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ve Omnipresence of God, and the practical infer

ences from it.

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O LORD, thou hast searched me out, and known : thou knowest my dowo-sitting and mine up

ng: thou art about my path and about my bed, and spiest out all my ways.”

How true, how astonishing is this thought! mighty God, my Maker, is ever present with me. e is infinite in being, and, therefore, must be Very where : he is infinite in knowledge, and, herefore, every thing must be known to him. No Feature is too inconsiderable for his notice, who is the Maker of all, and “ careth for all alike.” The friends, the relations, and acquaintance, whom I see and converse with every day, know not half so much of my conduct as he does, nor are half so attentive to it. How hourly careful should I be, then, to approve myself to him! Among my rela. tions and friends, there are some whom I regard more than the rest, either out of greater affection for their goodness and kindness, or out of reverence for their greater wisdom and dignity, or out of interest, as being capable of doing me more good or hurt. All these motives of the highest regard are joined in him. His excellence is more than thought can conceive: whatever is beautiful, or good, or amiable in the world, flows from him as its source : in him is all greatness and majesty, all wisdom and knowledge; every thing that is glorious, awful, venerable : my hourly dependence is upon him, and all my expectations through an eternity to come. From him I have received my life, my being, every power and faculty of soul and body. Every innocent delight I enjoy, is his gift : in every danger, he is my present help. No power but his could guide me safely through the intricate mazes of life. Hitherto his providence has carefully watched over me, and his right hand has held me up: and, through all my future life, he, who is truth itself, has promised never to fail me nor forsake me, if, on my part, I will but serve him faithfully, as, in my baptismal vow, I have promised to do. That blessed covenant I am going to renew, by partaking of the holy sacrament. Had not our blessed Saviour died to redeem mankind,

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