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I'd have very few words to say by way of preface to Volume One of The Illustrated PnoTooRAPHKit. We have had, as we trust you have had, as it were, a pleasant day together, " out with the camera." And what with discussing processes old and new, talking about our apparatus, suggesting improvements in this or that direction, trying experiments, gossiping over news, having our bits of fun Mid onr " bits of chat" on a great variety of interesting topics—to say nothing of the amusing stories we have told of our tours at home and abroad, and the arguments we have earnestly hammered away at—each honestly believing himself to be right—the long day has gone very quickly. So the quiet gloaming overtakes us, and it is time we 'herald ll up and put everything in its place, handy for future use.

Shall we not have another such a day together? and after that another, and yet another, and so on for a long time to come? Truly, we hope so. In order that it may be so, we shall endeavour to be a more useful and amusing companion to you than we have been. And now, for the present, we part. Early on the morning of January the First, H89, we hope to meet you all again on the threshold of our new volume, and to spend another " day " together "out TOh the camera." Bring as many friends with you as you can. A Happy New Year to you! Good-night. Dec. 30th, 18G8. The Editor.

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