A Genealogy of Runnels and Reynolds Families in America: With Records and Brief Memorials of the Earliest Ancestors, as Far as Known, and Many of Their Descendants, Bearing the Same and Other Names

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A. Mudge & son, printer, 1873 - 354 էջ

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Էջ 176 - Mind the Mortality of my Body, and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament; that is to Say, principally and first of all...
Էջ 89 - But we shall mourn him long, and miss His ready smile, his rea.dy kiss, The patter of his little feet, Sweet frowns and stammered phrases sweet ; And graver looks, serene and high, A light of heaven in that young eye, All these shall haunt us till the heart Shall ache and ache — and tears will start.
Էջ 176 - ... principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of...
Էջ 45 - Yet again we hope to meet thee, When the day of life is fled ; Then in heaven with joy to greet thee, Where no farewell tear is shed.
Էջ 37 - Jesus can make a dying bed Feel soft as downy pillows are, While on his breast I lean my head, And breathe my life out sweetly there.
Էջ 176 - I shall receive the same again by the Mighty Power of God, and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this Life I give devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form.
Էջ xiii - The Cruise of the Betsey ; or, A Summer Ramble among the Fossiliferous Deposits of the Hebrides. With Rambles of a Geologist ; or, Ten Thousand Miles over the Fossiliferous Deposits of Scotland.
Էջ 29 - Physicians ware in vain ; Till death did seize and God did please To ease me of my pain.
Էջ 26 - Who the profession could ill afford to lose. His thoroughly practical education in the workshop, his extended observation of engineering works, his intimate acquaintance with professional literature, his remarkable quickness of comprehension, his more remarkable memory, and his mechanical talent and inborn engineering ideas, combined to give him a distinction that no engineer in the world will deny him - the best general writer in his profession.
Էջ 89 - But he whom now, from sight of men, We hide in earth, shall live again; Shall break these clods, a form of light, With nobler mien and clearer sight, And in the eternal glory stand With those who wait at God's right hand.

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