Reports of Cases in Law and Equity, Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia, in the Year ..., Հատոր 61

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Էջ 59 - ... no creditor whose debt is provable under this act shall be allowed to prosecute to final judgment any suit at law or in equity therefor against the bankrupt, until the question of the debtor's discharge shall have been determined...
Էջ 592 - If the plaintiff by ordinary care could have avoided the consequences to himself caused by the defendant's negligence, he Is not entitled to recover. But in other cases the defendant is not relieved, although the plaintiff may In some way have contributed to the injury sustained.
Էջ 50 - This is an action brought by the plaintiff against the defendant to recover damages for personal injuries.
Էջ 592 - No person shall recover damages from a railroad company for injury to himself or his property, where the same is done by his consent, or is caused by his own negligence.
Էջ 64 - From the variety of cases relative to judgments being given in evidence in civil suits, these two deductions seem to follow as generally true: first, that the judgment of a court of concurrent jurisdiction, directly upon the point, is as a plea, a bar, or as evidence, conclusive, between the same parties, upon the same matter, directly in question in another court...
Էջ 217 - A carrier of passengers is bound also to extraordinary diligence on behalf of himself and his agents, to protect the lives and persons of his passengers. But he is not liable for injuries to the person after having used such diligence.
Էջ 202 - On the trial of the case, the jury, under the charge of the court, found a verdict for the plaintiff. A motion for a new trial was made on the grounds therein stated, which was overruled, and the defendants excepted.
Էջ 415 - Education shall have the right to consult when he is in doubt as to his official duty, and also a tribunal for determining any matter of local controversy in reference to the construction or administration of the school laws...
Էջ 415 - Commissioner in writing, and shall distinctly set forth the question in dispute, the decision of the County Board and the testimony, as agreed upon by the parties to the controversy, or if they fail to agree, upon the testimony as reported by the Commissioner.
Էջ 82 - An heir, therefore, is he upon whom the law casts the estate immediately on the death of the ancestor: and an estate, so descending to the heir, is in law called the inheritance.

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