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INSPECTORS general. (See Army.)
employees in Indian department not INSURRECTIONS, power of congress to
to trade with, 358.

suppress, art. 61.
animals and implements of husbandry employment of army to suppress, p.
to be delivered to, 359.

rations to, at military posts, 360. INTEREST, on bonds, &c. for duty, 1728.
president to prescribe rules for affairs INTERNAL NAVIGATION and commerce, p.
of, 361.

lands to be exchanged with, art. Invalids. (See Pensions.).

INVENTIONS. (See Patents.)
titles to be issued to, 1058. Improve. Iron, manufacture of-duties on, p. 469.

ments to be paid for, 1059. Aid to
emigrants, 1060.

JOURNAL, of congress, to be kept-to
tribes to be protected in new resi- be published-yeas and nays to be en-
dence, 1061.

tered on—to be distributed, 33, 34,
president to have superintendence of, 35.

JUDICIAL, proceedings of the courts of
disposition of certain moneys of, 1063 the several states, how authenticated,
certain Indian country annexed to art. 638. Effect of, art. 65.

Missouri judicial district, art. 1090. JUDGMENT, in case of impeachment,
vaccination of, 1066, &c.

what, 17.
Indian country defined, 1070.

at suit of United States, when to be
civilization of, 1064. Offences com- entered, art. 300, 454.
mitted by. Offences against, p. 308, of state courts, effect of in other

states, art. 638.
trade with, regulation of, 1076, p. 301. when reversed in circuit court, 642.
IXDICTMENT. (See criminal procedure, in supreme court, 642.
p. 749.)

supreme court not to issue execu-
INFANTRY, regiments of, art. 2246.

tions, 642.
INFORMER, liable for costs, when, art. of supreme court, circuit court bound

648. Share of penalty of-may be to execute, p. 175, noto.
a witness, art, 2092, 3, 4. In case costs on, when reversed, p. 175, note.
of offences against post-office act- for penalty, amount equitably due, to
his share of penalty, 2607.

be paid, 643.
IxJunction, in favour of debtors of cannot be had against one of several

United States, when granted, art. defendants, p. 176, note.
291, &c.

when supreme court is divided, ib.
writ of, when issuable by judge, 493. on verdict subject to opinion of court,

when grantable by district court, 577. ib.
INSOLVENTS, p. 618. Persons imprison. proceedings on, stayed for motion for

ed on execution from United States new trial, 644.
courts, at suit of United States, when reversed for want of jurisdic.
may be discharged, how, 2817. tion, p. 182, note.
When not, 2188.

in criminal cases, p. 749.
persons imprisoned by process from Jopges, of the court of the United

courts of United States, to have pri- States, to receive copies of laws and
vilege of prison bounds, 2189.

certain communications and reports,
imprisoned on private suits may be 148, 155.

discharged, 2190. Persons swear. JUDICIARI, power of the United States,
ing falsely under insolvent laws, lia- how vested, 475, (and see Appen-
ble for perjury, 2191.

dix A. No. 4.) Extent of, 476, 7.
debtors of United States may be dis- judges, tenure of office by, 475.

charged from debt, how, 2192, &c. Oath of, 478. May not practice
Commissioners of insolvency-du- law, 479.

ties--compensations, 2194, &c. Courts of the United States, jurisdiction
priority of United States, in case of, and powers common to, 480. May
art. 294.

issue writs of scire facias, habeas cor-
Insolvency of principal, surety succeeds pus, and other writs, 480. May re-

to priority of United States, when, quire parties to produce books, 481.
art. 294.

May grant new trial, 482. Administer
INSPECTION, landing and delivery of oaths, &c.-punish contempts--make
goods, p. 571.

rules, 482, 3. Judges of, may take
INSPECTORS of the customs, how ap- security of peace, 484. Laws of states,

pointed-oath of, 1965. In certain rules of decision for, when, 485. Of
ports who may not be, 1966. Duties limited jurisdiction-decisions of-
of, p. 547. Making false returns, art. force of, p. 108, note. Have exclu-
1988, Compensation of, 1967.

sive jurisdiction, when, ib. Have not


p. 153.


jurisdiction at common law, of suits ginia, 554; Ohio, 555; North Caro-
respecting officers, but have jurisdic- lina, (three districts,) 556; western
tion as courts of admiralty-have ju- district of South Carolina-east dis-
risdiction in maritime torts, ib. May trict, 557; Tennessee, eastern dis-
restore property captured by bellige- trict-western district, 558; Geor-
rent, when, ib. Not to sustain equity gia, 559; northern district of Alaba.
suit, when, art. 485. May appoint ma—southern district of Alabama,
commissioners to swear appraisers of 560; Mississippi, 561; western dis-
goods, art. 579.

trict of Louisiana-eastern district of
Supreme Court, how constituted. (See Louisiana, 562; Missouri, 563; Illi-

Appendix A. No. 4.) Precedence of nois, 564; Indiana, 565; Michigan,
justices—quorum of-sessions of, 486. 566; Arkansas, 567.
Adjournment of—any justice of, may adjournments of, 568; special sessions,
make orders, 487. May be removed 567; records of, where kept, 569;
in case of sickness, 488. Attended judges of, death of-proceedings
by what marshal, 490. Salary of continued, 570.
judges, 492. Clerk of, p. 157.

jurisdiction of, p. 143, &c.
Original jurisdiction of, p. 110, and note. Territorial Courts, p, 147; superior courts
Exclusive, when, ib. note,

powers of 581; compensation of offi-
Appellate jurisdiction of, art. 494.

cers of, 582; residence of judges, 583;
not given to, in criminal cases, p. 112. of Florida, 584, p. 148; of Wisconsin,
by writ of error to circuit courts, Jurisdiction of State Judiciary under laws

495, &c. p. 112, note, (See Writ of United States, p. 154.
of Error.)

when concurrent with courts of United
state courts, 500, and note to p. 115. States, ib. note.
by appeal, 501, and note to p. 117. Officers of Courts of United States, p. 156;
where judges of circuit court differ in reporter, art. 607.
opinion, 502, note p. 119.

attorneys and counsellors, art. 605.
by prohibition and certiorari, p. 120, clerks of courts, 608; marshals, 610;

cryers, &c. 619.
Circuit Court, organization of, 503. Al- fees of, general provisions relative

lotment of, judges for, 504. Ad. to, 157, 158, &c.
journment of, 505.

Form of Process, 622; test of, 622 ;
judicial circuits, 506. First circuit, seal of courts, p. 164, note ; in whose

507. Second, 508. Third, 509. name issued, ib.; at common law, art.
Fourth, 510. Fifth, 511. Sixth, 512. 623; in equity, 623.
Seventh, 513.

Practice of Courts, p. 164, note.
powers of given to certain district subpæna — witnesses — depositions

courts, 520. (See Appendix A. evidence, 632, &c.
No. 4.)

juries, 641, &c.; judgment, 642, &c.;
sessions, falling on Sunday, 521.

new trial, ib.
Original jurisdiction of, in civil cases,

demurrers and amendments, 645, &c.;
524; jurisdiction in cases of copy-right,

costs and damages, 646, &c.
526; certain causes from state courts execution, 650, &c.; money paid into
may be removed to, 528, 529 ; jury court, 653, &c.
trials in, when, 523.

Error, from supreme to circuit courts,
Jurisdiction of in criminal cases, 530.

when had, art. 694.
Appellate jurisdiction of, p. 133; by writ matter in controversy, value of, how
of error to district court—by appeal, determined, p. 113, note; judgment
art. 535.

of supreme court on error-execu-
Equity jurisdiction of, 522.

tion on, art. 499; jurisdiction of cir.
District Courts, organization of page 135;

cuit court, cannot be questioned on,
adjournment of in case of sickness, art. when, p. 114, note.

to state courts-lies when-how ob-
for Maine, 539 ; New Hampshire, 540;

tained-proceedings when errors as-
Massachusetts, 541; Rhode Island, signable on, art. 500, and note.
542; Connecticut, 543; Vermont, 544; writ of, form of, by whom issued, 634;
southern district of New York, 545; test, p. 180, note; return of, how
northern district of New York, 546; made, p. 181, note; service of, ib.;
New Jersey, 547; eastern district supersedeas when, art. 654; practice
of Pennsylvania, 548; western dis-
trict of Pennsylvania, 549; Dela- JURY,
ware, 550; Maryland, 551; Ken- trial by, secured, art. 81; issue tried
tucky, 552; eastern district of Vir. by, in circuit court, 523; in district
ginia, 553; western district of Vir- court, 573 ; jurors, how designated,

on, 1016.

p. 472.


641; venire to issue-when-how- -void when repugnant to constitu-
how served, 641; de talibus, ib. ; tion, 1.
special, by whom returned, ib. ; of a state, repugnant to constitution
alienage of juror, p. 175, note; upon

of United States, void, 3.
trial by, court to give opinion of must yield to supremacy of laws of
points in issue, p. 175, note; com-

United States, p. 1, note.
pensation of, ib.; in criminal cases rule to judiciary of United States,
may be discharged without verdict, when, art. 485.
when, p. 754, note; corrupting, in- relating to district of Columbia, force
fluencing, art. 2627.

of, art. 62 and note.
Junr, Grand. (See criminal code.) classification of the, 8.

congress may enact, what, 69.

ex post facto, what, p. 14, note.
admitted into the Union, 655, 656 ; impairing contracts, 84.

circuit court of, 512; district court power of president, in making, 87, 88.
of, 552.

publication of, 145; printers of, 149.
representatives from, 22.

of the several states to be preserved

by secretary of state, 153.

LEAD, duty on, art. 1626, 1665.
commissioner of, 306, 321, 322; princi- LEAKAGE, custom-house allowance for,

pal clerk of public lands—clerk of 2043.

private land claims, 307, 308, 313. LEATHER and manufactures of, duty on,
recorder of, 309, 313; solicitor of, 310.
president to appoint secretary to sign LEGISLATIVE POWER of u. States, how
patents, 311.

vested, 11.
records of, copies evidence, when, duty of president therein, 87,

register to make returns to commis. letter carrier, (see Post-office) 412.
sioner of, 314.

arriving by vessels, provision for, art.
salaries of officers and clerks in, 315, 421, 421, 1424, 1425.
see Appendix A. No. 8.

opening, delaying, destroying, how
office hours of, 315; officers of, not to punished, 2599, 2600.
purchase public lands, 318.

illegal carrying, 2602.
officers, oath of, 319; seal of, 321. of marque and reprisal, powers of con-
military land warrants to be recorded gress relative to, art. 60.

in, 323; patents to be issued from, not to be granted by state, art. 84.

rogatory, when and whence issued, p.
returns relative to public lands to be 171, note.
made to commissioner, 325.

Laxds. See Domain.

government of-law library, 100, 101,
assigned to United States for debt, in 102.

charge of solicitor of the treasury, Libel, in case of seizure under revenue

245, 246; may be sold by, 245, 260. laws, p. 144, note.
sold at suit of the United States, may LICENSE,

be bought for United States, when, to trade with Indians. See Indians.
art. 261.

for vessels. See enrolment.
not to be purchased for United LIEN, on lands of public debtors, art.

States, unless authorized by law, 287.

Light, showing false, or extinguishing
reservations of, donation of, see do-

true, 2650.

warrants, military, when granted, see beacons, buoys, piers, maintenance of,


contracts for-cession of, and sites for
in Indian boundary-by Indians, see to U. S.-jurisdiction in, p. 465.

Indians; in bank United States, 2667; LIMITATION,
under post office acts, p. 725; on of prosecution before courts martial,
land under jurisdiction of United art. 2381.
States, art. 2665, see criminal code. of suits for penalties, for copy-rights,
of public property, 2631.

LAWFUL TENDER, what, sce money of on marshal's bonds, 611.
United States.

prosecutions under revenue acts,
Law LIBRARY, 102.


of prosecutions for slave-trade, 1579.
of United States, force and effect of on writs of error, 497.

of prosecutions for crimes, 2682.

p. 464.

cers, 615.

ness, 618.

Live Oak, measures for preserving, p.673 MARSHALS.—Continued.
Louisiana, state of, admitted into the goods seized by custom-house off-

Union—terms, 660.
district courts of, 562.

contingent expenses of court-jurors'
to have circuit powers, 520. But see and witnesses' fees, marshals' fees,
Appendix A. No. 4.

compensations and fees of clerks
laws and records of, to be in the Eng- and attorneys to be received and
lish language, 660.

paid by, 615.
waste lands in-lands sold by congress shall have like powers as sheriff, 615.

exempt from tax-property of non- compensation and fees of, 616.
residents in-property of U. 8. in, special compensation to, in certain dis-
not taxable, 660.

tricts, 616.
collection districts in, p. 535.

may execute deed for lands sold by
land offices in, p. 327.

predecessor, 617.
representatives from in congress, 22. in case of death of, pending execution,
territory formerly, slavery prohibited alias, may issue to his successor,
in, art. 675.

LUBECK vessels, duties on, 478-9.

may provide gaols, when, 618.
treaty with, p. 277.

may remove prisoners in case of sick-
Machinist, in patent office, art 2167. not liable for escape of prisoners, p.
MAGAZINES, of arms. See armories.

163, note.
setting fire to, art. 2658.

may be required to return writ by a
carried by mail, 425, 445.

certain day, ib.
Mail. See post-office.

duty of, where deft. is committed for
MAIMING, art. 2663, 2664.

safety of his bail-fees in such
Maine, state of, admitted into the

cases, art. 627.
Union, 666.

to sell condemned vessels, 2091.
representatives from, 22.

to remove settlers on public lands,
circuit court for, 507.

district court for, 539.

not authorized to warrant on judicial
collection districts in, p. 512.

sales, p. 179, note.
Mandamus, writ of, by supreme court, MARYLAND,
when issuable, art. 493.

representatives in congress from, 22.
MANIFESTS. See revenue.

circuit courts of, 510.
MAXSLAUGHTER, in fort, 2658.

district courts of, 551.
on the high seas, 2645.

collection districts in, p. 525.
Maps. See copy-right.

MARINE CORPs. See navy, p. 682.

representatives in congress from, 22.
MARINE HOSPITALS, p. 433, and see Ap- circuit courts of, 507.
pendix A. No. 6.

district courts of, 541.
MĀBINERS. See seamen.

collection districts in, p. 515.

MEASUREMENT of vessels for registry,
duty of on warrant from solicitor of art. 1369.
treasury, 284.

MEASURES, (see revenue) p. 553.
to serve notice issued by comptroller, Medical DEPARTMENT of army, p. 642.

to report to auditor of post-office pro- MELTER AND REFINER. See mint.
ceedings on execution, 394.

Mexico, treaty with, p. 282.
to report to agent of treasury pro- Michigax, state of
ceedings on execution, 303,

admitted into the Union terms,
to attend supreme court, 490.

to report to and obey instructions of representative from, note, p. 5.
solicitor of treasury, 254, 255.

district court of, 566.
of territories, 582.

to have circuit court powers, 520. But
of Florida territory, 594.

see Appendix A. No. 4.
of Wisconsin, 600.

land offices in, 331.
appointment of

, removal of, general MILITARY ACADEMY, (see army) p. 627.
duties of, oath of, 610.

MILITARY donations, p. 366.
bond of, 611.

of the war of the revolution, ib.
suit on, when brought, 611.

of the war of 1812, p. 381.
when party to suit, 612.

bounty lands. See domain.
death of, deputies to continue in of- expedition, setting on foot against
fice, 613.

foreign state, art. 2593.
may execute writs, though out of of. code, p. 627.
fice, 614.

MILITIA, (see army) p. 667.
shall have custody of vessels and power of congress in relation to, 61,


p. 590.


appointment of officers of, reserved to ed on board of vessels of the Uni-
states, art. 61.

ted States, when, art. 1458.
MINISTERS abroad, p. 101.

who may be naturalized, 1098.
foreign not subject to process, 2628. conditions of, 1096, &c.

penalty for serving process on, 2629. aliens resident 18th June, 1798 ; 14th

April, 1802, 1098.
naturalization of, art. 1101.

aliens resident between 14th April,
not to be enlisted in the army, unless 1802, and 18th June, 1812, art.
by consent of parents, 2270.

may be enlisted in navy, 2440.

children of persons naturalized, 1106.
Mint, establishment of officers of, &c. aliens resident before 29th January,

1795, 1097.
assay of foreign coins at, 188.

in what courts had, 1107.

continued residence necessary, 1108.
in member of congress to make cer- oath of naturalization-effect of-citi.
tain contracts, 43.

zen of state, privileges in another,
in officer to make contract with a p. 315, note.
member of congress, 47.

Naval OFFICER, in custom-house, p.
MISPRISON of treason, 2586.

of felony, 2662.

term of office, 128, 1933.

NavigaBLE Rivers to be highways-ri-
admitted into the Union, 663.

vers not navigable, art. 1112.
district court of, 561.

NAVIGATION, (see page 390)
to have circuit court powers, 520. goods imported, in what vessels, art.
representatives from, 22.

land office in, 328.

penalty on importation in illegal ves-
collection districts in, p. 534.

sels, 1358.
boatmen, relief for. See seamen. coasting trade prohibited to foreign
stock, loss of certificate, how sup- vessels, 1508.
plied, 177.

statistical accounts of, 238, 239.
Missouri, state of-

Navy BOARD, commissioners of, p. 77.
admitted into the Union—lerms, 665. Navr Hospitals, p. 684.
district court of, 563,

to have circuit court powers, 520. power of congress to provide for, art.
attorney of, 380.

land offices in, 325.

revenue cutters to co-operate with,
surveyor of lands in, art. 1191.

representatives from, 22.

agents of, term of office of, 128. See

Appendix A. No. 10.
power of congress in relation to, art. Depariment of, p. 77.

51, 54, 75. See mint, p. 590. secretary of, to report clerks employ.
foreign coins, p. 599.

ed, 143.
bank notes, 600. Appendix A. No. 11.

to furnish list of officers and agents
MURDER, of, or by, Indians, p.310.

employed in, 143.
in a fort, &c. art. 2658.

to report statement of appropriations,
on the high seas, 2646.

estimates and expenditures, 330,
on ship board, 2663.

331, 332, 333.
Mute, standing, art. 2672--2679.

to report balance of appropriations,
Mutilating the person, 2663.

Mutiny in the army, art. 2309.

to collect flags, &c. captured, 335,
in the navy, art. 2496,


duties of, 363.

clerks of, 364.
of public ships, how given, art. vacancy in office of, 364.

salary of, 365.
of vessels to be painted on the stern, commissioners of, 366. Attached to
1379, 1516.

office of secretary, 367.
NAPLES, treaty with, p. 292.

secretary of, 368.

president of, 371.
of citizens, p. 312.

salary of, 373.
powers of congress in relation to, 54,

Materials for-p. 673.
certificate of-forgery of, how pu- provisions for the procurement and
nished, 1468.

preservation of timber for, art.
naturalized citizens not to be employ. 2416, &c.

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