Tales of the crusaders

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Samuel H. Parker, 1836

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Стр. 238 - Jerusalem ! It is the will of God — it is the will of God...
Стр. 13 - King Richard shall warrant, There is no flesh so nourissant Unto an English man, Partridge, plover, heron, ne swan, Cow ne ox, sheep ne swine, As the head of a Sarazyn.
Стр. 9 - European, who had had recourse to this arti6ce to bring his enemy within his reach ! Even in this deadly grapple, the Saracen was saved by his agility and presence of mind. He unloosed the sword-belt, in which the Knight of the Leopard had fixed his hold, and thus eluding his fatal grasp, mounted his horse, which seemed to watch his motions with the intelligence of a human being, and again rode off.
Стр. 8 - ... barb, as if borne on the wings of an eagle, came as friend or foe — perhaps, as a vowed champion of the Cross, he might rather have preferred the latter. He disengaged his lance from his saddle, seized it with the right hand, placed it in rest...
Стр. 6 - ... bridle was a steel plate, with apertures for the eyes and nostrils, having in the midst a short sharp pike, projecting from the forehead of the horse like the horn of the fabulous unicorn.
Стр. 185 - He paused for a few minutes, threw from him his helmet, then strode down the hill, and took the road to King Richard's pavilion. The feather'd songster, chanticleer, Had wound his bugle-horn, And told the early villager The coming of the morn. King Edward saw the ruddy streaks Of light eclipse the gray, And heard the raven's croaking throat Proclaim the fated day. "Thou'rt right...

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