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of frauds on revenue, &c. p. 580; pe- deserting, may be apprehended, 1475.

nalty for breach of revenue laws secreting deserting seamen, penalty
how enforced, how remitted, ib.

on, 1476.
cutters, &c. p. 556.

finding of the ship for medicine and
REVOLUTIONARY, military donations, p. provisions on board, 1477-8.

discovering vessel to be leaky—or un-
pensions, p. 694

fit in her crew, provisions, or stores,

for the voyage proceedings in re.
on board of ships, how punished, lation to, 1478.

penalty on master for ill treatment of,
attempt at, 2655.


what seamen may be employed on
representatives from, 22.

board public and private vessels of
circuit court for, 507.

United States, p. 419, art. 1457,
district court for, 542.

collection districts in, p. 518.

lists of crews of private vessels to be
RIVERS, navigable and not navigable, art. examined by collector, and approved

by him—no person to be employed

whose name is not inserted in such
on high seas, piracy, see criminal code. list-such list to be recorded by
of mail, 2603-4.

collector—to be evidence, 1459.
Rules and articles of war, p. 652.

president may give further directions
of the navy, 685.

in relation to proofs of citizenship,
Runawars, from justice—from service, 1460.
see fugitives.

no seaman, not a citizen of United
RUSSIAN VESSELS and trade, duties on, States, admitted as a passenger on
878, &c. and see p. 479.

board United States' vessels, unless,
Russia, treaty with, p. 251.


consuls, &c. may object to employ-
SALARY, see officers, &c. departments, ment of seamen for United States

vessels, when, 1462.

penalties on employment of forbidden
duty on, art. 1664.

seamen, 1464-5; to what cases not
SALVAGE, p. 716.

extended, 1466; limitation of suit
in certain cases, how paid, art. 589. for, 1469.
SARDINIAS Vessels, duty on, p. 479. protection of seamen against seizure
SCALING the coin, punishment for, art. by foreign power, 1480; certificate

of protection by collector, 1481;
SCIENCE and arts, power of congress to masters of vessels to make report of
promote, 57.

any of his crew impressed or de.
Schools, (see lands, donations to states.) tained by foreign power, 1482.

copy of this law to be transmitted to
of the United States, 138.

ministers and consuls of United
of office of secretary of state, 140.


to be made known to mas.
of the courts, p. 164, note.

ters of vessels-master to make
SEA STORES, how ascertained, (see pas- oath whether seamen have been im.
sengers, seamen,) art. 1682.

pressed, &c.-penalty on neglect,
SEA LETTER. (See shipping, passport.) &c. 1483-collector to report sea-
SEAMEN, FOREIGN, deserting vessel, may men registered to secretary of state,
be arrested, p. 334.


list of ship's company to be delivered
merchant's service, p. 419.

before clearance, to collector-bond
contract in writing to be made with, to be given by master to exhibit cer.'

tified list at port of arrival in the
wages to be paid to, if no agreement, United States, and produce the per-

sons therein named, 1485.
neglecting to render themselves on Relief of American seamen, in foreign

board pursuant to agreement-pe- countries, p. 430.
nalty in case of-and in case of de. master or owner of vessel from for-
sertion, 1472.

eign port to report to collector
having signed contract, absenting number of seamen employed, and

themselves-proceedings in relation to pay twenty cents per month for
to-penalty, 1473.

each, to be retained from their
wages of, when and how payable-

Wages, 1489.
proceedings in case of n


p. 3.


SEDITION, (see army.)
masters of vessels in coasting trade to SEXATE of the United States, (see con.

make like report and payment- gress.)
penalty on making false report, how composed-how chosen, 12.

vacancies in, how filled, 13.
collectors to make return of sums col. officers of, 15.
lected to secretary of treasury- shall try impeachments, 16.

resident to provide thereout for chief justice shall preside over, when,
the temporary relief of sick sea- 16.
men in the hospitals, &c. 1491. president of, may administer oaths, 32.
like collections to be made on the pro-tempore compensation to, art.
Mississippi, 1492.

discharged in foreign countries, du- secretary of, p. 18.
ties of consuls to, 1486.

members of oath of, art. 45.
in merchants' service, moneys collect- appointment of by state executive,
ed for relief of sick seamen to con-

stitute a general fund, 1493.

qualification, 14.
collection suspended, see Appendix election for, 27.
A. No. 6.

compensation to, 38.
secretary of state to make report an- not to be appointed to certain offices,
nually to congress of returns made

41, &c.
by collectors, 1496.

classification of, note, p. 3.
moneys to be invested, 1494.

note on the case of Mr. Lanman,
collectors to pay money collected into
treasury, 1495.

administration of fund for relief of place of, determines jurisdiction of
seamen, 1497.

court, p. 145, note.
president to appoint directors of ma- abandonment of, ib.

rine hospital in such parts as he proceedings in case of, ib.
may think propertheir duties, jurisdiction of district court in, art.
1497--8, &c.

directors to admit foreign seamen, SHIPPING of the United States, -
when, 1501.

Vessels of the United States, what-
accountable to the treasury of United must be registered, except, p. 390.
States, 1502.

Registry and Recording of Vessels, p.
allowance to master, &c. of vessel for 390.

transporting distressed seamen, Recording vessels, American built, be-

longing in whole or in part to for-
master of vessel deserting seamen eigners-requisites for, 1376.

abroad, how punished, art. 2651. Fees under the registering act, 1393.
master maltreating crews, 2656. Offences against registering act, 1394.
SECRETARY of senate, to direct printing, and proceedings thereon, 1395, &c.

Ports of entry, p. 403.
oath of, 90.

for vessels beyond the Cape of Good
bond of, 91.

Hope, 404.
to deposite money in bank, 92.

vessels bound to certain districts, to
to contract for stationary, 93.

touch at certain ports, &c. 404, &c.
to state disbursements, 94.

Documents for and proceedings for tes-
clerks of, 95.

sels entering U. S. p. 406.
compensation to, 97.

Ship’s papers, foreign, to be lodged with
to make statement of appropriations consul, art. 415.
and certain officers, 98.

report of vessels after arrival, p. 410.
of president, to sign land patents, 34. vessels, what, may engage in coasting
secretary of state, 29.

trade, p. 435.
of the treasury, p. 36, 41.

vessels arriving having goods for for-
of war, p. 70.

eign port, p. 412.
SERGEANT at arms, how chosen,-com- having goods for several districts, p.
pensation, 99.

SEAT of government, 62.

Enrolment and License of vessels, 1509.

For regulation of coasting trade, Uni-
of the people in person and effects, ted States divided into districts,
art. 80.

of the peace, judges of United States vessels trading between such districts,
may take, art. 484.

of baíl, (see bail.)

steamboats belonging to foreigners,
SECURITIES, public, certain officers not may be enrolled, &c. when, 1813.

to deal in, art, 157, &c.

SHIPPING of the U. States Continued. SPEAKER of the House of Representatives,
penalty for vessels trading without en- how chosen, art. 24.
rolment or license, 1507.

compensation to, 39.
enrolled or licensed vessels proceeding Spies in the army, 2393.
on foreign voyage, 1387.

in the navy, 2596.
requisites for enrolment and license, Spirits, importation of, how made, p.
1509, &c.

enrolled vessels may be registered, deposited for duties, art. 1714.
&c. 1510.

distilled in U. States, bounty on ex-
Coasting trade, regulation of ships in, p. port, p. 503, 505.

entry of, at custom-house, how made,
Offences against enrolment and license

p. 571.
acts, p. 448.

STAGE DRIVERS exempt from militia
Fees under the enrolment and license duty, art. 2397.
acts, 1542.

of mail, see Post-office.
documents for vessels departing from STANDING mute on trial, art. 2672, 2679.
the U. States, p. 416.

States, New, admission of-power of
Passenger vessels, regulations for, p. 418.

congress in, 66.
Fees payable by vessels departing from, to be formed in N. W. Territory, art.
or entering the U. States.

SupS AND Vessels stranded, duty of each shall have at least one represent-
consuls, art. 462.

ative, 21.
Ships of War, no state to possess, 36. shall have two senators, 12.
Ship’s PAPERS, (see shipping, revenue) legislation of congress over particular
to be deposited with consul, 463.

places in, 62.
SHIPPING ARTICLES. (See Seamen, records, public acts, and judicial pro-

ceedings of-effects of, 65.
Silk, and manufactures of, duty on, p. claims of not to be prejudiced by the

constitution, 67.
SILVER Coins. See Mint.

republican form of government guar-
SIxking Fund, commissioners of, sus- anteed to, 68.
pended, 201.

no one of the states to be deprived of
SLATEs, duty on, art. 1667.

its representation in the senate, 69.
SLAVES. See Fugitives.

sovereign powers of, not impaired by

the constitution of the U. States, p.
prohibition on congress relating to, 70. 15, note.
prohibition of the importation of powers prohibited to the, 84, 85, 86,
slaves, p. 452.

and see note, p. 16.
of slave-trade with foreign countries, cannot tax the bank of the U. States,

nor other means of the general go-
within the United States, regulations vernment, p. 16, note.
of, p. 461.

jurisdiction of supreme court in
SLAVE DEALING, declared piracy, art. causes relating to, p. 110.

courts of the several states, writ of
SLAVERY forbidden in the territory N. error to, p. 114.
W. of Ohio, 674.

removal of suit from, to circuit courts,
of Louisiana, 675.
Smithson, James, legacy of, to U. States, powers of, under laws of the United

States, p. 154.
Solicitor of Treasury, duties of, p. acts of the legislatures of the several,
52, and see art. 290, 298.

how authenticated, art. 639, &c.
of land office, 309.

records and judicial proceedings of

courts, how authenticated, ib.
representatives from, 22.

records and exemplification of office
circuit court of, 511.

books in any state not appertaining
district courts, 557.

to a court, how authenticated, ib.
collection districts in, p. 531.

faith and credit of such records, pro-
SOLDIERS, quartering of, restricted, 79. ceedings and exemplification so au-

thenticated, ib.
treaties with, p. 220.

exemplification of an act of the legis-
vessels of, duty on, art. 779, 780, 781. lature of the several, under seal of
exports by vessels of, regulations, 781, state, evidence, ib.

State, Department of-p. 29.
vessels of, in distress, cargo may be secretary of_his power and duties,

laden on board another vessel, art. 135, &c.

oath of, and of persons in his depart-

ment, 136.

p. 456.

p. 130.

STATE, Department of.-Continued. SURVEYORS.-Continued.
chief clerk of, his duty, 137.

term of office of, 128, 1933.
secretary of, shall keep seal of United SUTTLERS, see Army, 3296-7-8.
States, 138, 139,

SWEDEN, treaties with, p. 237.
seal of office of, 140.
fees payable to, 141.

TARE, custom-house allowance for, 2040,
salary of, art. 142.

secretary of to report names and sala- TARIFF, see Revenue.
ries, &c. of clerks, 143.

Taxes, internal, state, on lands of non-
to have custody of books, &c. of of- residents. See Alabama and other
fice for foreign affairs, 144.

new States.
to receive and publish and distribute direct apportionment of, 21.

laws of the United States, art. 145, Tras, report of after arrival, p. 410.

duty on, art. 1666.
shall publish register of officers of U. provisions relative to landing, inspec-
States, art. 150, &c.

tion and delivery of, p. 572-3.
shall procure statutes of the states, TENDER, no state shall make any thing

but gold or silver a legal, 84.
vacancy in office of, how supplied, TENNESSEE, admitted into the Union,
art. 154.

to transmit copies of communications circuit court of, 513, 514, &c.

of president made to congress, and district courts in, 558.
reports of heads of departments to representatives from, 22.
sundries, art. 155.

TERRITORIES of the United States,
STATE Laws in the U. States' courts power of congress relative to, 67.
form rules, when, art. 485.

delegates in congress from, 26.
State Courts, jurisdiction of, in U. north-west of the Ohio, p. 19, art.
States' causes, p. 154.

STATISTICAL accounts of the commerce states to be formed in, 673.
of the U. States, 238, 239, &c.

slavery prohibited in, 674.
STEALING letters from mail, 419.

in Louisiana, 675, see Florida and
writs, &c. art. 2610.

Wisconsin, p. 199.
from wrecks, &c. art. 2650.

courts of, p. 147.
STEAM, batteries, art. 2423.

TESTE of writs, art. 622.
boats, duties on lake Champlain, 1450. TESTIMONI, see Evidence.
to carry mail, when, (see Post-office) TIMBER, see Navy, p. 673.
415, 416, 417.

Title of nobility, none shall be grant-
registry of, 1375, 1385.

ed-shall not be accepted by an offi-
enrolment and license of, 1520.

cer of the U. States, from a foreign
SUBPenas for witnesses—may run into

government, art. 76.
any district, 632.

will lie to officers of government, p. no state shall lay duties on, 86.
168, note.

duties on, (see revenue) p. 508.
Duces tecum, ib. art. 637.

Tools of trade, exempt from duty, 1083.
witness attending on, protection of, p. Tonts, maritime, jurisdiction of courts
169, note.

of the U. States, p. 108, note.
SUGAR, duty on, p. 470.

in violation of laws of nations, p. 145,
refined, bounty on export, p. 503.


Treason, see Criminal Code, 720, 749.
to be consolidated, when, art. 630. congress may punish, art. 64.
substitution of parties in, 631.

misprison of, art. 2586.
SUPERINTENDENTS of Indian Affairs, p. TREASURER of Mint, see Mint.
72, see Indians.

SUPREME COURT, see Judiciary. See p. Secretary, duties of, p. 34, 41.
108, &c.

to make to congress an annual report
STRETies, of deputy postmasters may be of finance, 183.
released, 438.

a statement of appropriations and of
SURGEONS of army, 642.

funds in treasury, 184.
of navy, 677.

lo superintend collection of revenue,
SURVEYS, see Domain.

of Indian lands forbidden, p. 308, to decide on the form of keeping ac-

counts, 186.
SURVEYOR General, see Domain.

to grant all warrants on the treasury,

of public lands, p. 337.

to make report when required by con-
of the customs, duties of, p. 540, see


gress, 187.


to cause assays of foreign coin, 188. contingent expenses of foreign inter-
to provide for building and repairing course-how accounted for, 182.
light-houses, 189.

comptrollers of, see comptrollers. Aud.
to cause accounts to be settled within itors of, see Auditors.
the year, 190.

treasurer of, to give bond, 229.
to obtain statements of the foreign to receive and keep moneys of U.
commerce of U. States, 191.

States, 230.
to establish rules for appraisement of to take receipts, &c. 232.
goods, 192.

render quarterly accounts to comp-
to appoint appraisers, 193.

troller, &c. 233.
to cause unexpended moneys to be to make report to congress, 234.
carried to surplus fund, 200.

submit his accounts, 235.
to cause money due V. States, to be compensation of, 236.

paid in certain currency, 194. duties of, relative to post-office, 388,
to provide clearances for vessels, &c. 389.

Register of, to keep accounts of re-
to appoint superintendent of collection ceipts and expenditures of public
of internal duties, 196.

money-of debts, &c. 237.
to exercise agency with bank of u. prepare annually statistical accounts
States, 197, 198, 199.

of commerce of U. States, 238, 239.
to draw warrants for war and navy salary of, 240.
departments, 201.

Commissioner of the land office-esta-
to pay public debt, 201.

blishment of—salary of-duties of,
to distribute weights and measures,


Solicitor of-duties of, p. 52.
to make annual report relative to per- Accounts of treasury department, (see

sons employed in his department, Accounts) 178.
143, 261.

TREASURY Notes, receivable at treasury
his salary, 202.

only, 175.
power to mitigate fines and forfei- loss of-may be paid, 176.
tures, 2098, &c.

TREATIES-how made, 134.
department of, p. 34.

supreme law of the land.
no money to be drawn from the trea. with foreign powers-Great Britain,

sury unless on appropriation, 75.
how organized, 156.

France, p. 216.
secretary to select deposite banks, Spain, p. 220.

Netherlands, p.

banks to furnish statements of their Sweden, 237.
condition, 162.

Tripoli, p. 256.
condition of deposites, 163.

Tunis, p. 260.
banks issuing certain notes not to be Morocco, p. 264.
employed, 164.

Colombia, p. 226.
security from banks, 165,

Russia, 251.
contracts with, 166, 168.

Confederation of Central America, p.
banks may be discontinued as depo-

sitories, 167.

Denmark, p. 249.
secretary to render annual statements Austria, 279,
relative to banks, 169,

Mexico, 282.
banks to pay interest, 170.

Ottoman Porte, 220.
transfers of funds illegal, when, 171.

Naples, 292.
may be made-when, 174.

Chile, 293.
surplus funds to be deposited with Venezuela, 296.
states, 172, 173.

Brazil, Appendix A. No. 2.
officers of-clerks of not to be con- TRIPOLI—treaty with, p. 256, &c.

cerned in certain business, 157, 158. TRIAL, to be by Jury, see Jury.
oath of, 159.

for offences committed without a
vacancies in department how sup- state, &c. where had, 2680.
plied, 154.

in capital cases, to be in county, art.
warrants of secretary upon treasurer 2675.

-how drawn-moneys paid on- Tunis_treaty with, p. 260.
how charged-accounts to be ren-
dered according to appropria- UNIFORM OF ARNY, art. 2290.
tion-sums appropriated to be ap- USEFUL Arts, see Patents.

plied to appropriations solely, 179.
moneys of one appropriation trans- VACANCI,

ferable to another when, 180, 181. in senate, how supplied, art. 13.

p. 204.

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