold,

proceedings for removal of occu- Assent of state legislatures to purcha-

pants, 1114, 1115, 1116.
Land offices-p. 321.

Release from individuals, 1250.
general land office, p. 67.

Provisions for relief of purchasers, p.
in Ohio, p. 321.

in Indiana, p. 322.

Purchasers of public land, before
in Illinois, p. 324.

Sept. 1820, may relinquish any
in Missouri, p. 326.

section, &c.—payments made on
in Louisiana, p. 327.

lands relinquished, applicable to
in Mississippi, p. 329.

lands retained, art. 1251.
: in Alabama, p. 329.

Interest for purchase of lands remit-
in Michigan, p. 331.

ted, 1252.
in Arkansas, p. 332.

Purchasers divided into three classes
in Wisconsin territory, p. 331.

-credit allowed. Interest to be re-
in Florida, p. 333.

mitted, when, i253.
of the officers of the Subordinate Land Purchasers of public lands who have
offices, p. 334.

laid off town lots, entitled to benefit
Registers, how appointed—to give of act 1821, when, 1254.

bond-residence-compensation, p. Lands forfeited, when, 1255.

Purchasers to file with registers their
Receivers, how appointed-bond-du- assent to terms of act 1821, 1256.

ties of, compensation to, p. 336. Duty of registers and receivers in ex-
Surveyors of public lands, compensa- ecuting act of 1821, 1257.

tion to, oath of, powers and duties Provisions in relation to lands subject
of, p. 337.

to forfeiture, 1258.
Mode of Surveying Public Lands, p. Lands surrendered, when to be offer-

ed for sale, 1258.
Pre-emption Rights to public lands, p. Extension of time to purchasers to
346, and art. 1232, 1233.

avail themselves of act 1821, 1259,
Sale of Public Lands and mode of pay. 1262, 1263, 1264.
ment therefor, p. 351.

Duty of registers and receivers in re.

lation to relief acts, 1260.

pant, 1113.

sers, 1249.

Relief extended to purchasers of lots, ENGRAVERS. See mint.
&c. 1266.

ENGRAVING counterfeit plate for bank.
Provision for lost certificate, 1284. notes, 2622.
for patents where grantee dies be- ENLISTMENT,
fore patent, 1285.

in the army, p. 643.
Purchasers of land, whose purchase is for foreign state, art. 2589.

void, may have repayment of pur- ENROLMENT of vessels, p. 436.
chase money, when, 1268.

Entry of vessels. See shipping.
Certificates for moneys paid on lands of goods, p. 558.

which have reverted to U. States, ENVOYs. See public ministers.
receivable as cash, 1270, &c.

Provision where two or more have prisoners to be removed on account

purchased the same sections, 1276. of, p. 162.
Lands reverted to U. S. may be re. courts to be adjourned, 109.
deemed, 1277.

public offices to be removed, 27.
Pre-emption to lands relinquished, congress convened at unusual place on

account of, art. 29.
Such lands to be sold, when, 1279.

Equity, jurisdiction courts of United
Further provision relative to lands re- States, in. See judiciary.
verted, 1280, &c.

ERROR. See judiciary.
Military Donations, p. 366.

in entry of lands. See domain.
Donations of the Revolutionary War, p. EVIDENCE,

papers under seal of department of
Donation in the Virginia mililary reserva-

state, 140.
tion, p. 372.

transcripts from books and proceed-
Donations in the war of 1812,


ings of treasury, 299.
DOMESTIC Goods—re-imported duty free, in appeals, p.p. 117, 118, note.
p. 475, &c.

papers original, in evidence below,
DOOR KEEPERS of congress, how chosen, kow sent up, p. 174, note,
compensation, duty, 99.

before courts martial, art. 2367, &c.
DRAFTs—allowed at custom-house, 2040. proceedings of courts of inquiry,
DRAWBACKS. See Revenue.

in what cases allowed, p. 491.

copies of protests, authorized by con-
districts whence exports may be suls, 459.
made, p. 494.

informer may give, 2094.
general provisions in relation to, p. where Indian is a party, 1088.

copies of papers filed and remaining
on goods exported from district other in the treasury department, in any.

than that of original importation, wise affecting titles to land, 640.

parties compellable to produce books
on articles produced in U. S. p. 503. and papers in, 481.
Duties, p. 465. See Revenue.

in admiralty case, may be taken down
reduction of, p. 473.

by clerk, when, 635.
articles not subject to, p. 475.

authentication of records, &c., 638,
on goods imported in foreign vessels, 639.

of tonnage and import, discriminating, reports of proceedings on, to solicitor
suspended, art. 1687-8, 1691.

of treasury, 302.

writs of, may run into any state or ter-
EAGLES. See Mint.

ritory when, 303.
ELECTIọx of members of congress, 27- to be the same in each state, 650.

ca: sa: may be taken in first instance,
of president and vice-president, p. 22, 623.

appraisers in case of, 651.
congress may determine time for

in a state, having more than one dis-
choosing electors of, art. 63.

trict, 652.
EMBARGO_unlimited may be laid by not quashed if writ of error be no su-
congress, p. 11, note.

persedeas, p. 179, note.

insolvent not to be discharged from,
in the army, art. 2335.

of public property, 2631.

stay of execution, when, art. 644.
of letters. See Post-office and Crimi- on cases decided in supreme court,
nal Code.

whence issued, 498.
ENCOURAGEMENT of learning. See Copy. arms of militia exempted from, art.
right, &c.

BNEMIES, alien. See alien enemies. in criminal cases, p. 755.
ENGINEERS. See army. (Military aca- EXECUTIVE power in whom vested, 104.
demy,) p. 627-637.

auxiliaries, p. 28.

p. 478.


of a state, cannot appoint a senator in secretary of, 678.

anticipation of a vacancy, p. 3, legislative power of, 679.

district attorneys of, 680.
EXECUTOR or administrator, party to officers of, how appointed-oath of,
suit, how made, art. 631.

compensation to, 681.
EXEMPTS—from militia duty, art. 2397. laws of, 682.
EXPLORING expedition to be sent out, declaration of rights of, 683.

importation of slaves forbidden, 684.
EXPORTS shall not be taxed, art. 74. delegate from, to congress, 685.
statistical reports of, art. 238, &c. legislative council of, 786.

taxes in, 687.
EXPORTATION. See revenue.

courts of, p. 148.
Ex Post Facto laws, shall not be made, judicial power, how vested, art. 584.
what, 72.

superior courts of, 584.
EXPRESS Mail may be established, - clerks, 585.
rates of postage, 410.

appointment of judges of, 586.
Expulsion of member of congress, p. session of courts of, 588.
6, note.

writs of error, &c. 593.
EXTORTION by officers of United States, marshals, 596.
art. 621, 1981, 1986, 2626.

attorneys, 594.

courts of appeals, 597.
False musters in army, 2315.

collection districts in, p. 533.
returns, 2317.

land offices in, p. 333.
entry for drawback, 1755.

FORAGE, art. 2294, &c.
lights-registry-record--enrolment, Forcing safe-guard, art. 2351.

FOREIGN affairs, former office of, books
FALSIFTING record, art. 2610.

and papers of, art. 144.
FEDERATION of central America, treaty intercourse, contingent expenses of
with, p. 275.

how accounted for, 182.
FERRIMEN, exempt from militia duty, coin, at custom-house, 1712.

legal tender, 2143, &c. and Appendix
Fees. See offices respectively.

A. No. 11.
of office of secretary of state, 141. powers, relations with, p. 204.
of consuls, 472.

vessels of war, courts of United States
Fines and forfeitures, how distributed in have not jurisdiction over, p. 144,

revenue cases-remission of, see p. note,

captures by, United States, have juris-
excessive not to be imposed, 82.

diction over, when, ib.
FISHERIES, p. 448.

vessels, papers to be produced to col-
fishermen with contract-desertion of lector, art. 1415.

-penalties on-may be apprehend- to be lodged with consuls, 1410.

ed-neglect of duty by, 1553, &c. not to be re-delivered until clearance
vessel in, liable for fishermen's share had, 1417.

-how proceeded against, 1566. may be compelled to depart, 2595.
bounty to fishing vessels, 1551. FOREIGNER going among Indians, with.
requisite for, 1553.

out passport, art. 1075.
false oath in relation to, 1557.

FORFEITURES and penalties for breach of
vessels wrecked belonging to, 1558. revenue laws, how enforced-how re-
bounty on pickled fish exported, mitted, p. 580.

pickled with foreign salt, 1778.

of bank notes, checks, &c. 2631.
false entry for, 1779.

of certificates, 2609.
regulations of, between Great Bri- treasury notes, 2610.
tain and United States, 708.

deed, &c. 2012.
FITTING OUT cruisers for foreign state, of certificate of registry of vessel,-of
2590, &c.

ship's papers-custom-house papers,

statement of, to be made by secretary FORTIFICATIONS, p. 628.
of treasury, art. 183.

FRANKS, (see post-office,) p. 98.
Flag of the United States, 103.

Flags captured from enemy, how dis- treaties with, p. 216.
posed of, 336.

indemnity paid by, art. 737, &c.
FLOOR-CLotus, duty on, p. 469.

commerce with, 741.

duties on, 742.
territory of-boundary of, 676.

ton of merchandise, what, 743.
executive power in, 677.


Horses, imported, duty free, art. 1685.
sailors of and American, may be ar- killed in battle, when paid for by
rested, when, 745, 769.

United States, art. 2293.
duration of commercial convention Hospitals, naval. (See Navy, p. 634.)
with, 746.

Marine, p. 433, and Appendix A
claims against, commission for, p. 217, No. 6.

House of Correction-of Refuge-of-
FRAUDS on customs, punishment and fenders may be sent to, 2688.

prevention of, p. 580. See revenue.
FREEDOM of speech and press not to be Ice, ships prevented from coming to
infringed, 79.

port by, art. 2002.
FRENCH, productions, vessels, duty on, ILLINOIS, state of, admitted into the
art. 1695-6, 1701.

Union, 185. Terms of admission, ib.
FUGITIVES from justice, how demanded, district court of, 564,-to have circuit

when-agent empowered to trans- court powers, 520.
port, art. 2207.

number of representatives from, 22.
from labour to be delivered up, 2208. land offices in, p. 324
may be seized, by whom, when, 2209. donations of lands for public uses in,
penalty on obstructing claimant ar- art. 662.
resting fugitive, 2210.

IRPORTATION, what, p. 482, note.
FUBLOUGUS, art. 2313.

IMPORTS, duties on, (see Revenue,) not

to be laid by states except, art. 83.
Gaols, use of state gaols, by United Statistical accounts of, art. 239.

States-judge may direct removal of IMPEACHMENT, by whom tried. Trial of
prisoners from, when, art. 618.

-chief justice to preside, when, 16.
GARNISHEE, debtors of corporation sued judgment in. Party convicted liable

by United States, proceedings against, to indictment, 17. To be removed
296, &c.

from office, 18. Members of con-
GAUGERS, (see Revenue) p. 553.

gress not liable to, note, p. 4.
GEORGIA, state of-representatives from, House of representatives has sole

power of, art. 24.
circuit court in, 511.

Indiana, state of, admitted into the
district court of, 559.

Union, 661. Terms of admission,
collection districts in, p. 531.

ib. District court in, 565,-to
Glass, glassware, &c., duty on, art. have circuit court powers, 520.

representatives from, 22.
Good BEHAVIOUR, courts may take secu- land offices in, p. 322. Donations
rity for, art. 484.

of land for public uses in, art. 661.
GOLD Coins. See Coins.

INDIANs, relations with, p. 299. Inter-
GOVERNORS of states, franking privilege course with, p. 300, 301, &c.
of, 452.

commissioner of Indian affairs estab-

lished-duty, salary of, art. 343.
treaties with, p. 204.

Accounts to be transmitted to him,
duty on commerce of, p. 478, 479.


ardent spirits, sale of, prohibited to,

writ of, not to be suspended, unless, certain agents discontinued, 345,-
art. 71.

others appointed, 350. (See Ap-
courts of United States may issue, pendix A. No. 7.)

duties of certain superintendents of,
issued by supreme court, when, p.

to cease, 347.
111, note.

certain superintendencies established,
(See Pensions.)

348. Duties of, 349.
HAMBURGH, treaty with, p. 277. Ves- sub-agents to be appointed-salaries,

sels, duties on—on goods imported in, &c. 351.
p. 478, 479,

appointment of officers, when made,
HANOVER, vessels, &c. of, duties on, p. 352.

limits of agencies—duties of agents,
Hanseatic REPUBLICs, treaty with, p. 353.

additional security may be required
duties on vessels and commerce of, p. from persons in Indian department,

Harding, death by, 2684.

interpreters, mechanics, &c. compen-
HARD LABOUR, punishment by-where sation, &c. 355.
and huw executed, 2686.

annuities to, to whom and how paya-
lealth Laws, of the several states, pro-

ble, 356.
visions in relation to. (See Quaran- merchandise for, how purchased, &c.
tine, p. 414.)

HEMP, duty on, p. 470.

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