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Entered according to the Act of Congress, in the year 1837, by Thomas F. Gordon, in the Clerk's Office of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.



This edition of the Digest contains all the public Laws and the Treaties of the United States, executory and in force, including the Acts passed at the second session of the twenty-third Congress, (1836-7) except, that the Indian Treaties, together with such portions of the Land Laws as have been in part executed, or are of limited local character, have been omitted. Such Acts of the last session of Congress as were passed too late to be inserted in the body of the work have been given in the Appendix, and are duly referred to in the chapter of Contents and the Index.

The classification adopted in the first edition has been preserved in its principal features ; and for the facility of research, a synopsis of each division has been placed at its head.

The judicial decisions illustrative of the Statutes have been given in copious Notes, appended to the appropriate text, instead of being incorporated with the text, as in the former edition.

The references in the Index are sometimes made to the page, but more commonly to the article in which the subject is contained. In the former case the letter p. or word page is invariably used.

May, 1837.

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