The Cambridge History of Christianity: Volume 5, Eastern Christianity

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Michael Angold, Frances Margaret Young, K. Scott Bowie, Margaret Mary Mitchell, Augustine Casiday, Frederick W. Norris, Thomas F. X. Noble, Stewart Jay Brown, Julia M. H. Smith, Miri Rubin, Roberta A. Baranowski, R. Po-chia Hsia, Timothy Tackett, Sheridan Gilley, Walter Simons, Hugh McLeod, Brian Stanley
Cambridge University Press, 17 авг. 2006 г. - Всего страниц: 722
The ecumenical patriarchate. Byzantine Commonwealth 1000-1500 / Jonathan Shepard -- Byzantium and the west 1204-1453 / Michael Angold -- Culture of lay piety in medieval Byzantium 1054-1453 / Sharon E.J. Gerstel and Alice-Mary Talbot -- Rise of hesychasm / Dirk Krausmüller -- Art and liturgy in the later Byzantine Empire / Nancy P. Ševčenko -- Mount Athos and the Ottomans c.1350-1550 / Elizabeth A. Zachariadou -- Great Church in captivity 1453-1586 / Elizabeth A. Zachariadou -- Orthodoxy and the west: Reformation to Enlightenment / Paschalis M. Kitromilides -- Bars'kyj and the Orthodox community / Alexander Grishin -- Legacy of the French Revolution: Orthodoxy and nationalism / Paschalis M. Kitromilides -- The Russian church. Russian piety and Orthodox culture 1380-1589 / Stella Rock -- Art and liturgy in Russia: Rublev and his successors / Lindsey Hughes -- Eastern Orthodoxy in Russia and Ukraine in the age of the Counter-Reformation / Robert O. Crummey -- Russian Orthodox Church in imperial Russia 1721-1917 / Simon Dixon -- Russian piety and culture from Peter the Great to 1917 / Chris Chulos -- Eastern Christianities. Eastern Christianities (eleventh to fourteenth century): Copts, Melkites, Nestorians and Jacobites / Françoise Micheau -- Armenians in the era of the crusades 1050-1350 / S. Peter Cowe -- Church and diaspora: the case of the Armenians / S. Peter Cowe -- Church and nation: the Ethiopian Orthodox Täwahedo Church (from the thirteenth to the twentieth century) / Donald Crummey -- Coptic Christianity in modern Egypt / Anthony O'Mahony -- Syriac Christianity in the modern Middle East / Anthony O'Mahony -- IV. The modern world. Diaspora problems of the Russian emigration / Sergei Hackel -- Orthodox Church and communism / Michael Bourdeaux and Alexandru Popescu -- Modern spirituality and the Orthodox Church / John Binns.

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Michael Angold was Professor of Byzantine History at the University of Edinburgh from 1996 to 2005. His publications include Church and Society in Byzantium under the Comneni 1081-1261 (1995).

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