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For the Bookplate of a Married On Being Styled "Pro-Boer.” By
Couple. By Ford M. Hueffer, 427 William Watson,


"O Ye of Little Faith.” By Garden, The Old-Fashioned. By

Christian Burke,

56 Mary Rowles Jarvis,

632 Gipsy, The, and the Cuckoo. By

Pearl, The,

415 Ford M. Hueffer,

Poplar, The, .

660 Girl, The, From Faeryland. By Nora Hopper,

Samphire Gatherer, The. By Nora


Hopper, Hawthorn Tide. By A. C. Swin

Sea Wrack, The. By Moira

O'Neill, .

195 Humility is the Saint's Strong

Servian Lullaby, Å. By Nora Hop-
Box. By Frederick Lang-


107 556 bridge, .

She is My

Love. By

Alfred PerIf I Were King of Ireland. By Al

ceval Graves,

576 fred Perceval Graves,


Since We Should Part. By Alfred In Memoriam. Catherine Glad

Perceval Graves,

528 stone, June 14, 1900. By Ar

Sirens, The. By Walter Hogg, 387 thur C. Benson, .


Song, A Broken. Ву Moira Isolation. By B. Paul Neuman, 752

O'Neill, .


Sonnet. By C. E. Meetkerke, : 394 Lark, The, Makes Brighter Schol- Soul's Surrender, The. By G. Barars Than the Mole. By Fred

nett Smith,.

264 erick Langbridge,

473 Summer Wind, The. By J. J. Bell, 513 Les Laveuses de Nuit. By E. c. Swallows, The. By B. Paul NeuCork,


20 Literary Drink, A New,

228 Little in Christ's Hands Goes Far. Transformation, A. By A. M. By Frederick Langbridge, 780


588 Love Lyric, A, From the Greek. By A. P. G.,


Ultima Thule. By R. P. Gibbon, . 787

Until the Day Dawn. By Ada Making Haste. By Arthur C. Ben

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White, Gilbert. By W. J. Court-

784 Of the Hudson and the Thames. Work and Rest are Both Builders. By Annie Matheson,

283 By Frederick Langbridge, 379




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Penitent, A. By L. E. Smith, . 314 Saving, The, of Wyllard's Wheat.
Professor Heron's Mistake. By

By Harold Bindloss, . . 442
William H. Daly,

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743, 822

Tu-Phu, The Story of. By George
d' Esparliés,

577 Shame, The, of William Danby. Tchelopeck Woods, The. By Ivan By Frederick Langbridge, . 168 Vozoff,


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One of the characters in a play that these failed to meet the exigencies of had some vogue in London a dozen or Salic Law, to select for posthumous fifteen years ago declared, nightly, that adoption to the deceased Emperor a he was at his 37th conspiracy. The child during whose minority the widEmpress-Dowager Tze-hsi-tuan-yu has owed Empress Ah-lu-tê would become not yet rivalled that record, but she is regent in turn. Such women as Tzegetting on. When persons have at- hsi, however-for it is she who has altained to the position of Empress, ways been credited with the initiativemoreover, they no longer conspire; rise superior to rules., The possibilities they make coups d'état. The Empress connected with the Empress Ah-lu-tê Tze-hsi has made several. The first were ignored. The obligation to select was in 1861, when she combined with as heir a child capable of adoption to Prince Kung and her sister Empress, Tung Che was ignored; the succession Tze An, to seize the reins of power was fixed, on the contrary, upon one after the death of their consort, the who had the inestimable qualification, Emperor Hien Fung. The next was in the Empress's eyes, of being a minor, in 1875. Having grasped the reins in but had the disqualification of being 1861, the two ladies succeeded in hold- of the same generation as his predecesing them and governing, as regents, sor and incapable, therefore, of per during the long minority of Hien forming the ancestral rites. The EmFung's son and successor, Tung Che. press Ah-lu-tê's claims were ignored, They had to retire for a while when and shortly obliterated by death-dethe latter came of age, in 1873; but his clared to be suicidal, but so convenient death, two years later, gave them an- that it was always spoken of with a other opportunity which they were shrug. prompt to seize. Tung Che died child- The selection of an Emperor, under less, but leaving a widow, Ah-lu-tê, such circumstances, devolves really who might hope to give him a posthu- upon the heads of the Imperial Clan. mous heir. The due procedure, under Tsai Tien, as the present Emperor those circumstances, would have been Kwang Su was originally named, to await the course of events, and if seemed an outside chance. He is a

1 It may conduce to lucidity to explain at the outset that Tze-An was the Empress proper, but was childless. The present “Empress-Dowager"

was not originally an empress at all, but was given that honorary rank as the mother of Hien Fung's only son, Tung Che.


son of Yih Hwan, Prince of Chun, the their Majesties the Empresses Tse Ap seventh son of the Emperor Taokwang and Tze-hsi, in the following terms:(who was reigning at the time of the Treaty of Nanking), and brother Let Tsai Tien, son of Yih Hwan, the of Hien Fung (who was reigning Prince of Chun, become adopted as the at the date of the Treaty

son of the Emperor Wen Tsung Hien Tientsin). There was nothing in

(Hien Fung), and enter upon the inhis birth to distinguish him above' heritance of the great dynastic line as

Emperor by succession. others; while he labored under a defect which we may estimate by re

The second edict announces the recalling the supreme importance, in

ceipt of another mandate from the EmChinese eyes, of the ancestral rites.

presses, as follows: His mother was a sister of the Empress Tze-hsi, who is his aunt, there

Whereas His Majesty, the Emperor, fore, by blood as well as by marriage; has ascended upon the Dragon to be a but considerations other than those of guest on high, without offspring born relationship were held to have influ- to his inheritance, no course has been enced the choice. It was, at any rate, open but that of causing Tsai Tien, upon Tsai Tien, who was at that time son of Prince Chun, to become adopted only three and a half years old, that

as the son of the Emperor Wen Tsung the choice of the Imperial Clan Court

Hien, and to enter upon the inheritance

of the great dynastic line as Emperor fell. The death of the Emperor Tung by succession. When a Prince shall Che, the selection of a successor and have been born to the Emperor, he the appointment of the Dowager-Em- shall be adopted as inheritor of His presses as regents, are described in a Majesty now departed. series of edicts possessing curious interest, both on account of the insight A third decree appoints certain Magthey give into the customs of the Court nates to arrange the obsequial rites. A and the quaint eloquence of the lan- fourth degrades the two Imperial physiguage employed. The sequence

cians. The fifth purports to be an acthought in Europe is, le roi est mort: knowledgment, by the child Emperor, vive le roi; but the practice, at any rate, of the benign mandate of the Em. in China is diametrically opposite. The presses "commanding him to enter first thing is to proclaim a new Em- upon the inheritance of the great peror; then the latter announces his succession;" grief, eulogy of the predecessor's death. Tung Che died late Emperor's character, and awe on the 12th January, 1875; at least, that at the magnitude of the trust was the date officially given; and the bequeathed are expressed in pathetic Peking Gazette of the 13th contained language; and the Ministers and sera series of edicts announcing the fact vants, high and low, in the ranks of the and the choice of a successor-or

civil and military administration, are rather the succession and the death. exhorted to "strive in uprightness and In the first, eight of the Imperial loyalty to maintain an ever-improving Princes and twenty-one Ministers and rule.” The sixth purports to be a valeMagnates of the Court state that they dictory edict by the deceased monarch, have received the benign mandate of penned in recognition of the fact that


? To perform the ancestral rites one must be a son; but a son must be of a posterior generation. Tsai Tien could, therefore, be introduced into the succession only by adoption to Hien Fung. Ag

this left Tung Che without an heir, it is promised that Kwang Su's first son shall be adopted to Tung Che.

for some days past his strength had acts of homage to his own child. Prince gradually failed, until the hope of re Chun was excused, therefore, from takcovery had passed away; “mindful of ing his place in the ranks of attendance the graver interests of the dynastic to offer homage on His Majesty's enline, he feels that it behooves him to thronement, but was enjoined still to transmit his charge to worthy hands," attend to the ceremonial at the various and states that he has received the be ancestral temples and the annual sacnign mandate of the Empresses ap rifices at the eastern and western maupointing Tsai Tien to succeed him; the solea, and was made a Prince of the latter is exhorted to accept with rever first order with perpetual hereditary ence the trust that is bestowed; to succession. exert himself continually, to choose his Waters which had been so violently servants wisely, and to cherish filial disturbed were not likely to subside at devotion for the Empresses; while the once. It was felt that the natural Ministers and officials are to unite in course of succession had been diverted, upright and loyal efforts that they may to serve the ambition of the Dowagers; "uphold for him a more and more glo but they were able to make good their rious rule.”

position. The death of the young EmOn the 15th January the Empresses press Ah-lu-tê, two months after her formally accept the Regency which husband, cleared the way. A distinthey had practically assumed. The guished literate was found with cour: formality is accomplished through the age to denounce the disturbance of medium of a memorial from the various the line of descent which left Tung Che magnates of the Court, which the Em without a son to perform the ancestral peror “reverently presents for the af- rites, and to commit suicide by way of fectionate perusal of their Majesties.” emphasizing and expiating his protest. The latter reply that it has made them But all passed without external disfeel with added poignancy the sorrow turbance; and the august ladies enthey are unable to dispel; "the institu- tered upon a second Reg?n«y which tion of a Regency from behind the cur lasted-in the case of Tze An, till ber tain is essentially a temporary expedi- death in 1881, and in the case of her ent; in consideration, however, of the still surviving colleague, till Kwang Su fact that His Majesty, who has suc came of age, in 1889. ceeded to the throne, is at present of Chinese names are a weariness to a tender age; and moreover that, in the European flesh, and the interest of times so filled with trouble, the Princes Chinese dynastic episodes to the Euroand Ministers cannot be left without a pean reader is in inverse ratio to their source to look to for authority, we have importance at Peking. The interests no choice but to yield consent to their of Great Britain in the Far East are, entreaty until His Majesty shall have however, considerable; and it is befulfilled the period of his education." cause these may be considerably afA decree of the 16th announced that fected by ambitions which disregard the designation “Kwang Su” had been

every canon of Chinese propriety that chosen as the style of the new reign. I have ventured to recall the leading Another, of the 21st, relieved Prince features of a story which finds its seChun from the embarrassment to which quel in the incidents of the last two he was subjected as being father to an months. Some may have been puzzled Emperor, but subject to a son. It is by the stress laid, in recent telegrams contrary to all Chinese notions of pro- from China, on the adoption of an heir priety that the father should perform to the throne who is to rank as heir

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