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so for my liking. I should like to ad- gress (reprinted in Child Life), declares jure the modern parent to ask a little that we ought to learn how to "selfless of education and trust a little more express ourselves." I think she is to nature.

needlessly disquieted about the matter. It seems that the present generation Children understand their parents very -the people whose children are grow. well, and when one human being delibing up-are convinced that they then- erately tries to explain himself or herselves were extremely ill-educated, and self to another, the result is nearly alare determined, at all events, to be ways misunderstanding; this is the wiser than their parents. Frankly, I most fruitful source of the quarrels of do not think it was so bad as all that. lovers. The one thing to be avoided is My friends appear to me to be very fear-habitual fear. If you cow a agreeable and well-educated people, puppy you can do nothing with it, and and I see no reason to be discontented some children are cowed-oftenest by with the bringing-up which made them a stinging tongue. I will say this for what they are-if indeed the system the modern parent-that this evil is far had much to say to it. My own opinion less common than it would appear to is that, in any case, being brought up have been even half a century ago; the among the same persons, they would father is not that awe-inspiring personhave turned out much the same what. age he once was. Human nature being ever method had been adopted. The what it is, one need not be seriously moral part of education is a thing that afraid of his becoming, in many cases, can be delegated to no Kindergarten in a sort of amateur schoolmaster, like the world. Our conduct, in so far as Mr. Edgeworth, or the model Froebelit does not proceed directly from our ian parent. innate qualities, is governed by imita- As for the intellectual side of education, conscious and unconscious. The tion, I merely wish to urge that the people who influence us first are our simpler and more definite our aims are, parents, with whom we must live in the more probable will be their attainsome degree of intimacy; afterwards ment. Exactly what children, boys we are chiefly affected by the associ- and girls, ought to learn at school may ates whom we choose for ourselves. be matter for discussion, though I can Admiration is at the root of it, and the conceive of no more proper basis of natural instinct of a child is to look up study than language, which is to be to the grown-up people it lives with the vehicle of all our ideas and our and to adopt their ideas, but only on means of communicating with our felcondition that the elders behave natu- lows. But the essential thing is that rally. Boys do not imitate their school- they should learn what they are set to masters, for they know perfectly well learn; and the sooner they learn that that their masters assume a behavior they have got to learn, the better. I for their edification; perfect natural- do not feel convinced that this simple ness is hardly possible in the relation but invaluable knowledge will be acof teacher and pupil, and, the more we quired in a place that aims at integratthink about influencing our own chil- ing the material, moral, social and redren, the less likely we are to accom- ligious worlds of a child, and teaching plish it. Lady Isabel Margesson, in a

him how to play. paper read before the Women's Con

Stephen Gwynn. The Cornbil Magazine.



One scorching afternoon, in the days eyes huddled among the coal, and a before the British Government had been hoarse voice said: roused to realize that its Gallic neigh "It is the will of Allah! Another of us bors were quietly appropriating the is dead. How can any man labor without West African hinterland, a little worn- eating in this heat of the pit? yet unth out French gunboat came clanking down an hour ago he toiled at my side. So a broad reach of the muddy Niger. the white man need speak no more The sky, suffused with heat, was the hard words, for we have kept our color of brass overhead, and the yellow promise of service. Where are all the river radiated dazzling light as it broke rest who came with me from Dakka?" apart in white froth at the rusty bows, As Marsaut afterwards told Fleming, giving up a curious sour smell. Ashore, the English trader, he could find nothhere and there a tall palm hung its ing to say, and mutely watched two green fronds over the river, then giant men fasten a firebar to the black anreed beds, covering festering muds, kles. Then the tackles creaked, and a melted into jungly thickets, which were shape, with limply hanging head, rose lost again in a haze of heat. Black slowly towards the gratings, while assmoke rolled from the funnel to hang in cending after it he heard a splash and horizontal strata over the bubbling saw something cleave apart the muddy wake, because there was not a breath river. Meantime under the ragged of air to carry it away; and down in bridge-awnings, which fluttered with the stifing depths under-deck, naked, the hot draught the steamer made, plague-stricken negroes groaned and Commander Girardi lay huddled in a sweated before the sulky fires. The canvas chair, the perspiration sealed wreck of a white man, half frenzied up in his burning skin, and the soiled with fever, alternately encouraged them white uniform hanging loosely about and abused the fate which had sent his wasted limbs. His eyes were alhim there.

most blinded by the reflected glare, and Here was little glory, only misery, he blinked uselessly at the shimmering heat and death, while he knew the one water, which, to his disordered vision, hope of saving the last of the company had changed itself to fire, growing lay in hurrying the vessel down through steadily brighter as the steamer panted the reeking delta into the life-giving on. That, like others made about the freshness of open sea. But the boilers time, had been a disastrous expedition. were foul with stone and mud, the It was true sundry agreements with scaled tubes were leaky, and it was dusky gentlemen, who represented only by desperate efforts he could keep themselves as persons of authority, steam at all, while part of the precious written in fantastic Arabic, were sevapor was blowing into stokehold and curely locked in a chart-room drawer, engine-room. The engineer, Marsaut, but then each petty Moslem chieftain checked a burst of expletives when a was fond of making treaties, which bedripping black man flung down his came a source of revenue to him. In shovel, and its clatter was followed by return for sufficient presents he would a choking cry. Wiping the sweat out accept European protection from every of his eyes, a Senegali fireman bent offerer, and leave the harrassed frontier over a limp black object, with staring officials to afterwards settle the matter.

Also, while Girardi waited for the de- ler commenced a horrible uproar as it tachment which had marched inland on whirred round in free air, and sickly secret business, Moslem Senegali and black men were scrambling everywhite Christian died, because that part where. Two leapt out into the river, of Africa is deadly in a bad season and were probably speared by the even to colored intruders, and when tribesmen, for they never came back one of the party came back alone with again. Then some one stopped the ena tale of suffering he gladly turned the gines, and a pulsatory roar of escaping vessel's head towards the sea.

steam drowned all other sound, while But the pestilence followed her, and a bare-headed officer shouted himself by glaring sandbar or in the shadows hoarse in an effort to restore order. of the dim forest little crosses marked Presently the grinding and crashing the last resting-places of those they left ceased, the rush of steam died away, behind, while those who lived grew and the vessel rose more upright as she weaker every day. Now Girardi was settled herself in the sand, and lay there straining his eyes to find a buoy he had hard and fast, with the muddy current placed at lower water upon a sandy gurgling mockingly as it raced past shoal, not knowing that the tattooed her. Then the sable seamen settled tribesmen, who considered the big iron down into the fatalist's apathy, and cylinder, which might be forged into their leader, gazing at the pitiless spear heads, was wasting its utility in heavens and flaming river, said: the river, had prudently removed it. "While there was hope we obeyed the

So presently the ebony Senegali, who white man and worked on. Now the gripped the steering wheel in answer food is spent, and all are sick, so it is to a question.said:

doubtless written that we shall die." "I see a ripple in the water, but there In the little sweltering chart-room is no buoy. This is either the work of two haggard white men took counsel magic or some accursed heathen has together, and the Commander watched stolen it."

them stupidly, trying to understand, for Then the treacherous current which the throbbing in his head grew louder slid seawards smooth as oil at over and almost deafened him, so he lay four knots an hour wrinkled ahead, still, only plucking at his garments with and the wheel-chains rattled, while claw-like hands. One afterwards went Girardi stretched out a shaking hand down stream to bring back help if he towards the telegraph. A gong clanged could, and the other tried to set the below, but there was no slackening of sickly crew to work heaving the vessel the vibration, perhaps because the man off, but some lay down beside the who should have heard it lay laughing winches from utter weariness, and the foolishly upon the floor-plates of the rest dragged themselves about despairengine-room. So, with propeller thrash- ingly, for, as they said, it was no use ing full-speed, and a shouting on the fighting against destiny. So day by bridge, the steamer drove on until a day the little vessel lay aground under few minutes later her forefoot struck the burning heat, and the striken something with a sickening crash. wretches crouched gasping beneath the Over she rolled, lifting one weedy bilge awnings, looking for the help that in the air and grinding the other into never came, until again the red sun the sand, while the current drove her dipped behind the forest, and with the sideways across the shoal. Muddy sudden darkness it grew hotter. water leapt and spouted along the in- It was about this time that Fleming, clined deck, the half-immersed propel- the trader, lounged one night under the

roofed veranda of his lonely factory, there is nothing to do. Confound it, why which was perched on piles above a can't they settle that inland palaver? muddy creek. The air was hot and Idleness in this heat kills more men heavy with the smell of the river mud, than fever. So-as a matter of preand below him white trains of ghostly caution. Bad Dollah, you bring in mist wreathed themselves along the more of them bottle." edge of the surrounding forest. Some- There was a swing of the brawny times the whine of a crocodile rose up shoulders, and a bottle swept out in a from the slimy creek, while centipedes, parabola across the creek, to crash with snakes and scorpions strove together, a sharp tinkle against a cottonwood, rustling in the thatch above his head. while the next spread destruction In the dimly lighted room behind him among the scaly things which crawled processions of big brown cockroaches in a festering pool, and a third burst crawled across the mildewed walls, and into fragments against an advancing an odor of stale tobacco, rotten wood canoe. The Krooboy attendant looked and kerosene drifted out through the on stolidly, for he had learned not to window, while its temperature would be surprised at anything his master have put fear into the hearts of the un- did, while Benson made no comment, acclimatized.

for he fancied he understood. Fleming, however, was used to all “Rather rough on the firm,” said this, for he was a big bronzed man Fleming, with a laugh. “Ah! here's who defied the fever, and chiefly by that canoe nigger. I thought I had right of personal valor, acted as un- settled him with the last bottle,” and a official ruler of a turbulent neighbor- big river man, wearing very little behood. Other white agents had tried it, sides designs in blue tattoo, pompously and either received their dismissal by climbed the veranda stairway, holding the malaria, or after living in a state out his messenger's credentials in the of fear and tension, went back with shape of an old umbrella stick which appalling stories about the place. Then some genius had embellished with rings Fleming took the reins and held them of gold paint. in a strong hand, and enjoyed peace be. "Hallo!" said Fleming. "Has your cause it became apparent that he was master sent you with oil to pay for the a dangerous person to meddle with. cotton piece, or to 'tief something? My Presently a woolly-haired Krooboy, word, it's a pity I didn't catch you with wearing a red tennis-jacket and the that bottle," and the negro grinned apprimitive waist-cloth, laid a tray on the provingly, ere, being proud of his pallittle table, and the young assistant's aver English, he answered: eyes glistened at the sight of a whisky "No, sah, headman Shulane not dun bottle. Then Fleming, who owed his 'tief enough for pay for them cloth yet, safety to his knowledge of human na. but he send a message-how much ture, said, quietly:

them low trader give me for a 'team“Benson, in a hole like this, that boat? "Teamboat live in his river with means cutting your last hope adrift. white man too much sick, be them No, you needn't explain; I haven't other little white man more debbil than stewed long years in the tropics with you. Shulane say, you give me enough, out learning the feeling, and I also I dun sell him yam to poison him, then know what it means to give in. Muddy you come and 'tief him 'teamboat. claret isn't wholesome, but too much Black man and white man they all dun of that other is deadly. I almost think die too much." I'm drifting the same way myself. now "A most ingenious savage," said


Fleming aside. “You can't beat this ringing far across the misty forest kept brand of native for cold-blooded dev time to each sturdy stroke. iltry. It's one of the French treaty "I suppose I'm a fool,” said Fleming, hunters or sounding parties; they've "and am probably bringing the river been taking an unholy interest of late pirates down upon our heads. Still, in this river.” Then with a brief "Get you see, one must do something. Hyah, out, you sable scoundrel,” he seized the you Krooboy, every boy in them canoe negro by the shoulders and flung him which first catch them 'teamboat get halfway down the veranda stairway, two piece of cloth. Now, Benson, I pitching his insignia of office after him, think you'll see a circus." with the answer, “Tell Shulane if he . He did, for the splash and swirl of hurts one of those sick men i'll turn water grew yet faster as the canoes out my Krooboys with matchets and swept forward, gurgling through the come up and burn his place, and he shadows, until in a shallow reach, where should know by this time I am gener the channel narrowed in and ally as good as my word.”

would give place, they drove crashing Next he flung himself down in the into each other. Then the sable padcanvas chair, stretched out one hand dlers smote their neighbors with blade towards the tray, and drew it back with and shaft, clawed each other's woolly a laugh, saying:

hair, screamed and yelled and laughed, "I forgot. Of course, from one point while Fleming lay back shaking with of view, they deserve to come to grief, merriment, until somehow they drew but you can't let white men die off clear again, and shot out into a broader unhelped, if it's only for the credit of river. It was the second evening when, one's color. Besides I'm sick of this spread out in a straggling line, they killing monotony. Suppose you go came sliding down a lake-like reach. down and muster the Krooboys.” The weary men swung slowly with the

Presently a swarm of dusky laborers, glistening blades, and the two Eurobrawny, good-humored pagans from peans ached all over from crouching the distant beaches of Liberia, gath many hours on end in the stern. Ahead, ered shouting and laughing in the dew the fever-mist rolled slowly across the wet compound, and Fleming, leaning waters, and a blue-gray dimness, which over the veranda balustrade, made a seemed charged with heat, hung above, speech to them, pointed with the whim while tall palms ashore rose up like sical sayings which appeal to the negro an island out of drifting vapor. The mind.

river shimmering oilily was lost in the Next he called up the big head haze ahead; no sound but the beat of man and gave him a rifle, with its paddles broke the curious stillness, and striker removed as a measure of pre it seemed to Benson they might have caution, because the West African been translated into some forgotten reloves firearms rather well than wisely, gion of fairyland. and left him with a picked few in Then a howl rose up from the bows charge of the factory, though he care of the leading canoe, and, dimly seen fully hid the keys of the store shed. through the vapor, a black patch Then four big canoes were thrust off loomed out. The Krooboys forgot their from the miry bank, and, at a short weariness, only remembering the promword of command, the long paddles ised pieces of cloth, and, with a deepwhirled together. Muddy foam flew throated roar of challenge to each other, up behind them, the “thud-thud" grew the canoes surged forward. Higher and sharper, and a wildly musical, chanty higher rose the black hulk of the

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