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Collective humanity is interested in the result. In the meantime let us be "equitable, nay, forbearant if need be," to their errors, as becomes a nation resting upon a more established basis. Evils are inseparable from every form of Government. Some are peculiar to absolute Monarchy; some to Constitutional Monarchy; some to Democracies. In all are to be found some compensating advantages. The best form is that which permits the gradual adoption of the best principles of each. And that system must contain the most truth which promotes the largest amount of Intelligence and Virtue.



April, 1862.

[blocks in formation]




Of all forms of government, that of a democratic Republic demands the largest amount of public virtue, both in the governors and the governed. Initiated by the people, possessed of no innate tendency, like mixed forms of government, to create diversity of interestsregarding as its sole aim the greatest happiness of the greatest possible number—it not only recognizes the people at large as the sovereign power, but it individualizes that power for every adult subject complying with certain needful conditions, when at frequent or stated intervals it appeals for a renewal in its administration. It thus throws all responsibility of success or failure ultimately upon the people themselves. If they suffer themselves to be corrupted by gold,-intimidated by


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