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PSALM III. C. M. 1 SINCE whenso'er in my distress

To God I made my prayer,
He heard me from his holy hill,

Why should I now despair?
2 Guarded by him, I laid me down

My sweet repose to take;
For I through him securely sleep,

Through him in safety wake. 3 No force nor fury of my foes,

My courage shall confound;
Were they as many hosts as men,

That have beset me round. 4 Salvation to the Lord belongs,

He only can defend;
His blessings he extends to all
That on his power depend.




in awe of God's commands, Flee every thing that's ill; Commune in private with your hearts,

And bend them to his will.
2 While worldly minds impatient grow

More prosp'rous times to see,
Still let the glories of thy face

Shine brightly, Lord, on me.

3 So shall my heart o'erflow with joy,

More lasting and more true, Than theirs, who stores of corn and wine,

Successively renew.
4 Then down in peace I'll lay my head,

And take my needful rest;
No other guard, O Lord, I crave,

Of thy defence possest.


PSALM V. C. M. 1 LORD hear the voice of my complaint,

Accept my secret prayer;
To thee alone, my King, my God,

Will I for help repair.
2 Thou in the morn my voice shalt hear,

And with the dawning day To thee devoutly I'll look up,

To thee devoutly pray. 3 Conduct me by thy righteous laws,

For watchful is the foe; Therefore, O Lord, make plain the way

Wherein I ought to go.
4 To righteous men the righteous Lord

His blessing will extend,
And with his favour all his saints

As with a shield defend.


PSALM VI. C.M. 1 THY dreadful anger, Lord, restrain,

And spare a wretch forlorn;
Correct me not in thy fierce wrath,

Too heavy to be borne.
2 Have mercy, Lord, for I grow faint,

Unable to endure
The anguish of my aching bones,

Which thou alone canst cure.
3 Thy wonted goodness, Lord, repeat,

And ease my troubled soul;
Lord, for thy wond'rous mercy's sake,

Vouchsafe to make me whole.
4 Depart, ye wicked ; in my wrongs

Ņe shall no more rejoice ;
For God, I find, accepts my tears,

And listens to my voice.


For a Sunday School. 1 O

THOU, to whom all creatures bow,

Within this earthly frame,
Through all the world how great art thou !

How glorious is thy name!
2 In heaven thy wond'rous acts are sung,

Nor fully reckon'd there;
And yet thou mak'st the infant tongue

Thy boundless praise declare.

3 Through thee the weak confound the strong,

And crush their haughty foes ;
And so thou quell'st the wicked throng,

That thee and thine oppose. 4 What's man, say I, that, Lord, thou lov'st

To keep him in thy mind ?
Or what his offspring, that thou prov'st

To them so wond'rous kind?



TO celebrate thy praise, O Lord,

I will my heart prepare ;
To all the listening world thy works,

Thy wond'rous works, declare.
2 The thought of them shall to my soul

Exalted pleasure bring;
Whilst to thy name, O thou Most High,

Triumphant praise I sing.
3 All those who have his goodness prov'd,

Should in his truth confide; Whose mercy ne'er forsook the man

That on his help relied.
4 Sing praises, therefore, to the Lord,

From Sion, his abode;
Proclaim his deeds, till all the world

Confess no other God.


PSALM XI. C. M. 1 SINCE I have placed my trust in God,

A refuge always nigh,
Why should I, like a tim'rous bird,

To distant mountains fly?
2 The Lord hath both a temple here,

And righteous throne above;
Whence he surveys the sons of men,

And how their counsels move.
3 If God the righteous, whom he loves,

For trial does correct;
What must the sons of wickedness,

Whom he abhors, expect ? 4 The righteous Lord will righteous deeds

With signal favour grace;
And to the upright man disclose

The brightness of his face. 9.


OW long wilt thou forget me, Lord ?

Must I for ever mourn?
How long wilt thou withdraw from me,

Oh! never to return? 2 How long shall anxious thoughts my soul,

And grief my heart oppress ?
How long my enemies insult,

And I have no redress ?

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