Austrian-Greek Encounters Over the Centuries: History, Diplomacy, Politics, Arts, Economics

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
Herbert Kröll
Transaction Pub, 2007 - 246 էջ

Austrian-Greek Encounters over the Centuries does not only look back to the past, but it also tries to develop perspectives for the future. It sheds new light on an incredible wealth and diversity of important links between Austria and Greece. Two highly visible expressions of this intense relationship, amongst many others, are the emblematic buildings of the Academy of Athens and the Austrian Parliament with the Athena Fountain in front. This is why these two buildings, which were both officially opened in 1883 and designed by the same architect, Theophil Hansen, are shown on the front cover of this book. They bear witness to the strong relationship between Austrian and Greek culture over the centuries and moreover testify to the continuing relevance of the Hellenic culture in the middle of Europe.

Herbert Krll is currently the Ambassador of Austria to Greece. As an Austrian diplomat he has served as Ambassador to Israel and the Palestinian Authority as well as Indonesia. He has also represented Austria at many international conferences. He started his career working with the OECD in Paris and has studied Business Administration at the Vienna School of Economics (Austria).

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