Mexico and Her Military Chieftains, from the Revolution of Hidalgo to the Present Time. Comprising Sketches of the Lives of Hidalgo, Morelos, Iturbide, Santa Anna, Gomez, Farias, Bustamente, Paredes, Almonte, Arista, Alaman, Ampudia, Herrera, and De la Vega

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E. H. Butler & Company, 1847 - 343 էջ

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Էջ 340 - URANOGRAPHY. Uranography, or a Description of the Starry Heavens : designed for the use of Schools and Academies ; accompanied by an Atlas of the Heavens, showing the places of the Principal Stars, Clusters, and Nebulse.
Էջ 304 - ... created a port of delivery at Corpus Christi, situated west of the Nueces, and being the same point at which the Texas custom-house, under the laws of that republic, had been located, and directed that a surveyor to collect the revenue should be appointed for that port by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. A surveyor was accordingly nominated, and confirmed by the Senate, and has been ever since in the performance of his duties. All these acts of the republic of...
Էջ 320 - AM The second (Twiggs') division of regulars is already advanced within easy turning distance towards the enemy's left. That division has instructions to move forward before daylight to-morrow, and take up a position across the National road in the enemy's rear, so as to cut off a retreat towards Xalapa.
Էջ 322 - Our loss, though comparatively small in numbers, has been serious. Brigadier-General Shields, a commander of activity, zeal, and talent, is, I fear, if not dead, mortally wounded. He is some five miles from me at the moment.
Էջ 301 - a new convention shall be entered into for the settlement of all claims of the government and citizens of the United States against the republic of Mexico which were not finally decided by the late commission, which met in the city of Washington, and of all claims of the government and citizens of Mexico against the United States.
Էջ 313 - Leon: Agreed upon by the undersigned commissioners, to wit: General Worth, of the United States army, General Henderson, of the Texan volunteers, and Colonel Davis, of the Mississippi riflemen, on the part of Majorgeneral Taylor, commanding-in-chief the United States forces ; and General Requena and General Ortega, of the army of Mexico, and Senor Manuel M.
Էջ 303 - Republic and served as such before the act of annexation took place. In both the Congress and convention of Texas which gave their assent to the terms of annexation to the United States proposed by our Congress were representatives residing west of the Nueces, who took part in the act of annexation itself. This was the Texas which by the act of our Congress of the 29th of December, 1845, was admitted as one of the States of our Union. That the Congress of the United States understood the State of...
Էջ 321 - ... the river the better — as he may select. Once in the rear of that line, he will turn to the right or left, or both, and attack the batteries in reverse, or if abandoned, he will pursue the enemy with vigor until further orders.
Էջ 292 - He enjoys a good dinner, good wine, and ladies' society, but just sufficiently to make his leisure hours pass pleasantly, without indigestion from the first, headaches from the second, or heartaches from the third. So does his life seem to pass on like a deep untroubled stream, on whose margin grow sweet flowers, on whose clear waters the bending trees are reflected, but on whose placid face no lasting impression is made. I have no doubt that his charities are in proportion to his large fortune ;...
Էջ 297 - ... of the United States, independent of recent insults to this Government and people by the late extraordinary Mexican minister, would justify in the eyes of all nations immediate war.

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