The Training of Noh Actors: And, The Dove

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Psychology Press, 1998 - 82 էջ
In "The Training of Noh Actors and The Dove", the second volume of his Mask: A Release of Acting Resources, David Griffiths provides a detailed view of the Japanese Noh theatre: historically, philosophically (with an evaluation of Zeami's treatises) and in respect of the rigorous practicalities of Noh training. The latter is given particular authority and insight because of the access Griffiths had to Noh actors in training and performance. Enhanced by the author's illustrations, this volume gives one of the most accessible introductions to Noh that is available in English. Appended to the descriptive and analytic material is a short play, The Dove, written by Griffiths (and subsequently professionally performed), described as "unashamedly" acknowledging its Noh influence. This one-woman piece is a drama with references to its cultural source.

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The Noh Stage and its Occupants
Chapter 3

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David Griffiths is a playwright, teacher, theatre director, and book illustrator. He is particularly interested in the training of young performers and has conducted many mask workshops in schools, community centres, colleges, universities and theatre companies in Britain. He has worked with mask in Russia and studied the use of mask in Noh theatre in Japan. His plays have been broadcast by the BBC and have toured the UK and Ireland.

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